Super Psycho

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☣Chapter Six☣

TW: Face-fucking, food play, necrophilia (talked about briefly)

When I got to my apartment, I found that Raven was here. Again. I took off my jacket and set it on the high chair as I glanced over to what he was looking at on TV.

It was finally announced to the public that the murderer has many accomplices. Whether that’s true or not, we’re going to find out. They had lawyers with them, answering the reporters questions and doing their best to protect them since that was their job. I know for a fact that they didn’t commit the murders but that’s not how the public will see it. At least now, we can get a trial started and I can request all the information I need.

“They didn’t do it.” Raven said easily as he stared at the TV. “You can tell by their eyes. They don’t have the stomach for what’s going on.” He said.

Well, if he could figure that out, can other people do the same?

“They’d probably pass out at the sight of the murders.” Raven shook his head slowly. “They’re definitely innocent.” He seemed sure of himself.

I’ve never seen him focused on one thing that wasn’t sexual. He was staring hard at the TV and thinking to himself about other things he didn’t have to worry about. He could tell so quickly that those three on TV weren’t the ones that committed the murders.

I wanted to know what he thought about it. Considering how fixated he was on the topic, I wanted to know if he understood that those three were just bait instead of the real murderers.

“We’re trying to get the actual murderer out by accusing someone that’s not him.” I said.

“Does that work?”

“I think whoever is killing people is rather vain.” I said as I moved into the kitchen.

The murderer is selfish. They only care about themselves. By the way they kill, I know they want us to not take him lightly. He wants vengeance as well. Obviously, murderers share these traits, the anger or temper, the need to get what they want, the manipulative skills to go after what they want. It doesn’t matter the situation, they’ll play it to their skills until finally they meet their match. I want to know how vain this murderer is, how high strung he is, how easily pissed off he is. Does he have a temper? Is he level headed? He obviously thinks things through because we haven’t found any other DNA besides the victim’s.

By the patterns of the murders, he does have a mood. The more gruesome murders are the people that he hates. With Linda Bullock, that was seen. There are other murders that he’s doing for fun, the theatrical murders, the murders that say he hasn’t been caught yet so he’s going to have fun till he does.

“Why haven’t you caught this murderer yet, detective?” Raven asked curiously.

I stopped moving.

There’s a lot that has to go into that answer but I guess I’m not as good as I thought I was. It would be better to hand this case to the national government instead and let the FBI handle it.

I’m tired of only getting to dead ends.

“What would you do?” I asked.

“I don’t think like a murderer.” Raven said.

He is crazy though, I can say that. Just not out loud. I kept to myself as I heard him laugh. He knows he’s crazy. It’s like he doesn’t care either.

“If I was looking for a murderer that killed certain types of people, I would find someone to use as bait.” He said.

That’s a terrible idea.

“I would set them up and make them all flashy to get the murderer’s attention and right when he’s about to go for the kill, I’d finally catch him.” He made it sound so easy.

I wanted to tell him reasons why that doesn’t work. We can’t put a person’s life at risk like that. There are chances that something could happen, that someone could lose their life. And even if we did go ahead with a person as bait, how would we even communicate this to a murderer who’s been hiding out? We’d have to have a SWAT team around with how serious the idea is.

Instead of telling him it’s a bad idea, I thought of every possible scenario, each and every one of them ending in someone’s death.

“Would you be the bait?” I asked.

He turned around quickly on the couch, getting excited at the question. I wasn’t serious, I was just messing around with him. Raven looked so excited though and I can’t imagine why.

“Hypothetically, let’s say I get killed.” He started as he folded his hands. I knew this was not a good idea to get him thinking of the possibility. “You think he’ll fuck my body?” He asked with a smile on his face.

Never mind. Raven being anywhere near the murderer is a terrible idea even if it’s hypothetical. I should spray him with water every time he says something outrageous. Maybe he’ll stop.

“What is wrong with you?” I ask this question too much around him.

“I mean, I won’t know about it because I’ll be dead but it’s the fantasy that counts.” He wasn’t joking. I know he wasn’t joking.

It’s like...nothing would ever turn him off. I can’t seem to understand how he ended up this way. I’ve met open people before but Raven is just laid out.

“So you’re telling me that you’d be okay with having your corps defiled?” I asked.

“It sounds crazy, I know-”

“You are crazy.” I said.

“If you want me to be the bait, those are my terms.” He turned around and looked at the TV again to get more news.

“So you want to get killed?” I asked loudly, shocked by his statement. We’re not even going to use his idea but he’s assuming that we will and he’ll die.

“Yeah but like, in a sexy way, you know.”

I don’t know!

I give up. Raven really is a lost cause. I wasn’t going to drink today, but Raven stresses me out and I found myself going through my cabinet to get a bottle of vodka I had stashed away. I’ve never drank from stress before so this should be fun.

“If you wanted to use the bait idea, I know who you should use.” He jumped up and rushed over to the counter. He sounded like he had a revelation. “There was this jackass who was older than me and I hated him with everything I had.” He put his phone down and unlocked it. “No one would miss him since not a lot of people liked him.”

“Who is he?”

“His name is Davis Bitmore. He used to make fun of me because I went to public school.” He took a breath and closed his eyes. “What people don’t know is that public school builds character. He was a jackass by the way if I didn’t tell you before.”

He showed me a picture and pointed to a man in the background. He had short spiky hair and a lean build. His face was scruffy and he had the look like he was up to something no good all the time.

Who I didn’t recognize at first was Raven in the picture. Both his eyes were brown in the picture because it was before his accident. His hair was black and wavy, parted to the side which isn’t something he does not. He’s long since then cut his hair. He even looked normal and happy with his friend that he was with.

I’ve seen Raven on his wild side, but it wasn’t till now that I’ve realized how dull his eyes were. I always thought I would see a spark but that’s just a glimpse of what I should be seeing.

His dreams were completely crushed and he hasn’t been the same since.

He talked and talked as I stared at the picture of him.

By this picture, I had an idea of which identity of his was the real one. I’ve seen his driver’s license pictures and there was one where he looked like this. At the moment, he didn’t seem to care. He just went on about how much he hated Davis.

“If we were going to use the bait plan, hypothetically speaking, where would I find him?” I asked.

“He’s in jail. That fucker viciously raped a girl and thought she wasn’t going to come forward about it. She stole his dignity and his money.” Raven laughed half heartedly. “He only made two mistakes. One was not getting consent. But since he didn’t care, his second mistake was letting her live.”

I would’ve said something but he really didn’t like this guy at all.

“I don’t know about you but I’d-” he stopped himself before he could finish what he wanted to say. I had no idea what he was thinking.

What would he do?

“He’s lucky that prison is a barrier between me and him.” He said to himself as he looked at the picture on his phone.

I got chills going up my spine. He did sound vengeful, like he wanted to take this guy out. And as much as I know I shouldn’t be alarmed, I was. I truly was. My hairs were standing on ends as I looked at his face. He was hiding it but he was upset. There was something that changed about him within seconds.

He laughed to himself as he thought about whatever it is that made him laugh. It was a dark laugh, like he had something in mind but he wouldn’t tell me. With the way he stopped himself short, he wouldn’t tell me.

“Anyway,” his mood changed quickly again and he was smiling, covering up his alarming anger. “If you ever want to lure that psycho out, find this guy. No one would resist killing him.” He moved away from me and went to the fridge.

I didn’t say anything as he pulled out syrup that I never bought.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“You broke out the alcohol. Aren’t we doing something?” He asked.

He’s joking right? Just because I have alcohol out doesn’t mean I’m going to let him violate me. Clearly he’s out of his mind. I say this every time when he says something. I should really get a spray bottle with water.

“Oh come on, Morgan. Break loose and have fun.” He was adamant about having the syrup.

“I’m drinking because you’re crazy.” I opened up the bottle and poured myself some in a glass cup. “You’re crazy and you never leave.”

Should I toast to that? I wasn’t going to use my fancy wine on my bitterness so he’s going to have to settle.

“If you want me to leave, just say so.” He leaned against the counter and looked me in the eyes. “I’ll be happy to go if you want me to.” He said.

I wasn’t going to kick him out. I know the second that I leave my place he’ll come right back. At this point I don’t care.

So instead of saying anything, I just pressed my cup to my lips and waited for him to move on with the subject.

“Okay, I promise I won’t go wild tonight.” He was trying to be sincere. “No mess, no obnoxious comments, just some fun.” He shook the bottle of chocolate syrup. “I won’t take your alcohol away from you.”

“I’m not an alcoholic.”

“That’s okay.” He didn’t believe me.

As he opened up the syrup bottle, I put my glass cup down. He put a little on his first finger and gestured for me to open my mouth. When I didn’t, he just poked his syrup covered fingers to my lips so he could get me to open up.

Usually when he wants to bring me into his world, he just drags me down without any warning. He doesn’t ease me in, so I was a bit skeptical about him taking it slow and not going out of control the second he has a chance.

It took me a second but I did open my mouth so he could press his finger on my tongue. My lips wrapped around his finger and I moved my tongue slowly to lick off the chocolate syrup. I kept my eyes on him, hoping to not see that glint in his eyes which is the signal that he might take it to the next level. He seemed to like that I was cooperating without fighting him. After everything I’ve seen and done, what’s the point of fighting him?

“It’s so nice to see you finally warming up to me.” He was getting a little too close to me. His other hand touched my face gently as he stood in front of me, looking me in the eyes. He was smiling at me and for once it wasn’t that devious smile he always has. “You’re actually kind of cute when you’re not denying yourself-”

I bit his finger.

He sharply pulled his finger out of my mouth and wrenched away from the pain. “Ah, dammit, Morgan!” he hissed from the pain as he looked at his finger to see the bite marks.

I didn’t think I hurt him that badly.

“You’re lucky the pain turns me on.”

“You are a problem.” I said as I finished the bit of vodka in my glass cup only to grab the bottle and pour out some more. He smiled at my comment as he took my other hand, getting syrup on my fingers.

I already know what the inside of his mouth felt like so I didn’t wonder anything. I was hoping that he didn’t have a food play kink just because things are going to get sticky if he doesn’t stop it. Knowing Raven though, he wouldn’t stop here. Nothing happens here. He will go further and he will bring me with him.

I kept my fingers in his mouth as his tongue moved between them. He was doing more than just getting the syrup off my fingers. My body was getting hot because there was only one other place he would be this eager to suck. I didn’t look away from him though. He doesn’t frighten me as much as he did before.

I pressed my fingers down on his tongue. I could feel his mouth watering and I knew what he was thinking about; he was imagining my cock in his mouth instead. He tells me that’s what he does all the time. I stared at his face and he stared right back at me. He was calm enough to not go overboard so I was fine. My thumb rubbed his cheek and he opened his mouth to let his tongue out, licking more of my fingers.

By then I thought it was okay to let my fingers move deeper in his mouth.

The chocolate syrup was no longer on my skin but he didn’t care. His piercing rubbed on my first finger and then my second. As I slowly moved further to the back of his mouth, his tongue pressed up more on me. My fingers were soaked from his saliva but I didn’t pull them out yet.

I put my glass cup down on the counter and let my fingers feel around his mouth. He didn’t seem to like that I was taking my time but he didn’t stop me. His lip twitched when my finger brushed up against his soft palate. He was quick to close his lips and jolt away but I didn’t pull my fingers out of his mouth. He was sensitive at the roof of his mouth. So the more I rubbed there, the more I felt him trying to control himself and not move. He was trying hard, but his tongue kept pressing on my hand and his lips would close around my fingers.

What if I added a third one?

That was only a thought. I didn’t go for it.

He opened his mouth again but that was right before I reached the back of his throat, forcing my fingers too far by accident. The second I heard him gag, my other hand wrapped around his throat, my fingers pressing into his skin. His lips closed around my two fingers that were in his mouth. His eyes were daring me, waiting to see if I would crack or not.

“Don’t.” I warned him.

He swallowed.

When I pulled my fingers out of his mouth, I saw the smile on his lips. We’re about to cross the line and he’s been waiting to do it.

I should probably get myself drunk before he does anything else.

“I’m more of a whipped cream kind of person to be honest.” he said as the he took the syrup bottle again. “There’s less of a mess and I can do things with it.”

Things like what?

I didn’t start to imagine or have an idea of what things he was talking about. The worst part of this was that one day I’ll learn what those things are. Until then, I was stuck with the syrup and the things he could do with that.

I held the bottle of vodka instead of pouring some in my glass. I might as well just drink it straight from the bottle instead.

It hurt going down but the warmth that settled in my stomach was the only thing getting me through this. Raven was being nice and took this one step at a time for me, but we’ll get to that point where it will get out of control and I don’t want to remember any of that.

“Food play is not your thing.” he said as he touched his finger to my lip, getting chocolate syrup to spill in my mouth. “You seem...bored.”

I wasn’t. It’s easier to take control of the situation when he’s not dragging me down and surprising me every ten seconds.

“I’m getting used to this.”

“And what is this, detective?” he asked, getting closer to me, close enough to kiss me. “What do you think this is?” his tongue licked my lip to get the syrup.

I wasn’t going to get into the debate of how crazy he really was. When he kissed me, I stayed quiet. All I could taste was alcohol and chocolate syrup. Even as he kissed me, that’s all I tasted on his tongue.

His hand gripped at the front of my pants, his fingers feeling my erection that was about to show through. I didn’t jolt from feeling him grab me.

“Guess where I’m going to put syrup next.” he whispered.

I just rolled my eyes and went for another drink from my bottle of vodka.

“This is why you never have a good time. You have to go with it, Morgan. Get into it.” he urged me.

I know exactly where we’re going next with this. He told me to guess where he’s going to put syrup on me and it really isn’t hard to guess.

I gestured for him to take the bottle and he did. I already know he isn’t much of a drinker but he tried it anyway. His face scrunched up and he winced at the taste.

“This stuff can actually kill people.” he groaned. “Oh my God.” he shook off the feeling.

I hope he’s not one of those that thinks people drink alcohol for the taste. At least I know there’s one thing that he doesn’t like. Sure he could spin it and say that the taste of alcohol isn’t what gets him off, it’s the feeling of it going down, the warmth that resonates through his body as he swallows it down.

Already I know how he thinks.

“I’m just going to give this back to you and take what’s mine.” he put the bottle back in my hand and went for my belt, undoing it and slipping his hand in my pants.

I looked up and drank more of the vodka, the warmth filling my throat and making it down to my stomach. Raven got down on his knees in front of me, pouring syrup all over my skin before I felt his mouth on me, licking the tip of my cock. Getting drunk really wasn’t going to be a distraction.

My other hand went right for his hair. My fingers intertwined with his blond curls, lightly pulling as he licked all of the chocolate syrup up. It was just a little cold so when I felt the warmth of his tongue, I shifted slightly but let him keep going.

He loved licking the syrup off. He kept putting more just because he didn’t want to stop. I know he enjoys everything, but this was something different. He likes this too much. He looked hungry, and he always tells me he’d lick my cock any chance he gets. This is one of those chances. This isn’t like before, the way he just so casually gives me head, this was pure enthusiasm and enjoyment.

I didn’t want to stop him.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I was mildly intoxicated but I was handling myself better than I thought I was going to. I put the bottle of vodka down on the counter and let my other hand move in his hair.

It wasn’t till a second later that I realized that I was forcing him deeper, that I was forcing my cock deeper in his mouth. He just opened right up for that, no complaining, no fidgeting, no fighting. He took it all in one breath and was okay. So I moved his head the way I wanted so I could feel the inside of his mouth, as if I don’t know what that feels like already. I could hear the sounds coming from his mouth, the wetness, how it felt like I was fucking his throat when in reality, I really was.

It was a good feeling. To add to that, I was still mildly drunk and that just made it better.

His piercing on his tongue was rubbing up on my skin as I moved into his mouth. My hands in his hair gripped much tighter and I kept him in place to feel the back of his throat at the tip of my cock.

I heard how he struggled to breathe but I didn’t let him go. I could feel his mouth moving, his muffled coughs around my cock, his broken and shallow breaths through his nose. I didn’t let him go. The only thing I felt was the weakness in my knees at the idea of fucking his mouth much harder.

I never thought I wanted him to choke, but I was doing it. And it wasn’t with my hands.

His hands gripped my thighs and he shifted up on his knees. I let go of his hair and he pulls back slowly, his lips pressing on my skin, and I feel him breathe on me.

When I looked down at him, I saw that his eyes were closed. He was taking a second to himself. He opened his mouth and moved his tongue out under my length, dripping with saliva. My cock glistened from the wetness of his mouth. His eyes opened and he looked up at me, with that same dark fire in his eyes. It was that same look that gives me chills.

This monster just got his leash taken off.

He wasn’t distracted by trying to catch his breath. He went back to doing what he thought he did best. His mouth was engulfing my cock again; his hands got my pants down lower.

This can only mean that he’s going to take control and do whatever the hell he wants.

I heard him laughing, a muffled sound that came from his full mouth. His tongue continued to lick around my skin. My fingers moved in his hair but I didn’t force him down. He sucked me off easily and it seemed like he didn’t have to put in that much effort, not yet. He was going to make sure this draws out.

I was just horny and wanted to get this over with, so I couldn’t wait. I pulled him forward and moved my hips into his mouth till I could feel the back of his throat. His fingers were pressing into my thigh but he didn’t do anything else. His mouth was open, pooling and dripping with more saliva, and I could feel his tongue just barely making it out to lick my balls. He’s serious about this today. He’s not going to back down.

Even if I use his face as my own personal toy.

I just didn’t want to stop.

My hands moved to grip his face, to hold him up and to feel his cheeks press in as I fucked his mouth. I chewed on my lip as I kept him moving and listened to the sound of my cock gliding in his mouth.

I wasn’t going to hold out for long. I wanted to cum all over his face, to just see him covered in only my cum.

I pushed him back to let him breath because I knew he needed to. He gasped for air through his open mouth as he stared at my throbbing cock in front of him. It was wet with his saliva, a few strings from the tip of my cock to his lips. He didn’t wipe his mouth of the mess. I didn’t want him to.

He just looked better when he was struggling to breathe.

He glanced up at me again and he began to smile. He was having fun but it’s not like I expected any less. There was a curve to the ends of his lips leading to his devious smile.

He got up from the floor, his hand moving to stroke my cock as he leaned in to kiss me. I said absolutely nothing.

I felt his tongue in my mouth and immediately tasted the bitter sweetness from my skin and the chocolate syrup. Did he want me to know what I taste like? His tongue rubbed on mine before I felt his lips close around my tongue, sucking slowly. All I could taste was his mouth.

All I could taste was the bitterness of my cock on his lips, the way it made his mouth water, how I forced myself down his throat, how I made him lick my skin. All I could taste was the sweetness of the syrup that he so eagerly licked off my skin with enthusiasm. It was a mix and I couldn’t stop tasting it. His mouth stayed over mine, his tongue exploring my mouth to let me taste what he was tasting.

When he pulled away, it was only just an inch. I could still feel him breathing on me lightly.

“Taste good, don’t it?” he whispered and licked my lips.

It did taste good.

He wasn’t done yet. He still had the rest of the syrup bottle to go.

In the morning I woke up in my own bed. I didn’t need to take a minute to remember everything that happened last night. All my memories were there like it never left. Apparently I wasn’t drunk enough.

I took a breath and looked up to the ceiling.

I have no idea what I’m doing. Nothing seems right anymore and it wasn’t till now that I realized that I’m slowly trying to give up. I just don’t want to do any of this anymore. I don’t want to deal with any of this.

I sighed and got up so I could go take a shower. I was sticky everywhere and that was no thanks to Raven and his whole food play idea. I know he’s not going to let that one go, he was having way too much fun last night. What I noticed was that he wasn’t in my bed this morning. Did he already decide to leave? I took my shower first before I decided to worry about that.

It wasn’t till after I got dressed and left my room that I saw Raven sitting on the high chair, looking at his phone, and had a glass in his hand. The bottle of vodka wasn’t empty but that was on the other side of the counter. He took out a bottle of wine instead and it was one of the good ones. He said he didn’t like strong alcohol. He’s not the type to want to forget things. I walked by, picking up my clothes that were covered in chocolate syrup and went to bring that back to my room so I could toss in my closet.

I did have to say that I was a little worried that Raven was drinking at eight in the morning. He didn’t seem too happy either.

He was looking at old pictures.

He’s only talked about it once with me, but he really thought he was going to finish school and do something with his life. Then his accident happened and he didn’t have the chance. He got expelled from school and that was it.

I didn’t want to think this but that’s a clear motive.

But Raven doesn’t seem to have a temper.

“You’re drinking this early in the morning?” I asked as he put the empty glass down. “And it’s a good bottle. You could’ve taken one of the less expensive ones.” I took the bottle back and put the cork in it. He got through half the bottle.

“I’m not a wine person.” He said quietly.

“Then don’t go drinking other people’s wine. This was the bottle I was supposed to have on my wedding day.” I said as I put the bottle back in the spot I had kept it for years.

“You were...” he didn’t know what he wanted to ask, then he laughed loudly. “You were getting married!” he couldn’t stop laughing. “You’re fucking lying.”


“I told you my life’s tragedies, tell me yours.” he got louder because of his excitement.

At least he’s not sad anymore. For some reason, I was actually worried that he was going to spiral into some depressive mood. Here I was concerned. Here I wanted to tell him that having broken dreams doesn’t mean the world stops. He’s been fine for years apparently. He’s gotten through it. But seeing him sitting on the chair, going through old pictures like his world ended, that got to me. And he was drinking wine in the morning. That’s a problem.

I shouldn’t have told him my secrets though. He doesn’t seem like the person to let things go. I don’t talk to anyone about my life and all the things that happened. I’ve gotten over everything that I forgot that it even happened.

“I have to go to work.” I said as I put out the new bottle on the counter for him to drink. “Don’t drink all of this.” I warned him.

“But your engagement.” he pouted.

“I’ll tell you about it some other time.” I actually wasn’t going to. I had no reason to. Now he wasn’t so sad and he might even get on with his life for now.

I had other things to worry about which included work.

I thought long and hard about what Raven’s plan was last, about using his old classmate as bait. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work so I continued to play each scenario in my head, and it only ended in death of the bait. However, in a few of them, we do find mistakes at the crime scene and those are the scenarios I wanted to go with.

I never thought I’d do this but I need to take part in a few backroom dealings to make this happen.

I walked into the station quietly, immediately looking for someone I could talk to. My plan wasn’t to find Harley first or the chief. I had an idea but I didn’t want it broadcasted to the public. No one is supposed to know about what’s going to happen. Though, if I want to make this work, I have one guy that has a lot of connections to people.

“Hey Michael, can we talk?” I asked quietly as I pulled him off to the side.

“What’s going on, Caverly? You never want to talk to me privately.” He snickered and rubbed his stubbled face.

“I need a huge favor.” I said and presented him with a manila folder. “I need you to find this man.” I pointed to the picture on the report.

He read through it and his expression changed; he recognized the person. What I expected next was typical of people that worked here. He closed the folder and looked at me plainly.

“What’s in it for me?” He asked.

“I’ve never asked you for a favor before. And considering how you ruined my life and aired my dirty laundry to our co-workers, I’d say you owed me this much.” I said as leverage.

“Morgan, this would be me risking my job. The guy has thirty years to serve in prison.” He said because he wanted the man to stay in prison. “If I were to use my connections to get him out and someone sees that I did this, I could lose my job.” He was actually a little worried. Is this where he draws the line?

I still wanted this favor. A plan like this won’t last for months. I only have a few days before things can get out of control. So Michael better suck it up and do this for me.

“Well that’s why you need to keep it secret. I don’t want anyone to know, even news outlets.” I said.

“What are you planning with him?” He asked, curiously.

“I’ll tell you if you’re in.”

He’s always been a curious person. The only way to get what I want is to give what I have. He also wants to be part of everything, too, and that’s not a bad thing when it doesn’t include bad things. This is actually a bad thing. But his curiosity will always be his weakness and he’ll want to know regardless of what happens.

“I need him to find our murderer. Davis went to the school and aggravated some people so I’m hoping our killer takes the bait.” I said to him.

“Hm.” Michael looked in the file again. “I will try my best to get him out, but I can’t make any promises.” He said and turned away, leaving with the papers.

If phase one gets done quickly then we can move on. I took a breath and went to find Harley next. I didn’t want to tell her what was going on but I actually do need her help. She was waiting patiently for me to get here and she saw me walk off with Michael to talk about our secret.

Now she was staring at me, waiting for me to tell her what was going on because we don’t keep secrets from each other.

“Were you back room dealing with Michael?” She asked since that would be the only way to get what I want.

“Yes.” I answered without lying. “Do you still know that guy that can get you burner phones?” I asked.

“Are you going under cover?”

“I’m going somewhere.” I said, not to give too much away.

“How many phones do you need? I’m coming, too, right?”

“I don’t want you to get involved-”

“Oh.” She crossed her arms. “This is bad then,” she looked away, thinking to herself.

“I’m taking an extreme measure right now.”

“I’ll get you your phones.” She shrugged. “If you’re doing something illegal, I don’t want to know so I don’t have to testify.” She already assumed it was going to be a problem. “Give me fifteen minutes to find where he is.” She got up to leave and make the call.

I know this is a bad idea but for some reason I had a bit of hope. It’s like, whatever the outcome might be, I’ll find out things that I need. It was weird to describe. It was a rookie idea from someone who knows nothing about this kind of work. But I just felt the need to give it a try anyway.

To pass the time, I worked on other easier cases that didn’t require that much brain power. At five in the evening, Michael told me he found the guy I was looking for and we could see him to make our deal if I wanted to.

This was going to be quick.

Davis Bitmore is an inmate at a state prison for the aggravated sexual assault of a woman three years ago. He bribed her with a lot of money for her to keep her mouth shut and she didn’t. Not only did she keep the money, she got him put in jail for what he did to her. He’s definitely not getting parole for good behavior; he has aggressive tendencies and started fights with the other inmates. He’s been threatened many times that he would be moved to another facility if he doesn’t calm down but it seems like he’s trying to get out of here.

“What’d y’all want with me?” he asked us as he tried to move his hands but couldn’t since they were cuffed to the table.

He had bruises on his face and around his neck. There were old cuts on his face as well from previous fights. He hasn’t slowed down since he’s been in here. He was unkept, his blond hair messy and his beard patchy. He looked tired with the dark circles under his eyes.

“We want to make a deal.” I said as I put a folder down on the table.

“No way, I’m not doing shit with y’all considering how your boys put me in here.” he already wanted the deal off the table.

I hate dealing with entitled people. He’s in here on his own because of what he did and now he’s paying the price. I already have one brat to deal with, I don’t need another.

“We know you want to get out of here, and put to another state prison because at least you’ll be away from here.” I took a seat. “It’s not going to happen if one of us says no. They’ll just isolate you and keep you in a confined room for the rest of your life.”

“We also have no problem increasing your sentence either.” Michael said behind me. “I’m pretty sure possession of drugs gives you four extra years.” It wasn’t a light threat. We would do it if we need to.

He stared down at his hands as he fought the urge to tell us off. He had to think about it. We’re offering a criminal his freedom, I’m sure he wants that. His accounts aren’t frozen so he can just get himself out of here without even breaking a sweat. Though, that’s not how this is going to work.

“We’ll get you out, but you have to do one thing in exchange for your freedom.” I opened the folder up to show him.

There was a passport, a new ID, a new social security card, different bank accounts, everything he needed to get a new life.

“We’re convinced that your release might be motivation to bring a murderer out of hiding.” I said.

His expression changed rather quickly; it was fear and disgust and loathing. “I knew it.” he spat out. “There’s no way I’m doing y’all any favors.”

“You sure?” Michael asked.

“I’ll get killed. Why you think I’m trying to get as far away as possible?”

“Cause you were an asshole to most of your classmates, right?” I crossed my arms. “You suspect it’s someone you know, and they’ll definitely rip you to pieces when they get their hands on you.” There would be no other reason why he would want to leave that badly.

His worsening behavior just makes it more difficult. If he spends a few days here, it gets me a chance to set up surveillance on him and catch our murderer without hurting him. Davis seemed like he was going to say no again.

“I’d rather stay in prison.” he said, content with his answer.

“We can obviously get your sentence lengthened.” Michael reminded him again. “You think Kayla Baker won’t want you to spend your life in prison? I heard she has severe anxiety issues and that’s a condition we can definitely use against you.”

Davis was getting angrier with everything threat we made. “Why would you-”

“It’s up to you.” I said.

He didn’t like having the responsibility to choose. Did he think we were going to decide for him? We aren’t the FBI or CIA. That’s not how we do things. However, we know he’ll make the right decision or we might screw his life.

He’s a rich boy. He doesn’t really have the fight in him. He was skinny, lanky guy that didn’t have as much muscle mass as the people in here. He will get his ass kicked over and over again no matter how aggressive he pretends to be.

“Okay,” he whispered and looked down again. “I’ll do it.” He wasn’t willing but that’s okay.

“That’s a good choice.” I said and got up to leave. “We’ll get you anything else you need once you get out.”

Michael banged on the door so the guards could let us out of the room.

“Why are we using him, again?” Michael asked quietly as we left. “I mean, we’re going through a lot of trouble to get someone else killed.”

“He’s not innocent. It won’t be on my conscience if he happens to get killed.”

Michael laughed and it made me cautious. I don’t know what’s so funny. “I never knew you were such a hardass.” he laughed. “You had me thinking we were really going to ruin him.”

“It seems like you’ve done this before.” I stopped walking and looked up at him. “I should be concerned that you know how to get people out of prison.” I was serious.

With the connections that Michael has, I should be worried. He gets away with a lot, and so do the others. I don’t know what goes on when I’m not around, but I have a feeling that it really isn’t good. I wasn’t going to preach about how law enforcement is corrupt, there’s nothing to do to change that now. It’s just that Michael is such a big help.

“You know, I’m good for a lot of things.” he smiled, proud that he could help me out. “I can’t believe that you’re figuring this out now.”

“I’m not used to corrupted deals.” I continued walking as I heard him laugh behind me.

In a matter of days, I’ll be able to figure out more about this murderer. Though, it will be at the expense of a person, I wasn’t really concerned considering how he was a criminal already. It was alarming for me to dismiss a person’s life no matter what’s happened, but at the moment, I really just need more information. I want a slip up. I want a mistake. I want to find something at the crime scene that I can use.

Backroom deals are not my thing.

Michael is actually an important asset to me right now. Chances are I’ll need to cut corners and this is how I’ll do it. Michael is that bridge between me and everything I need. As long as this stays quiet, we won’t have a problem.

Later at night, I walked into my apartment, expecting a complete mess of wine bottles and Raven on the floor, moping about his entire life. Instead, he was completely calm, not intoxicated, and was completely sane. Though he did lack clothes, like pants, but this is better than some of the other times I’ve seen him; he just had a white shirt on, and I guess some lingerie leggings.

When I peered closer, I noticed it was my shirt. When did he start wearing my clothes?

“Um...” I had a lot more questions than that. “You don’t live here.”

“So, about your fiance.” he turned to me in his chair and turned his phone over so he could give me his full attention.

“We’re not doing this tonight.” I was serious.

The last thing I was going to talk about is my life. I stared at him, waiting to see if he was going to drop the subject. It took a second, but he sighed and picked up the bottle of syrup that was conveniently on the counter.

“I don’t have a food play kink.” I mentioned to him because he thought he was going to get me horny over a bottle of syrup.

“I do.” he said. “Not everything has to be about you, Morgan. I want my needs met, too.” he smiled at me as he opened it. I’m surprised it wasn’t empty considering he got it all over my clothes last night. “So...” he started slowly, moving his finger under my chin and making me look him in the eyes. “Why don’t we have a little fun?” he asked.

He’s very messy. I don’t know if I want to have to deal with his messes again. By the way he looked at me, it seemed like no wouldn’t be an option. He turned the bottle over to spill some of the syrup on his thigh. I didn’t move as I watched him pour a bit more on himself.

“Come on, go with it.” He urged me.

Out of all the things I know he likes to do, this one seems the most harmless.

So do I just get down and start licking off the syrup?

He’s probably going to say that it’s my turn since he did this for me last night. I reminded myself that this kink was an easy one to deal, that I got off easy tonight and could be dealing with something much worse.

Raven knew that. He was being nice now so he can ruin me later.

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