Super Psycho

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☢Chapter Five☢

TW: algolagnia, bondage, cross dress/lingerie, daddy kink (one mention), drug use, vibrators, watersports

I found Raven laying on the floor. He wasn’t working because he had clothes on. But he was at the club and he was seconds away from passing out. There were predatory people looking at him, just about to walk over to them but I made it to him first.

I lifted his head up to see his face.

His eyes were red.

Was he working or not? Now I was curious. Usually when I see him, he just doesn’t have clothes on, but now I was under the impression that this is how the nights start off for him.

“Were you drugged?” I asked him, trying to get him to focus on me.

I smelled a lot of things on him.

Did he overdose on something?

“Go away.” he murmured.

“Raven, are you always drugged when you get here?” I asked him louder. He just closed his eyes and shoved me away from him.

Everything he has told me while here could mean absolutely nothing. Everything he’s said to me could be the drugs talking. How do I know that his boss’ friend is a murderer? How do I know to suspect the boss as well, a man I’ve never met, of killing more than ten people? How do I know that he’s even real?

“What are you on, Raven?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he muttered and turned over on the floor. “I snorted something and had an aphrodisiac.”

If only I had known he was constantly taking drugs. He could be hallucinating constantly. I sighed and looked around. People are just going to take advantage of him while he’s like this. I know it will ware off but I would prefer if he really wasn’t taken advantage of. Knowing Raven, he wouldn’t care if he were used or not.

I got him off the floor and helped him walk. He wasn’t telling me to leave him alone; if he was, I couldn’t hear him and I was going to ignore him regardless. He needs to be in a safe place, not somewhere where predators can get to him.

“Oh, come on, Morgan.” he groaned. “Let me do my job.” he complained.

“Getting raped is not doing your job.” I said.

He just laughed quietly. He didn’t stop laughing either. I had a feeling I found another one of his kinks. I sighed again as I dragged him off outside. He tried to shove against me but he was too weak to get me off him.

“Where do you live?” I asked.

“Not...gonna...tell you.” He poked my face.

I find that hypocritical considering how he woke up in my bed yesterday morning.

He’s drunk, too. I couldn’t smell the alcohol but I did smell the various drugs on him. At this rate, he could really go into shock from whatever he’s taken.

I had no choice but to bring him with me.

I didn’t think I was going to be taking this psycho home. As a person who does their best to protect the general public, I was not going to turn my back on him knowing that he’s being drugged every night he works. And sure he does it willingly but it doesn’t make a difference to me.

When we got to my apartment, I just put him down on the couch. He continued to murmur something quietly to me but I wasn’t going to pay attention.

He took something out of his pocket. It was a small pill, and I immediately assumed that it was a drug. He put it in his mouth before I could take it from him. My hand gripped his face to keep his mouth open so I could make sure he doesn’t drug himself even more. He just laughed when he noticed my determination.

What about this was funny?

He grabbed on to my tie and yanked me forward so he could kiss me. It only took me a second to realize why he was so aggressive with me. His tongue pushed the pill in my mouth. I wasn’t going to swallow until he bit me hard enough to shock me.

And I did end up swallowing the pill.

“That’s gonna kick in real soon.” He laughed and put his head down on the pillow.

“What did you give me?-”

“It won’t matter.”

If I really wanted to not ingest what was given to me, I would go and expel it. I didn’t move. Probably because Raven was holding on to my wrist so tightly that I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. He’s drunk, he’s high, and he’s about to pass out.

So I don’t understand why he wanted to give me a drug.

“What is wrong with you?” I asked him.

“You are just so plain, Detective.” he muttered into the pillow. “It bothers me so fucking much.” he opened his eyes to look at me.

So that’s his reason why for slipping me a drug.

Before I could sit back, I thought I was seeing something that I shouldn’t be seeing. All of a sudden, it was just really bright in my apartment. There are a number of drugs that he could’ve given me that will make me hallucinate.

“Wanna have some fun, Morgan?”

The tone in Raven’s voice was threatening to me. All of my hairs were standing on ends as I watched him get up slowly from the couch. In my mind, I knew I wouldn’t remember any of this so that means he’ll do his worst. With how hot and bothered I felt, I would let him do anything to me.

I just won’t remember it tomorrow morning.

“You’re awful.” I said as he got close to me. He looked me in the eyes and smiled, sticking out his tongue to show me his piercing.

“I hope you suffocate me.” He licked his lips.

I saw his finger move to his neck, tapping twice so I would know to touch him. Without a second thought, my hand was at his throat, fitting over the bruises that I put on him yesterday. I could tell myself that this is wrong, that this is not something I should be doing, but with the way I was feeling, it wouldn’t matter.

I won’t remember.

“You don’t like vanilla sex.” I said as he kissed my face. His hands were pulling up on my white shirt and removing my jacket.

“Nothing about this will be vanilla.” He whispered.

I could feel him touching me but it felt different. My senses were heightened. Him touching me felt like the world would implode. I couldn’t keep my eyes open from all the bright colors I could see. And it was getting hot. For some reason, wearing pants were beginning to hurt, too. My erection made me uncomfortable but he was about to take care of that immediately.

When I closed my eyes, everything just faded away.

With just one blink, I found myself in my room, sitting on my bed with no clothes on. I had the worst headache and I couldn’t stand the light coming from the hallway.

My neck hurt. So did my shoulder.

I had blood on my fingers, too. My hand was red; my palm was throbbing like I hit something. When I tried to remember, I knew that I did hit something. A lot.

I looked around and tried to focus. Raven was laying in my bed, groaning from whatever pain he was suffering from. He was drunk and high with whatever drugs he was on.

There were scratch marks on his thighs but that’s not the most noticeable thing on his body. There were dark purple and blue bruises at his thighs, on his ass, at his lower back.

I did hit him.

I blinked through the memory that seemed to come back. He asked for it. He wanted it. He told me it was okay if I hurt him. And me being drugged, I just went ahead and did it. Every time I touched him, he liked it; his body tensed and he would get louder, and he would beg for more. I...liked it. So I hit him harder.

I could explicitly see the pain I was causing him. The proof was on him.

There was the taste of blood in my mouth. That, I couldn’t remember.

It was just a blur of kissing and biting. Whoever started it, it must of have been epic because I also have blood dried on my fingers. Chances are Raven did this.

My hand pressed to my neck to feel the wound.

He bit me before...I remember that he bit me. It hurt like hell but I think I liked it...How many times did I cum? Did I cum from that? All I could remember was that it was hot and when he bit me, enough to draw blood, it only got hotter.

My head was beginning to throb trying to remember what happened. I don’t know how long I’ve been sitting here but I knew I had to get to work. I think. I reached for my phone to see what time it was but it wasn’t on the night stand. I easily forgot that I left my clothes in the living room. Everything was in the living room.

“You’re a monster.” Raven said quietly. “Did you know that?”

Did I go too far? Did I hurt him badly? I looked over to him only to be reminded of the pain I inflicted on his body. The bruises were huge and probably wouldn’t heal for weeks. Even while thinking that, I didn’t care.

“I’m still horny.” he sighed under his breath.

Here I thought I should be feeling bad for taking it too far. Knowing Raven, he wanted it to go further. I can’t understand what he likes about doing whatever he wants, but he enjoys himself so much. I can’t believe I brought him here.

He drugged me for the fun of it and I just feel...awful. My head hurts, my heart was pounding in my chest and I was sweating from whatever anxiety side effect I was going through.

I took a shower. I don’t know how long I was in my bathroom but time was an illusion. It seemed like I was constructing some conspiracy about how time boxes people in-...The point is that I couldn’t think straight. I constantly forgot where I was, and I could focus. I was definitely going to have a hard time at work.

When I had five minutes to hone in that I had to be somewhere, I got dressed for work, remembered where I left my things and put it all together so I could go.

“Don’t be here when I get back.” I told Raven, who was still laying in my bed, staring at the mirror. He should’ve passed out a while ago but he was up.

Then I thought maybe he wasn’t really as drunk or as high as I thought he was.

“Were you intoxicated?” I asked.

I hoped to God that the answer was yes. Because if it was, then he wasn’t aware that he was drugging me, or he wasn’t aware that he took advantage of me. If he was intoxicated, then I won’t be as mad as I want to be because his craziness was enhanced by the drugs.

“I have a high tolerance.” he looked at me and slowly began to smile.

Deep in my mind, I knew that Raven was the epitome of evil.

“Don’t be here when I get back.” I repeated myself before leaving.

I just needed some time to get away and wait for the effect of the drug to fade.

With just one blink, I was gone again only to find myself sitting at my desk. I blacked out but still made it here like I do everyday. I shook off the high feeling and looked around quickly.

“Morgan?...” Harley was hesitant. “Are you okay?” she asked as she put a box down on my desk. “Your eyes are red.” she stared even closer at me.

I just stared at her and I couldn’t control the probably stupid look on my face. She asked me something and I immediately forgot what it was. So I stared at her.

“Are you high?” she hissed at me.

Why did I come to work today?

“Oh my God, you’re-”

“Harley, don’t.” I could finally focus and tell her to stop. I know where I am and that I shouldn’t be under any influence. If she says it any louder, I might have to take a drug test. “What’s in the box?” I asked to change the subject.

“The files we got a warrant for.”


I looked at the white box, trying to think of what I needed them for. I could hear voices all around me and I was distracted by the bright lights and the sunlight. There was just so much.

“You need to sober up.” Harley said.

“I need to know what I took so I can sober up.” I said.

I moved the lid off the box so I could look at all the files inside. These files were from the students that graduated a few years ago. There were five files that I was looking for. Harley put a piece of paper down, a list of the names I was looking for but I didn’t look at it yet.

“Was it easy to get this?” I asked.


That’s what I figured. I counted through the files of the one hundred students I should be looking for. To make this quick, I just counted the files to find five of them missing. The fact that Harley said it was easy meant that we were about to get played.

“Is Harrison here?” I asked quickly.

“Just about to leave-”

I got up quickly to go find him. The only place he would be is the chief’s office.

He was the taller man in the office; he had the clean shave and the look of power on his face. I don’t get scared to see him but he tends to keep everyone in line. Speaking on the phone is different than speaking to him in person. He towers over me. He stares down at me with his dark eyes and tries to make sure I don’t go out of line, that the others don’t go out of line.

What would happen if he knew about all the officers that really don’t care, that don’t follow the laws, that put this department at risk.

If I wasn’t still on the effect on that drug I swallowed last night, I would not be having a problem trying to face him. I know what I want, I just have to say it.

I walked into the office knowing I would be yelled at for overstepping my bounds.

“Just the guy I was yelling for.” Harrison turned to me.

“We’re missing files. Five of them. The students who were in the lawsuit.” I said to him, trying to speak through the fog because it was really hitting me right now.

“I’m not going to know where they are-”

“I need to subpoena them.” I said.

“The files are evidence against someone now?” he asked, a little shocked that I had the nerve to demand a subpoena. “Against who? We don’t have a suspect yet. We aren’t charging anyone yet.”

“I’m completely sure of-”

“Find me someone you can put charges on and I’ll give you anything you want, Morgan. You know how this works.” he sighed.

Harrison was completely right and I know that I need a suspect but I don’t think we’re going to get them any time soon.

I really need to lay down.

I walked out of the office and sat at my desk without saying a word. Harley was still going through the files to see if there was anything we could use but it won’t be that easy. We won’t be that lucky.

Today, I went through all the motions. I couldn’t remember anything. It was hard to stay focus. What I did know was the plan to go about bringing the murderer out from hiding. We’ve taken a few of the bank robbers and we believe they are working with him and know about him, so we’re charging them with the crimes of the murder.

I believe that the murderer is vain. Why be so artistic when killing people? He’s telling us that he’s amazing at what he does. So if we give the credit to someone else, he’ll come out, go on a spree, and will make a mistake. I’m almost positive that he will mess up while he throws his tantrum.

And this is how I’ll get my subpoena.

We’ll just change those men’s crimes to accessory to the murders when we get what we want.

For now, things are going smoothly.

I continued to go through the motions till I got back to my apartment. It was incredibly quiet, but in a way that made me worried. My hairs were standing on ends, and that only happens when Raven is around. I didn’t expect him to be here, and that’s what makes me a little crazy because of course he would be here. Why wouldn’t he be here?

I walked inside my apartment and took off my jacket.

I thought Raven would have left, but I had also assumed he would go through all my stuff and mess up the place.

Nothing was out of order.

Its just that he was sitting on the floor with his legs tied, and he was wearing a stupid get up that I terribly wanted him to take off. He tied his legs himself, but his hands were free so of course. He had on black lingerie, the ones that look really expensive. He had a black skirt on as well. I don’t know where he gets this stuff, why he enjoys this stuff, or what the point is, but I didn’t speak as I stood in front of him.

Am I still on the drug or did that fade away yet? I can’t believe that he’s doing this here. I put too much faith in him, assuming that he would leave my apartment. What was I thinking?

“So I guess cross dressing isn’t your thing.” he already made that call just by looking at my face. How does he even tell? “But you have to admit that I do look amazing in this.” he smiled up at me. I still l wasn’t going to say anything.

I couldn’t focus on what he was wearing, although it really was provocative.

I could hear the sound of vibration. How many did he have on him? Three, four, five? He doesn’t have a limit so why should I ask? There was already a wet stain on his black skirt, but he sat there without showing a care in the world. That’s what scares me the most. He doesn’t show a lot because this isn’t the worst he could do.

“What are you doing?” I asked him finally.

“I’m still curious to see if you have anymore interests.” he smiled widely.

He will never let that go and it’s to the point that it bothers me. Every time he mentions that he wants to learn more about me, I get incredibly discouraged. He’s crazy and he needs to stop.

“I don’t have any.” I said bitterly.

“I can prove that’s not true.” he really would and I began to panic. He shouldn’t be torturing me in a place where I’m supposed to find peace. This wasn’t fair. When he opened his mouth, I practically lost it.

“Stop!” I said quickly, and I was so relieved that he just laughed instead of show his monster side.

“How about watersports?” he asked and lifted up his skirt, showing me that his cock was twitching, with two small vibrators taped on him. There had to be more than that but he wasn’t going to show me yet. If he thinks I’m going to get turned on by him pissing all over my floor then he’s out of his mind!

“Don’t you dare.” I said through my teeth.

“What are you going to do about it, daddy?” he asked me smoothly. I couldn’t respond to that. After my prolonged silence, he sighed. “I guess that doesn’t work either.” he was hoping for it, but it didn’t work. I really wasn’t interested. “I don’t think you’d fit the daddy image anyway, you’re spineless and small.” he said plainly.

“Excuse me?”

“You’re like...just average.” he said, making it worse. I didn’t know how to approach that. Its good that he’s saying that I’m average because I’m not crazy, but he’s saying it as an insult. “Don’t take it personally, detective. I already know that’s not your thing.” he shrugged. “But about that other one though, I know you’d be into something as kinky as that.” he smiled.

“That’s not kinky. You’ll just make a mess.” I complained.

“Then how about you stop me?” he asked. “Or maybe I can indulge in a little fun of my own.” he held up the spider gag in his hand. “What’s it gonna be, detective?” he was baiting me.

I can’t believe I’m doing this.

I snatched the gag out of his hand and moved to put it on him. I didn’t like the way he was laughing because it meant that he was winning this. It wasn’t funny. I found this to be a pain. I tell him I’m not interested but he never believes me.

He was already sliding his hands in my pants, incredibly eager to be doing this again. I wasn’t that happy. He would be smiling, since he’s always smiling like this. Being gagged doesn’t stop him from doing anything. He just likes it. I stayed put as he stroked me; I noticed his mouth watering more, saliva dripping from his tongue as he moved closer to me. He looked up at me for just a second before my cock began to fill his mouth.

I can’t believe this is happening again. I thought last night was enough but I guess it wasn’t. More flashes of last night came to my memory, making it hard to focus in what was going on right now.

My hands stayed on his head but I didn’t move him. I refused to move him. He can take care of that on his own. He doesn’t need me to do anything for him. Yet, my hips were already starting to move in his mouth and I was just a bit distracted by how hot and wet his mouth was.

His hands were no longer holding on to me. I can bet what he’s doing with his hands right now, and I know I’d be right.

I could hear his soft moans that were only getting louder as he touched himself. He was getting distracted but I was already just somewhere else with my thoughts. My fingers gripped his hair and I forced him forward more, not even realizing that I was making him do this. The one thing that got to me was that he wouldn’t care. It doesn’t matter what I do, and he wouldn’t care. I couldn’t stop myself from forcing myself deeper in his mouth.

It just felt that good.

I spent less time worrying about how I could do this to him and more time thinking how long could I keep him on me without choking him.

I was forcing him further until all of my cock was in his mouth, reaching his throat. Being surrounded with so much heat was amazing, that’s why I was so distracted. I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to be inside his mouth like this.

He jolted slightly and I pushed him away enough so he could breathe. He was still fingering himself hard as he looked up at me, just begging for me to do it again. My hands were shaking slightly in his hair and I bet he could tell. He kept his eyes on me and waited for me to force my cock down his throat again.

He likes everything, I know that. He wouldn’t mind if I took advantage of him. I swear I wasn’t going to get caught up in doing that, so now I was careful with how I moved. He was eager but I was cautious. My fingers loosened in his hair but I pulled him forward again to push my cock in his mouth. His piercing was rubbing on my skin as I moved his head. I could feel him moaning as I reached the back of his throat. His tongue would push up against me, and I could be able to feel how wet his mouth was.

I kept his head in place and moved my hips, thrusting in his mouth more.

He was fingering himself so hard that it sounded like it hurt. He was pushing himself like he always does, making everything so unbearable until he has no more strength to take it.

His moans were muffled by my cock in his throat.

I continued to move in his mouth but I don’t think I would be able to last much longer. The more I thrusted in his mouth, the closer I got to cumming. I don’t know what he was going to do after that, but I know him, so it might be something flashy. He was barely breathing now, but I didn’t stop. I couldn’t, not when I felt this good.

When I was about to cum, I pulled out of his mouth to get it on his face. My cum got around his face, on his cheeks, his nose, his lips, and on his tongue. More saliva dripped from his mouth, more than before. He continued to finger himself rigorously, moaning loudly and shaking on the floor in front of me. Both hands were between his open legs, and I was guessing that he was playing with the vibrators inside him as well.

I moved my hand, my fingers drawing down the skin of his neck. Slowly, my fingers wrapped around his throat. He looked up at me but now I saw that the fun was really about to begin. He kept moaning until that moment when my hand was grabbing him too hard. His voice had stopped and he began struggling to breathe.

Its just that at this moment, he would be smiling.

He closed his eyes and his body tensed up more before that moment he climaxed.

I told him not to piss on my floor but he was doing it anyway. My hand was holding him up since he was about to fall back. His body was shaking tremendously as he released everything he was holding. He was sitting in his own mess. I wasn’t mad though, I was more shocked than anything. I watched him and I couldn’t say anything. I was numb. He was pissing on my floor but I had nothing to say about it.

I let go of his neck as he continued to orgasm. That’s when he started moaning again. He gasped for air, his breathing shaky and staggered as he leaned back; he moved his hands on to the floor to hold himself up as he gave in to the pleasure.

He looked up at me finally, still breathing hard, and his eyes never left my face. He was still drooling as well, and he made another big mess. I was speechless.

I heard his quiet laugh as he watched me.

If he wasn’t gagged, he would tell me that he found another one of my kinks.

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