Fates Call - [Shortstory]

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An old curse is calling from its ancient tomb and influencing the fate of 4 different people throughout the centuries. Follow the tales of a thief, soldier, sailor, and knight as you go back in time until the root of all evil reveals itself. Sometimes the past won't stay buried and silent.....

Thriller / Mystery
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“Why it has to be raining right now?“, I thought to myself while carefully working on the remaining latches. Sometimes it felt like every time I am on a job heaven is opening its gate just to annoy me. Even the moon got covered by the many clouds this night, merciless denying any chance to receive even the tiniest bit of light. But there is more needed to stop me from tonight’s task.

The fourth latch seemed to approve, by giving me the sweet sound of a lock jumping open. Witnessing what happened to his comrades a few minutes ago, the last latch was eyeing me suspiciously. I did not envy this wretched thing and released it from its pain quickly. I would like to say that it fought well, but that wouldn’t quite hit the mark.

Having opened all the latches, I carefully took hold of the window and slowly pushed it upwards. It only took me a few glances to spot the little wire which was attached to the window. During opening hours the electronic system, which is responsible for opening and closing the windows, deactivates the alarm the wire would trigger. During the night, on the flipside, the wires contact would be active and raise the alarm as soon as something pulls it. A window for example.
In the worst case, it would be a silent alarm, which lets the thieve continue until the friendly police officers take in custody. Not intending to participate in such a party, I carefully cut through the wire, making sure that tonight no alarm would be raised.

The inside of the building lay in complete darkness and revealed nothing to me. Reaching inside my bag I took out a long and heavy rope and attached it carefully to the roof. I double checked the knot and pulled a few times hard at the rope, to make sure it would carry my weight. Even though there was not much to carry. Being satisfied that the rope was securely attached and would hold up to the task I let the other end into the dark hole. Back in the days, I started with this kind of work I felt quite reluctant relying my life on a rope. Even now the feeling stayed with me just less noisy.
What choice do I have anyway? Wasn’t like I had many job offers to choose from, nor any skills which would make me good in other areas of business. Putting all my discomfort aside I grabbed the rope and let myself into the abyss.

The first few meters felt like being swallow by darkness, risking to never reach the surface again. After my eyes adjusted to the new environment and hungrily taking in even the smallest reflections of light I began to see more and more. It wasn’t enough to take my hole surrounding in, but at least I was able to make out the first shapes and forms, as I made my way down. The rope stopped approximately three meters off the ground. It wasn’t due to my disability to do proper math. The last thing you want on a run is climbing a rope while your pursuer has a hold of the bottom end and dangles you from the left to the right. Therefore I made sure the rope wasn’t long enough to reach the bottom and placed it next to a big statue.
For what I know the statue is dedicated to a sergeant with his horse, leading his company into battle. He, unfortunately, died in that skirmish but got famous for being a brave soldier and stalling his opponent long enough for his comrades to escape. Well technically his entire company died a week later in another skirmish but people don’t like to go into too much detail here. Climbing down on him he at least helped me to reach the floor safely. Good boy.

The hall was empty as I expected and I started my run to the upper floors. It was a specific room I was looking for but sadly far away from my entry point of the building. I would gladly have chosen another window, but it was the first one I could find without a proper camera security. Setting up my break-in plan two days earlier, I decided to try my luck with running through all these floors instead of climbing the building further up in the dark while dodging countless cameras.
As I made my progress I often got a glimpse of the strange paintings which were draped along the walls. Only a few lamps were on, giving barely enough light to move without tripping and turning the paintings into strange and bizarre looking things. It felt like being in the head of a lunatic and trying to find the only exit. Every now and then I passed big statues or sculptures, which cast their shadows all over the place. Shadows which my mind turned into ugly shapes and scary forms, adding a sinister twist to the scene. Sometimes it was hard not to get distracted with all that stuff around but I stoically kept running until I reached the highest floor.
It was secured by a big double-winged door with a small lock. I reached for my tools and picked the lock effortlessly. Something which happened a lot if you made your money with burgling. People putting a lot of thoughts into keeping you outside their buildings but once inside, you barely found any security at all. Sometimes you had to dodge a guard or open a safe but that’s it. Oh, and if you are thinking a safe would keep your values, you should probably invest more than a few hundred bucks. Guarding property worth hundreds of thousand dollars with an 800 dollar cheap safe. Good luck with that.

I opened the double doors a crack and sneaked in. Taking a few strides I realized that the stone floor was now coated with a big and heavy carpet, which swallowed the sound of my footsteps pretty well. To the left and right, I passed several doors, leading to different offices, all marked by a golden plate carrying the name and job description of their owner.
At the end on the left side, I found what I was looking for. ′Mr. Crimson’, the plate said – ’Museum Director’. My tools already at hand it took me no longer than a few seconds to pick the lock and open the door to the office. The room was far bigger than I expected. Containing a large wooden desk, three heavy leather chairs and racks full of stuff, which were covering the office’s walls from the left to right.

Taking my time I took a full circle through the room, eyed everything suspiciously and tried to distinguish the crap from the values. Sadly, it’s hard to tell with modern art nowadays. Calming my curiosity I remembered myself the reason I was here in the first place. I took the seat behind the desk and went to work with the first drawer. The lock gave up quite quickly but the drawer contained only bills and daily business stuff. The second drawer disappointed me likewise but I stopped complaining after I opened the third one. Inside I found several delivery papers and a thin file about an ancient Egyptian mummy.

Opening the small file I scanned the inside to make sure that it contained all the necessary information my client was looking for. It was strange to break into a place full of treasures to only steal some sheets of paper, but the client was quite clear on that.

The documents appeared to be complete, containing the place where the mummy was found, its travel route to the UK and today’s whereabouts. I was no expert for such things, but even I could see that someone wanted to make sure the entire process went as quietly and anonymously as possible. Looks like there is more to the case than the usual greed and hunger for money.
As I pulled my shirt up to tug the files safely in my trousers my eyes caught a flicker from across the room. There was barely any light coming from outside the windows to illuminate the office, making it nearly impossible to tell whatever object was placed on the rack across the room. Curiously I walked towards the shelf, leaving the documents on the table behind. As I came close I saw a glass vitrine and a small object inside. Wondering how I could have missed the glass cabinet during my walk around the office I peeked inside to get a closer look at that mysterious thing.

Whatever it was it seemed to be made of jade. Even lacking the necessary light to clearly make out every feature of the object I saw that the material was typically green. It was a little bit brighter than it should be, casting its greenish silhouettes to all directions. Mesmerized by its pulsing energy I opened the glass vitrine and touched it. It felt cold to the skin and the surface was incredibly smooth. Even seeing it for the first time it almost felt familiar to me. Like a part of my past finally finding its way back, or something I valued once and lost it through the ages. I heard how it was calling to me and was surprised to see my body answer. It felt strange to see my fingers closing around the statue, lifting it from its couched box and taking it out of the glass vitrine.

My body was on autopilot and seemed to move without asking for permission, or if developing its own personality. I felt the statue’s weight in my hand, my thumb tracing its intricate design, my eyes caught in its green shimmer. But something was strange. Something that didn’t seem to be in place or shouldn’t even be here. I scanned the small object in my hand but couldn’t find anything out of order. Turning around I took the whole room in, attempting to find whatever it was that dragged me out of my moment. Too late I realized that it was nothing I had seen or was misplaced, but a shrieking sound came out of the speakers.

The alarm?, I wondered. How could it be possible, I didn’t even... -fuck!, I longed into the cabinet and pulled the cushion out of the box. A little device was placed underneath with a small cable going inside the cabinets socket and most likely into the wall, connecting the pressure sensor with the alarm system. As soon as I lifted the figurine the alarm was raised and I somehow was too distracted to notice it immediately.
My instincts, developed and sharped through years of work, took over and set me in motion. I bolted out the office in direction of the doubled winged door. I needed to get to the big floors where I’m able to dodge a security guard if necessary because right now I would be trapped if someone blocked the exit. Luckily they didn’t seem to know where the intruder was or simply hadn’t enough time to reach this floor for the doors appeared unguarded.

I crossed my fingers and hoped they hadn’t already found my rope. I didn’t expect any trouble and didn’t bother to hide the rope at all. But I could worry about that later. For now, I had to reach the room in the first place. I was and never have been the biggest sports enthusiast and it wasn’t long until I could feel my lungs burning. Having the figurine tugged under my shirt its restless ups and downs threw me completely out of my running rhythm and complicated the run.
Every now and then I heard commands being shouted and the sound of footsteps echoing from all directions. The echo made it hard to tell but by my approximation, they were getting closer. As soon as the first one would spot me I’m in real trouble. At the moment I hoped that they didn’t know where to find me and had to somehow cover and search the entire building. If they managed to find me, they could coordinate their forces and surround me easily. Maybe I could hide somewhere instead of running away and steal myself away as soon as the building opens its doors to the first visitors.
The idea just came up and was instantly destroyed by a commanding voice ordering me to stop or get shot. What a joke, no guard would ever ... bang!. Panic grabbed me the second I heard the shot. I nearly stumbled, not being remotely able to process what had happened. Did he really shot at me? This couldn’t be true. I was surrounded by art worth a fortune and every missing bullet had a chance to destroy a statue or a painting forever. Something was wrong here, it didn’t make any sense.

I took the first turn I could find just to get out of sight and avoid any further bullets. I needed a few seconds to steady myself, begged my knees to stop shaking and carry on. Maybe a few seconds later I would be completely paralyzed by my rising panic but the screaming voices kept me going again. Now I wasn’t running anymore to avoid court, now I was running to see the next day. Through my scouting, over the last days, I had a fairly decent knowledge about the museum and its long floors and the quick change in direction wouldn’t be much of a problem.

After a quick sprint, I turned to the right and the first one left again to get back to the main route, hoping that I won’t run into more guards.

Before I dived into the main corridor again I took a quick glance around the corner, checking if other guards were coming this way but left and right was empty. Now it would only be around fifteen meters until I would reach the big room with the rider statue and my rope.

I peeked inside, checking if someone had found the rope. Somehow they had missed it, for the place seemed to be unguarded and the rope was still attached to the roof. I entered the room, climbed the statue and took hold of the rope to start my way upwards immediately.

I had probably half the rope behind me as the first guard entered the room only seconds before his comrades flooded in from the other entries. If not for the rope they would have me cornered right there. It didn’t take them long to see the rope and raise their guns. I had missed something very crucial somehow since there were way too many guards for a building like this. They all seemed to be pretty well trained judging from how their muscles are displayed under their uniforms. Some of them were carrying automatic weapons which clearly made them not the kind of security you normally find on your jobs.
This was getting worse by the second. Taking not too long to reconsider the decisions I made in life, I had only a few meters left to reach the roof. It would take all my strength to climb the rope in normal cases but after 20 minutes in full flight, it felt nearly impossible. The burning in my lungs slowly faded away and instead, my muscles screamed out to me even louder. I felt how my hands tried desperately to close around the rope while my grip seemed to loosen more and more. From a corner of my eyes, I saw them raising their guns and bullets were buzzing around me seconds later.

The exhaustion vanished from my mind instantly as I climbed to get out of the hail of bullets. A little later I realized that one bullet had hit me somehow as there was a lot of blood on my left arm running down my shirt. If it was a major or minor wound I couldn’t even say, being occupied with reaching the exit.

The fingers on my left hand went from tickling a bit to going more and more numb, as I finally took hold of the roof. I forced my muscles and every bit of strength to my command and with an ear-shattering growl, I hauled myself over the edge.

The night had cleared and the moon shed enough light on the roof to give away every little feature. My mind raced to process all the things which had happened in the past minutes as I caught a glimpse of a shadow flickering over the building. I tried to find its caster and couldn’t believe my eyes as I found him. A guard approached me slowly with his gun up. These guys are good. Far too good. I managed to roll sideways as I saw him taking aim and barely dodged the bullet coming afterward. Getting to my feet I sprinted zigzagging towards the end of the roof, hearing bullets ricochet from all directions. It was the lowest roof but still around 3 meters off the ground. With a little luck, I would make the jump without breaking any of my bones. Another 30 meters to the fence, in which I already cut a hole at the beginning of the evening. And then nothing but a few kilometers forest in which I’ll probably get rid of my pursuers. It wasn’t the best plan but the only choice I had.
I stopped my zigzag course for a straight run in order to prepare myself for the upcoming jump. At least the ability to fall from something was exactly my area of expertise. My Dad always liked to call me a wayward cat. Not because my movements were graceful or my ability to climb extraordinary, more the fact that I fell from any tree around our house at least once and never got seriously hurt.

I was three steps away from the roof’s edge and begging for one of a cat’s several lives, as another bullet fizzled past my ear. I felt my body tensing as I came near the chasm. Two steps away and more voices yelling at me from behind. Some strange mixture of commands, threats, and warnings. One step away.
I took a deep breath, felt my left feet on the edge and used my right to get enough momentum to get carried as far as possible. All muscles strained to the task, eyes focused on the destination, my body in perfect balance. For a moment it felt like being weightless as I lifted myself off the roof. The rush in my ears, the wind pressing in my face and this weird feeling in my belly someone gets before gravity took hold again.
It has been a long time since I felt this peaceful and it swept away as quickly as it came, making space for an excruciating pain in my chest. The wind in my ears had deadened the gunshot but as soon as I looked down I knew what had happened. There was a small red dot on my T-Shirt which got bigger and grew in all directions. It took my breath, got me off my momentum and screwed my balance until the world was nothing more than a blurred picture of colorful dots. Like a movie in slow motion until I hit the bottom.

I don’t know which part of my body made the first contact with the ground or in which order my bones broke. As I came to rest my entire body was going numb and useless. I tried to breathe, which got my chest to burn even worse and didn’t help at all, because there was no air filling my lungs. I tried in panic to open my eyes, hoping for a last glimpse of something before the darkness would take me.

Swollen and bloody only one eye responded and it took a while before my brain was able to create a clear image. I saw the forest and some silver lines which supposedly was the fence. A small object to the left caught my attention, with its greenish shimmer. The fall had pulled it free from under my shirt and placed it right in front of me. It still was beautiful and somehow unharmed. Seeing its perfect shape and the smooth surface made me reaching out to it, but my arms stayed numb at my site. It was so close to me but unreachable. My wounded body barely noticed the first raindrops falling on my skin.
Of course, it has to rain right now, I thought with a little smile. In the distance, I could hear voices getting louder but they would never reach me. My life came finally to an end.

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