Super Psycho

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☢Chapter Three☢

TW: Emetophilia, erotic asphyxiation, public masturbation, multiple vibrators

“How long have you been here, Morgan?” Harley just came in and I know I looked a mess. I haven’t been home in thirty six hours.

The city is going haywire.

“I would go home but...”

“Who did you want to talk to today?” She asked as she sat down. “That’s a long list you got there.” She looked down at my papers.

There are things that don’t add up. Linda Bullock was the first of all the murders. What they all have in common is that they all have a connection to the performing arts school. What doesn’t make sense is what I heard from the guy at the club, how his boss was the one killing people. Why would he want to?

Maybe there’s one murder not like the rest.

“Where were the victims last seen before they were killed?” I asked quietly to myself but Harley already had that information for me in a folder we put away.

She dug in her desk drawer to find it. She pulled it out and opened it.

“Linda Bullock was last seen at a convenience store the day before we found her.” She said.

I know that.

“Tyler Scholts was teaching the day before. Everyone remembered him being fine, nothing out of the ordinary. Ivy Osborn was in her house. Elizabeth was visiting her mother at the hospital...” She just went through all the papers. “Morgan, I don’t understand-”

“Was there anyone near the crazy part of the city.”

“Uh, Nelson Prescott. He had a bad reputation and owed a lot of money to various people.” She said. “He went to the performing arts school but that was ten years ago. He ended up being a performer at one of the clubs.” She explained.

I took the photo of his murder and moved it to the side. His murder is not like the others. His body was found with multiple stab wounds, his fingers and toes cut off, and his tongue. However, this wasn’t the most gruesome of all the murders. Maybe this boss man killed this person, but it was only this person.

“Morgan, what?”

“This murder is not by the same person.” I pointed to the picture. “It was staged the same, probably to keep us from trailing whoever really did it.” I said.

“So what do we do about this one?” She asked about the singed out murder.

Well I don’t know.

It’s not like I know who did it. I can’t get enough information on it. I should get persistent with my questions but for now, I should focus on what we know.

“You should sleep, Morgan. You can’t not sleep, your brain will turn to mush.” She said kindly, hoping to get me to take a nap.

I was tired but I couldn’t sleep.

There so much to do and so many people to talk to. I just...

I put my head down on my desk because I just needed time to myself. I can’t keep doing this for the rest of my life. It’s been months and I can’t even think anymore. I’m so tired of this.

I don’t like getting nowhere.

I woke up to only find out that I missed the entire day. I missed everything. When I looked up, Harley was sitting around, staring at me. I pulled up my sleeve to look at my watch.

It was nine at night.


“Eleven hours. You did not move for eleven hours.” She said. “So I told the Chief you haven’t been sleeping and he said you have to go home and only come in for a half day tomorrow.”

“No way am I going to listen to that-”

“Go home, Caverly!” I heard his voice not too far off.

Damn it.

“Go home and eat something.” Harley insisted.

This is not fair. I have work to do. I can’t sleep knowing that I’m barely doing my job right. I’ve been trying to get a hold of this situation but it’s not working no matter how much effort I put into this.

I can’t go home now.

I need something to do. I need more information. I need more.

Tonight I found myself at that horrid club again and I was alone. I didn’t see any of the other officers, anyone that I’d notice. I’ve been back here a few times so anything I see doesn’t phase me much no matter how hard core or disgusting. I just had my own questions that I needed answers for, hopefully that man will be cooperative again.

He usually get what he wants in return.

My only leading suspect comes here sometimes. If only I had a face or name, this would go by much easier. I was stumped and that man knows a lot more than he’s telling me.

Its a death threat.

He has to protect himself and I get that, but I’m nowhere close to where I want to be in this case and its been months already. This is the only case I’m having trouble with and I just wished that I had more brain power than I do now. I need clues, anything right now is fine, I just need to be pointed in the right direction. Everything is always so clean cut, no evidence is ever left at the scenes. This person just might be the perfect murderer.

I walked slowly in the low lit club. The lights were a deep red tonight. Tonight seemed heavier than usual, more people and more money. The air was heavy with smoke from cigarettes and other drugs. I’m not here to do anything to these people. At this point, we all know that this place is protected by law enforcement just because they like coming here for fun. I was still working.

I looked around for that man again, but I couldn’t find him in his usual spot. As I walked further, I noticed how much crazier people were getting with their requests and demands.

I wasn’t into it.

I looked straight ahead as I walked by. All the noises barely bothered me. The sight of most things though did, and I have to keep my hands balled at my sides to keep myself from storming out.

I’d be the person to get eaten alive in a place like this.

The glares and stares were cold and dark tonight. I was in a shark tank here. Its not my territory and I get that, maybe if I came with my coworkers then maybe these people would be giving different looks. They do pay a lot more when they’re here.

I stopped walking and looked for the young man I talked to a couple days ago. I expected to see him tied up again like I have before. He said he was into a lot of things, would he show them here even if its a public place? He might even be into doing this stuff in public. He said he liked his job, there’s no competing with that.

Finally I found him but already he was with someone. Well, he was with a few people. There were three men around him and they were laughing really hard. Based on how they stood, their facial expression, and the way their eyes moved, I could tell they were drunk, heavily drunk. I didn’t know what I was supposed to but I certainly can’t just move them away from him no matter how brutal they were being to him.

He said he was into stuff, gross stuff.

Maybe this is it.

He doesn’t mind being cornered like this, forced to do things by other people, even by sleazy old men. If only he cared about things like that, would he be here?

These men were taking it way too far.

One man had a large grip on his blond hair, keeping him forward as he forced his entire cock in his mouth. Its not something he hasn’t done before but this man was pushing his limits, I could just see it. His cheeks were bright red and I saw his fists tighten even if they were tied tightly by rope.

His body had jolted slightly and the man standing pulled him away forcefully. He couldn’t close his mouth because of the spider gag that kept it open so it was no surprise when he vomited without being able to keep it in. The three men just roared louder and laughed harder.

I don’t get what’s so amusing about humiliating someone like that.

The man forced his cock down his throat again and the same result happened, he couldn’t hold the pale bile inside him so he threw it up once provoked. There was a lot of it that overflowed from his mouth and on to his body and on the floor.

But still, every time I looked at his face I thought he would be smiling if he wasn’t gagged.

Its always like that.

I didn’t think he would go this far. Isn’t it a bit extreme to like something like this. I wasn’t even sure how I felt about it. Again I was nervous but maybe for him instead of for me. He shouldn’t have to go through this but I bet he would tell me that he liked it. This isn’t as far as he would go, this was just something minor. A kink like that might be nothing in his league, but here I was feeling slightly threatened and unsure of what I could handle.

I didn’t move, I just kept my head down as I waited for those men to leave him alone. He might like it but I don’t. Is it because I’m not into the stuff he’s into? I think of this as torture.

He’ll tell me he enjoys it.

When I looked up again, those other men were leaving. At the same time though, two other people had gone over to him and were untying the rope that was around his body; his arms fell and loosened and soon his legs were free when the rope around his thighs and shins were released. The girl helped him up and she walked with him somewhere else. The other was supposed to clean up the mess. I hadn’t realized how much more there was, I only got here at the last minute.

So I would have to wait until he gets back because I had more questions for him. I needed a ton of more answers since new questions keep popping up. I can’t trace anything anymore, its hard finding new witnesses, and there’s nothing that gives me clues.

I’m stuck.

Next thing I know, my boss will be telling me to close the case because there’s nothing more I can do.

I don’t need that happening.

My hands stayed balled up at my side. I was just so stressed and uncomfortable because this shouldn’t happen. I need answers. I hated being left in the dark. I bet that psycho is having the time of his life right now.

I waited till my leading witness came back. Now he was dressed, and this was the first time I’ve seen him with clothes on to be honest. He doesn’t wear much when he’s working, in fact, he doesn’t wear anything when he’s doing his job. He doesn’t even care about that. Now he was cleaned up and I guess that was it for him tonight. That means I can just talk to him longer.

I walked over to him before he could go anywhere. When he saw my face, he got excited.

He always gets excited to see me.

“Detective!” He was too happy to see me. “You came back.” He looked around, “and you’re on your own again.” He added with a smile on his face.

Oh God.

“I hope you know I’m not technically a prostitute, so I won’t go home with you. However,” he was going to say something downright disrespectful, “if you want me to drop my pants in front of these people, we can definitely go at it.”

What is his problem? I can never get him to focus on what’s serious here. Does he take me for a joke? I planned to ignore his comment.

“I just have a few questions for you.” I said.

“We shouldn’t talk here though,” he continued to look around. “I just dealt with some of that psycho’s men and that was crazy.” He laughed to himself.

“You enjoyed that?” I asked, a bit concerned for him.

“Oh? You saw?” He asked.

I frowned as I looked at him. He was almost my height so he looked me right in the eyes because he could. He never takes the chance to look away. Its his way of intimidating me. His brown and green eyes were bright tonight but I couldn’t help but feel a bit cold.

“Tell me, Detective. What kind of things are you into?” He asked me slyly, coming closer.

“You always ask me every time you get the chance to.” I said, not backing off when he got too close to me.

“I’m curious.” He said quietly.

His hair was wet and I could smell grape fruit on him. His skin was almost flawless, I saw where the scars begin at his neck and if he didn’t have a shirt on, I’d be able to see the trail of wounds on his body. But his face was flawless. He stared at me with his brown and green eyes and he never looked away.

“Do you like watersports?” He asked but I didn’t answer him. “How about cross dressing?” He kept going and smiled. “I’ll have you know that I look really good in a school girl uniform.” He bragged.

“I’m not into anything.” I told him.

He would constantly believe that I’m lying to him. I wasn’t. I don’t get into stuff like that, I have better things to occupy myself with, but he was going to keep trying anyway, I know he was.

“Well, you were here today, so I’m going to guess...emetophilia.” That wasn’t a question. Already he bet that I was interested just because of earlier. “I can vomit on command, just so you know.” He said quietly to me, as if that was supposed to turn me on.

I didn’t move from where I was standing. I didn’t come here for him to do this to me. Yet, I couldn’t move. The list for him doesn’t stop there. I bet those three were just things that would pass the time for him. He grinned when I didn’t respond, and I didn’t like that he did that.

What is he thinking?

“Food play?” He asked. I still didn’t give an answer. “Vibrators? Public humiliation? Face fucking? Insertions? Enemas? Asphyxiation?” His list could go on and on. It doesn’t seem like he would stop there but I was neutral to all his questions.“Hardcore BDSM?”

Just to put him out of his misery, I was inclined to answer. “No, I’m not into that.” I said.

“Just that then? I must have hit the mark with something else before.” He said and backed away from me, still smiling. He stuck his tongue out.

“I still have questions to ask you.” I told him before he could leave.

“That’s cute.” He laughed. “We shouldn’t talk here. Let’s go somewhere else.” He said and walked ahead of me.

I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have someone who knew as much as I needed. I don’t even know his name but what he had to tell was so important that I just couldn’t give him up. He’s the only person that knows so much.

My job now is to keep him alive.

We walked outside into the humid air. It was going to rain soon so we have to make this quick. He continued walking and I followed quietly, not questioning where he was taking me. The streets weren’t filled with cars as they are during the day, but there were a lot of people hanging around the area. I bet my coworkers could bust a ton of drug deals around here but I’m sure they were just too busy protecting this place because it was fun for them. I don’t have time to focus on that though.

These murders are too important and I need to focus on who did it.

He walked right into an alleyway, and that just made everything more sketchy than before. He’s not going to attack me, is he? I bet he’d be into that, he’s into a lot of things. I know it. He walked around for a bit, kicking rocks as he shoved his hands into the pockets of his grey sweatpants.

“So what do you need to know?” He asked, but now he wasn’t smiling. That was a sudden change to the mood. He’s always smiling or looking devilish, but now he was serious.

“Was he around tonight?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Usually when his men come to greet us, he’s not here.” He said and continued to walk around. “The less men there is, then you have a higher chance of seeing him.”

“If I were to put a reward up, do you think your boss will talk?” I asked. I’ve been thinking of ways to get people to talk, and what better way to do that than by offering money?

But he laughed, it was dark and dry and he turned my way to look me in the eyes.

“You could pay him a million dollars, and he wouldn’t talk because he values his life more than the money.” He said bitterly. “He’s not a snitch. He won’t talk for money.”

Maybe I need to find a new lead. Someone in the club? I’m sure they would talk just like this guy here. I wouldn’t get too far. And his boss won’t talk either. I wouldn’t put him at gun point. I could get a warrant but that wouldn’t help me either. I was just stuck.

I’m tired of this.

I leaned against the cement wall and sighed, rubbing my face. I feel like I’m the only one that’s always frustrated like this. There’s nothing worse than being at a dead end.

“How come you’re not scared?” I asked him.

“Oh, you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve been close to being killed.” He brushed it off as something simple. “One time, I got stabbed in my stomach and I was left for dead, just bleeding out and everything.” He was smiling again.

I was going to say something but his smile cut me off. I can’t believe it. I sighed again and covered myself.

“Please tell me you aren’t into that.”

“I would have totally touched myself but my body was going through a lot of shock so I just had to lay there.” He laughed, not even ashamed about how he felt.

It was surprising that he would even go that far. Is he really into that gore stuff too? He enjoys bleeding out? What if his guts were hanging out? Would he like that too? I’m sure he would, nothing has stopped him yet. Just thinking about that brought chills up my spine. I know for an absolute fact that I’m not into that now thanks to him.

“So now its my turn.” He walked up to me.

“You already-”

“That doesn’t count.” He smiled. “I know you have one thing you like.” He said and poked my shoulder. “You’re really gross, detective.” He smiled widely.

“I told you that I wasn’t interested.” I said quickly when he got too close to me. He kept smiling anyway and stuck his tongue out at me like he always does.

“Everyone has their kinks, and I will find all of yours.” He promised me that.

He placed his hands behind his back and walked around a bit. At least he was away from me. I was a bit more relaxed as he walked but he wasn’t done with me just yet. I wasn’t as terrified as I was when he gets close to me, since he was a few steps away, I was more at ease. I didn’t know what he was planning but it must be good. He paced around for a little bit, and I stood against the wall, not feeling like moving much. I just watched him because that’s all I could do.

But he smiled evilly and stuck his tongue out again. He’s very forward as a person. He also doesn’t care about flaunting whatever he likes. I bet he’s a confrontational kind of person too. He would pick fights, make enemies, but most of all he intimidates people and distracts them by seducing them.

Its like I’m falling for a trap that’s been well thought out.

I didn’t move from the wall I was leaning on. He didn’t look away from me. His eyes stayed on me, and I could see his smile from here. Sometimes, I get chills around him. Its always when I’m looking in his eyes. And although I couldn’t see the different colors right now, I knew how powerful his eyes were.

He got me.

He opened his mouth again and thick fluid overflowed from him but it wasn’t like before. Those men forced him earlier. Now he barely moved as the pale bile left his mouth.

I clenched my fists tightly together and locked my jaw. He was really testing me now.

He also wasn’t kidding when he said he could vomit on command.

He didn’t force his fingers down his throat. He didn’t have to have an object in his mouth. He didn’t do anything. He barely moved. Yet, he was vomiting more than I thought he could hold.

The thick fluid left his mouth and dirtied his clothes. It poured on the ground as well, splattering where it fell. Even when he closed his mouth, his vomit still overflowed from his lips; his cheeks puffed up and he opened his mouth again to release the large amount of bile that he was holding. From here, I could see a smirk on his lips. The more he opened his mouth, the more I could tell he was smiling. More bile spilled from his open mouth and on his body.

I stayed put. I did my best not to move. I wanted to pretend this didn’t bother me but it did. It bothered me so much. My hands were shaking, my heart was beating hard in my chest, and I was breathing harder just from watching.

I still wasn’t interested, that’s what I’m going to tell him.

I don’t care if he soiled his clothes. I don’t care if he keeps his mouth open for me to see how he’s overflowing with everything inside him. I certainly don’t care if he thinks its a talent that he can vomit whenever he wants to.

There was nothing he could do to provoke me because I know that’s what he’s trying to do. Its not going to work with me, even if he tries to make.

Again, his mouth filled up and he didn’t do anything to stop it. Apparently, doing this wasn’t putting a strain on him. He obviously didn’t care that he was making a mess, he just wanted to show me what he could do. I hadn’t looked away once, and neither did he. As his vomit left his lips, I saw him wink at me slowly.

That’s what made me snap.

“It seems that I actually did find something you like, detective.” he stuck his tongue out like he usually does. I wanted to protest but I didn’t get very far. “If you truly didn’t like it, you would’ve left the first second.” he laughed. “Don’t worry, it can be our little secret.” he said and smiled at me.

It seems that I’ve been messing around with the devil himself.

I didn’t want to get involved this way, but its my fault because I kept coming back.

He thinks he found one of my kinks, even if I had one in the first place, but I wasn’t going to say anything to him about it. The more he asks me, the more I feel inclined to tell him to back off but I didn’t speak about any of what happened.

I know he’s just waiting for the moment that I become like him.

I have to say that won’t happen so soon.

Like I said before, I’m not interested, and it will be difficult to get me to be. Knowing him though, he’ll want to take me up on the challenge. He knows I’ll keep coming back just because I want him to answer my questions. He does what he can to help me, and in return he gets to mess around with me.

I want to say I’m not interested, but its getting harder to keep up with that statement.

The next day, I did my best to not think about him but sometimes, my darker thoughts would creep up on me and I would come close to having a heart attack. I wasn’t made for this. I shouldn’t have to experience this. I don’t even know that guy, why should I go through this? I was in shock, a lot of it. Now that I was thinking about it, it just made me feel a lot worse than usual.

I sat at my desk, a bit bitter about what I went through last night. I couldn’t talk to anyone for a little while. My coworkers barely respond to me, but that’s fine, too. Sometimes, I pretend that I’m not part of the system. I know what they’re interested in, and I’m the opposite of them. I only come here to do my job, not abuse my power. I see it everyday and it frustrates me. On top of that, I had other nightmares to settle. For about an hour, I was just drowning in pity and blame for a lot of things before I decided that some fresh air might do me some good. I don’t usually go outside when I’m working but lately, I just want to get out of a cooped up environment.

Within two hours I was gone. The Chief was serious when he said I could only stay half the day. I just decided to leave because I didn’t get much sleep last night.

I walked outside, and blended into the crowd of people that were walking by as well. It was almost noon but people were already in a rush. When the streets are crowded like this, its hard to stand out as an individual. Sometimes, I’m okay with that. The air wasn’t humid like it was last night, there weren’t any clouds in the sky, and no one was waiting with their umbrella in their hands.

It should be normal.

The air loosened me up a bit to clear my thoughts.

For just a second, I had peace.

Then I saw someone with a two toned undercut that was about to pass by me, and my first instinct was to grab them. I don’t know what I was thinking, but it just happened. My heart was jamming in my chest as I looked at the monster that stood in front of me.

“Detective!” he was excited to see me like usual. “I didn’t think I’d see you here in broad daylight.” he smiled.

It was wrong of me to just stop him. Its clear that he wouldn’t have noticed me if I just passed by him. He was clearly thinking too hard about something. I was staring at him and I couldn’t find the energy to just stop. Why was I staring?

“Do I scare you, Detective?” he grinned slyly.

“Not in the slightest.” I answered quickly although it sort of was a lie.

I was scared of him, knowing all the things he could do and would want to do but for some reason, I keep seeing him around now. It different seeing him with clothes on. Even last night was a change.

“Can I do anything for you today?” he asked politely but I knew the meaning behind his words. I had no money to spend on him. “I was a little busy but I don’t mind giving you my time, Detective...” he reached in my pocket and took my badge. “Caverly?” he snickered.

I snatched my badge away from his fingers.

“Detective Morgan Caverly. That sort of has a...girly ring to it.” he continued to laugh. I held my hand out, palm up, and waited for a moment. He knows my name, now its my turn. He doesn’t get to have his way like that.

He went in his jacket pocket and gave me a brown wallet just so I could look through it. If he’s handing it to me, then maybe he doesn’t have any form of identification on him. When I opened it though, I found the exact opposite. He had five different driver’s licenses, all but one being the real one. They were nicely done, too. If he had just given me one of them, I wouldn’t have been able to figure out his name.

“Which one is it?” I asked. He just shrugged. Would he ever tell me what his name is? What excuse does he have for that? I stared at him and he sighed.

“My line of work ain’t as protective as other jobs.” he shrugged again.

I was just going to have to have to pick one of them but I don’t think I would be able to pick the right one. I pushed up all the different licenses from their pocket slits and looked at it. The birthdays were the same, and so were the license numbers. All of them were registered to this state. One of them was the real one, but I doubt I would get it right. Each picture was different. He had different hair every time he took a photo. There wasn’t one with his hair style now.

“Raven.” I said.

“Do I look like a Raven to you?” he got a bit defensive.

“No but that’s why I picked it.” I closed his wallet and gave it back to him. I thought his real name would be Jaymin because he looked like a Jaymin to me. However, he wouldn’t have all these licenses if he was interested in sharing his identity.

I wasn’t going to press about it. As much as it would be good to know, I wasn’t going to stress him out by pressuring him. Although, I don’t think he would succumb to pressure that easily. I’ve seen that in him. He would honestly just eat every threat alive.

“So now that you know one of my identities, are you going to take me out to eat or what?” he asked.

I walked by him like I didn’t know him. I didn’t come here to hang out with him. I still have a job to do. He tagged along behind me anyway, and I couldn’t shake him. He won’t leave me alone until I treat him to something.

I really didn’t want to.

I’ve been putting a lot of money down in the passed few days, and I won’t be able to handle any more if he keeps this up. Still, he was enjoying himself tagging along behind me. I don’t know what he expected from me, but I did give up when he didn’t leave me alone. He’s persistent, that’s another thing. For some reason, he’s just so curious about the things I’m into and trying to figure that out. He’s already assuming things that he shouldn’t be assuming but its not like I could stop him. Finally I walked into a small restaurant because I had no choice.

He was excited. He’s always excited to be with me, or when he sees me.

Yet, I get a chill up my spine just by standing next to him. I don’t know what this gut feeling was but I wasn’t enjoying it much. I wanted it to go away but this feeling was as persistent as he was.

“Well this is nice.” he said and got all cozy at our booth.

“There’s no reason for you to be sitting next to me.” I said but he insisted on it. I was sitting right beside him in the small booth he had chosen. I noticed that he was a little fidgety and already that set alarms off in my mind.

“Relax,” he sighed as he began shifting again. I wasn’t sure what his problem was, but then I thought I heard it.

I wasn’t able to tell because we were outside and all the noises were a distraction. Now we were in a quiet setting and I could hear it. Vibration. It was like the sound of a phone that was constantly going off but I knew very well that wasn’t a phone. I sighed and rubbed my face. This is another one of his crazy and disgusting stunts.

“Hey, Morgan. Ever seen anyone masturbate publicly?” he asked me, not being subtle about it.

“Don’t do it.” I said quickly and looked at him. He smiled widely but his hands had already unbuckled his belt. He was seriously going to do it.

I hadn’t noticed anything but this was not what I was expecting. I bet he enjoyed it, too. Was he just going to walk around, torturing himself like that? I probably stopped him from going somewhere to take it out.

“Please tell me you don’t have a vibrator in you.” I was begging.

"Just one? Oh come on, you must know me better than that.” he tilted his head to the side and watched me. “I usually play with at least three.” he smiled widely and pulled at his pants. There was a wet stain on his white underwear; I could see the cum that was soaking through.

Good gosh, he has a lot of issues.

“I wouldn’t mind if you touched me.” he suggested, trying to see if I was into this, but I really wasn’t. I was more afraid that someone would see this and do something about it. “Should I make it more interesting and do what I did last night?” he asked darkly.

“Absolutely not.” I hissed at him. I don’t need a repeat of that. He thinks he got me with that, but that just only scared me.

Now I found myself staring at his crotch, seeing the pink wires of the vibrators being taped to his legs. They were inside him, and it wasn’t just three. I couldn’t look away. I could be as terrified as I want to be, but I couldn’t look away.

He enjoys this.

He enjoys this a lot.

“Come on, Morgan.” he cooed and pushed his pants down further to expose himself. He was not going to stop until he gives in and that’s what I’m afraid of! I don’t need him spreading himself right here. “I’ll even keep the vibrators in just so you can feel what it does to me.”

I should just leave, but I couldn’t. I wasn’t interested but I couldn’t stop staring at him regardless. All those vibrators inside him, is he insane? His cock was twitching and oozing cum on his clothes, yet he didn’t seem to care that much. He would never care. All of this was overwhelming. I was getting nervous that someone would see us. We haven’t been waited on yet, and I’m going to lose my mind when a waitress comes by and sees him acting a mess.

“Can you put your pants on?” I hissed at him as one of the free waitresses came our way. He rolled his eyes but he shuffled in the seat, pulling his pants up to cover himself. Its not like he was rushing to get dress, and there was only so much he could hide.

He was doing this on purpose because he wants someone to see. He’s interested in people watching. I honestly think that he’s crossing the line now. This girl doesn’t deserve to be traumatized. I don’t deserve to be traumatized! It’s already a problem to be sitting here, hearing the vibrators, and he wasn’t exactly quiet either. Considering the fact that he had more than just one vibrator in him, I would say that he really did have a reason to not keep his mouth shut.

Though, I would really prefer to get out of this without weird stares or a weird lecture coming from someone who believes they’re morally righteous. Raven just serves to get me in trouble and now I’m going to know what kind of trouble I could get in.

He kept his hand in his jeans, rubbing himself because of the vibrators inside him. Now he wanted to feel it. I can’t stand him. This is what he enjoys doing in public. I never asked for this embarrassment. No one should have to go through this, and here I am sitting right next to him.

I had to tell him to stop moaning so loud because people would be able to hear him. Apparently, he didn’t know that already.

Even our waitress was a bit hesitant because she saw his face, and it wasn’t so innocent. She knew things, just as much as we did. He would smile at her though but it made her uncomfortable; she tried to ignore it but its hard to when he has his hand stuck in his pants. Anyone would be able to tell what he was doing.

He’s a lost cause.

How do I get him to stop?

I ordered an item that would take a long while to cook. This gives me time for me to get him to behave but the chances of that happening was slim to none. He was waiting and I was a nervous wreck. I’m not cut out for this.

“I’d let you fuck me on the table.” he suggested quietly. That didn’t hit the right mark with me. “I don’t think I can cum any more, I’ll probably just piss myself if I keep going at this.” he admitted as he pushed his pants down again.

I had no words.

“If you finger me, I might just stop.” he tried again.

I didn’t move. He decided to move for me instead. He took my hand, and when I thought he was going to move it in his pants, I felt his lips press against my fingers. Then I felt his tongue on my skin. He was licking me. His piercing was rubbing between my first two fingers as his tongue sloppily moved over my skin. All he wanted was to get them wet, nothing more. He watched me as he sucked on my fingers.

If I really wanted him to stop, I would have gotten up and left. I was tolerating him instead. Right now, I might not have felt neutral but I wasn’t interested in what he was doing to me. I wanted him to stop this. I didn’t say anything though. I couldn’t speak. His brown and green eyes watched me closely and he began to smile when he noticed how nervous I was.

This isn’t normal. People don’t just suddenly do this.

Then again, I’m dealing with him, and there’s nothing that would make him stop it.

He finally pulled my fingers out of his mouth and moved my hand for me because there was no way I was going to willingly touch him like this. He kept his smile on his face as he guided my fingers where he wanted them to go. I could feel the wires that were in him, but that wasn’t the only thing. He was shaking because he just felt that good. I couldn’t believe it. He shifted even more in the seat, spreading his legs as best as he could without completely removing his jeans. Now he was more exposed.

I was suddenly compelled to move on my own. He had his fingers inside himself as well as the four extra vibrators, but now he wants me to finger him too. This might not even be extreme for him. Still, it was extreme for me. I was slow because I wasn’t sure how to go about this. My fingers pushed inside him easily; my fingers were rubbing against his and poking the vibrator that was closest. He didn’t strain when I pushed my fingers further inside him.

I wasn’t much for this, I wasn’t sure if I was even good at this, but I don’t think he would care would he? He was already lost on his own little planet, so I doubt anything I do will make a difference.

This wasn’t for him though, at least not now. He wanted to know what I was into and he has multiple things to choose from right now. I was giving in to his options but at the moment, I was finally numb. I wasn’t thinking. I was just here.

My fingers were thrusting inside him at a different rhythm than his own hands. He was faster but I was going deeper. I pulled on the vibrators, using them to rub inside him. That’s when he lost his mind, moaning out louder than he should have in a public restaurant.

“Can’t you keep quiet?” I asked him.

He stuck his tongue out at me, exposing the new piercing on his tongue. This one was blue. I guess he wasn’t going to listen to me because he didn’t care if people heard him. It didn’t matter to him. Even if there was a crowd of people around him, he would be doing the same thing, in fact I think it would turn him on more if that were the case.

I did my best but he was already taken care of. He has four vibrators inside him and a total of five fingers as extra. There is no way he could enjoy something else with this. There is just no way. My thoughts were quiet, but my heart was beating so hard in my chest that I thought I was having a heart attack. He was just inching to take off all his clothes and I had to make sure he didn’t do anything else, as if this wasn’t bad enough.

He shouldn’t be doing this but who am I to stop him?

He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall as he tried to shift again in our small booth. He was moving his jeans further down his legs so he could spread his legs more but he was only going to make a mess like that. I didn’t stop him though. I didn’t do anything except finger him.

Somehow, I knew he could hold more. A few small bead vibrators and a couple fingers weren’t going to phase him. This was child’s play for him. He enjoyed it though anyway. My fingers didn’t stop moving inside him, feeling every time he clenched around me, shaking and twitching. As I moved a vibrator, it would rub inside him and on another vibrator and he would jolt and moan out louder than he should.

“You need to be quiet.” I warned him because I was scared of getting in any kind of trouble. He opened his eyes, and that’s when I felt the sudden chill ripple up my spine.

“M-make me.” he challenged.

How could I make him shut up? How could I make him stop moaning? If I were to put my hand over his mouth, he would just lick my hand, or worse, do what he did last night to provoke me as if it would work.

I found another option but it was clear that I didn’t want to use it, yet I couldn’t stop myself from moving.

My other hand moved around his neck, holding him rather tightly. I think the only reason I didn’t feel bad for him was because I know he’s into that hardcore stuff. Does this count? Is this something he could get off to?

It most certainly was.

I wasn’t shocked at his behavior, I was shocked with mine. I shouldn’t have thought of doing this to him so easily. I shouldn’t have done this. I had grabbed him so quickly that I wasn’t sure if it was more or not.

He was quiet though, but he smiling.

He liked being choked.

I certainly was not going to do that much. I have my own limits but it was clear that he had absolutely none at all. So although, I did choke him, its not like I enjoyed it. He was quiet, that’s all that mattered at the moment.

He was trying to breathe, but it just made it worse. His fingers were moving way faster than mine were, but I wanted to mimic what he was doing. At that moment, I thought I saw some fire in his eyes, like this was the best moment of his life. For a second, I was just a bit worried but I didn’t move my hand from his neck as I fingered him. He struggled and struggled but still managed to smile at me.

He was shaking harder, his eyes were rolling back, but he never stopped trying to push himself to his limit. It looked like the best thing he could ever go through. I know he was enjoying himself greatly. Watching him put a strain on me though. He shouldn’t look this amazed.

My hand didn’t stop. I was seconds away from releasing my hold on him but I could tell he was about to cum again. He lost even more control of himself in the next few seconds. He kept fingering himself as hard as he could though, and I did the same for him. He was even messing with the vibrators too but at this point, did it even matter? His body was tensing in the seat, I couldn’t get him to sit still. My only accomplishment was getting him to keep quiet. That was the only thing he did.

Finally though, he reached his climax. The was the moment of no return. His eyes were half shut, and he stopped trying to gasp for air. His body was trembling on the seat. All the more while, he was cumming on himself and making a mess. He looked a mess, a real mess, but he enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this to be honest. The whole time, I was watching and taking part in something as horrific as this.

I moved my hand from his neck, and noticed the marks already on his skin. I hadn’t realized how hard I had grabbed him until I saw the marks that would turn into bruises in no time. He finally gasped for air, but he was quiet, barely moving. He was twitching slightly still and the vibrators were still inside him, so were his and my fingers. I could even feel his hole twitching too. The vibrators didn’t help with that.

I won’t be able to get over how much of a mess he looks like.

“...Asphyxiation.” he murmured quietly. This is not something I’m interested in. I bet he was going to peg me as a choker when that’s not how I’m like. “Y-you...also l-like being dominant.” he said.

He’s clearly off the mark.

“That’s t-three...Morgan” he muttered quietly as he closed his eyes.

I didn’t think he would be that tired. He was an utter mess from something like that. Is this his limit? No. I bet it wasn’t. There was just a lot going on.

I refuse to believe that he was right, but this time, I didn’t feel the need to defend myself. I just sat there quietly and watched him breathe as his body would twitch now and again.

He’s wrong.

I’m just not interested.

For some reason, I didn’t feel...okay. I was shaking. I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t be around him. I just felt...wrong. I pulled my fingers out from inside him, no longer feeling the warmth or the vibrations. I just, didn’t know what to do.

“I’m going to go wa-” As I spoke, he took my wrist and brought my fingers to his mouth.

He was not hesitant to lick my fingers. I didn’t say anything by then. I could feel his tongue over my skin, his piercing rubbing on one finger at a time as he sucked it clean. It looked like he was hungry for it, like he would do anything just to suck my fingers off.

There is definitely something wrong with him.

I couldn’t say anything though.

I was just letting him do it.

He kept his eyes on me, watching to see if he found something else that I liked but he didn’t. This wasn’t something I was interested in but he was going to try anyway. When he caught me staring at his face, right in his eyes, he winked at me and opened his mouth to release my fingers.

Well now what?

Does he think that makes all this better?

“I’m still going to go wash my hands.” I said anyway and got up so I could find the restroom.

I should honestly just leave him. I should let him sit there alone and have his own fun. He would be the type of person to get up on the table and do something crazy, so I should definitely leave him alone and let him do what he wants to do. I don’t see why I’m still here.

As I washed my hands, I tried to come up with every possible scenario to get me to leave.

But I just didn’t want to for some reason.

I have no idea why.

I just...didn’t want to leave him. It’s like I know that he has all the answers I need and he clearly told me that he wouldn’t talk, and it’s not like I could arrest him for anything, but I just didn’t want to leave him. It’s like...I don’t know. I didn’t want to leave, that’s all I could come up with.

I left the restroom and saw him talking to our waitress. It seemed like he was charming her actually. I bet he’s good at that. He made it seem like whatever she saw before was probably her imagination, and now they were all friendly and laughing together. He’s a charmer. I could tell by the way he looked up at her, his body language, how he spoke.

I’m used to figuring people out.

There’s a lot to figure out with him and it’s not like I’m even half way there. I shouldn’t waste all my energy on him, but here I was, about to do just that.

Why was I here again?

I didn’t return to the table till she was gone. Our food was there and he was waiting for me. There was a smile on his face as he watched me. It’s like he genuinely gets happy to see me. I can’t say the same about when I see him.

“Leave that girl alone.”

“Aw,” he mocked. “Afraid I’ll mess with her?” he asked.

“You’re clearly crazy.” I said to him quietly.

He leaned forward to look me in the eyes. “Say it louder so everyone can hear you, Detective Morgan. It’s not a secret.” He whispered.

“What is wrong with you?”

“That’s the same question I could ask you.” he said and sat back, just about to eat. I felt something come right up between my legs and I tensed up immediately. “I want to know everything that makes you crazy. It’s not fair if you find out about me but you remain a mystery.” he kept rubbing at my crotch with his foot.

“I’m usually the one asking questions-”

“About your cases. Not about what you’re into.” he corrected. “Public masturbation is not your thing, and I know that by the look of terror on your face.” he stopped rubbing me. “But you did enjoy having your fingers around my throat, detective.”

I was about to correct him but he just raised his eyebrows at me, waiting to hear it. It’s not what I’m into. I’m not into anything. I’m not interested like he is. I don’t have any kinks or fetishes like he does. I would prefer that we don’t discuss this at all.

“You’re fun to get to know,” he smiled at me. “I’m definitely enjoying this.”

I wasn’t.

I know where’s he’s going with this, and I would prefer to not find out anything else about him or me.

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