Super Psycho

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☣Chapter Eight☣

TW: Light bondage, vibrators, daddy kink, double penetration, orgasm denial

I don’t know what told me it was okay to let Raven tie me up and do whatever he wants to me. I know I owe him for getting all the answers I got last night but this is just crossing the line.

My hands were tied up to the headboard of my bed. I couldn’t see because I was blindfolded. I thought it wasn’t going to be that bad but I forgot that I’m working with a psycho. Raven is absolutely insane and I don’t know why I thought he was going to go easy on me just because I don’t do this all the time.

“Can you take off the blindfold?” I asked.

It’s the only thing I want off. I didn’t ask him to untie me so he can trust that I won’t do anything. He kept the knots tight at my wrists so I won’t be able to wiggle free.

“No.” He said plainly. “You want your other senses to be heightened.”

“I actually don’t want that.”

“Trust me, you’re going to love it.” He was so eager to get the chance to do this to me.

This is not safe. I know it’s not safe. It’s like I have that feeling like he’s going to torture me. I don’t think I said okay to doing this. I wanted to think it was okay but it’s not. Raven actually frightens me with things like this.

His hand touched my face, his finger trailing down my cheek. I know he was above me but I couldn’t see a thing. It just remained down. I could tell him I don’t want this but Raven never changes his mind a lot. If this is something he wants, then it’s something he’s going to get. I didn’t say anything when his thumb touched my bottom lip, pulling it down softly to get me to open my mouth.

“I actually like it when you don’t shave. You have the whole roughness going for you.” He said quietly.

Well I don’t like it and right after this, I’m going to shave my face.

“You really can fit the daddy persona when you’re not being normal.” The way he sounded, it was like he was smiling. “Considering how tough you were with me yesterday, I would hope that you would let me indulge in the kink.” He said.

“It’s not my kink.” I told him.

“I know it’s not yours. But it is mine. So work with me here.” He sighed and moved away.

The only sense I could rely on when he’s not near me is sound. I had to listen to what he was doing at least when he’s not yet touching me. This can go a number of ways. Right now, I’m hoping he doesn’t cross the line.

“I would’ve brought my favorite toy over if I knew you were going to be this willing.” He said as his hands moved to the front of my pants, pulling them down to expose my cock.

“You brought something over already.” I said.

“It’s not my favorite though. These vibrators are for beginners.” He laughed when he sensed my hesitation.

I really don’t want to do this.

“If you get worked up, you’re not going to have a good time, Morgan.”

“Considering how you tend to just throw me into whatever kink you think I enjoy, of course I’m going to get worked up.” I said as I closed my hands to fists. He was touching me lightly and it was about to make me tense up.

“Do you like being called daddy?” he asked.

“Not really.” I answered immediately so he didn’t get the wrong idea.

“Ah, you sure about that?” He asked. I could hear the vibration not too far off. When he touched me with the vibrator, I did my best to not seem surprised. “Why are you getting hard?”

I definitely wasn’t getting hard. I think he needs to not say that. And he needs to keep the vibrators away from me.

“Seems like someone likes being called daddy.” He laughed but it wasn’t funny. “I think it’s cute that you twitch a little.” He said.

I am not twitching.

“So come on, daddy.” He said lowly. “I’ve been a good boy. Won’t you let me show you, daddy?”

Oh my God.

“I wish you could see me roll my eyes.” I told him.

“Go with it, Morgan.” He groaned. “It won’t be fun if you don’t. How many times do I have to tell you this?” He asked.

He moved the vibrator higher to the tip of my cock. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. This was a new feeling for me. I haven’t used toys before. Raven seemed excited that he got the chance to use me; I can’t believe I let this happen. I remembered to breathe, to not fight the rope, and to stay calm.

I can’t see what he’s going to do so I can’t get distracted by how good I might feel. Being blindfolded isn’t something I’m used to. I would prefer if I could see what he plans to do but I’m going to have to work with what I have. Knowing Raven, he just wants me to lose it.

When I was just getting used to one vibrator, he pressed a second one to my skin. My hands pulled on the rope, only to leave my wrists suffering from the tight knots. I tensed but couldn’t wrench away. Raven laughed at my attempt to stay calm. He knew that I won’t last long. His other hand, wet with lube, stroked my cock as he touched the vibrator to my tip. I couldn’t even touch myself because he had me tied up.

“You get so big when you’re excited.” He said lowly. “You’ll let me ride it, won’t you, daddy?”

Oh my God.

“Or if you really want to, you can always just fuck me into the bed.” He laughed. “You’ve done it once before.”

I barely remember it. That was the night he drugged me. It was just flashes of seconds of touching him, my hands gripping on to his skin and keeping him down, hitting him. He liked it more than I did but it would be wrong of me to say I didn’t like it.

I could only picture the things I’ve done to him, what it was like to touch him, what it felt like when my fingers were around his throat.

Even now, I was imagining it. My hands were tied so I couldn’t move. My fingers traced over the rope that kept me from moving but I thought about my fingers pressing into his neck, feeling him breathe and swallow, hearing his breath hitch when I slowly stop him from taking in air.

I forgot where I was. It wasn’t until I felt another vibrator that I was reminded that today, I was the one tied down. The second he touched me with the third one, I couldn’t hold back.

“There we go.” He said when he heard me moan. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” he asked.

I wasn’t going to answer that.

He had all three vibrators in the palm of his hand, rubbing them on me so I could feel them vibrate. It wasn’t just at my cock that I felt them, it was like the vibrating was all over my body. It wasn’t till now that I began to feel the heat.

“I’d love to just suck you off right now.” He sounded hungry.

It’s like I could feel the way he was looking at me. With the blindfold on, I noticed things that I don’t usually notice. The way he spoke to me, like when he really wanted me. Well, like he wanted to have sex with me. He can always get himself into whatever he wants to do. The way he spoke, it was like he wanted to do something, like he wanted to cross the line. I could hear it in his voice.

“I like the weight of your cock on my tongue.” he laughed as he moved the vibrators. “I could drink your cum till I’m full.”

“I think you need to calm down.” I said quickly.

“Really?” he moved his hand away, the vibrators no longer on me. “You didn’t start dripping till I told you I wanted you to cum down my throat.”

His finger pressed on the tip of my cock lightly, moving in slow circles. The buzzing continued despite the vibrators not being on me. My things were shaking, my hands balled up, and I could barely breathe now.

I thought about what it would be like to feel the inside of his mouth, how his tongue would move on my skin, the back of his throat and how he would swallow around my cock. I couldn’t stop imagining the feeling.

“Not yet, you don’t get to cum yet.” he stopped touching me.

“You’re joking.” I was surprised to hear him say that.

“Don’t make me put a cock ring on you.”

“You wouldn’t-”

“I would. I got all morning, Morgan.”

Well I don’t have all morning. It doesn’t matter to him. I’m the one with my hands tied. Knowing Raven, he’ll make sure I don’t go anywhere.

All three of the vibrators touched me again and I started to shift on the bed. I wanted to be untied. My fists tightened but I couldn’t get out of the rope. With my eyes blindfolded, I had to rely on everything else. Being touched without seeing him touch me made it feel it different.

“I think you really do underestimate me.” He sounded amuse. “It’s taking a lot of self control to not violate you right now.”

I didn’t like him saying that. He laughed again when he noticed I tensed up.

“Fear’s good, Morgan.” He said lowly.

I will never understand him. It was such a bad idea to let him do this to me. It wasn’t till now that I really started to regret it. I can’t believe I was actually getting scared.

What’s worse was that I couldn’t differentiate that feeling from the pleasure and how good I felt. It was just one feeling that got to me. Raven knows what he’s doing. He knows I can’t fight back either.

He kept his hand on me, the vibrators pressing to the tip of my cock as he slowly moved the palm of his hand. I was good about not trying to move but that will soon change rather quickly. I wanted to cum and it was torture to hold it back. It was like there was a burning fire in my stomach and it hurt more and more to hold on to it. There was this buzzing going through my body because of how I felt. I breathed heavily, the fire making it up to my chest.

I just wanted to cum, that was it. Raven could easily tell that was the only thing on my mind. I was practically begging for it by the sound of my voice.

Why does it seem like I’m just losing control of myself?

“Seems like you’re not going to listen to me.” His hand moved away again and I was left with a dull pulsing at my cock.

I don’t think I’d be able to take it if he touches me with the vibrators again. I really needed to cum. It was becoming almost painful to hold it in.

“Please.” I said hesitantly under my breath.

“Well that’s the first time you’ve ever begged me for anything.” He was making jokes now. “Should I milk you dry then?” He asked.

I don’t care.

“It’s either I make you hold it till you can’t breathe or I make you cum over and over again until you’re weak.”

Neither of those choices worked for me. I wanted to be untied. I wanted to take care of this myself. Raven isn’t that merciful so I only get one choice.

No matter which one I pick, it’s going to hurt.

Raven was serious when he said he would take all morning if he had to. I wasn’t surprised when I felt like I had my life sucked out of me. What really got to me was how he laughed and laughed, and he told me he couldn’t wait to tie me up again. That’s a reason to kick him out of place but knowing him, he’ll find his way back. He always does.

Harley wanted to meet up with me during the afternoon. I literally had to call off work because I didn’t feel like myself. I had the absolute worst morning and I have Raven to thank for that. Considering how it actually hurt to walk, it would be better if I took some time to sit down. I know work never stops but I needed time to myself.

Harley waited for me at a cafe near the station. She said she did have a lot to tell me so I wanted to hear it.

I sat outside with her during her break. The life has been sucked out of her for the past couple of months. She’s my right hand in this, she helps me with everything, she does everything I ask. I need to back off and give her some time to breathe.

“Are you okay?” I asked her. “You should take a day off.” I suggested.

She’s not married, she’s not in any relationships, no kids, no one to bother her. Harley doesn’t date either. She thinks her work would come in the way of anything else she held dear to her so she chose her job over everything else. She’s always here, she’s always working, she’s always doing something.

I want her to take a day off, like a day where she doesn’t hear anything going on in the world of crime. As much as she complains about me not taking time for myself, she does the same thing.

She’s okay with all this. I could see it in the way she looked at me. We were both tired but she seemed reluctant.

“And miss all this? I don’t think so.” She didn’t sound too enthusiastic.

“I thought murder mysteries weren’t your thing.” I laughed lightly.

“They’re not. Though, I do like a good challenge.” She pressed her cup to her. “Your skin sample came back as different from the murder victim. But it’s not a match to anyone we’ve arrested.” She said.

“Well I’m not surprised by that.” I sighed as I looked away to the crowd of people outside.

“You looked so hopeful.” She seemed sad for me.

Was I overly excited? I didn’t mean to appear like that. I had hope that I would get somewhere with the skin sample and I did, but it wasn’t enough.

“What if we don’t catch this person?” She asked me quietly, leaning forward to be discreet. “What if we fail and it gets worse and worse?” Was she asking because she was scared?

“We’ll catch him.” I said. Probably won’t be soon, but we’ll get to him. “He already made one mistake, he’ll make another.” That’s why I was hopeful.

“I have gray hairs because of this case.” She didn’t have to point them out to me.

I think I have wrinkles now.

“Oh, and let me tell you about the Chief getting hammered by national security. They’re going to launch a full investigation on the police department.” She said quietly to before sitting back in her seat.

This is not as good as I would hope. It’s bad enough that Harley and I know that some of our officers are abusing their powers, but we could never say anything. It’s so many of them against just us. What does that look like? Now the department will be under fire and while that’s going on, everyone will be distracted.

Harley stared at me while I zoned out. It took me a second but I was looking at her when I finally came to my senses.

“We’re screwed.” I said.

“We’re so screwed.” She agreed.

This is what we’ve been reduced to. At least we both can take a break today.

That idea was before I thought of something I wanted to do. We were supposed to take a break today but he were I was about to suggest we do something else.

Harley is always done for whatever I have in mind even if she tells me the limitations.

I got the district attorney involved as well, but that’s because he’s representing the state in this criminal case. I also had to get Michael involved because he knows how to get around unnoticed. This is why we’re under investigation but I wasn’t going to point fingers at him right now.

Harley and I met up with Harrison at the prison. He was not in the mood to play whatever game we were about to play but I think I might be able to get some answers unlike before.

When Michael got here, I stared at him. I was still mad at him for putting a bullet to my plan. I told him to keep watch over Davis but he couldn’t do that. So I was going to stay mad for a while.

“Why am I here?” Harrison asked since he didn’t want to be. “You do know I’m not defending him in this case.” He said.

“Yeah well, I’m hoping to get some evidence.” I said as we were allowed in the room.

One of the bank robbers that we were convicting for assisting a murder was sitting quietly at the table with his hands cuffed to the bar. It was the same guy from the beginning, the one that told us to mind our own business.

His name is Keenan Crossford. No significant other, no family, bankrupt and no money, and now in prison. We’re sure he’s an accomplice because he can identify who the murderer is and won’t tell us. That’s also obstruction of justice and can get punished for that too. Jail seemed to roughen him up a bit. He was colder, meaner, and looked like he would be more viscous.

“Oh, fuck, it’s y’all again.” He sat back and rolled his eyes. “Y’all don’t listen. I told you not to go and make that motherfucker angry but you did.” He already knew.

“We’re prepared to offer you immunity if you can tell us who the murderer is.” I came right out with it.


I stopped Harrison from telling me why I can’t do that. For right now, I can do that. Keenan didn’t bite at the idea.

“I told you immunity ain’t worth it.” He said through his teeth.

“You don’t want to go free?”

He looked among us and his eyes stopped behind me. He’s looking at Michael. It was a glare and it wasn’t friendly.

“I’m safer behind bars.” Keenan said.

“Who told you that?”

“I’d rather stay here, okay. Leave me alone.” He wasn’t going to cooperate.

“We can help you.” Harley said beside me. “You think we won’t protect you?”

“Here’s the thing you don’t get.” He started out slowly. “You think that guy isn’t protected, that he doesn’t have friends that watch out for him. He knows everybody. How do I know that lawyer isn’t working with him too?” He gestured to Harrison, making him scoff at the idea. “Before you get anything out of me, you better check your force, cause you better believe he has someone looking out for him.”

Is this murderer scarier than we give him credit for? Maybe we should hand this over to national security. They’re better equipped to handle the situation.

I turned back to the others. “Can we have a minute?” I asked quietly.

“Morgan, don’t.” Harrison warned me.

“Just a moment.” I insisted.

The others left the room so it was just me and Keenan talking. It’s just me here so he shouldn’t have to worry. It remained quiet between the two of us as I sat down at the table. He wasn’t going to talk but I would make him. I took out a picture and placed it on the table for him to see.

“Is this who I should be looking for?” I asked.

He stared at it for a second, then looked at me and shrugged plainly. He wasn’t going to give it away no matter what I did. So maybe I should be more specific.

I took out another picture and placed it on top of the first.

“This is a more recent picture. Maybe you’ll recognize him now.” I said.

“I’m a loose end if I say anything.” Keenan wasn’t going to talk.

“You’re a loose end whether or not you talk. Considering how you’ve been alive this long is surprising.” I crossed my arms. “As much as he has people on the outside, I know he has people on the inside, and what makes you think you’re safe here anyway?”

“You think you can manipulate me?” He asked, narrowing his eyes. “I told you I would kill myself before anything comes out of my mouth.”

“Why would you-”

“I will kill myself.” He repeated so I would understand. “I don’t know who you’re looking for. I don’t know if this guy is it or not.” He pushed the pictures back towards me.

“Give me a name.”

“You think I enjoy playing with death.” He laughed bitterly. “Leave me alone!” He snapped after a second. “I told you I ain’t saying anything.”

He really thinks he will get killed if he talks. He did say to check the police force for traitors. He doesn’t know who’s on his side but he’s sure someone is. He glanced at Michael for a long while. Now again, he would look back at Michael. That’s what has me worried. Michael messed up my plan to use Davis Bitmore.

Sure he says he “lost” him but I think it’s more than that.

I took the pictures of Raven back and put them in the folder I had.

I just had more questions than before.

I walked out of the room and looked at the other three that were waiting for me. I wasn’t successful in my attempt to get what I wanted and they could tell that on the look on my face.

My gaze went straight to Michael.

“Come with me.” I said and turned to walk down the hall so we could talk in private.

When we were far enough away, I turned around and looked up at him. At the moment, Michael is not my favorite person. I saw him talking to Raven and he messed with my plan. So I want to know what’s going on. Even Keenan was staring at him.

“I don’t like you right now.” I said and narrowed my eyes at him. He was just about to complain but I wasn’t done yet. “What are you doing? You’re not a traitor are you?”

He seemed shock that I was calling him out on it. “You think I did something-”

And with that dumb look on his face, I quickly lost my patience.

“You lost an idiot with a burner phone that you could’ve easily tracked because he apparently had his cellphone on him.” I hissed. “What were you doing that was so important?” I demanded.

He hesitated to answer so I bet it was either something stupid that could compromise his job or it was something illegal which could also compromise his job. Michael does not surprise me, but over the past day, he’s been such a big problem.

I took out a picture from the folder I had and showed it to him. “How do you know him?”

Michael just barely took a second to look at it. “I don’t-”

“Don’t lie to me,” I hissed at him, “I’ve seen you talk to him twice. So how do you know him?” I asked again so he understood that I knew there was something going on with him.

“Payton works at that one club I always go to. I always stiff him with the cash and he’s been calling me out on it.” Michael admitted.

Payton Grant is another identity Raven has. I didn’t think he actively used more than one. Michael only knows one based on how he described him. It’s just that something didn’t sit right with me. Michael has to know more.

He’s seen the evidence Harley and I have, he’s seen the photos and the records.

So I waited, because he wasn’t telling me everything.

“Okay.” He groaned. “I know Payton isn’t his real name and that he went to the performing arts school.” He admitted. “Do you actually suspect him?”

“That’s none of your concern.” I put the picture back.


“You’re off this case. Don’t go near any of the suspects, don’t touch the evidence, nobody will brief you about the murders.” I said seriously to him. He looked shocked that I would actually act like I run this case but the thing that he forgets is that I really do. “I swear to God, Michael, if I find you speaking to him, even if you’re off duty, I will have you arrested for obstruction of justice.” I threatened him.

“Morgan, I-”

“Don’t.” I didn’t want to hear it. “You’re lucky I’m not telling the chief about this. So stay off my case.” I walked by him so I could get back to Harley and Harrison.

I didn’t realize that I had such a big problem with Michael. Who else is there? Is there someone else that might be messing with my case?

“What’s going on?” Harrison asked.

“I think you should direct your questions towards this person when you go to court tomorrow.” I handed him the folder. “If you don’t get any answers, call me.” I said and took Harley with me so we could leave.

“What happened?” Harley asked quietly.

“Michael’s been tampering with the case. I don’t know who else is doing it.” I said to her as we walked out. “I think I know who’s the murderer, but I’ll call you when I want you to make the arrest when I get the evidence.” I said.

I needed something to prove that Raven did it. I’m always so close to him so of course I can easily get some of his DNA.

I needed Harley to be ready over the next couple of days. None of this will be easy. I have a feeling something terrible will happen now that I provoked Michael and messed with Keenan.

If Raven really did it, he’ll be on guard. He already knows I suspect him, and he can do a good job of trying to make me think something different for only a few hours.

I walked outside, having a few places I needed to go for the day. I wasn’t supposed to be working but this is close. I’m so close. My first place to go was the hospital. I need to see if Raven was actually here the night before Linda’s murder. If he was, I need to know for how long and who he was seeing.

On the other side of the street, in the crowd, I could recognize one person I always recognize in person. My hairs stood on ends but that didn’t stop me from crossing the street to get to him.

My hand pulled on the collar of his shirt to bring him back and stop walking. Why does Raven look pleasant, today of all days? His hair was neatly done, he wore nice clothes, he had contacts in his eyes so they were both brown.

“Hi, Morgan.” He cooed when he looked at me. “Do we need to talk today?” He smiled.

“We always need to talk.” I shoved my hands in my pockets. “First of all, why are you dressed like that?”

“You do know I went to a professional school, right?” He asked me. “I wasn’t always a mess, just to let you know. I had nice clothes to wear even if I wasn’t rich.” He stuck his tongue out.

“Where did you just come from?”

He narrowed his eyes. “If you have incriminating questions for me, I need something in return. No more freebies.”

“Why is knowing where you were incriminating?”

He scoffed. “I’m not answering any questions till you give me what I want.” He smiled as he stepped closer to me.

“Fine, let’s go.” I grabbed his hand.

I’m not going to let him get away so he can conspire about what he should do next to stay in hiding. He laughed at my eagerness. Apparently he thought I was misdirecting my feelings, or that I didn’t know what I should be feeling. At this point, I wasn’t going to listen to him.

I took him back to my apartment and he asserted himself rather quickly again like he did last night.

He got up on the kitchen counter and waited for me to ask what he wanted to do. Most of the time, he does whatever he wants to do and doesn’t wait for me, so this was new.

Then I realized why he was so quiet.

I could hear a vibrator.

The first thing I did was sigh and he laughed. He had to expect that I would give that reaction. I don’t know what else I would’ve done.

“I’m surprised that you let me come over, considering how I milked you this morning.” he smiled.

I don’t think that’s the problem here, and I want to get right to the point. I know what I want, and I know what he wants. As long as we don’t stop each other, everybody will be happy.

I took a step forward and put my hands down on the counter on either sides of him.

“I just want to let you know that I’m going to take a sample of your hair for DNA testing to see if it matches the skin sample we found at the scene yesterday.” I told him.

Raven doesn’t like when I play around, so here I am being straight forward with him.

“You just keep on surprising me, Detective.” he started to laugh again. “Why aren’t you scared of me if you’re so sure that I’m the one doing this?” he asked.

I don’t know why I’m not scared of him. Well, it’s just that it wouldn’t be a shock to me considering how he has an affinity for absolutely everything that he does.

“There’s a set of knives right beside your hand. You can always just kill me if you want to.” he shrugged.

I didn’t answer to that.

“What? You don’t think you’re a hundred percent right?” he caught on to my hint of doubt. “If you kill me and it turns out that it wasn’t me, you’ll have to live with that.” He continued to smile. “If it was really me, I would gladly take one of these knives and just...” his hand touched my neck. “A murderer wouldn’t take any chances. If it were me, I’d slit your throat and play with your blood.”

“You sure you’d make it that easy?”

“Incriminating question.” he said. He’s not going to answer anything I ask. “I already told you that my first mistake would be letting you get away. Though, now I know you really aren’t a threat so maybe I could do anything I wanted.”

“So you’re saying you’ve done something?”

“Incriminating question.”

Why is Raven so difficult to work with? Why can’t I get what I want out of him when I need it? There’s no reason for him to be uncooperative if he didn’t do it.

“I would never kill anyone, Morgan.” he said in a way that made me think he was lying. He did that on purpose. I don’t know what he wants me to think. “If you think it’s me, arrest me now.”

“I don’t have evidence against you.”

“And the hair sample will confirm that I’m a murderer, won’t it?” Now he seemed to understand. He had his smile on his face but I know he wasn’t happy.

There was a flash in his eyes, almost like a glare that made me believe he was the most viscous person in the world. I should know that he’s playing me. But I do have reasonable doubt. I do have a reason to think that’s all he’s doing to me, just playing with me.

“I will gladly give you any sample of my body that you want, but we have to have fun first.” he had so many things in mind.

His hand moved to my face as he brought me closer. His tongue licked the side of my face, his piercing pressing into my cheek.

I was used to how he touches me, how he kisses, to whatever he does to me. None of this is new. Raven does not scare me with the things he does. Maybe that’s why I have this reasonable doubt, that’s why I’m not doing anything.

I don’t want to be wrong.

Raven knows too much.

It’s like he figures out everything like it’s no big deal.

And right now, the only way for me to get answers to my questions is if I do what he wants, which could be anything.

He pushed me back so he could get off the counter; he took off his pants, tossing them to the side, and hopped back up on the counter again. He wanted me to see the vibrator that he had inside him.

All I wanted to do was pluck one strand of hair off his head so I can go and get a DNA test done. I am just so tired of dealing with his behavior and how he does things. I also don’t have the energy to do anything with him or for him.

I was actually about to touch his hair for the sole purpose of pulling a strand out, but he grabbed my wrist to stop me, and moved my hand down between his legs to feel the vibrator.

“You better give me what I want before you touch a hair on my head, Morgan.” he warned me.

“This is tedious.”

“Because you never learn.” he said. “You always act like you’re not interested. And at first the whole “hard to get” attitude was sexy, but now I just want you to fuck me.” he sounded aggressive, like he really wanted me to go for it.

His other hand moved to his neck, his finger tapping lightly on his skin to get my attention. It’s like I was a trained animal because it took me just a second to get my other hand at his throat. He seemed to like that. He smiled and stuck out his tongue to expose his orange piercing.

"Fuck me, Morgan.” he said lowly.

“With the vibrator?”

“With the vibrator.”

I don’t know how that’s going to be accomplished but he never ceases to amaze me. I shouldn’t be shocked that he wants me to fuck him with the vibrator. As much as I was sure that I shouldn’t do anything with him, I didn’t push him away when he kissed me.

I could feel his piercing rubbing against my tongue. That was barely a distraction as his hand grabbed at my crotch, his fingers outlining the shape my cock made through my pants. He always likes getting right to the point so it took no less than a minute for his hand to undo my belt and slip into my pants to pull my cock out from my underwear. I hadn’t anticipated what I would feel like but it was different considering what I went through this morning. My fingers pressed harder into his neck when I felt the uncomfortable sensation at the lower part of me. I will not last long and Raven will not care.

The vibrator was still going inside him. I had a feeling that he didn’t care about it, that it wasn’t the worst he was subjected to, that there was a lot more he could handle. But he wants me to fuck him with the vibrator and I wondered if that was something he could handle. Or maybe something I could handle. I don’t want to be touched by another vibrator because the only thing I’ll remember is this morning.

However, Raven doesn’t care. He wanted to get to it, to feel what it was like. To him, I’m just another toy of his, a living and breathing toy.

I was careful, but the second the vibrator touched the tip of my cock, I was hesitant to move forward. Though, I kept going because Raven wanted me to. It wasn’t that difficult after I got over the feeling of the vibrator. He wasn’t as tight as I thought he would be. Inside him was so warm, plus the vibrations pulsed through my cock. I had to put my hands down on the counter again. I didn’t want to grip him as hard as I was imagining that I could.

He yanked on the collar of my shirt and pulled me forward. “Don’t you dare cum.”

All I need is one thing.

So I was obedient and listened to what he wanted from me.

The vibrator was a hindrance for me but Raven was loving it. It makes me wonder how often he gets the chance to do this with other people. Does he even use the vibrator?

I can’t believe this was happening on my kitchen counter.

Raven really knows how to pick what he wants to do, that’s for sure.

I moved inside him slowly because of how the vibrator felt. Although it was easy to move, he was tight. With how sensitive I was still, it almost did hurt. And as much as I knew Raven would enjoy it, it did seem like it hurt for him. His hand was gripping my shirt as I moved; he can moan as much as he wants but I could tell.

I didn’t want to have the vibrator pressing up against me. I let out a hesitant breath and moved his legs up; the vibrator just about slipped out but I didn’t try to push it back in. If anything, I’m sure it would fell better if it just falls out.

So that’s when I decided to pull it out and drop it to the floor instead. Raven was too dazed to tell me otherwise. Now that my cock was the only thing inside him, I could focus on how he felt around me. The buzzing sensation kept me warm but I could feel him clenching around me, sucking me in like he didn’t want to let go. And I have to admit that it did feel good to thrust inside him.

He sounded like he liked this better. I fit better.

My fingers were digging into his skin as I gripped him harder.

Already I felt like I was going to cum. I didn’t have the stamina I had this morning. I shouldn’t disappoint, but it’s not like Raven could hold out that much longer either; I have no idea how long he’s had that vibrator in him but he reached his limit just as quickly as I did.

He came first and I was right after.

He was pulling me in as I came. All I could think about was the warmth that I felt around my cock. I did cum inside him; I know he wanted me to. If he could, he would’ve wrapped his legs around me to make sure that I wouldn’t pull out.

Raven had the look in his eyes like he wanted to keep going. I didn’t. I was done, I gave him what he wanted and I was going to take what I wanted.

All I needed was a few seconds to get myself together and breathe. I fixed myself up because I was done. So instead of waiting and asking, I just plucked a blond strand of hair from his head like I said I was going to before.

He moved his hands to his head. “Ow.” his face scrunched up although we both know that it’s not painful.

“I took two.” I said as I turned away to get a zip lock bag.

“You’re so mean.”

“Stop complaining.”

All I needed was the hair. I didn’t care if he stayed here or not. Though, if he does stay here, it will be easier to find him when I need to arrest him. Or tell him that he actually isn’t the murder. I need the facts first.

“I’m leaving. I don’t care what you do but- No! I do care what you do.” I had to correct myself quickly because I do care and I don’t want him doing something wild. “Don’t do anything.” I said sharply.

When he kept silent, I turned to look at him. He was still sitting on the counter, explicitly showing me the cum that was dripping out of his hole on to the granite. I didn’t appreciate that. All he does is make a mess. I knew cumming inside him was a bad idea.

“Get out.” I said bitterly.

He stuck his tongue out and winked at me.

He wasn’t going anywhere.

“I’ll be here just so you can apologize to me when you come back.” He hopped off the counter and picked up his pants that were on the floor.

I like how he’s so sure of himself. That gives me a little doubt. It makes me have to believe in myself more. We’ll see what happens when I get the facts.

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