Super Psycho

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☣Chapter Two☣

At three in the morning, I was sent out towards the west part of the city near the suburbs. Not a lot happens but tonight was definitely something fierce when a murder was called in. Already, it just seemed like something I shouldn’t be looking at because it doesn’t seem like the initial case.

I walked towards where the yellow tape was. A few people that weren’t law enforcement were trying to see what was happening but was kept back for safety and protection. I showed my badge to the leading officer and moved under the tape.

“What happened?” I asked as we walked to the body bag.

“A younger woman called this in about two hours ago. Twenty-five year old male, lived at home with his parents. His mom’s crying up a storm back there.”

I wasn’t paying attention to the wailing that I heard not too far off.

“He was found with multiple blows to his body, mostly to his head. His brain is literally leaking through the cracks in his skull.” he got down to unzip the bag and show me. There was still blood leaking and staining the bag.

I could clearly see the mush that was coming from his face and head. His brain definitely was spilling out from the broken pieces of skull. His eyes weren’t in place either, then again, it did look like the eye sockets couldn’t hold them anymore. After all that, it was just blood that was still spilling. In fact, it really didn’t look like a head anymore. It was just a bruised up, mashed up ball on shoulders. That’s how terrible it looked. This man probably wouldn’t have been identified upon first glance.

No one even tried to stop the bleeding yet. The lab is going to having a wild one tonight.

“Did anyone hear anything?” I asked.

“Of the assault? All I got was that it just sounded like someone was hitting a tree. No screaming, yelling, or crying.” He shrugged.

The man wasn’t gagged or anything. There was a bruise to his neck where the blood wasn’t trailing. I’m guessing he was hit there first to injure his vocal cords. That could’ve caused respiratory issues as well; he could’ve choked on blood and had broken bones obstructing his airways. I’m expecting to see blood in his lungs when they do the autopsy.

“I’m going to try to talk to the mother.” I sighed as he zipped up the bag.

This was going to be a tough night.

The mother could barely catch her breath. It seemed like she was going to suffocate with how hard she was crying. It was devastating, considering that her son was brutally murdered and we have no idea who did it yet.

I walked over to her, her crying getting louder. She was in a blue robe and pajama pants to match. Her hair was tied messily on her head. She probably rushed out when something was wrong. I know it wasn’t the best time to talk to her, but I needed to know more about what happened. If there’s a chance that it’s a different murderer, I’d be able to find them quicker and get her the justice she deserves.

“Ma’am, my name is Morgan Caverly, I’m with the police department.” I showed her my badge. “I know this is incredibly untimely, but is it okay for me to ask you some questions?”

She just wailed louder.

I would’ve calmed her down but I didn’t want to touch her. She was already dealing with so much and here I am trying to ask questions. I didn’t leave her side though as she cried. She wanted so desperately to go beyond the tape to see what the other officers wouldn’t show her. Its such a shame that this happened.

“I don’t know anything.” she cried miserably.

“Just tell me about your son.” I was sure that I could get some information from knowing more about him.

“Um,” she held her hands together as she continued to cry. “He liked music. He planned to be a pianist.”

Just from that, I got the connection.

“Did he go to the performing arts school that’s downtown?” I asked.

She nodded.

That ruined everything. This murder is tied to the rest of them. I had to hold in my sigh. I was incredibly annoyed but this woman doesn’t need to see that from me. All I really wanted was to catch this psycho so murders like this doesn’t happen.

“I’m sorry for your loss, ma’am.” I abruptly moved away to go to the leading officer again.

I don’t know how much longer I can take this game anymore. The psycho murderer is having so much fun doing this to people. I’m really tired of this happening.

“Oh wow, what happened here?” I heard Charlie’s voice.

My eyes widened as I spun around quickly to look at him. “Why are you here?” I asked quickly because he wasn’t supposed to be here. “Where the hell is Harley?”

She’s the one that’s always with me. I would prefer if she were here over everyone else. At least she isn’t immature about what happens.

“There was a bank robbery in the city. The safes were completely wiped out. One of the wildest they’ve ever called in.” He chuckled to himself and held on to his belt. “You know Harley though, murder mysteries aren’t her thing.”

That’s not the point.

Charlie was already walking around me to check out the damage that the body sustained from the earlier trauma. For some reason, he was laughing, more like this was interesting to him. He has no idea that the mother of the victim was still around and she was crying her eyes out. I’m trying to understand what’s wrong with him.

“Woo, that’s a brutal one.” he stumbled back a bit.

We’ve seen worse.

“Man got his head smashed in.”

“Charlie, can you not be so loud. The mother is still here.” I hissed at him angrily.

For some reason, I have to act like I am his superior when I’m really not. These other officers were staring at Charlie and it just made me feel embarrassed since we’re from the same county department. If only I could say that he doesn’t work with me.

“My bad, my bad.” He zipped up the bag again so the paramedics could take the body away. “So is this one of the crazy murders or just an ordinary day thing?” he asked.

“Crazy murder.” I grumbled. “Now go home. I can take care of this myself.” I snapped.

Charlie isn’t a lot of help sometimes. It makes me wonder why he’s on the force in the first place. I get that he’s been here so long and this is the first time something crazy happens, but that’s no reason for him to mess this up for me. The last thing I need is getting suspended because of something stupid he does.

He came over to me and was just about to joke with me. “You’re so mean, Morgan-”

“Don’t touch me.” I was being hostile on purpose.

I am trying to solve this case and no one is taking me seriously. At this point, I might as well do this myself. The others just slow me down.

I left as the scene began to clear up. Forensics was trying to find any clues that might lead us closer but I already know they won’t find anything. It was hard enough that we’ve been going at this for months but to have nothing come out of it makes me feel worse.

I don’t want to tell my superior that it would be best to hand this case off to a different city and see if they can figure it out. It just seems like it would be a better option considering that I haven’t been able to get anything useful.

For some reason, while in my deep thought, I found myself at the worst part of the city. Again. I thought to myself that I was just asking for something bad to happen to me. Clearly I couldn’t control myself seeing that I was here again.

Was it the answers that I wanted?

I was tired of having nothing.

I stared at the different signs and lights around the different buildings. There were so many people out at three in the morning. This part of the city never dies. There will always be people around no matter what time it is. It was too late in the night for me to be here but I just...didn’t leave.

I was walking forward into that club I was in last night.

It was like a whole different night. No one recognized me, thank goodness. I saw the woman again who was counting money like she was the other night. All of her hair was grey but there was not a wrinkle on her face. Yet. She pulled the cigar out of her mouth when she saw me. I guess she knew I was part of law enforcement. I just looked away as I walked further into the dimly lit club.

There were a lot of dancers. Then there were a lot of people tied up or chained down, in cages, in lingerie, just anything that could be thought of. I was looking for one specific person.

I remembered that he had different colored eyes and two toned hair. I could pick out the scars on his body too. Out of everyone here, he was the one with the most devious smile. That was the more frightening part about this. Though, I went around still looking for him. I wonder if he would be alone like he was days before. All I really wanted was to ask questions.

He might be mad about that.

I stopped walking when I saw someone that was laying on a circular platform under pink glow lights. They weren’t doing anything except laying there. There were people far off that were watching but they didn’t have the courage to go to the person laying there. I found the person I was looking for. I went over and sat next to him quietly.

He glanced at me plainly, then when he finally remembered who I was, he smiled widely.

“Detective!” he was just about elated.

“There’s no reason for you to be that happy.” I said to him as he tried to move. He was tied up again at his wrists and ankles.

He probably forgot that he was tied down.

“Do you ever do anything? No one seems to come near you.” I noticed how this little area was a quiet. He laid back on the ground as he looked up at the ceiling. “Do you suck at your job?”

“Oh, I suck alright.”

There was no need for the innuendo.

“I tend to scare people off.” he sighed. “I can easily figure out things about them without even trying too hard. No one can handle a freak like me.” he laughed to himself.

“You’re crazy.”

“Careful there, Detective.” he warned me. “Saying things like that turns me on.” he smiled up at me but I just rolled my eyes as a response. He is one of the crazy ones but I wasn’t surprised. “So what are you into, Detective?” he asked.


“Lying is really bad, you know.” he said with a matter-of-fact tone. “I’ll figure you out. I bet you’re a wild one.” he stuck his tongue out to show his red piercing.

“I can’t take you seriously with you spread out on the floor like this.” I moved to untie the ropes at his wrist. He groaned miserably because I was ruining the fun, but I seriously wasn’t going to talk to him with him tied up.

I took off the rope from his wrists and ankles and he sat up, rubbing his skin.

“What do you want today?”

“Well, there’s been another murder. Considering how you told me you know him I want to know how I can get in touch with him.”

“Lets first consider the fact that I like living.” he probably wasn’t going to give any of that up. “And as sexy as getting shot in the face sounds, I’m not interested at the moment.”

“I can have you arrested for obstruction of justice.”

He stopped rubbing his wrist and looked at me, smiling flirtatiously, but I took it as completely evil. “Now that’s something I can work with.” he moved closer to me. “Would you fuck me in front of everyone?” he asked.

I put the palm of my hand on his forehead and pushed him back to get my personal space again. “You have a serious problem.” I said as he pouted miserably.

“So what I like public sex? There’s nothing wrong with that.” he mumbled as he looked away.

There really is something wrong with him. What’s worse is that he knows he’s crazy. Whatever he’s into, its probably something I don’t want to know about. All I needed are the answers I came for. I want that so I can leave.

“Tell you what. You let me suck your dick and I’ll give you answers.”

“What is wrong with you?”

“I like drinking cum.” he said with a sly smile on his face.

I don’t understand why he’s like this. Did something happen in his life? Did someone hurt him? I just want to know what happened to him to make him like this. He’s crazy.

I rolled my eyes but I basically gave him the okay. I hope he knows that he has to answer my questions though. I moved my arms back on the platform to give him room to get on my lap. His hands were already undoing my belt and reaching into my pants to get my cock out.

“Is your boss here or not?” I asked.

“Right now, no. But if you come around midnight, you’ll find him.” he said, stroking my cock in his hand. “I told you already though, you won’t get answers out of him.” he put his mouth on me, sucking on the tip of my cock.

“You said you don’t know what this psycho killer looks like. How long have you seen him coming around here?” I asked.

He shrugged his shoulders. I needed a verbal answer. My hand lifted his head up so he could use his mouth to talk. I know he’s preoccupied but he knows our deal. He sighed with irritation but he was prepared to answer.

“Its been months. I would see him now and again then he’d disappear for a few days then show up again.” He answered hastily since he really wanted to be doing something else. I don’t know what his problem is but he has to get that under control.

He put his mouth on me again, this time holding more of my cock between his lips. I bit the inside of my cheek and did my best to not make any noise. His enthusiasm was honestly rubbing off on me and that’s a problem. I don’t think I will ever meet someone who enjoys doing this as much as he does.

“You do this to everyone?” I asked. There’s no way he’s gotten this good without practicing.

His laughter was muffled by my cock in his mouth. He seemed to think that was funny. I didn’t though I didn’t push him away. He was eager so I let him do it. When my hand moved in his hair, that’s when I knew that I got too invested in this. My fingers knotted in his hair anyway and I forced him down more.

I could feel his throat move around my cock. I couldn’t lie and say that I wasn’t enjoying the feeling because I was. He was really good at this.

I forgot the reason why I was here.

He pulled away slowly, his mouth releasing my cock from its wet grasp. The ends of his lips were curving upwards into that intimidating smile he always does.

“Aren’t you supposed to be asking questions?” he asked.

I will when I have questions to ask.

My fingers yanked on his hair but I didn’t force him down. He licked the length of my cock and I felt his piercing that was on his tongue. He seemed to love flicking my skin with the tip of his tongue. I couldn’t tell him to stop. Now I just wanted to cum.

“If I get a warrant for your boss’ arrest, will he try to run?”

“What are you arresting him for?”

“Have anything you want to say about him?” I asked.

He stopped moving for a second and tilted his head up to glance at me. “I’m not a snitch, Detective.” he reminded me. That’s not the point. He seemed set on not talking and I get that.

It’s not like I was going to use my power to get him to talk.

“If you want dirt on him, you gotta find it yourself.” he said before putting my cock back in his mouth.

I really wasn’t a fan of this. I practically got nowhere and he’s having fun sucking me off. I’m supposed to be having a good time, aren’t I? Yet, I just felt annoyed.

My hand pressed down on his head to force him down again and this time he didn’t expect it. I heard his strained groan from me filling his mouth and choking him. I did it on purpose but I did feel a little bad so I loosened the grip I had on him. When he recovered, he continued to suck me off.

I was getting close.

I was hoping that I would be able to move away but his mouth was latching on to me. I know he didn’t want to stop till he could swallow absolutely every last drop of my cum. I might as well just give him that satisfaction. My fingers pressed down on the back of his head to keep him down again, but this time I was gentler. I didn’t really want to hurt him. When he was as deep as he could go, he waited for me to cum since I was definitely there.

His tongue pushed up on my skin because he was impatient.

That’s when I came.

And he just swallowed effortlessly.

My teeth were biting harder on the inside of my cheek. He was refusing to let go which made this much harder on me. I didn’t like how sensitive I was getting and he made it worse as his tongue moved while I came. My fingers yanked on his hair but he just barely budged.

It wasn’t till I was done that he let me pull on his hair to get him to move away.

He licked his lips, smiling and showing off the ball piercing on his tongue. Did he keep his mouth open to show me that he swallowed everything? My own upper lip twitched. I couldn’t describe what I was feeling but it wasn’t good.

I shouldn’t give in to him again.

“You won’t let me ride it, Detective?” he asked.

“I have things to do and that is not something I have to do.” I said as I fixed my pants so it wouldn’t be obvious that I’m suffering from the aftermath of a wet blowjob. “Can I trust you to keep tabs on your boss for me?”

“Nope.” he smiled.

That’s what I expected from him so I don’t know why I asked.

“Right, let’s hope we never see each other again.” I got up, buckling my belt and shoving my hands in my pockets. He laughed darkly, like he really would expect me to see him again.

And to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if I did see him again.

Maybe he might help me with the case when he feels like it. I know he has a lot of information he could share, and I know it could be useful for me to finish the case hopefully. I know where that psycho comes to and if I can just figure out who he is, it will be the end of the city’s nightmare. That’s something everyone wants.

The news has been rough lately. Everyone just wants the killer to be found. I do too and it’s hard not having leads. We’ve talked to the students, faculty and staff, people that live in the area, there’s nothing.

I’m starting to feel a little hopeless to be honest.

In the morning, I went and found Harley first. I gave her a knowing look because she didn’t come out to my case instead. Bank robberies are lame but she seems to love them. When she caught my glance, she immediately started to defend herself but I didn’t care. We’re supposed to be partners and I need her to have my back when these other assholes don’t.

“Get this.” she said and put a folder down on my desk. “The bank robbery happened an hour before your murder happened. Guess where most of the reinforcements went.” she said.

“You think they’re connected?”

“I think the guy we got in the back might know something about who might be killing people.” she nudged me as she got up from her seat.

I guess I was okay with her going to pursue the robbers then.

I followed her to the back room where we do interrogations. There was a man sitting there miserably, frowning hard and glaring down at the table. There had to be more than just him but for now, we can settle. He had cuts and bruises on his face; there were open wounds on his knuckles that were bleeding. His clothes were messy and wrinkled and he really just needed a good night sleep.

“You do have a right to a lawyer if you want one.” I told him but he barely moved.

We’ve got an uncooperative guy. We get a ton of those.

“We think you might be connected to the line of murders that’s been happening.” Harley crossed her arms.

“I’m not no snitch.” he spat out.

“Oh, so you do know who’s doing it.” Harley just about snapped from excitement. We were getting somewhere finally.

“You’re a deaf lady, aren’t ya?” he looked towards her. “I said I’m not snitching.”

“Your friends left you behind though we should probably have them in the next hour or two.” She shrugged. “We’ll grant you full immunity if you talk.”

“That’s not better than getting killed.” he said quickly.

“He’ll come after you?”

“Well now I’m a loose end, he’ll definitely come after me. You think immunity is going to help me out? I’d rather kill myself first than get fucking murdered by that psycho.” he barked a laugh and looked away sharply.

“Why is he killing people from the performing arts school?” I asked.

“How should I know?”

“I assume you’re acquainted with him.” I said.

The man didn’t move. He glared down at the table, his hands clenching to fists to fight the restraints of the handcuffs. We probably should get someone to watch him because he really might kill himself.

“Listen, just back off and let the guy do what he wants, okay. It’s not worth losing your life over it if he’s just going to ignore you.” he was basically about to bargain for all of our lives. I didn’t think it was that bad.

Who is this murderer?

I still don’t have enough answers about him. What does he want or what’s his goal? There has to be something I’m not piecing together.

“You do know we’re law enforcement right? We can’t just let this guy roam free-”

“Y’all better listen. The second he snaps, he’ll just kill everyone. That guy likes murdering people, okay, just stop it.” he was definitely scared. The tough facade was absolutely shattered. He was scared for his life.

“We should get someone to watch him for the time being.” I said to Harley. “We’re not going to get anything out of him.” I opened the door to leave the room.

We got enough though.

That guy likes murdering people. At some point, he’ll stop targeting people from the school and go for someone random. Right now, he hasn’t made a mistake but he will at some point. We’ll definitely find something and by then, we’ll be prepared.

As Harley and I walked out, we saw some of the police officers running outside. They were being dispatched for an escalated situation. Was it with the other robbers that thought they got away? Harley and I went after them to see what was happening.

Out in the city, there was another murder. And it was reported in broad daylight. The other police officers were trying to keep us informed but there was so much going on that it was just a jumble of information.

The only thing I want to know is if they’re witnesses.

We got to the scene and stopped in the midst of the crowd of people yelling and screaming.

There was a girl tied to the fence with rope. She was already dead and her blood continued to drip on to the ground between the buildings. The blood was pooling but that’s the only place where it was. We weren’t staring at the blood. We were staring at the...pose.

Her arms were up above her head, tied on the fence. One leg was off to the side, one foot pointed downward. Her eyes were wide open and they were staring right at us. We knew they were lifeless but we couldn’t help but feel a little on edge at the sight. This was definitely the same murderer. Now he’s getting creative with it. He put the body in a pose for the fun of it. I’m guessing she went to the school as well.

The people behind us were getting restless and the officers were trying to get them to spread out and leave the scene.

“She’s been dead.” I said to Harley. “Her body is bloated. She wasn’t killed just now.” I noticed the darker color of her blood, the roughness to the complexion of her skin. Her muscles looked locked, not because of the pose she was in but because of her death.

“Check the missing person’s reports from the last forty-eight hours and later.” Harley told another officer that walked by.

“For fuck’s sake.” I heard another officer exclaim, stressed and irritated.

That’s how we all feel.

Now we just go through the motions. The best we can do is identify this young woman and send our condolences to the family since we couldn’t find her before her murder.

It was just a rush of everyone trying to call the right people to get down here and settle the issue. The public was making the rest of us quite restless. It won’t be long before news reporters show their faces around in the area.

“There has to be a way to find him.” I said to myself quietly.

It’s been months but he doesn’t want to make himself known. That’s a major problem. There has to be some evidence that we can find somewhere. There’s no way that he’s perfect with all the murderers he’s committing.

There’s something I’m missing but I can’t figure out what it is.

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