Shackled Exemption

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Iram stepped out of the elevator and walked towards the room Dua booked for the night. It was on eighth floor with three floors between party hall. Her hands were sweating and shaking badly as she tried to keep her steps and breaths steady. Never in her wildest dreams, would Iram have thought she would be doing something like this.

Dangerous and insane.

Her mother would have beaten her to death if she came to know. Yet, she didn’t feel any wrong towards her chosen path. Not after what was done?

She rubbed her wrist watch when she stopped before the door. There was a moment’s hesitation. She wanted to turn back and leave but she remembered. She remembered that day very well and what it brought. For her and her family. Steeling her resolve once again, Iram took the card out of her purse and unlocked the door.

Unlocked the path to hell.

Two steps inside and she turned, coming face to face with the leering eyes of Wasiq Baig. He grabbed the door before she could slam it in his face and forced his way inside. “Hello sweetheart!” Her heart dropped when Wasiq locked them inside the room and tossed the card somewhere. “I knew I saw you alright. After all, how can I forget” his lecherous gaze swept down her body slowly and a vicious grin crept to his lips when Iram cowered away from him in fear. “Missed me? I am sure your cunt did.”

“Stay away from me” Iram staggered back at his approaching steps. “I can never forget a monster like you. No girl ever can. I just feel sick and sorry for the one who is being doomed to you.” Wasiq chuckled darkly at her failed attempts of bravado.

He could have never imagined one of his many preys would come before him in this life. Almost all the girls he raped, ended up dying of trauma or committed suicide for the fear of society. But this one survived. She was tough cookie to begin with. It took a lot to keep her beneath him but it was worth it. Her screams and tears when he tore through her was worth it.

She tried to raise her voice. But... Alas! It was a kingdom for beasts and powerful people like his father.

What could a lamb do? Only get eaten.

“I would like to have a taste of you again baby. It’s not every day I counter a strong pussy like yours.” Iram pushed him back when he lunged for her and made a dash for the door. A scream left her mouth when Wasiq grabbed her from behind and threw her on the bed.

“Stay away from me.” Iram kicked and screamed when he climbed on top of her and pulled her saree off her shoulder. “Leave me.”

“It’s your fault to lure men with this” Bile rose to her mouth when his hands cupped her breasts after tearing her blouse. “Don’t worry, I will be generous this time. I will make it pleasurable for you.” Just when his head dipped in her neck, she plunged the watch on his nape. “Fuck!” Wasiq hissed when the needle pierced his skin and incapacitated his nerves within seconds. “You bitc-” Iram pushed him back and got off the bed while fixing her torn clothes. Her eyes were brimmed with hot tears of pain, hate and revenge when she saw his paralyzed body lying before her eyes like a corpse.

“This is for all those girls” She screamed. “This is for taking away our happiness. For what you did. For raping me, for humiliating me and my family.” Iram ran towards the door and opened it. As expected, Xian was standing outside like she was told.

She was not alone.

He handed her the shawl silently without looking down her body and clothes. “Don’t leave him.” She hiccupped while draping it over her shaking frame. “Don’t leave any of them. They don’t deserve to live. They don’t deserve to be called humans.”

“Car is waiting for you. Go straight home.” She nodded feebly and glancing back one more time, walked down the same path she came.

But this time, with her head held high.


Dua twisted the ring on her index finger when people started gathering around the supposed circus Azfar and Afroz were putting forth. His daughter Ushna arrived and now, they were going to proceed with the engagement. She didn’t move from her position on the bar. She wasn’t going to.

After all, it was the best seat to watch what was about to unfold.

“It’s done.” A smile crept to her lips when Xian spoke to her through the small ear-piece she was wearing throughout the night. “It’s your word.”

“Of course” Dua turned back and watched the bartender reach for her drink to replace it with another one. Identical one. This time, she didn’t hesitate to drink it. After all, this drink was not spiked by her enemies. Aya nodded in silence after emptying the glass.

“Technology is an amazing thing, no?” She stirred the stick twice before taking it out of her cocktail. “Even if it as small as the particle of dust.” If only dear husband knew that playing D. Almas Sahi was not going to be as easy as it seems.

All it took was a small chip and right temperature to be implanted right under his nose. And that happened right before his eyes but he couldn’t tell. Her weapon will be right before his eyes but he would never be able to recognize it. Not when that weapon is wearing an invisible cloak over it’s micro size.

And every little secret and sin of his was in her hands to use as she pleased.

“You are looking good.” Dua popped the olive in her mouth with a satisfactory hum.

“It’s what I am good at.” Aya continued making drinks. And it’s exactly why she was with Dua. Her enemies were trying to reach her through the hand that belonged to her.

But what do they know and what will they know?

It’s her phantasm and every time they tried to trap or trick Dua, they will be the one getting confined within it’s hold, deeply and brutally.

“It’s done.” Dua just looked back at the crowd when they applauded at the appearance of a small scared girl. “It’s time for the groom to make his grand appearance.”

“And he will. Ayn!” Dua smirked. “Let the show begin.”

A second would have barely passed after the order slipped past her lips when every phone in the hall began to ring. Dua watched in silent amusement when applaud and accolade turned to condemn and castigation.

But that was not going to be end of it.

Before Azfar and Afroz could get hold of what was happening around them, the curtain fell from behind them and a huge screen was revealed.

“Hack into every system around the world.” Dua ordered bitterly. “Let no channel or website be spared. Make it global and make sure it couldn’t be taken off until every living soul has seen it.” Her palm fisted on the bar-top when she watched their so-called reputation get stomped on by their very own feet.

“What is this?” Azfar boomed when he saw his son making forbidden love with a woman below and a man on top of him, on the grand screen. “Take this off. I said fucking take this off” He looked around but all he saw and receive were looks of denunciation and hushed murmurs of shame. “Switch this fucking thing off.”

“This whole thing is viral Mr. Azfar. It is not a recording but live broadcast.” One of the reporters spoke up.

“And not only here, it is being circulated around the world.” Another one raised his phone for him to see. “What do you have to say about this?” After that one statement, gate to hell opened. They were dragged down its depth by brutal reporters who pounced on them with savage questions. It was worse than any physical assault.

Their clothes were ripped off without anyone tearing them. Their dignity was being clawed without anyone touching them.

But it was not over. It was not going to be.

“What the fuck is going on?” Safan was flabbergasted by what he saw on his phone and on the grand screen. “How did that bastard landed up in this situation?” It was hard to digest for him that Wasiq was caught in this live pornographic act. Wasiq, who raped and assaulted thousands of girls but was never proved guilty, was caught tonight. And on his own fucking engagement. “My head is going to explode. Please explain.”

Asfand didn’t look away from the drama unfolding before his eyes. He was neither amused nor shocked or shook by what happened. He was only wondering and his conjecture was answered when his eyes landed on his wife. And the smile dancing on her lips.

“We don’t need to worry over it Safan” Asfand chuckled darkly. “We are done for the night.”

“We are done here” Dua hopped off the stool and patted her saree. “Get the car.” Aya nodded and disappeared behind the bar. Giving one more glance to her enemies, Dua walked out of the grand hall silently. She was busy calling Xian that she didn’t notice the step and tripped. Before she could fall, a hand wound around her waist and steadied her back. She was expecting it to be Asfand but the person smelt and felt different. She turned to see and was met with a pair of brown eyes instead of green.

“What do you think you are doing?” Her anger flared when Sarim made no attempt to remove his arm. “Leav-”

“DUA!” She couldn’t even get the chance to react or grasp the situation when a punch landed on Sarim’s face, forcing him to drop his hold on her. She could only blink when Asfand beat him mercilessly until Safan pulled him back. She didn’t fight back when Asfand dragged her towards their vehicle rather brutally. He refused the driver and shoved her in the passenger seat.

Their ride was nothing less than a suicide attempt. The roads were slippery because of the heavy rain but Asfand didn’t pay any heed. He drove towards their estate at insane speed. Twice, their vehicle skidded towards the edge but they dodged death by sheer luck or his driving skills.

Dua kept looking at his side profile. He was very much aware of her eyes on him but he was so consumed by hatred and anger in the moment that he blocked every sanity that could hinder him in the moment.

“Asfand!” Dua braced the dash when he stopped in their driveway. He got out immediately and came to her side. “Stop!” She tried to push him off when he dragged her out like an animal, all the way inside the mansion. “I said, stop.” Dua clawed at his hands but he didn’t listen. Their commotion made their servants rush to main hall. Muffled gasp of horror and dread escaped their lips when Asfand threw Dua on the floor.

“I warned you, didn’t I?” His voice boomed through the entire hall, making their servants cower back in fear. Dua reached for her temple that collided with the edge of table. She was bleeding but she didn’t care. She was expecting worse from him. She knew this monster was capable of doing worse. He was going to do worse with her. She was just waiting for when.

“Dua baby” Ida rushed forward upon seeing her hurt but she raised her hand and got up on her own.

“Stay back Ida.” Dua rubbed the blood on her fingers and faced Asfand calmly. A wave of shock passed through his eyes when he saw her bleeding but her defiant expressions blinded him again by rage. “What do you think you are doing?”

“Don’t talk back to me” Dua winced in pain when Asfand jerked her head back roughly. Everyone looked away because they couldn’t bear to watch their lady get treated badly at their Saeen’s hands.

In the time Dua has been here, the servants came to adore and respect her a lot. She was very different from their Saeen. She might have not appeared like it but she was kind and compassionate. And her consideration earned her respect from every worker around the mansion.

“I told you to never disobey and disrespect me woman.” Asfand pulled at her hair roughly that brought tears to her eyes. They pricked his heart but were not enough to wake his conscience. “What to expect from a woman like you” His eyes spat fire at her whole. “Beauty and boldness. Of course! One man can never be enough to satisfy you.” He threw her back again and turned away.

Dua watched his broad back in stoned silence. She couldn’t believe what he said just now. Asfand accused her of infidelity. Just because Sarim helped me when I didn’t even ask? Millions of questions swarmed her mind the longer she stared at him, facing away from her. What about you? What about the part where you ruined me for life? What about my sister who lost her life because of your cruel joke?

“Such words don’t suit a rapist” Words were out of her mouth before she even knew it. No one dared to even breathe after what Dua said. No one wanted to know what next moment was going to bring.

A line was crossed and no one wanted to know the outcome.

Asfand turned when Dua got up shakily, He saw it alright. The hatred and resentment she bore for him.

But it didn’t matter. All that didn’t matter.

“Repeat yourself” He ordered calmly and took a step closer to her. “Say that again.”

“You are a rapist Asfandyar Sherzai” Dua spat each word viciously. “A man who didn’t even spared his own moth-”


“Dua!” Ida was horrified when Dua fell on the floor after receiving that hard blow from her husband. She watched Asfand appalled but not a single expression or emotion flickered across his face. He was just watching Dua blankly as she tried to steady herself.

“I said no interference Ida.” Dua wiped the cut on her lip and looked back at Asfand bitterly. “I want to see the monster I married.”

“Stay back” Asfand raged when his servants tried to scamper away. This was too much and they didn’t want to witness any of this injustice towards an innocent soul. “No one will move from their fucking position or I will kill you all, down to your very last kin.” Asfand yanked Dua back to her feet roughly by fisting her hair. “You want to see what I am?” Dua didn’t blink away when he hissed in her face. “I will show you.”

“Nothing that I haven’t seen already Mr. Sherzai.” She chuckled bitterly. “It’s just a recall.” Asfand backhanded her hard and she ended up colliding against the handrail. A painful cry was threatening to escape her lips but she held it back. Her hand cupped her rib-cage that sustained the damage of this assault. “That’s it?” She leaned against the railing with heavy gasps and watched him unbuckle his belt.

Fear rose in her for what that mere action could result in but she refrained from showing it.

“If you insist” Dua closed her eyes to keep her tears when the first strike landed. Her flesh stung and she couldn’t even got the chance to feel its numbness when the second one struck her bleeding flesh.

“Dua! Please, stop” Ida clamped her mouth hard to contain her screams when she saw Asfand beat Dua so brutally. Why? She looked at Dua pleadingly to fight back but she just shook her head. Ida couldn’t get why Dua was doing it. What was she trying to achieve? How could she let Asfand raise his hand on her? She was as much strong and could fight back easily. Then why? Her silence was only earning her a lot of pain that was too unbearable to watch.

His hands shook when tears fell from her eyes. When the belt struck her first, Asfand was shocked by his own actions but when he saw that rebel in her eyes, he lost his cool again. What the fuck is she doing to me? What the fuck is she making me do? His anger was all over the place and it became impossible for him to rein it back after what she said.

“Dua!” Asfand threw the belt away and strangled her hard with both hands. “You fucking-” Dua just smirked through her pain. He cut her oxygen but she showed no reaction. “What the fuck are you doing?” Asfand didn’t react when the muzzle was pressed to his chest. He kept looking in her eyes that were full of venom for him.

“It will never change anything” She gritted lowly when he choked her harder. “You only concreted what I said.” And you have no idea what you have done to yourself. Dua placed her finger on the trigger.

End him. Kill him.

“Enough!” Xian pulled Asfand off Dua and pushed him back. Ida rushed forward and caught Dua in time when she fell unconscious. “I warned you” Xian aimed the gun to his head when Asfand lunged forward. Both men were snarling at each other without blinking away. Each one consumed by hatred and anger of his own.

“You stay out of this Xian Wang” Asfand had his gun pressed to his head as well. “This is between us.”

“Over my dead body.” Xian hissed back and unlocked the safety. They would have pulled the trigger if Safan hadn’t pulled Asfand back.

“Fucking let me go Safan.” Asfand thrashed against him violently. “I will kill this fucker-”

“Xian!” Ida screamed, making them look away from each other. “We need to take her to hospital.”

“You don’t touch her” Asfand roared and tried to jump him but stopped when his eyes landed on Dua. When he actually saw the condition she was in.

“You don’t get to say anything anymore Asfandyar. You are no fucking different from that animal and you just fucking stamped it with her blood.” Xian rushed towards Dua and without wasting another second, carried her out of the mansion.

“God will never forgive you for this injustice Mr. Sherzai. Never” Ida wiped her tears and followed Xian out.

“What the fuck did you do?” Asfand didn’t act or react to Safan and his rough shoves. He was like a stone in the moment, watching the spot Dua was lying moments ago. And the mere reminder twisted his insides. “Will you at least speak?” Safan wanted to smash his head right now. “Fuck!” He pulled at his short hair roughly and looked at his silent servants. Their expressions bore the pain for the one he abused tonight. “Look what you have done.” But Asfand didn’t blink away. His eyes were hooked on the blood in his hands.

Her blood he spilled with his own hands.

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