Halloween Horror

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My try to write something scary. I need a super long long long teaser. I mean it can only be up to 200 characters at the moment and in the future only 150 anyways so what’s the big deal about it? 3 2 Not sure yet what I want to write about... ? Any ideas? Same here we gotta fill some space be writing some news here. Hey there what’s up I wanna was the day I wanna was a good day I hope you had a good day and I hope you have a good day and I hope you have a good day and I hope you have a good day hope you have a great time and I love y’all so much hope you have a good day love this app love love it haha was my way to go back home and I wanna is that eyeliner I gotta was the first time I was a super super long time I wanna is a good night love owyeoryworyo I was so much more fun and I hope you have a great day hope you have I got to go to or get some sleep and I hope you have a good day hope you have a good day hope oryyou is good for sure love this day and hope you feel better soon love it haha is that you can make the big one on your it haha I wanna you love my baby love and hope you’re well I gotta you love my new song love it love love it and love love you so I love love it love love this one I love you love love you and I hope you have to go home soon I love you so much and I love it love you so much and I love love and you mean you gotta is the day you want to me know that I love it. And so it went to go sideways with a good day hope and we are still 1”700 characters always for the goal so let’s not waste time and eirtie this shit down so let’s go let’s go let’s go hand paper scissor rock and then we can make it happen and then we can go to the movies and then we can go to the movie and then we can go to the movie and then we can go to the movie and then we can make it something and then I gotta I love it I love the characters so much and I wanna I gotta hope you love it and then I love it love love this app love it haha is my day love you so much and hope that we make love it and then you can make a big one and then you can do it haha was that you didn’t know what you were yeiy or you didn’t do anything to do it and then you gotta it was so good I wanna is h

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Chapter 1

I'll try and challenge myself to write something scary for once. Now I need to start it. Wish me luck. Tomorrow I'll start. Try to add some text here again. I need a longer chapter.

I think I failed so far. Just haven't had the time to really write something for this :/

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