Shackled Exemption

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He was staring at her.

Staring at her in trepidation. His wide petrified eyes gave away knowledge of the peril his position put him in. He was bound to feel it and she was escalated to finally see everything crumble to nothing.

His ego. His affectation.

The pose. The sham.

That stoic and arrogant persona he held all the time. It was lying, crushed and stomped next to his egocentric being. She could practically see it yet it did nothing to satisfy her.

It was not enough. Not yet.

“How did it all conclude to this?” She asked darkly and gripped the gun tight. “You are wondering, how did it clinched to this? Wonder and keep on wondering with that nugatory mind of yours to the point where you go insane beyond your limits. How did it deduced to the current predicament? When your plan was so flawless and quintessential, then where did everything go awry? Where was that one mistake made?”

The darkness and hatred took hold of her from inside once again as she stared inanimately at the last piece of this game. This game of chess being played for so long.

It was time to checkmate.

“Ponder. Debate. Again, again and again but there will be no voice but the echo of your own, resonating back to you every time.” The safety was unlocked. Just the mere action and he deadpanned. The shivering of his limbs became uncontrollable.

“No please! I beg you. Have mercy. Let me live. Please!” Oh how the pride bow to despair and death. “I will admit it. I will confess. Everything. Every bloody little thing. I will give it all back. Yes, yes. I will. I will give it to you. Just spare me. Just spare my life.”

“Will you?” She tilted her head sideways in mock curiosity to his subdued attempt of making negotiation. “What exactly will you give me back?” He knew what she meant and what it can bring him but still, he dared.

“Please! I beg-” She just barked a cold, humorless laugh at the irony of the situation. The feeling of deja vu. He was in the identical spot but nothing about his state held any correspondence.

“Somethings... Once truly lost can never be retrieved. No matter what” She whispered coldly and placed her finger on the trigger.

It is the end.

“Lower your weapon” Another voice interceded but it did nothing to dissolve the resolve burning her very core. She did not even deem it necessary to bestow this new, unwanted intruder a glance. She knew who it was. Another lifeless chuckled escaped her lips and she hummed while fixing her aim.

“I said!” the person gritted a little louder. Desperation and agitation evident in the voice. “Lower. Your. Fucking. Gun”

Pointless. Fruitless.

These attempts to hinder her were. Nothing could. Nothing will. For it all ends here.

This game that began seven years ago.

“Sad” She mused at the one who was aiming at her, ready to shoot any moment. “It became a symbol of trinity but-” her grip became firm and her determination reached its roots. “Today it concludes” She whispered lowly and looked in the eye of her pending doom.

“Ikhtitaam ki hadd hai ye” (The end is the limit)

“Aj phir se rakht bahay ga” (Blood will shed again)

“Aj koi to jiye ga” (Today, someone will live)

“Aj koi to maray ga" (Today, someone will die)

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