Shackled Exemption

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“Pride leads to destruction and Arrogance, to downfall” Dee pulled at her hand roughly which was in a tight lock within Xian’s hold. She hated it when he brought logic within things. It was one of the main reasons why many fail. Because they fell in the trap of logistics. It was not that she was an illogical person. She was very thorough in whatever she did. But she never let that tiny voice rule her which destroyed many.

Unlike her, Xian knew when to draw back. He knew his boss knew no bounds from the very beginning. Ever since he started serving Dee, he observed her behavioral patterns closely. She was vicious and headstrong with morals deviating from normality. She was one of the kind in the way she set grounds for her to live and stand.

Heartless, cold and deadly.

No one can even imagine what the innocent majestic beauty hides behind her allure. It led many to ruination, especially those who underestimated her, just because she is a woman and delicate in appearance.

Those who knew D. Sahi, knows very well what kind of woman she is. What kind of human she is. She doesn’t care what the outcome might hold unless, it is what she desired. She was more than willing to jump the precipice if it meant to get what she wants. She will because there is no stopping her.

“They are expecting you” Dee turned to face Xian with collected expressions while wearing her jacket. It was an inevitable situation and she will have to face it, one way or another. She huffed silently and made her way to the exit with Xian and his two most trusted men, following her.

“Get the car ready.”


“I am so angry with you Dee. It’s like you are not my sister but some Hollywood celebrity or president of some nation.” Dee always found it amusing how this woman could go on talking non-stop and now that she was pregnant, her level only upped. “And I hate this black color you wear all the time. You know back home, this is considered bad omen. I am not being illusory but you should wear more colors. You are such a sumptuous and lavish beauty. You don’t know how good they will look on you.”

“You flatter me Amber” Amber fumed over her answer. It was interesting how a man like Haider Shah, cold-hearted and deadly, was married to such a warm and bubbly woman. They never ceased to amaze Dee. Amber had him wrapped around her little finger in her own unique way. It was hard to imagine him being all cuddly and loving but he became. One can tell clearly what big difference Amber has made to him ever since she came in his life two years ago. It was by pure luck. No one thought he will be bringing a wife back.

It was not easy in the beginning and at one point, Dee thought their marriage will end but they pulled themselves out of the pit and were now an example and source of awe and envy for many.

“Are you even listening to me?” Dee smiled at her pout, “You always do this. You and Haider are same. He always zone out when I talk to him.”

“Who said that? I don’t zone out baby. I get lost in you” her scowl deepened when her husband came and Dee saw how Haider paled when she crossed her arms and faced away from him like a child.

“I will leave you two to sort this but hurry. I have to leave shortly.” Amber frowned at this. “I’m sorry Am but there are some matters that need serious attention.”

“Same excuse every time Dee. Don’t you get bored of it? It is so hard to convince you to come every year. Why do you do this? I don’t want to believe that success has gotten to your head so much that you have even forgotten what truly matters?”

“Amber!” Haider tried to warn Amber but they knew how she was. Upfront and blunt, a quality Dee liked most in her.

“Haider please!” She drawled and approached Dee who was standing like a statue, facing away from them. And the reality. “They never change” she stared at her poker face with a sad frown. “How long Dee? And why?”

There was no answer.

Logic doesn’t work the way we want it to. It might appear reasonable when in reality, it is far from it. It is just like a bitter pill that we have to swallow.

“Baby! Calm down” Haider held his wife’s shoulders gently. “Stress is not good for baby and you.” He looked at Dee with hardened eyes. The eyes that were now showing the truth of them behind the back of his wife whom he wants to keep away from the darkness of their lives at all cost.

“Remove that frown Amber, it looks hideous on you.” Dee gave her a small smile which deflated Amber more and she bowed her head in defeat. “Don’t be like this. I am going to meet Dar-jee. I will see you later and once I do, I want the bubbly parrot back.” She gave Haider a curt nod and left from the terrace lounge quietly.

As much she loved Amber, Dee doesn’t want her involved in her life. It was fine as long as she stayed at the safe distance but once Amber tried to cross the line, Dee won’t hesitate in cutting her off. She doesn’t need hindrance. She doesn’t need all of this.

These petty things are long lost and wasted on her.


“Ah! Look who finally decided to show me her pretty smile” Dee bowed her head in respect when Dar-jee patted it gently and ushered her to sit beside him. Mir Jahangir Shah. Father of Mir Ibrahim Shah, Hadi’s father and the founder of Cubestone Enterprises.

He has aged but the power and braggadocio was still the same. The fine lines, wrinkles and graying hair were telling their tale of various phases, they passed and faced with poise and honor.

“I barely see you now that you have moved away to live by yourself. I seriously don’t understand this young generation with their privacy issues. When we were young, we could barely digest the thought of living alone. Whole family lived together. The whole haveli was filled with laughter and joy.” He sighed dreamily while reminiscing the past.

“Good old days they were” Dee smiled and he chuckled wholeheartedly.

“Good old days they were.” He grabbed her hand in his and squeezed it affectionately, “How are you doing bacha?" This was his favorite endearment for her since childhood.

“I’m great. You see it every day. Life is satisfying.” Jahangir gave her a smile, a smile that knew everything. She looked around and at the decor which was similar to a traditional eastern place, his culture and home that he could never forget even after spending more than two decades in America.

Jahangir lived in the west wing of the estate while Haider, his grandson, with his wife Amber lived in main part. He had created a world of his own in order to bring peace to himself now that his wife, son and daughter-in-law were no longer in this world.

“Can you define it?” He asked suddenly while leaning back in his rocking chair, “What is a satisfying life?” There he goes again, Dee mused, with his puzzle like questions that they were never able to answer correctly.

“Where you don’t feel emptiness. Everything is fulfilling.” He hummed in response while deeming her with his dark eyes that were now assessing her answer.

“So, you are satisfied with how things are proceeding for you? You don’t crave for more? You don’t thirst for the end?” Her smile was tight and guarded as she nodded her head in affirmation. He just chuckled lowly.

“I am very happy for you bacha. You gave me a reason to flaunt in front of whole world. May ALLAH bless you with so much that you never had to feel the emptiness.” He stood up and placed his hand on top of her head in a fatherly manner.

“After all, your life is satisfying just the way it is.”


Her hazel eyes were fixed from atop, watching her prey over the rim of her glass. The club was in uproar just like every other night. But this drowning noise didn’t know, there will be a hunt tonight.

The hunt that will set the events in motion.

The prey was still unaware, immersed in the pleasures of the world that were set forth as a trap to begin the chase.

He was too busy, devouring the women latched on his left and right. There was no filter to his actions. He sucked and nipped on the women, half his age, like a deprived man. Dee waited, bidding her time patiently and calmly. There was no need to hurry. Everything was moving according to her wish. She will strike when she wants, she will yield when she wants.

It was, after all, her territory.

Once their eyes clashed, a slow and sly smirk made its way to her lips. She put her glass down deftly, getting up with poise and made her way to the back which was reserved for the exclusive guests. She doesn’t need to look behind as she walked with lithe grace in her black dress, putting forward an enticing sight. Her heels clicked in the silent hallways as she walked further ahead and in buried silence of this night.

Dee left the door ajar once she entered her room. She would have taken a step or two when she felt a hand on her bare shoulder, sliding over the tattoo on her left shoulder blade and down to her wrist adorned with diamond bracelet. She didn’t react while the fiend admired her from behind.

“What a pretty little thing you are” he slurred, stumbling forward and faced her with lust-filled eyes. “And so alone. Didn’t your parents tell you that girls from decent families don’t dress like hookers and go to places like these?”

“Your daughter must be so proud of you” He just sneered and leaned close to her face, his breath reeking with alcohol.

“Don’t act all dignified. We all know what women like you crave and aim for-” he was pinned to the floor before he could even blink. “What the fuck is going on? Leave me.” He yelled but it was futile. Xian twisted his arm painfully, almost popping the bones to surface with his vice like grip. Dee walked around his thrashing body and sat on the couch with one leg crossed over the other.

“You will regret it, bitch. You don’t know who I am. I will make sure you suffer in every way possible, you wench. You will beg with blood in your eyes. You have no fucking idea who you have messed with.”

“I see” Dee just tilted her head a little and smiled at him darkly. “I am looking forward to it” She stood up abruptly, her eyes turned cold and she glared balefully at the man, lying near her feet.

“I am looking forward to it Nawab Ahmed Murtaza.”


He was going through some really important files regarding the issues he needed to tend before he left for America. Last week has been one hell for him. The number of his enemies were increasing no matter how many he killed. He doesn’t understand where the fuck these rotten pieces of trash rose from. The most flagitious fact was that they even dared to stand up to him when they very clearly know what it will lead them to.

Pathetic excuses of lives, loitering the earth.

This world was not for the weak. Only the strongest of the strongest were allowed to live and rule and in due time, he will make it happen.

Just a few more steps and I will have the ultimate power in my hand, both in the business and underworld.

“Sardar!” He glared at his underling who came rushing in his office without his permission. He knew they will never dare to pull such act if it was not a life and death situation. “We got problem” And no sooner than he spat those deplorable words, Safan stormed inside furiously.

“It’s Nawab” The table was thrown against the wall with thundering noise and he made his way out of his office, his men tailing behind him closely. This is exactly why he never trusted anyone but himself.

Now he will have to pay the price for much more if that mother-f***** opened his mouth which he was sure that he will.

“Prepare the Jet, Safan.” He got in his black Prado and turned to him with coldest expressions, his muscles twitching uncontrollably near his defined jawline.

“We are leaving tonight”.


There was blood everywhere, its rancid smell drenching the air. The blood curdling screams and bone breaking echoed around but all this gore was nothing for her. Dee watched her prey being broken again and again in most brutal way possible but not a single expression crossed her face.

“Please, I beg you. No more.” Nawab Murtaza choked on his breath as he tried to gulp the air greedily in an attempt to feed his lungs. “I beg you. Spare my life” Her blood boiled upon hearing those wretched words. And it didn’t need to be said because his painful screams once again reiterated through air when Xian broke his fingers.

One by one, bone by bone.

“I will give you what you want. Everything. You can have everything. Just let me go.” He cried loudly when Xian poked his skin with hot iron rod, brandishing him again like the animal he was. “Please! Have mercy.”

“Mercy?” He looked at Dee with heavy eyes that were forced to stay open. He wasn’t even allowed to lose consciousness. He gulped loudly when she began walking towards him at slow pace. “What does that mean?” His eyes widened in utmost fear when he saw that look in her eyes.

“I- You” he stuttered, “Who are you?” She just smiled an empty smile and tilted her head to the side.

“I am amazed that you don’t know me.”

“I know you are D. Almas Sahi” he breathed roughly, “But who are you?” Her face became a void once again as he tried to search the answer to his own question in it fruitlessly.

“Isn’t it amazing?” His eyes snapped back to hers, “How a person become crazed with hunger once he has tasted power? Won’t you agree Nawab Murtaza? You, after all, are a legend yourself. You started from nothing and now have everything. Tell me, is life satisfying?” his body began to shake when she smiled at him again. “Going back home to a dedicated wife and a lovely daughter. Is it worth all the hard work you do or did to reach where you are now?”

“Please!” he pleaded again, “I will do anything. Whatever you will say. Please! Just let me-” Dee turned to him with that same smile that was a false facade to lure the prey into a deathly trap.

“Anything?” He nodded furiously that it was comical to watch. “What fidelity” Dee took the file from her underling and extended towards Nawab Murtaza after opening it.

“The price of your life” Xian undid his cuffs and pulled him back when he tumbled forward. He took the file and his eyes widened in horror when he read what was inside.


“Think carefully Mr. Nawab Murtaza” She began circling him slowly, “It’s either one small signature and your freedom or an everlasting period of constant torture that you don’t even know why you are bearing.”

“They will kill me” She just smiled at him with poisoned serenity.

“Will they?” he gulped, looking at the file in his shaking hands and it didn’t take more than half a minute for him to make up his dilapidated mind.

“Pen” the moment he got hold of it, he signed the papers, almost tearing them in the process. Xian took the file when he extended it towards Dee. “I played by my end. Now it is time for you to uphold your promise.”

“Of course” Dee turned to leave.

“What will this bring you? You don’t even know them, then why?” Her fist clenched to her side as she continued walking, with him screaming after her in despair. “Who are you?”

That is the question you all will ask.

Who am I?


This morning was like every other morning but was different in so many ways. Dee sipped her coffee slowly, going through the newspapers like usual while the Smart-t.v blasted with the highlights of today. Once done, she placed the papers down and got up.

“Don’t wait up on dinner.” Ida bowed and Dee made her way out of her villa and towards her car in the driveway, ready and in wait for her departure. Xian closed the door once Dee was seated and they were off towards her office.

“It is ready and awaiting. We will proceed once you give the signal.” She looked out and a poisonous smile crept to her lips when the tall buildings closed in her view.

The moment the car stopped, Dee stepped out and walked inside her building, Xian and Sharlene following close behind as always.

“The papers are ready ma’am.” She nodded and once they set foot on her floor, Sharlene went to get the necessary arrangement done and Xian followed her to her office.

“What a pleasant surprise” Dee walked straight to her table and seated in her chair with one leg crossed over the other elegantly, her posture straight and dignified. Xian stood by the side with hands clasped behind his back. He knew what was about to come.

Haider turned to her with cold eyes as he increased the volume of Smart-t.v. The screen was divided with multiple channels, flashing the same news in different languages.

The sudden death of Nawab Ahmed Murtaza has shaken the world who was a renowned businessman in New York, owning multiple companies and shares in the market all over the globe. The man was rumored to be a part of an underworld covenant, dealing with major crimes that caused major catastrophe seven years ago. Their members are still unknown and though proved innocent, he was being kept under strong surveillance.

His body was found charred in one of his abandoned warehouses where fire broke when he was on visit. No one knew of his whereabouts until one of his employees found him this morning. According to Forensics, he has been dead for more than a week. No one can say for sure what resulted in this outcome. An old nemesis who might fear him breaking the oath or some potential enemy that emerged out of nowhere.

The stock market is in uproar and investors are demanding the money, they invested in the multiple projects that were in progress under him. It is a heavy time for not only his family but for Nawab Enterprises as well.

“Life can be so unpredictable.” Haider turned the screen off and faced Dee blankly. “One moment, you are all happy and next” She leaned back in her chair and twisted the ring on her finger that always seemed to choke her through its hold. “It goes boom.”

“Sahi!” He stopped in front of her desk with hands pressed on the dark, polished surface. “Don’t tread the path which have no return.” Dee just smiled at him and looked outside the window at the sky that turned dark.

The chain is finally broken.

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