I Am Normal

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An excerpt from the life of a killer.

Maëlys Clement
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Chapter 1

I am normal.

The feeling of leather on my skin is one I'll mourn, but I slide the jacket off anyway. From the pocket comes a pair of sunglasses, and I carefully slip them on.

I am normal.

My hair comes undone, the colored band and ribbon dropping down on the jacket. They'll be gone within the hour, regardless of the suspicious bloodstain - I'm sure of it.

I am normal.

It's a mantra, a whisper repeated over and over. I hesitate a second before I begin to wrap the opulent scarf in my hands around my neck. The woman I took this from won't be needing it where she's going.

I am normal.

The phone in my jeans says goodbye to it's colorful case, left in pieces in the nearby dumpster. I take in a deep breath and repeat it once again before stepping out from the alley into the sun.

I am normal.

The giggle I give out as I pretend to text is nothing but what you'd expect from someone like me. I look rich and carefree, a girl of all her twenty-something years and no more.

I am normal.

They glance over me as they walk by, but their eyes soon find somewhere more interesting to rest. I'm just one in a crowd, nothing more. Slowly I fade from your consciousness.

They say that on average, a person walks past seven psychopaths a day.

I am not normal. In fact, I'm fairly sure you could count me among them.

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