Shackled Exemption

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Dua braced herself against the dash when car came to an abrupt halt. She watched Asfand get out angrily and come to her side. Opening the door, he grabbed hold of her upper arm and pulled her out rather roughly. Asfand glared at her once before dragging her inside his huge mansion. Dua could barely keep up with his long strides. Her heavy dress and heels were proving themselves a great nuisance but Asfand paid no attention to it.

Dua looked around pitch black darkness. She couldn’t make of anything and there was no sign of any life around. She scoffed bitterly over the desolation this man lived in. It didn’t come as a surprise and it wouldn’t be a surprise if whole place turned out to be run-down cave, covered in mots and cobwebs by morning.

Asfand dragged her up the curved staircase and straight to his room at the end of wide snake like hallways. He kicked open the door and closed it in the same manner once they were inside. Moving to the center of it, Asfand threw Dua forward. She ended up near the edge of bed and barely missed falling on the floor.

“Why am I not surprised?” Dua glared up at Asfand when he loomed over her. She winced in pain when he grabbed hold of her hair and pulled on them hard.

“You would want to watch that mouth now.” Dua held onto his wrist when he pulled on them again, stronger than before. “I don’t tolerate recalcitrant women.”

“You should have thought about it before taking such drastic step Mr. Sherzai.” A hiss left her lips when Asfand jerked her head back. His harsh and hot breath was fanning her lips and it was turning her heart wild with fear and an unknown feeling.

“Don’t!” Asfand was having hard time controlling his carnal urges. They were screaming at him to tear open her clothes and do her right, rough and raw. “Stay put for now Mrs. Sherzai. One wrong move can call unnecessary ignominious inconvenience for both of us.” Asfand let go roughly and left her alone in his room. Probably in his humongous estate.

Dua looked around the dark room in apprehension but made no attempt to move from her position. Once sure that he was gone for good, she pulled her black watch out that was strapped to her thigh under her lehnga. It rebooted after detecting her pulse and she pressed on the button.

“Xian!” Dua whispered breathlessly. She needed to keep watch for things more than before. Now that wolf took her in his den, it became more than necessary. “Status?” Dua pulled at her bridal dupatta and threw it away angrily. She undid the bun and her hair fell back in long waves. She was furiously removing the ornaments adorning her arms, neck and ears. She just wanted to get rid of them. Everything seemed to burn her skin. “Care to explain.” She kicked off her heels to relieve her feet from pain.

“A slight miscalculation on our part” Xian heard a loud crashing on the other side of the line and looked at the green light. It relieved him that it was not Dua who was injured but the poor things around her.

“A slight miscalculation?” She threw the pillows on the floor. “Have you any idea what is done?”

“We already knew something of the sort could occur” Dua sat on the edge again and breathed deeply. “It was all about when?” Can he ever miss?

“Is everything okay?” She finally turned on the lamp and looked around the shadows it created in the big room.

“Except for Mir Shah holding an angry Haider back? Nothing extraordinary.” Dua scoffed at this. “Sarim and his family are safe. He is badly injured but he will survive.” Dua hummed at this. “Where is Asfandyar?”

“He is gone. Don’t know what he is up to. Don’t worry about what he will do or not. Stay on stand-by for now.” Dua could feel him nodding in silence. “You know what to do.”

“Dua?” There was pregnant pause between them. “Don’t be afraid.” She pressed on the button to terminate the connection and leaned back on her palms.

What now?


The faint screeching of tires made her heart jump. He was back. Dua got up immediately and moved to the middle of room. She could feel him coming. His heavy footsteps were ringing in her ears as he came closer. Just like that night. She held her breath when the knob twisted and the door opened.

With heavy moans.

Dua felt disgusted for witnessing such obscenity. She wanted to look away but she didn’t want to give Asfand the satisfaction of belittling her. Her fists clenched when Asfand pushed that slut against the door and ripped off her top. His mouth latched on her breasts like a depraved animal. Blood pumped in her veins like boiling acid when his hands roamed over that slut’s body in every direction shamelessly.

Is he seriously so into her that he didn’t notice me standing here?

Before things could proceed any further, that woman saw Dua and faked a gasp. Dua scoffed inwardly when she pushed at Asfand’s chest and tried to cover her modesty she never possessed.

“Oh” Asfand sneered at Dua while guiding his guest of the night inside the room. “Have some decency or are you too shameless?” Dua just raised her one delicate brow. “I forgot” Asfand pushed the woman into him with a satisfactory grunt. “This is nothing new for you. Excuse me, will you?” He grabbed Dua by arm and dragged her out of the room. “I don’t want to see your face right now. So, go crawl in some hole for the night.”

Dua didn’t even blink when Asfand slammed the door in her face. Not a single expression crossed her features as she stood there. Her hands were limp by her sides and eyes blank.

This was what she wanted to avoid.

“Mr. Sherzai?” Asfand fisted his palms on the door when a sultry voice whispered behind him. He could feel her. She was a touch away from him. On the opposite side. Yet, he made no effort to reach out.

“Take off your clothes and lie on the bed face down.” He turned and watched that slut do as ordered. So easy. He walked towards his bed while removing his shoulder holster and unbuttoned his shirt. She was sprawled over the bed, naked and waiting for him to fill her up. But her subjugation didn’t arouse Asfand like it used to. Too obedient. Asfand removed his shirt and threw it away.

For tonight. Unbuckling his belt and undoing the fly of his slacks, he slowly crawled on top of her after kicking his shoes off. Her fake moans made him cringe and for a second, he thought upon giving up. Fucking focus.

But before Asfand could proceed any deeper, he heard three shots and the door banged open with a calm looking Dua standing in it.

“What the fuck!” Asfand got off his companion and stormed towards her angrily. Dua beat him to it. He watched her in anger, awe, surprise and amusement when she pushed past him and shot the woman in the leg without even blinking. Her screams were giving Asfand a headache and he wanted to silence her immediately but he refrained from doing so. He wanted to see his little tigress. To what extent she could go.

“Two choices honey” Dua addressed her with a sweet smile. “Get up, get dressed and leave without looking back. Or-” She loaded the gun again and pointed it to her head. “Stay here, have every bullet pierce your naked body and have it lifted off the ground like a sack.”

Asfand watched amused when that slut picked her clothes and ran on one leg in the next instant. He was rather impressed by his haughty wife. She was not that little scared girl anymore and he was pleased how she turned out to be.

Perfect match for his ruthlessness.

Before Asfand could comprehend, Dua shot a bullet to his head, almost missing it by a graze. Her eyes were two pits of fire, soaring with hate and every ounce of it was directed towards him.

“Don’t be mistaken” She gripped the gun firmly and stepped closer to Asfand. “That you will have it easy Mr. Sherzai.” A smirk crept to his lips when Dua pressed the gun to his chest. “You will be doomed to self-destruction if you think otherwise.”

“Whoa!” Asfand gazed at her face and Dua felt uncomfortable under his intense eyes. “Jealous much?”

“Delusional much?” His arm snaked around her waist and Asfand pulled her to him with gun intact in its place. Before she could, his lips claimed her with hungry passion. Asfand devoured every crevasse of her mouth against her protesting moans. Memorizing them. He didn’t care if she shot him right now.

He just wanted to feel her, taste her and savor every brush of her body.

“Mr. Sherzai!” The gun fell from her hand. “Stop this” Dua pushed at his chest but Asfand grabbed her head and smashed his lips on hers again. This time roughly and aggressively. Her nails were scratching his injuries but he paid no attention to the pain his little temptress was inflicting on him. Each time she called him with his surname, he kissed her punishingly and brutally than before.


“Finally” Asfand smirked against her swollen lips. Her lipstick was smeared, cheeks were flushed and eyes were red with anger. She was panting hard and was looking so enticing in the moment. It turned on Asfand even more. “Don’t look at me like that love. You are making things so god damn harder.” Her eyes widen when his erection poked her belly and Asfand chuckled when she began pushing against him violently. “That’s what I was saving you from. But alas!”

“You are disgusting. Get away from me” Her breath hitched when her kurti came undone. “Don’t!” Dua shrieked when Asfand pulled it off her left shoulder and kissed his way towards her neck. His hands were rubbing the soft skin of her back in sensual patterns and the mere feel of it was driving him insane. “What are you doing?”

“It’s my right dear wife. You cannot stop me from claiming it.” Dua gasped when Asfand bit in her neck and sucked on her pulse. A guttural sound rumbled in his chest when her sweetness flooded his senses and he pushed her towards the bed roughly. His blood pounded in his veins when Dua fell on her back and he didn’t waste any time in climbing on top of her.

Her heart was close to bursting at what Asfand was doing to her. She felt revolted and disgusted at the feel of his hands and mouth on her body. She would choose death million times over being touched by him intimately in any way. She was pushing, kicking and screaming but Asfand was not even listening or budging.

“Asfand!” Dua screamed angrily when he ripped the kurti off her upper body, leaving her in nothing but a red bra. Hair sprawled, face red and chest heaving. Growls rumbled in his chest upon the very sin lying before his eyes.

His sin. His hell. His damnation. His Dua.

Fuck the control.

“You are still too clothed janaan-" Just when Asfand was about to reach for her lehnga, a bullet whizzed past his head and pierced the glass painting on the opposite wall. He looked towards the broken pieces with a frown and then, towards his shattered window.

“Get. Off. Me.” Dua spat each word slowly and poisonously. “Unless you want next in your head.” Aya was indeed a fine addition and Dua was pleased with her services. She won’t be needing to voice anything anymore. His mere actions will trigger the activation of her defense.

“Are you threatening me?” Dua didn’t blink when Asfand lowered on her and their eyes locked in a heated battle. Now that he was not pouncing her like an animal, Dua actually sneaked a look over his toned body. It was packed with muscles. The defined lines and hard contours were enough proof of his workout. Although covered in hideous bandages, he still managed to look handsome. Dangerously handsome.

Her heart started beating in a different pattern when her traitorous hormones reacted to his closure and alluring scent. But she ignored it. It was nothing but a completely normal reaction to have in presence of opposite sex. Not to mention, a hot and handsome piece of opposite sex. Asfand was, without a doubt, epitome of manliness and perfection.

But does that matter to Dua?


“Satisfied?” Asfand smirked. Apparently her checking him out didn’t go unnoticed. Asfand was pleased to see her body react to him. Not so immune, are we? “You didn’t get to see anything last time or should I say-” Dua held her breath when he closed in on her further. “Didn’t wait enough to see what you got.”

“Hardly noteworthy” Asfand scoffed at her lame attempt to dodge him. For how long?

“You underestimate me too much janaan."

“I don’t underestimate you, that’s why I took the precaution. Now get off me because I am tired and I want to sleep...Alone.” Asfand chuckled at her haughtiness and rolled over by her side. Dua got up immediately and pulled the blanket around her. Husband or not, she didn’t want him to see even an inch of her skin. “And next time-”

“Yes?” Asfand purposely folded his hands beneath his head and mused over her bitter expressions. He could see how badly she was trying to avoid looking at his pecs, abs and biceps.

“Try to pursue your pleasures elsewhere. As long as I am living here, I can only tolerate your germs.”

“You mean our germs janaan." Asfand chuckled and sat up straight. “I’ll keep that in mind. Not that I will be needing any external services anymore.” Dua seethed and left for the bathroom after picking her kurti. She had to live with it for the night because the bastard didn’t let her grab anything.

“What?” Dua jerked her hand free of his hold when Asfand popped in front of her suddenly.

“Easy love. Don’t try my patience too much.” Dua just clutched the shirt to her chest and looked in the direction Asfand pointed to. “That hallway leads to bathroom which is interconnected to the walk-in closet. You can access the closet area directly through this sliding glass door as well.” Dua saw a frosted glass double door adjacent to the small hallway within the room. “Everything you need is in there and settled. See! I am not that heartless janaan."

“Stop calling me... whatever.” Asfand laughed loudly when Dua stomped towards their closet area.

“This is going to be interesting” He rubbed his chest. Anger replaced his humor within a flash when she disappeared behind glass doors. “Very interesting.”


Asfand rolled over and his eyes snapped open when his hand met with empty spot next to him on the bed. He bolted straight up and looked towards his alarm. Where the fuck is she so early in the morning? Asfand jumped out of the bed and looked around in anger. There is no way she could step out of the estate.

Not until he wants.

“Dua?” He pushed open the bathroom door but there was no sign of her. “You have got to be fucking with me?” He banged the door hard on his way out of their room and checked entire residential part on top floor. But his little bird was nowhere in sight.

“Shafiq!” Asfand boomed while coming down the stairs. “SHAFIQ!”

“Jee Saeen” his head-servant bowed to him in respect and fear. He wondered what displeased his owner so much and so early in the morning. Asfand never woke up before 6.30 and there was still an hour and half to that. “Are you looking for som-”

“Get lost.” Shafiq watched Asfand pinch the bridge of his nose in agitation. “I said GET LOST.” Shafiq left without another word. “Where the fuck are you? I swea-” That’s when it clicked to him. Without wasting a second, Asfand rushed towards the west part of his mansion.

Where his gym was.

Relief and anger mixed to create something new when Asfand saw Dua running on the treadmill. His male appendage twitched when his eyes travelled down the arch of her back and rested on her hips. Fuck. She was looking hot in her tight black leggings and top. I have to set new rules around the house. The trail of sweat running down her delicate neck made his throat feel so dry. His member throbbed painfully and Asfand groaned in displeasure.

Dua turned upon sensing a presence in the hall beside her. Her mouth turned down upon coming face to face with Asfand. A shirtless Asfand. “Great!” She muttered under her breath and increased the speed when he leaned next to her. Last thing she wanted was to see his face so early in the morning. But it was going to prove itself an impossible feat. His uncensored gaze was irritating her but she didn’t show it. Dua didn’t want to give Asfand any satisfaction of any kind.

“I hate running indoors but thanks to your servitude protocol, I have to compromise on my health.”

“What can I do janaan? You haven’t given me any reason to let you fly freely. At least, not yet. See! You left me alone in the bed. And that on first day after our wedding.” Dua glared at him murderously.

“I told you to sleep somewhere else-”

“That’s my room” Dua scowled when Asfand stopped the machine altogether and pulled her off it rather roughly. “And you can dream on it that I will let you sleep in a separate room.” His demeanor shifted faster than a person blink. Dua watched the darkness and resentment in his eyes as he towered over her like a menacing shadow. “Listen to me very carefully love because I won’t be using words next time. Everything is fine. The mischief, the humor, the sarcasm and haughty comebacks but bear one thing in mind.”

Dua winced when Asfand grabbed her upper arm painfully. She could tell it was going to leave a nasty bruise. “Don’t ever disrespect me. Because I won’t hesitate in disciplining you thoroughly.” Asfand watched her gingerly when she wrapped her delicate fingers around his wrist and pried his hold off her firmly.

“Let me balance this warning” Dua raised his hand between them. “I would like to see you try. Unlike other women, my hands are not tied or broken. You try to meddle with me in anyway, you won’t even see death knocking at your door.” Dua let go of his hand and stepped back. “You don’t even know what you have done to yourself Mr. Sherzai. You didn’t bring a Dua in your life.” She looked directly in his eyes.

“You brought a bd-dua(curse). I am not going to behave like a typical obedient wife, just because I am married, nor I am going to change my lifestyle and ways around you for your so-called reputation. Either you live with it or-” She grabbed her stuff and turned, leaving her sentence hanging in the air. “Nice place by the way.”

“Dua!” Asfand watched her walk away while swaying her hips sensually. Her five-five wife was not to be underestimated. A dangerous smirk appeared on his lips and he hummed satisfactorily to his dark thoughts. “My precious Dua" Asfand chuckled darkly. “What am I to do with you janaan?”


Dua stopped on the entrance to their walk-in closet when she saw Asfand by the dressing. He gave her one glance and continued fixing his cuff-links. She pulled at her bathrobe once and proceeded towards her side while drying her hair. She just came out of bathroom after taking shower, thinking he left. But, here he was. Of course, he is not going to make it easy for me.

Dua could feel his eyes on her through the reflection. He was undressing her through his eyes when she was barely clothed. She sneaked one glance at Asfand when he was adjusting the holster on his broad shoulders. So tall. Asfand was six-four with muscular and broad build which only added to his intimidating persona. But his personality was very ugly. Dua looked away immediately when he looked up to wear his suit jacket.

“What is this?” A scowl marred her face when she saw her supposed clothes. “Who is going to wear this?” Dua pulled out a peach dress and turned to Asfand in anger. “Didn’t you do homework on me Mr. Sherzai?” No response. “Mr. Sherzai! I am talking to you. I don’t wear such clothes.” Her frown deepened when he ignored her completely. I am standing five steps away from you, for goodness sake.

“Asfand!” She drawled and finally got his attention. “What is this really?”

“What do you think it is Dua?” Asfand turned while wearing his watch and eyed the dress in her hand. He didn’t buy anything flashy or heavy for her. Asfand knew her taste and preferences. All clothes and accessories were semi- formal to casual. He couldn’t get what problem she was having now.

“I can’t wear them.” Dua blew out and hung the dress back before surfing through other dresses. She couldn’t blame him. What does he know?

“You cannot wear whatever you used to in America. Learn to differentiate between geography and cultures.” Dua scoffed lowly and turned to him after picking a zebra stripped shirt with black cigarette pants. This will have to do for now.

“I will wear whatever I want husband. But I was referring to colors for now. I can’t wear them. So-”

“You are married. People will think you are mourning my death.” A soft chuckle escaped her lips and she leaned against the wardrobe with a thoughtful hum.

“Great, isn’t it? I won’t be needing much practice later.” Asfand smirked and crossed the distance between them.

“Why do you insist on making me angry janaan?” He placed one hand above her head and twirled her wet hair with other. “My sweet, sweet Dua. Things I want to do to you.” Her breath hitched when Asfand buried his head in her neck and inhaled her scent. “Things I will do to you.” Dua fisted her hands to keep the shaking off her body when his lips traced the length of her neck with hot kisses. “But not all of them will be pleasant and pleasurable.” His hand went to the belt of her robe and he pulled on the knot.

“Have you forgotten?” Asfand stopped and pushed his face up from her neck to look in her eyes. “Hands off or I will be a widow sooner than expected.”

“Is that so?” Dua looked away when he stood straight and stepped back. “Let’s see then. By the way, I got a gift for my newlywed wife. It will be here in-” Dua looked in time to see him eyeing his watch in amusement. “Fifteen minutes? Get ready janaan." Asfand smirked dangerously and left for the main room.

“You need to meet a lot of people.”

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