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No teaser is going to be put in here just read to know more PROLOGUE The darkness is again consuming him, he don't know why is he still alive and breathing when they are not with him. It's the same day when he lost his everything in the power of greediness of someone else, It's today years before he lost the urge to live for someone and be happy. Right now he is just a dead corpse who is waiting for his doom, but not so easily. He will make them pay for each and every pain they felt. He will make them beg for his mercy but their this wish will never be granted. He will gave the most painful death that no one had ever heard or imagined. No one in this world can stop him from taking the revenge from them for taking away everything which he held closely to his heart. He will avenge for his family...............

Thriller / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


The darkness is again consuming him, he doesn’t even know why was he still alive on this earth, he wanted to go to his mate and his child, he still doesn’t know why is he breathing when they are not with him. It’s the same day when he lost his life in the power of greediness and selfishness of someone else. It’s today years before he lost the urge to continue living, right now he is just a corpse who is waiting for his doom but not so easily he will make them pay for each and every pain she felt. He will make them beg for his mercy but he will never grant their wish. He will give them the most painful death which everyone will fear off. He will chase those devils and will give them what they deserve with his own hands. No one in the world can stop him from avenging for taking away everything which he held close to his heart. He will avenge the death of his MATE AND PUP, every single person needs to pay.


Finally, life seems to be stable for her, she doesn’t know-how on the earth is she holding herself. The tears, loneliness, pain, which started to eat her slowly was coming to a complete stop. The hurt which she felt deep down was finally subsiding inside her. She really doesn’t know how the one person can hurt us when they meant to love us, to protect us, to stay by our side holding hands and walking together. It’s true that when there is pain there is a cure as well for everything and for her, the cure is the adorable little one with her

The goddess has given her the little one so that her pain can be healed, with each passing season she has felt the new one emerging from old her. The war has taken so many things from her but it has given so many things as well. She was able to draw a line between the feelings which she felt for him she knew that it was just the bond which was working nothing else, if there was even a tiny spark of love then what happened years ago will never have happened. She still remembers the day when everything finished from her side for him and how the rejection took place she remember everything so vividly like someone was playing a movie scene in front of her eyes.

She closed her eyes and shook her head knowing where the thought process will end if it goes like this, she took a long breath and smiled “My fated Mate I am officially over with you and now I will move on” a big smile appeared on her face after screaming what she wanted to scream.



The darkness which was consuming the outer world is not even equivalent to the darkness which was surrounding the inside cubicle of a hidden underground lab, few peoples are walking from one place to other wearing those lab coats and few where is completely covered in a lab suit as if what they are making is much more dangerous than they can even assume

One of the scientists came outside and went towards a glass cubicle where their specimen was laying on the metal bed and there are many wires attached to the boys’ skin, his skin was deathly pale at this moment as if he doesn’t even have an ounce of energy to be their object of research let alone get an extra liquid in his body which the scientist was carrying with him so that he can give an injection to the young lad.

The boy can’t even remember for how many days was he there laying and becoming a source for their research, they have conducted numerous research on his body and when he will reach his brick of death they will somehow save and then they will bring the other object and leave him in his cell so that he will be able to heal his body so that they can continue their research

There are so many of them in the captive of these peoples, even there are children’s and aged peoples in the cell, he wished and hoped that his pack peoples will search for him and bring him back but as time passed every hope started to fade in the darkness as if there is no such thing as the hope in this world

“I hope this will work” The boy heard the sound of the usual scientist who researches his body in other words the owner of his body was this man, he is in his late 30s, tummy outside slight chubbiness was there, bald, it seems like he hasn’t even shaved for weeks seeing the beard, even though he seems like cute but he is the devil among all the monsters present in the lab

The young guy came out of his thoughts when he felt the stinging pain coursing through his veins and it was almost impossible to do anything other than focusing on the pain, he tried to move his tied hands and legs, he felt it was impossible to do it but he tried nevertheless so that he can somehow ease the pain which they were inflicting on his body

The scientist closely watched the reaction of the boy in the bed with amusement written across his face; he took the phone from the table which is used to connect inside peoples and dialed all too familiar number

“New drug is reacting differently on object number 35” the scientist replied happily even though this was not the result which they concluded but still it was a breakthrough, they were researching for past three years for the thing which their boss ordered them to do only to end up with nothing in their hand until this time

After disconnecting the call he waited patiently for his boss to arrive but in between the object in the bed started to change from his bear to human form, it was happening with every few minutes which left the scientist astonished that’s when he heard a knock on the door and went outside only to see his boss standing there with deep thoughts

The marking of his boss is his ever black robe which he never changed with another color other than this and the unique smell which their boss has was also the exclusive thing which they have found in none, this man possesses immense power that is for sure because whenever he was close their inner animals always submit to the authority.

“Boss it seems like this new drug is making the inner animal vulnerable when they come in contact with each other” The scientist replied as soon as knowing very well what his boss wanted to hear.

“Let’s watch” the man simply said looking inside the cabin and he looked in deep thought seeing the reaction of the young man screaming with agony over the pain which he was feeling right at the moment, the scientist knew that he can’t feel sympathy for him if he does that then who will feel sympathy for him and his family

After trashing around the table the young guy suddenly started to slow down his movement it felt as if though he has completely given the last bit of hope of running away from this place he knew that his dawn is nearing soon, there were so many unfinished wishes of his, he still wanted to search for his mate and be mated with her, he wanted to live a carefree life and die in the arm of his mate, not like this at least.

Fate indeed screwed him big time much more than they can imagine and think, who would have thought that a late-night stroll in the woods will lead him to their bed like this, as an object, he felt his inner animal taking his last breath making sure to make him somehow survive which was hardly possible by the fact that they will kill him if he is no use for them and if his animal dies then he sure was no use for them not now not ever.

The scientist looked in disbelief towards the monitor which was showing that the object has stopped breathing and now was laid dead on their bed, he was regretful about losing one of the good subjects like this, the body of this object was the best they have found in these years, after confirming that the were-bear was not alive anymore he stopped the monitors and came outside after covering it with a white cloth

“Conclusion?” the boss questioned without batting an eyelid towards the dead body

“The drug is killing the inner animal slowly and then they are left with nothing, if he was somewhat healthy maybe he would have survived for few more days and we don’t exactly know the correct length of the time for the reaction of the drug in the whole body”

The scientist looked towards the man after saying what he wanted to know, only to see him in deep thoughts as if he was contemplating whether to say or not

“Store the drug and dispose the body, even though it was not what we needed it is still good, and continue the research for the thing which we are searching, and change the drug in powder form, minimize the effect and send it to the market” After giving the instructions he left from there without turning back and into the oblivion no one knew where he lived what he does, everything about this man was kept in dark.

The scientist called the two guards and ordered them to throw the body deep in the forest where the animals can have their fill soon, taking the body the guards left from the lab and started to move too deep in the forest after all it was not the first time they have been disposing of something like this and they knew that there will be no chance of anyone coming over here most of the time the wild animals will have their fill from the specimen they have thrown and there were few times when they had to burn it out in afraid that something wrong will happen.

They left from there as soon as they threw the lifeless thing and went towards the direction from where they have emerged, they have always chosen to throw the bodies in a different direction so that if someone by chance uncovers it, this will not tie back it to them

If they have waited for a few more seconds they would have seen the movements of the lifeless object which they threw a few seconds ago, the young man exhaled loudly and looked around to see where he was, he tried to connect with his inner animal only to come empty-handed, it hurt him somehow knowing very well that his animal has given out his life for the survival of his human self

He made a vow to make them pay no matter what he had to do, that’s when he felt something in his pant pocket only to see the syringe and the bottle which the scientist injected him, he didn’t remember when he took these things from there nevertheless he started to move in fear that they will come again for him if they see the missing injection and the bottle

It literally took him hours to move from one place to another he knew if he walks in this state he will not reach anywhere, by thinking that he started to climb one of the big trees around there with his leftover energy and settled himself in the top part so that he can have his rest to restore his energy before moving ahead



The sound of people talking laughing loudly and the continuous sound of those horns of vehicles would have definitely made him angry like hell but right now it felt like these sounds were numbing the screams which are filled in his head. He was slowly walking on the busy street where few peoples were rushing to take the tram and few are waiting for the taxis few are rushing to open their shops and few groups of children were ready to go to their school indeed a lively atmosphere but it felt nothing other the numbing the source of his pain.

It’s been three years since he has left everything behind and started to walk on the path which he has created since then. He has tried everything which a normal human will do when he has to get out of the pain even though he was not a human but the absence of his inner animal have left him to feel like humans even though his senses are still the same but something was missing, he came to this town last month and gelled with the people easily.

“Dove vai così presto, Piccolo Jose? (Little Jose, Where are you going so early?)” The young man stopped and looked towards the chubby aunty in her late 50s asking him a question with the ever sweet smile on her face, it took him time to learn few languages seeing that he was traveling from one place to another.

“Ho ricevuto un lavoro urgente, quindi vado a raccogliere i materiali necessari Mrs Valentino. (I got an urgent job, so I’m going to collect the necessary materials)” Jose replied with a smile.

“Allora prenditi prima cura di te. (Then take care of yourself first)” Mrs. Valentino said with a smile to which he nodded and moved away from there, he is staying in their home as a paying guest, their east wing was vacant and they were searching for someone that’s when his agent informed him about it and he immediately paid the rent for next six months even though he was sure that he will not stay there not more than few months.

He is a night messenger in another word a fixer, that’s not a flattering thing on the contrary if his parents come to know what he was doing right now will only lead to skin him alive but it was the easiest method to reach those who have destroyed his life the revenge is the only thing which was forcing him to move ahead.

It’s been three years since he cut off everything with his family and friends and living in isolation, he remembers when he woke up from the coma he came to knew that the future queen was in a coma as well and that too because she has sent both the protectors towards his direction so that they can protect him, he felt guilty knowing it, he clearly knew that the future queen had repeatedly said to him to make sure to keep his mate safe but he failed, he failed in every damn thing and now he doesn’t want to fail in his revenge no matter how long he has to wait for that.

Jose was walking in his own world thinking about those memories which he really wanted to wipe out of his head forever but it was itched on his brain like someone has stuck it there that’s when a sudden bump made him come out of his world he looked down only to see a soft little hand holding his pants in the tight grip a beautiful lily scent came to his nose along with another scent which he was not able to pinpoint.

The touch soothed him and peace flood into his heart which made him shocked so he slowly looked behind only to see a beautiful pair of blue eyes looking back at him, the eyes are shining like pearls with happiness which instantly made him happy as well for an unknown reason, seeing the beautiful angel all alone he bend down and brought her in front of him, he was confused how to talk to her and hoped that she knew one of the languages which he knew.

“Are you alone?” Hearing it the little girl’s eyes immediately lightened and then denied his question, Jose frowned hearing it, and chide inside in his heart for the carelessness of the parents.

“Then where are they?” hearing it the girl looked all around and then pointed towards Mrs. Valentino’s Coffee shop which made him frown so he took the girl in his arms and stood up to move towards the shop thinking about the information he collected about them before moving over there and he was sure that they don’t have children’s so grandchild is the last thing.

When he reached the cafe he looked inside only to see Mrs. Valentino sitting behind the counter and Mr. Valentino was teaching the new trainee who started to work for them for the past three months, Albert was cleaning the table after the customer stood up to go, it was a normal busy cafe to be exact, he looked all around not knowing who is the parent of the child so finally thought to ask Mrs. Valentino.

“Mrs. Valentino, Tu sai chi è questo ragazzo? (Do you know this kid?)” Hearing the voice of Jose Mrs. Valentino immediately looked up only to see him holding the cute little angel in his arms which made her frown not knowing when the little devil sunk out from there.

“sì, certo, non si sa quando il Diavolo è uscito dal Caffe, (yes, of course, no one knows when the devil got out of the café)” Hearing the answer he looked at the little angel in his arms only to see her cutely pouting her lips, he has seen many children’s but she is really different from those tiny kids.

“Little pumpkin, come, come to granny” Jose heard Mrs. Valentino speaking in English that was the first time he heard her speaking in English other than Italian, he came out of thoughts feeling the movement in his arms only to see the angel trying to get down from his arms to which he smiled and placed her down gently.

“You can speak English?” rather than question it was a statement by hearing that both Mr. and Mrs. Valentino chuckled and nodded their head confirming it.

“Yes Tesoro, we can speak in English it’s just that we love our language much more” Mr. Valentino was the one who replied, Mr. Valentino was a man in his 60s, who is a fun-loving and jovial man.

“This little angel’s mother is staying with her in the west wing for three years” After hearing that he fell in shock he clearly remembers when he was looking at these couples he never found that there was someone else also staying in that house other than these two old people.

“But I never saw them” Mrs. Valentino smiled hearing it and nodded her head in understandingly.

“That’s because her mother is completing her studies so she goes to her college in the early morning leaving this little devil in her school by the time she comes back from her classes this kids school will finish and then she will pick her up and then will take her directly to her working place, the time when these two reach home will be always past ten so the chances of you seeing each other from the past month was zero”.

Mrs. Valentino explained to which he just nodded his head but there were a lot more questions, how come his ears never pick other noises when his hearing is still perfect.

“So her mother is in her class?” he questioned understanding the scenario.

“She went to submit her thesis today and this little pumpkin doesn’t have classes so she is staying here with granny and was going to help this old granny, right sweetheart?” Mrs. Valentino smiled and asked the bundle who is standing beside her to which the bundle nodded her head.

“But why did you went outside” Hearing Mrs. Valentino the angel looked all around and just pointed towards Jose to which he raised his eyebrows in question finally thinking for few minutes the little bundle thought to open her mouth.

“I Have seen him outside our home, he dropped his wallet outside when talking to you” The café filled with the baby voice which was melodious in the ear of Jose he smiled hearing the angel’s voice, and only one thought came across his mind she is a pure-hearted soul.

They understood what she meant is that she had already seen Jose in front of the house so she knew he stay there with them, and when he was talking to Mrs. Valentino he somehow dropped his wallet which she got so she ran behind him to return it.

“Then did you return his wallet?” questioned Mr. Valentino coming towards the little bundle, this little thing and her mother have filled their life with immense happiness since the day they have moved to their house, even though they don’t have kids but this angels mother have filled the spot of their kid and this little bundle has filled the spot of their grandchild, he and his wife spoil the kid so much that they literally get scolded by their daughter.

The angel denied her head negatively then took a wallet from her inside pocket of the tiny hoodie which she was wearing and forwarded her hands in front of Jose which brought a heart-warming feeling inside him, he took his wallet and gave a big kiss on the baby girls cheek to which she kissed him back with her cute smile.

He bid bye to them and finally moved from there unwillingly, he was astonished by his own behavior and the attachment he felt towards the kid, he felt a need to protect her and stay by her side a fatherly love which he thought will never emerge has actually emerged successfully.


Finally, she took a long breath after coming out of her last exam, she has studied hard in these three years so that she can go back to her home to take over her responsibilities which she has again left on her granny’s shoulder, she needed time and her granny gave it without questioning her not even for once.

She not only completed her bachelors she even completed her masters in these three years which was indeed a fast process if someone asks but it was an easy process taking on the point that she loves to study and study is the only thing which was making her mind stable other than her beautiful daughter.

Her daughter is her source of light and the reason for her breath and happiness and she is the only reason that she came out of those heart-wrenching things and started to live happily and with the constant smile on her face. Even though she is away from her home but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t even know what all the things are running over there at this time, she was always in constant touch with her family and friends.

The war which happened three years ago gave a constant reminder to her that it was not even the end maybe it was just a start and more things will come soon, but what surprised her is that in these three years she didn’t hear anything about the women in cloak it seems like she has vanished in thin air like she never existed in this world and the woman is just an imagination.

Everyone thought that it was truly over but she knew better than everyone that the woman is truly planning something which will be more lethal than what happened the previous time, maybe something more powerful than Mediocris Pulvis.

In these past few years, she seriously started to learn everything which she needed to know to defeat the women completely; the only thing is that every time something new will come and knock on her door saying that she is still far away to completely understand her full powers. She still was not able to control or use her dragon powers as well as her phoenix powers, and the ultimate power which granny has hidden is something which she is looking forward to.

She came out of her thoughts when she hears her name being called by someone she turned around only to see Drayce walking towards her slowly; he is one of the hottest guys in her college who is currently completing his Ph.D. she met him three years ago when she steps foot in this college and coincidentally it was his first day as well over here after that encounter they became friends, and now they are close friends.

He is a man the most girls of the college drool over even they want to have a piece of him but he really seems like a one-woman man he never looked at anyone with the intention of lay down or even intending to get together an ideal type of man to fall in love with and to marry indeed, with the tan skin, six-pack abs, tones muscles, 6.2 feet and the five o clock shade on his face was indeed a plus point to everything.

And the most beautiful feature of the man is his grey orbs, which seems like hiding more than anyone can imagine, she had always seen love, anger, pain, passion a deep fire in his eyes which he always tries to hide behind his smile, he had always given her the feeling of danger as well as security which was hard to say for her.

Drayce looked towards the beautiful women standing on the opposite side of where he is right now, he still remembers the wariness, un-trustfulness which was emitting from her body during the first few months when they have met for the first time.

It took her time to come out of her shell to talk to laugh to say anything but once she emerged from her hidden space it literally felt like he has awoken a lioness to be exact, it was always love at first sight for him but he knew she has only seen him as a friend and he promised to himself that no matter what he has to do he will definitely change her view on him.

“Finished?” Drayce questioned her even though he knew the answer to the question he saw her nodding in confirmation with a satisfying smile on her face.

“So, what’s your next plan?” he questioned her, even though he came to understand her in these three years but there was still something which he was not able to place his finger on and a place which she has hidden all too well.

“Next month is angel’s exam, so after that, I will transfer her to my hometown; everyone is missing us in-home” hearing the answer made Drayce stood in complete shock, he never thought this was her plan after the masters, now he has only a few days left in his hand to make her fall for him, after all, he can’t leave before completing his research that will only bring suspicious of his motive behind following her seeing how caution was she.

“Then let’s go to the club this evening, after all its a celebration time, after all, you have completed your final exams,” Drayce said with a smile on his face, after all, he still has so many things to do.

“Angel is alone in the home maybe some other day,” she said avoiding the topic of going out to have fun, after all, it’s still not easy to believe someone with closed eyes, she has understood it very well.

“Oh come on Jamline, I will talk to Mr. and Mrs. Valentino to look after her for today, we will go to the party, don’t worry I am not going to eat you” Drayce tried to convince her then something clicked on his head “And don’t forget Niki is also going back to her country, so we have to give her the best farewell”

Jammy started to waver hearing about their friend Nikita as in Niki who is an Indian, even though they are from different streams they have actually gelled together very much, it’s true that Niki is going back to India in few days, after thinking for few minutes she finally nodded

“Fine, let’s party this evening” Hearing that a wide smile appeared on his face, he thought to express his desire to pursue her in the club, a friendly approach is the best approach after all.

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