Super Psycho

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☣Chapter Four☣

TW: Emetophilia, bondage, erotic asphyxiation

“The school has been on high alert since the death of Ms. Bullock a few months ago.” One of the teachers told me as we walked through the halls of one of the buildings. I’ve been back here so many times that I remember the faces of everyone I’ve seen. “We’ve had to cancel public performances because we’re not sure what could happen.” he said.

“The murderer wouldn’t go as far as to do a mass killing.”

I can say that with a lot of certainty. From what we’ve seen, he’s only taken one person at a time. Though, we shouldn’t test him on his threat. We don’t know what he could do for real. The school was right to be cautious.

The school is losing credibility.

Some students have dropped out but that’s not going to save them.

“Is there anyone hated on the staff?” I asked.

“N-no, I don’t believe that we were a problem, Detective.” He said quickly, a little frightened that it might have a hate motive to it. “I can’t think of anyone who would try to hurt one of the faculty.” he shook his head.

“Was there anything that might’ve caused a problem? Absolutely anything.” Anything would be good to know.

“Well, a few years ago, some previous students got into an accident.” He mentioned slowly as he tried to recall. “I didn’t work here at the time so I don’t know much about it, but I know there was a lawsuit and everything. They expelled a student as well.” he said.

These are the things I should’ve known before.

I could go to the Dean’s office and figure out what happened during that time.

I walked down the hall in silence, the other teacher going back to his class. I noticed a lot of glass cases for trophies and medals. This school does compete and perform a lot. I looked at a few of the photos for the graduating class.

The school is prestigious and private. Only a small percentage of people that apply get in. I had a feeling that the people that were accepted came from rich families. Maybe someone is holding a grudge for not getting accepted to the program. But that would only lead to going through thousands of applicants. And it’s possible to narrow it down to people that live in the area because the murders are only happening here, but it’s going to take a lot of effort and money to get that kind of fire power.

All the students looked happy though in the photos.

There were before and after pictures. One for when the year started, and one for the graduating class. It wasn’t till recently that the school’s percentage for graduation students wasn’t a hundred percent. I looked for that year.

In the photos there were five students missing.

I don’t know if that would help with our case or not, but these were the students that I haven’t tried to look up. I should look them up.

I continued to make my way to the Dean’s office. Harley was already talking to him about any leads or something that might put the school at risk. The man was old, just barely being able to walk on his own. He had a secretary that mostly helped with him getting up and being able to walk.

It won’t be long before he gives out.

“Dr. Bullock, we’re sorry that we still haven’t caught your granddaughter’s murderer yet.” Harley apologized sincerely as she got up from her chair.

He was a quiet man.

He wasn’t even going to comment on Harley’s statement but he sighed quietly as he took his time to get up from his seat.

“I’ve already grieved too much for her.” He said quietly. “And here I thought I was going to go before she does.” It was a sad thing to say and he had a sad look in his eyes. “I didn’t think there would be anyone who disliked my school. I’ve done my best to make sure all the students are taken care of.”

“What about the year when the accident happened?” I asked as I walked over to Harley. “Do you think it might’ve been someone in that group of five?”

He paused for a second, thinking to himself. His memory might be a little fragile. He opened his mouth but only took a shallow breath before he looked at us again.

“I truly don’t think that it was one of them.” he said slowly. “We handled the lawsuit well, and they got what they wanted out of it.” he said.

Those students didn’t graduate. I can’t request their files without proof that they might be connected to the murder. I could try and talk to the district attorney about getting a paper that says any student record has to be handed over but he honestly thinks this case is a lost cause at the moment.

“Sorry to take up more of your time, Dr. Bullock. We’ll be on our way.” Harley said and pulled me out of the office quickly.

There was something wrong. She didn’t let go of me until we got outside, until we couldn’t be heard. She looked over her shoulder to make sure there was no staff watching.

“That lawsuit that happened, they blamed it on one of the students.” she whispered.

“Why is that a secret?” I didn’t understand why she wanted to make it classified information.

“They were paid not to talk about it. Even the faculty aren’t even allowed to mention it. They wrongly put the blame on one student for the injury of others.” She said quietly and continued walking. “We’d need a court order to get that kind of information out.”

It shouldn’t be that hard to get that information...right? We’re suspecting that it was someone that attended this school. We’re requesting specific information from a few years ago on the students who were injured and went through the lawsuit. We’re probably going to have to go through an army of lawyers but I’m sure we can make it a state issue by now.

Before Harley and I could leave, we got another call of a murder being called in. Based on the time, we already knew the victim was probably killed last night and dumped today. We rushed over to the scene but we weren’t hopeful.

We don’t get a lot of information out of this.

We don’t get a lot to work with when we find the body.

The girl was tied up with rope. The knots weren’t anything I’ve seen either, they were fancy knots. It wasn’t just to tie her up. I stared down at the body, seeing the rope all around her body. This isn’t the first time that we’ve had a victim with rope around their bodies, their wrists and ankles, their neck. She was in a pose but I don’t think that’s the point.

“Is this...BDSM or something?” Charlie was here, and he was the one to ask the question out loud.

He wasn’t the only one thinking it.

“Make sure forensics checks to see if the victim was raped or not. Tell that to autopsy, too.” I said to the officer that stood by me.

This just...struck me as familiar. I recognized those knots. I’ve seen them. Why does it feel like the person who’s doing this is right under my nose? My fingers tightened to fists by my side and I did my best to go through all the information I’ve gone through multiple times in the last month.

Whoever is doing this is now doing this for fun.

They haven’t been caught yet and they know that they can do whatever they want, so they’re making it interesting. They’re telling us that they can mess with us and it won’t matter. It’s like a slap to the face and they know it.

The first murder was definitely revenge but now its for fun.

We have to find them before it becomes a mass homicide.

Maybe it’s time to go see Raven again. He might know something then again, I have a feeling that what he’s telling me might not be the entire truth. Whether he’s being played or not is for me to find out.

After the end of my long day of going through the motions, telling the family that we found their missing daughter or sister or wife or whoever, I walked around a bit to get some fresh air. Then I began walking around the city, only to end up at the crazier side. No one batted an eye lash when they saw me because no one cared.

I bet the police officers were in that club again. Or they were out drinking. Or out gambling. It was no surprise at this point. I know what they do and it’s none of my concern.

What I was concerned about was learning about the rope.

I walked inside the building, already getting a heavy breath of smoke into my lungs. The lights were darker tonight but it was just as loud as before. More people were crowding around others, at the bars and the lounges, taking part in the fun. I could smell alcohol everywhere but that didn’t bother me. I was never much of a drinker and I wasn’t curious either.

I slid passed the people that were having fun. Then I saw the ropes that held seven different people at the different platforms. So those knots were definitely used in BDSM. It looked like the way the victim was tied up today.

I walked over to where Raven was. No one was around him as I made my way over to him. For some reason, he’s mostly alone. He says he scares people away but I doubt that. He’s into everything, who wouldn’t want that. He wouldn’t just a person out loud for their weird fetishes because I know there are people with weird fetishes.

I stood in front of him quietly, but he didn’t notice that I was here. I still don’t think his name is Raven. That name is too soft for a person like him. He really is hardcore, no matter what approach is taken. He finds pleasure in everything. Here I thought he would have a limit but he’s proven that he doesn’t have one.

There was a black blindfold covering his eyes. His mouth was wide open from the spider gag he likes wearing so much. His arms were up and tied with rope so he couldn’t wiggle free. His thighs and legs were tied as well. There was a vibrator taped to the tip of his cock but I bet he had others inside him.

He never ceases to amaze me, and that’s not a good thing for him. He has to stop somewhere but he doesn’t.

Before I did anything, I stared at the rope that kept his hands tied. I recognized the knot but I can’t say its anything special. They all have that same knot don’t they? Its part of the play, right? Is it the same as the knot from the dead victim? Would that mean anything?

I moved my hands behind his head and unhooked the gag so I could take it out of his mouth. Already he was smiling. Just because he couldn’t see doesn’t mean he can’t tell its me. I’m sure I’m the only one that would rather talk than have “fun”, if anyone calls this fun.

“Detective Morgan,” Again he was excited. “Its nice to see you out of your comfort zone again.” He said.

He’s the one that forces me out of it. There’s no reason for him to mess with me but he enjoys doing it.

“Do you know how to tie these ropes?” I asked. They looked hard to do. As I looked around, I could see all the complex bondage, each of them different.

“Of course I do.” He sounded offended that I asked. “What do you take me for?” I didn’t think it was disrespectful to ask. “Are you finally embracing your bondage side?” He asked and smiled.

“No.” I answered. “It’s just that the murder from earlier involved ropes.” I said.

“Oh? What’d the body look like?” He asked eagerly. I flicked his forehead. He has no sympathy for the dead. I don’t know why I was shocked by his eagerness to know the gruesome details.

Next thing he tells me is that he gets turned on by dead people.

“You don’t have to hit me,” he said and smiled, “unless that’s what you’re into.” He continued.

“I don’t beat people.” I sighed.

“You sure like choking ’em.” He snickered.

I stared down at him. He’s so curious and loves finding new kinks. I don’t get it. How can one person find so much sexual pleasure from so many things? Its just beyond me.

“Has your psycho friend been back?” I asked.

I was a little more curious about the person he was describing all this time. Now I don’t think he’s the murder suspect. I’m easily certain its someone else. Maybe Raven is just out of his mind or assuming that it’s his boss’ friend when it’s actually not.

“Lately, no.” He said. “Although, I’ve come to my own conclusion that his crimes and the crimes you’re looking at are different.” He said.

I narrowed my eyes.

How would he know that? I didn’t respond to him for a second and that’s when he began to smile. He tilted his head back as if he could look up at me. Maybe Raven is smarter than I give him credit for.

Although I hadn’t mentioned the new parts to the crime he was able to figure out a portion of it.

Its not like the news reporters try to spare the public details about the murders. So maybe he could guess which were part of one case and what was part of another. I also do ask a lot of questions. So he thinks there are two different murderers too?

“I can smell your hesitation.” He said when I didn’t speak.

“You have some serious issues.” I told him and he stuck his tongue out to expose his piercing. This one was silver tonight. It looked bigger on his tongue, too.

He didn’t respond. He just kept his smile on his face. Apparently saying he has issues just made him smile more. I don’t get him. I know he likes a lot of things, but still, I don’t understand him. What’s the point of putting himself through all that? I mean, who is he trying to impress by subjecting himself to the torture?

Or it could really just be on his own volition. He just likes these things to like these things.

I stared down at him and continued to wonder if it was worth it for him.

He opened his mouth and thick fluid spilled over on his body. He’s doing this again. I wouldn’t be able to tell just because he doesn’t move; its like an unsettling surprise. I wanted to sigh, I wanted to tell him to stop, but that didn’t happen.

He smiled at me again, that same look of being proud of himself.

I still don’t get it, but at this point, I couldn’t find the will to move.

His vomit spilled from his barely open lips and on his body and the floor. He kept doing it and doing it and I just couldn’t speak. When he opened his mouth wider, more vomit came out, flowing down his chin, getting on his neck and on his body. It was just as thick as the last time he did it, but the color was a paler pink.

What really gets to me was that he was smiling. The whole time, he smiled. He didn’t have to do anything else but that.

Between his pink lips, more vomit spilled from his mouth but I wanted to say I wasn’t paying attention. Then again, I couldn’t stop looking. That’s what annoyed me. He was still smiling as he vomited without moving, creating a bigger mess than what was already here before I came over. What’s even worse was that he was enjoying himself a lot more than he should be. He shouldn’t enjoy this at all.

There’s only so much I can deal with and I don’t think I want to deal with anymore of his games and tricks.

“You can stop now.” I said, almost choking up on my words. Apparently I became nervous while watching this monster go at it again.

Before he could speak, he was caught in another wave. He was more surprised since he didn’t expect to do it again. He still had enough vomit to flood his mouth and cover his skin completely before dripping on the floor. He didn’t move as his fluid continued to spill from his mouth, but it finally stopped after a second. He laughed to himself since he was caught off guard. I bet he enjoyed that though. He enjoys everything.

“You’re really disgusting.” I told him without feeling bad about saying it. He moaned at my comment, tilting his head back and taking a deep breath.

There is really no stopping him.

“Careful, Morgan. You’ll make me cum on the spot if you keep talking like that.” He smiled at me.

I was uncomfortable with all the things he’s into. I’m uncomfortable with everything that turns him on. I’m also uncomfortable with what he thinks turns me on.

I’m sure he knows that but he doesn’t care. It seems like he just wants to break me apart and make me suffer.

“I can still help you with those knots, if you let me.” He said.

I did need his help but right now, I need to cool off and calm down because he makes me anxious. I didn’t say anything as I moved slightly, careful not to step in the mess he made, and moved the gag in his open mouth, fastening the leather hook and making sure it was tight enough.

At least this way, he doesn’t talk. He stays quiet with a gag in his mouth. He let his tongue hang out and soon his thick saliva dripped from his tongue. All I noticed though was the bigger piercing on his tongue.

I was going to wait for him outside. Its enough to have him torture me but I’d have to sit through what other people would do and they are worse than me. They will use him. I can’t sit through that like other people can.

The air outside wasn’t humid. I could breathe without feeling such a heavy weight in my chest. My hands stopped clamming up and shaking. I had taken off my tie and put it in my pocket. Now, I felt a bit slower, like things weren’t rushed. I wasn’t stressed either. Standing outside was better than doing anything else.

People came in and out, either heavily drunk or completely drugged. Men and woman that looked rich were coming in for a good time. I just couldn’t believe people would spend their time in a crazed sex club. What can they take from this? What’s the point? They have money so they can do whatever they want.

It seemed like I was standing outside for a while but it didn’t bother me. I was just waiting. I had nothing better to do at two in the morning. I haven’t been sleeping much so it’s not like I would get any at home.

After an even longer while, Raven came out, completely dressed and with a bag in his hands. His hair was wet and he smelled like grapefruit.

“I have rope.” He said eagerly and held the bag up. “Are you going to let me tie you up?” He smiled.

“No.” I said plainly. “I just need you to show me some things.” This was supposed to be an innocent learning lesson for me.

“Oh, so you’re going to tie me up?” He wasn’t getting it.

“Does everything have to be sexual with you?” I asked.

“Everything can be sexual. You’re just not thinking out of the box.” He said and held his hands behind his back. “You need more fun in your life.”

“You’re crazy.”

“You’re gonna make me cum.” He moaned but I knew he was just messing around. He laughed when my expression didn’t change. “Come on, Morgan. Lighten up.” He walked around me. “So are we going to your place-”

“Absolutely not!” I said quickly.

“I promise not to make a mess, I swear.” He said quickly. I doubt he would keep a promise like that! I know what he’s capable of and I don’t need it where I find peace.

“You won’t keep that.”

“No, I’m serious. I promise.” He was being as serious as he could be but he couldn’t help but begin to smile.

That’s the exact reason why I won’t bring him. He’ll be all devious and mess everything up for his own benefit.

He latched on to me, holding on to my arm. I don’t want him touching me but right now it was sort of hard to avoid. He was holding me rather tightly, but I didn’t say anything.

I guess there’s nothing I could do.

I didn’t want to go home with him but that’s what was happening and no matter how much I was against it, I couldn’t keep saying no. He’s persistent and I don’t have the energy he has to keep up.

I didn’t get the chill that I usually get when I’m around him, at least I haven’t gotten it yet.

I brought him to my place, and immediately he was going through my stuff. My apartment was small, and just a single bedroom. I’m always saving money than spending it. I can afford a better place, but its just me living here, and I’m okay with that. Raven on the other hand was having a good time rummaging through my stuff. When he got to my kitchen, the first thing he picked out was my alcohol cabinet.

“Detective! You drink?” He was shocked. “I wouldn’t have thought you were an alcoholic.” He said.

“I’m not an alcoholic!” I said. “I just drink on occasion.” I defended myself.

“You know what you could do with a bottle of wine?” He just picked one out and I had to snatch it and put it back. “You know where you could put a wine bottle?” He asked but this time darker.

I wasn’t going to entertain him tonight. I know what he’s thinking and he’s just gross. He laughed when I kept a frown on my face. It was hard to not get upset with all the things he considers fun. He’s not doing anything here.

I had to pull him out of my kitchen and sit him down so we could get to work with this rope.

I needed to be able to know how the different knots were tied. Maybe that could give me some insight.

First he showed me how to do them. He tied my hands, and each time it was something different. They looked simple but they weren’t. There were five different ones he knew how to do but I was certain he knew a lot more. After showing me, he let me try it. I wasn’t as skilled as he was but I was giving it my best shot.

“You suck at this.” He said bluntly.

“I guess I’m not into bondage.” I said. He smiled and got out of the loosely tied rope. I did try but it just didn’t work out. He moved my hands together and wrapped the rope around my wrists. “How’d you get into all this anyway?” I asked.

“Its been a few years.” He said softly. “I’ve always been a little...crazy.” He laughed to himself. “But you know, I had my own dreams and passions. Before this gig, I used to go to that one performing arts school downtown.” He said.

My eyes widened as I stared right at him. This is information he should’ve told me from the beginning. There is a murderer out there, targeting people that went to that school, that goes to that school, and he was just sitting on that information like it was nothing.

It was stupid of me not to ask him.

“What happened?”

“Are you trying to get to know me?” He looked at me with his brown and green eyes.

“I like getting to know people.” I said.

It’s my job. That’s how I learn knew things and solve cases.

That didn’t resonate with him. “I don’t know if that will make things any kinkier but whatever.” He shrugged, and yanked on the ropes around my wrists, the knot tightening on my skin.

For a moment he paused and put his hands down on his lap. This was the first time that he wasn’t trying to be smart with me. This was the first time he didn’t have a come back or something dirty to say. He was thinking.

“It was a couple months before I was supposed to graduate when I got injured.” he said slowly.

It’s like this information just fell in my lap today.

I just... had no idea that Raven had anything to do with the school.

“My partner and I both got hurt, she broke her hip and her leg, I had massive head trauma and dislocated my arm and shoulder.” He said quietly. “I recovered quickly but my partner didn’t. And apparently, there was some whole bullshit lawsuit they dragged me and a few others into. Then they decided to expel me.” was him. They put the fault on him. He was distraught over it. To think he had a life before he became what he was now. I’m guessing the head trauma caused the change in eye color.

“What’s worse was that my teacher told me she was happy this happened to me. She didn’t think I would make it and getting expelled was the greatest thing that could happen.” He said sadly.

I didn’t know what to say.

“One day I snapped, I guess. And I just found myself at that club doing whatever I wanted. It probably wasn’t the best choice, but now I’m used to it.” He said and began untying the knots on my wrists.

“You never tried again?” I asked.

“Its not that I didn’t want to. I was just nervous. Its like everything I worked for just vanished, and for me to fix my crushed spirits would have taken so much work that I didn’t have the energy for anymore.” He said plainly.

I felt a little sympathy for him. Its not like he planned for his life to turn out the way he was.

“What’s weird is that now I’m not so uptight. I can have fun and do what I want. I didn’t get the same kind of freedom before.”

“Is that the upside?” I asked.

“I’m still an entertainer so don’t worry.” He smiled but it was weaker. He wasn’t as confident now. “When my teacher was killed all those months ago, I didn’t know what to think. In the beginning I was so mad that I said she deserved it.” He admitted.

“Your old teacher was Linda Bullock?” I asked.

“Yeah, that’s her.” He said. “What happened to her was a damn shame, but to me and I’m sure to anyone that attended the school, it wasn’t all that surprising.” He continued and dropped the rope on his lap.

That’s not the narrative I’ve heard.

So I wanted to know what he thought about her. “Tell me about her.” I said.

“She was cruel.” He said right off the bat. “She would crush people’s dreams. She was just heartless. At first I thought it was because she wanted to pick the best of the best, but that wasn’t it at all. She just liked making us feel terrible.” He laughed dryly.

“And they let her teach there?”

“Well the school was mostly run by her family. Her brothers taught the orchestras. Her sister trained the singers. Her grandfather was the dean.” He said. “It was more private than anything I imagined.” He sighed.

“How’d you get in?”

“On a scholarship. Like, I just barely scraped by. Most everyone else just got a check from their daddys and got right in.” he said begrudgingly.

Well that’s more information than I’ve ever gotten in this case. Why does it seem like Raven knows a lot more than I give him credit for? By the way he talked about Linda Bullock, she was not well liked. So it narrows it down to a student that’s doing this or an alumni.

Someone wanted revenge on her so they killed her.

I wanted to ask him more questions but I don’t think he was up for it.

“Well anyway,” he sighed. “Now I’m more fun, and there’s nothing that’s going to stop me from doing whatever I want.” he said, and began tying my hands up again.

“You’re not as fun as you think you are.” I told him. He looked at me as he tightened the first on on my wrist. There was a smile that crept on to his face, and this time it was that smile he always does.

“What’s wrong, Detective? Are you afraid of what I can do?” he asked, taunting me as he got up, bring the rope around my neck. He held both ends there and pulled my head back so I could look up at him. “I know you like being dominant, but sometimes, I don’t mind fighting to be on top.” he said and stuck his tongue out.

I was in a bad spot because my hands were tied up. I couldn’t move to push him away. If I could, I would grab his face and just shove him on my couch. Do I still have the right to kick him out of my apartment? I’m sure he would stay regardless. There’s only so much I can tolerate from him.

He licked me slowly, his tongue traveling up my cheek. I was seconds away from losing my mind. What is wrong with him?! I could feel his piercing pressing on my skin as he licked me. At this point I was too tired. It’d be too hard to get him to move away, especially with my hands being tied. If I don’t try to fight back, he’ll just say I have another kink. So instead, I headbutted him and it was hard enough that he fell back on the couch.

“Hey! That hurt!” he cringed and rubbed his forehead.

“Untie me.” I demanded.

“And then what?” he asked loudly. I kept my mouth tightly shut as I waited for him to untie my hands. He hissed and rubbed the spot where I hit him, but then he smiled, being more devious. “I can totally have my way with you.” He grabbed a chunk of my hair.

That got me a little scared because I didn’t want him to do anything to me. I don’t have that kind of energy for him to do something like that.

He let go of me though, “as cruel as I am, I know that that’s not how you are. How am I going to get off if you’re not enjoying it?” he shrugged and let go of my hair. His hands moved to my wrist, and he pulled at the rope, undoing the knots.

I got up and tossed the rope aside.

“As payment for my knowledge, I’m staying here tonight.” he said and laid down on my couch, already getting comfortable. “Its not a bad place you got here. At least the neighborhood is safe.” he laughed to himself.

“I hope you’re gone in the morning.” I told him seriously.

“You might find me in your bed tomorrow morning,” he winked at me and turned over. I’m probably going to lock my door because of that. I don’t know what tricks he has up his sleeve but I wasn’t going to take any chances with that.

It wasn’t unsettling to have him stay over the night. I don’t know much about him except for that sad story he told me. Right now, however, he takes pleasure into giving in as much as he could to everyone’s kink, including mine, assuming that I have some. I still don’t know his real name, and as much as I didn’t want to pry about that, I wanted to know now. He can’t just tell me a sad back story and then not tell me his real name.

I’ll figure out when I can get the information I need from the school.

I went to bed alone, however, when I woke up, I wasn’t alone. I turned to find that Raven was actually in my bed like he promised he would be. I was sure that I locked my door last night but he got in anyway.

I was about to push him off but my phone was ringing on my nightstand. It was barely eight in the morning when I looked but someone is calling me. It better be the district attorney telling me that I can get the materials I requested.

Harley was the one calling me.

“What do you need, Harley?” I asked quietly.

“Morgan, where are you?” she asked quickly and I heard the loud talking in the background.

“What’s going on?”

“Harrison is here and he’s been asking for you just to refute your request to your face.” she was panicking.

Harrison is the district attorney for the state. I was hoping that he would do me a favor and represent me to get the information that I need. As much as he thinks that we’re going to have a hard time for years trying to clear up this case, I would’ve thought that he wanted to get as much evidence as we could.

I could hear him yelling. Harley put me on speaker so we could all talk. I didn’t forget to come into work today, I was just having a bit of a rough night and decided to get more sleep. Usually I go to Harrison, he doesn’t come to my territory.

“Morgan Caverly!” Harrison shouted too close to the phone.

I was trying to think of something to say when I noticed Raven moving beside me in bed. He got up slowly and looked around before he finally focused on me.

Then he smiled.


No. My eyes widened when he moved. I couldn’t tell him to stop because I was on the phone with Harrison, the man who would righteously take my career and end it in one fell swoop.

“Listen, Harrison, can we talk when I come in-”

“Considering that I’m still fighting for your warrant that you have no grounds for, you have one minute to tell me why you need it.” he demanded.

My fingers tightened over my phone when I felt Raven’s hands rubbing up my inner thighs. It was no second later that I felt his tongue trailing up over my crotch. He couldn’t just pull down my boxers, he’s choosing to tease me first. Now I couldn’t think. What were my reasons again?

“I’m, uh, under the suspicion that the school is lying about the lawsuit and how they reached a settlement.” I said, trying to control my voice as Raven played around under the blanket.

“What gave you that kind of suspicion?” Harrison asked quickly.

“A few of the teachers squealed about the outcome of the lawsuit.” I yanked the blanket away and glared at Raven, hoping that he would stop messing around with me. I could get in so much trouble if he doesn’t stop. “I also heard from a credible source that the school is lying.” I added as I watched Raven pull down my boxers in defiance.

He wasn’t going to stop. By the smile on his face, I knew he wasn’t going to stop. He smiled at me as he released my cock from the hold of the fabric. I know it won’t take him long to get me hard. That’s the problem. I don’t want him touching me.

“Does this credible source have a name?”

“They want to remain anonymous.”


I don’t know Raven’s real name and he won’t tell me. If he hasn’t been arrested before, I can’t figure it out either. I won’t be able to know anything. So he has to stay anonymous.

“Alright, Morgan. Are you really going to try and attack a private university on the grounds that you think that they might be holding valuable information about a murder suspect you don’t even have yet?” He asked.

By the way he asked it, I knew he didn’t believe a word about what I was asking him. We’re both putting our jobs on the line and I know he’s looking out for himself mostly, but I would hope that he understands that I’ve never been closer. We can narrow down a lot of information if we had that information.

I wanted to answer but Raven had me distracted by the way he was sucking me off. My hand moved in his hair, gripping tightly to push him back but he didn’t budge. He fought me to stay where he was and hold my cock in his mouth.


“What did you ask?” I completely forgot.

“Wake the hell up and focus.” Harrison snapped at me. “Who are you trying to incriminate by exposing the lawsuit?”

“We just need to know who got expelled, on what grounds, and if that may be a motive for murder.” Harley answered for me because I clearly couldn’t do it.

I stared up at the ceiling as I focused on the heat that was pulsing through my body. Raven’s piercing was rubbing against the tip of my cock, and I had to admit that it felt good. His tongue was warm as it wrapped around my skin. When he pressed his lips to my cock, I had to suppress a moan. I just almost forgot that I was on the phone.

“You think the person who got thrown out of the school was the murderer?”

“No.” I answered before Harley could say anything. “However, it is a start.” I said.

“Morgan, you could have a lawsuit on your hands if you approach any of these people and got them to talk.” Harrison warned me.

Well I got information from Raven, and I was honestly going to ask a lot more to know what I’m dealing with. He was the student that got expelled and knowing that he attended the school as well, he’s on the list of possible people to look at.

I glanced at him, seeing him enjoy himself as he sucked me off.

I forgot what I was talking about again.

“We need your help, Harrison. We wouldn’t be begging you if we didn’t think it was worth it.”

“You guys are going to have a rough time with these people, I’m telling you.” Harrison gave up. “I’ll get you your warrant. You’re lucky I’m the one having to defend this department.” he said loudly.

“He’s gone.” Harley whispered.

“I have to go-”

“Well, where are you-”

“I’ll be there in an hour.” I hung up and tossed my phone to the side.

I was just about sweating from the stress of holding in my moan. The second I today my phone, both my hands were on Raven’s head, keeping him down because he knew he could take it. He’s always sucking me off, and I know what he says to that but all he does is give me a blowjob. I’ve never seen him do anything else, he doesn’t ever want to do anything else.

I shouldn’t care.

I really shouldn’t care if he wants to do something or not. His head moved slowly, his mouth opening wider to swallow more of my cock. That’s the only thing I should be focusing on.

He lips pulled back on my skin. He let go of my cock with a popping sound from his lips. When I glanced at his face, I saw him licking his lips and staring at my cock hungrily, like he was thinking of different things to do.

“Gonna choke me, Detective?” He asked.

Not really.

“Can’t you just be normal and have normal sex with people?” I asked. That was a valid question.

“Oh, no.” He looked at me seriously. “I don’t do vanilla sex.” He said.

Was there really something that he didn’t enjoy? This was definitely new. “Wow, and here I thought everything turned you on.” I wanted to push him away so I could take care of my erection myself.

His hand pushed me back down on the bed. He didn’t like what I said to him. I figured he wouldn’t care but he did. Everything turns him on. Absolutely everything turns him on.

“You’re lucky I like you, Morgan.” He said as he removed his pants. “I don’t like vanilla sex. There’s nothing wild that happens.”

“That’s the point.”

He rolled his eyes as he got up on my lap. I didn’t think he would seriously go for it since he said he didn’t like it. I shouldn’t test Raven. He’ll do it. He’ll do anything wouldn’t he? He smiled at me as he moved my cock inside him. It was so easy, he was just sitting on my lap, my entire cock engulfed by his heat in one movement.

“First time having sex?” He asked me, his hands pressing down on my chest so he could get closer.


“With a guy?” He whispered.

He could probably see what answer I would give by the look on my face. He smiled and stuck his tongue out, exposing his piercing to me.

I haven’t had sex with a guy. I certainly didn’t want to have sex with Raven but look where we ended up. He was taking advantage of me and was enjoying absolutely every second of it. I wasn’t surprised though.

This is probably the only normal thing he’s done.

And for some reason, it didn’t take me long to be okay with it.

He moved slowly at first, just letting me get a feel for what it was like inside him. Then he took control only to please himself. I stared up at his face, watching him moan as he moved himself on me. He leaned his head back to expose his neck and I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if I just put my hand around his throat.

It just...happened.

My hand was suddenly there, feeling his skin right at the tip of my fingertips, my nails just seconds away from digging deep to cut off the blood supply to his head. He looked at me when he felt my hand on his skin.

I felt different.

Sex wasn’t supposed to make me want to do worse things to him. I always tell myself I’m not interested and for the most part I believed it.

But I was staring right into his eyes and I saw the way he challenged me, the way he dared me to do something, to really hurt him. He wanted it. He wanted it so badly.

It wasn’t till then that I couldn’t stop myself.

I got him down on the bed so I could move over him. My hand was still gripping his throat, feeling him struggle to breathe and moan. But he continued to smile at me as I easily made it hard for him to breathe. What I realized was that I was not the one in control.

I may have him down on my bed and I may have my hand around his neck to choke him.

But I was not the one in control. The way he smiled at me, the way it looked like he might be laughing, that’s not the face of someone who just submits. I definitely did not control this situation.

Right now, I didn’t care.

My fingers stayed pressed around his throat to keep his voice quiet. He barely even breathed too. I’m not that mean, I wouldn’t really hurt him. He likes it so I gave it to him. I should start thinking of myself more..

If he wants to mess around, that’s fine, but it just felt like I wanted something out of it, too.

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