Shackled Exemption

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Dua barged in their room like a tornado. The lights were off and a single lamp was illuminating the shadows in the room. She wanted to switch it off too. It reminded her of her first night here and the mere thought burnt her hatred to infinity.

Her throat was hurting so bad and she wanted to scream everything out. She was seeing red and nothing else in the moment. But this red was different from what she has always felt behind her closed eyes.

Dua knew she had to be in control. In a way, she was behaving irrationally but she had no control over it. Not knowing what was fueling her rage so much only worsened everything in the moment.

“Shit” She threw the dupatta away angrily but before she could have moved further inside, Asfand caught her arm and pulled her back. “Don’t touch me” Dua broke free of his hold and moved back when he took a step towards her. Asfand was thrown off guard by her behavior but he was not going to let her escape. This has gone too far now and he was as much raging.


“I said don’t touch me” Dua thrashed violently when he got hold of her again. “Let go Asfand. Leave m-”

“Shut up.” His thundering voice sealed her lips for the first time. “Just. Shut. Up.” Her back hit the wall and Asfand pinned her hands above her head. “Enough. Not another word.” His eyes bore deep in hers as they panted hard against each other. “What is your problem?”

“What is your problem?” Dua spat back acridly. “Just leave me alone.” She squirmed in his hold but Asfand didn’t free her or gave her any chance to break free. The more she thrashed, the tightened his hold became and the closer he got. “Asfand!”

“You are not going anywhere until you tell me what the fuck is going on with you. What is with your whiplash attitude? One moment you are cool and next, it’s fire spitting out of your every fiber.”

“What does it matter to you?” Asfand gnashed his teeth at her defiance. “Whatever the hell I do is of no concern to you. So just leave me alone.”

“Dream on it.” But what came next was not something Asfand was prepared for. Dua broke free of his hold and pushed him back hard. She didn’t give him the chance to get hold of the situation and shoved him back again.

“You sick being” She screeched and gave him another hard shove. “Who are you? Who do you think you are to mess with me like this?” His back collided with the door and Dua grabbed hold of his collar, ripping open the buttons of his shirt in process. “Your honor? Your rights? What of it? What about it?” Her fists collided with his chests nonstop. “Don’t spout bullshit when you don’t even give a rat-ass about it.”


“You threatened to rape me that night. You threatened to sell me and then you had the nerve to force me into marrying you again. Why?” Dua pulled at his collar harshly. “Why did you want to marry me again when you hate me so much? Then why are you doing things?” Her grip tightened around his shirt as the storm in her burning eyes soared higher.

“As if all this was not enough. You accused me of infidelity and now you had the nerve to talk about honor. What honor are you talking about? This?” She pointed to her body. “You want to do the same thing to me that many others want and I am sure once you are done thoroughly, this honor will mean nothing to you.” His hands balled into fists at her words.

“Are you getting angry?Why?” Dua chuckled dryly. “What about you? What about the sick games you are playing? Don’t even think that I don’t know what intentions you bear towards everything that is going around.” Dua stepped closer to him. “You are using me Asfandyar Sherzai. You don’t want me.” She poked his chest. “You want what I have. My power, my position and my body.” Dua smirked when the words hit him fair and square.

“You were using me then and you are using me now. For your own ulterior motives. So don’t give me this shit of your honor, your wife and-” She took a pause while looking in his eyes. “Because I was never.”

Asfand let her spit all the poison in her heart. As much as it was infuriating him, he wanted to know how much more venomous her feelings were towards him. He wanted to know what triggered all this to surface.

“How many times I begged you that time. How many times I asked for your help but what did you do?” She jerked by his collar again. “You laughed at me. You treated me worse than an animal and now you-” Her lips sealed the words in her mouths.

“Don’t! Don’t think you can fool me. Never. I will never trust you. Never again.” She gritted her teeth in anger. “Some man you are. Same to the core. Just like them. I even regret that moment when I thought that you could be different but no.” Her hands fell animatedly by her sides and she looked at Asfand with all the hatred she could muster. “I hate you.”

“That’s it?” Asfand caught hold of her wrist and pulled her back before she could have moved away. “You hate me, is that it?” Dua was thrashing nonstop but he caged her in his arms. “Not so fast.”

“Leave me-”

“Why?” He smirked at her anger. “You didn’t finish the whole story janaan." Dua glared at him murderously. “Your glare only stimulate me more janaan. Better spit it out before I coax it out of you.” Dua pushed at his chest but he didn’t budge. “I told you I have ways.”

“I’m sure you do” Asfand narrowed eyes at her taunting remark. “That is exactly why your ex is still loitering around you.”

“What?” Dua broke free of his hold and pushed him back again. Her eyes were now red with anger and hatred and all this was directed to the man in front of her. “What are you talking about?”

“I can’t believe your arrogance” Dua chuckled dryly. “It doesn’t matter to me Asfandyar Sherzai, what you do with Saba. Or with any other woman. Create a harem for all I care. I just want you off my back.” Dua tried to walk away but Asfand caught her by waist and pulled her to his chest. “Leave me.”

“Are you accusing me of cheating?” Dua didn’t look at him and kept pushing at his arms that were holding her captive. “I’m asking you a question.”

“And I don’t feel obliged enough to answer.” A gasp left her lips when Asfand pushed Dua against the door.

“Is this what was bothering you these past days? Because you saw me with Saba?” Dua glared at him hard. “Answer me Dua.”

“No” Asfand pinned her hands on either side of her head and moved closer. So close that her heart began to thunder in her chest at the spark that ignited between them. “Whatever you do, means nothing to me.”

“Is that so?” Dua fisted her hands in his hold. “Glad to know that you bear such understanding towards me.” Asfand let go of her wrists suddenly and stood up straight. “Otherwise, it could have caused serious repercussions for us.” Dua kept looking at his smug face. There was nothing but coldness in his eyes that clearly gave away that he meant what he said.

“So you don’t mind me meeting Saba or any other woman, right? I’m actually relieved to know that.” He walked back to their bed. “Saba is in a lot of difficulty, all thanks to you. And it’s actually unbearable for me to watch her like this. She was an only child you know and she has never been exposed to the harshness of the world.” Asfand casually examined the claw marks his little tigress left on him. She is wild. The thought made him smirk.

“I guess I actually cared for Saba somewhere down the line. I mean she wasn’t lying when she said that she is exactly what I wanted in my wife. Obedience and submission.” Dua didn’t notice when her feet carried her to him. “I was planning on telling you this.” Asfand finally faced her in cold humor. “I’m bringing her home.” Something pricked her insides at what Asfand said. Dua fisted her hands to keep their shaking from Asfand. “And I might marr-”


And that single slap moved from one cheek to other continuously. Blood coated his vision at the insolence Dua showed but before his anger could have blinded him, Dua snapped.

“What did you just say?” Dua grabbed his collar and jerked him towards her roughly. Their nose collided and breaths mingled as they glared at each other in hatred and anger. “You will bring her here? You will marry her?” Dua yelled angrily. “Over my dead body Asfand. I won’t let you.”

“Why?” Asfand gripped her arms and jerked her body towards his. “As far as I can remember, you don’t consider me your husband, then why? Isn’t that what you wanted? Getting me off your back forever?” Dua gritted her teeth. “You should be happy. At least, my attention will be deviated from you.”

“I will kill you.” Dua started punching his chest again. “Who do you think I am? Some helpless woman you can toss around whenever you wanted? No!” She screamed. “You cannot do this to me. I won’t let you play me like this.” Asfand caught her hand that was about to slap him again.

“Careful janaan. I am not that tolerant towards disrespect and you have dared enough already.” His grip around her wrist became bruising. “What does it matter to you?” Her heart was ready to explode. “I am no one to you, then why are you so bothered about it? What do you know? I might have been sleeping behind your back. Or it could be possible that I might have already married Saba.” Her blood turned to lava and Dua just couldn’t control it anymore. “Like you said, I took her to hotel-”

“You are mine.” Dua screamed. “You are only mine and I won’t let anyone come between us Asfand. No one.” Asfand watched her in stunned silence. Never in million years, would he have thought that Dua would say this. “You married me. You are my husband and nothing is going to change it as long as we stay together. I will kill you Asfand but I won’t share you with any bit-”

Her words were drowned in his mouth that claimed hers in a searing kiss. Asfand bit her bottom lip hard before plundering her mouth in every way possible. His hands wandered down the curves of her body greedily. Asfand didn’t hold back. He was not going to, not when she herself unlocked the hell she has been trying to escape.

Dua fisted his shirt tightly when his actions became more intense. She knew she should be repulsed by what he was doing to her. She knew she should push him away. He was an enemy and she hated him with everything she got. But she didn’t. She couldn’t. Because she wanted to burn in the fire she always wanted to douse.

“And I won’t let anyone come between us.” Asfand cupped her face with both hands and meshed their lips together in another heated kiss. “Never.” Dua sighed when his thumbs rubbed her now red lips roughly. The mere action was enough to set him ablaze. “Ever.”

His arms went around her small body in an iron hold and he molded her frame to his when her small hands went around his torso in a tight hug. His primal instincts took over every other thought when his lips claimed hers once again and he growled in her mouth like a wild animal when Dua moaned in response.

Hell could freeze over but I won’t let you go away now. Not at any cost.

“Only mine.” His hand that was rubbing her waist moved down her hips in an iron grip. “Fucking mine in every way.” His mouth traveled to her delicate neck and he assaulted it in every way possible.

Asfand wanted to rip off her clothes right there and claim her senseless in every fucking way possible but he knew he had to tread carefully. He knew her trauma could be triggered with one wrong move and touch and he didn’t have enough restraint right now to pull back if that happened.

“Dua!” Asfand whispered in her ear huskily. “My Dua” his hands tugged her shirt up. “You mess me up.” Dua could only moan when he peppered open mouth kisses from her ear down her throat. Her mind was fogged up by everything going around her. Her heart couldn’t stop beating. She was lost and drugged on the man before her. No matter how much she tried to pull back and away, she couldn’t. “Oh Dua!”

“Stop” She whispered against his lips breathlessly when they claimed hers again. “Asfand!” Her hands grabbed his that were digging in her pelvic area. She looked in his forests but all she saw was fire of desire that was not ready to be extinguished. And it was not only him. Her eyes were reflecting the same thing.

Dua knew what the outcome could be yet she couldn’t bring herself to detach her body from his. Not anymore. This tension she felt between them over time became impossible to control right now. It was like her body developed a mind of its own and was not ready to listen to her at any cost.

“Don’t deny it.” Her back came in contact with the softness of their bed and her husband appeared in her line of vision once again. Shirtless. “Just don’t.” Her eyes couldn’t stop roaming over his bulging muscles and hard contours. It was hard not to see. Not when he was looking down at her so sinfully. His touch was so dark and sinister yet she couldn’t stop herself from indulging into it.

“Dua!” Asfand grabbed hold of her hand and put it against his cheek. His facial hair tickled her palm and Dua started squirming uncontrollably when Asfand kissed it softly. “I want you to look at me. Only me.” He wound her arm around his neck and grabbed hold of her bandaged hand, kissing it softly to her wrist. “I want you to think of only me. No one else.” His mouth traveled up her arm and stopped on her shoulder.

Asfand unclasped her bra and pulled it off before she could even protest. When did he take it off? Dua didn’t notice her missing shirt until Asfand made it clear by his callous touches and hard kisses down her body. He was leaving no stone unturned and wherever he touched and kissed her, that place burnt.

Her eyes closed when his mouth moved down her abdomen but when she felt his fingers hooking around the band of her trouser, that memory came back.

“Please! No. Stop”

Her eyes shot open and she gasped loudly. Those lecherous mud-green eyes were back, that malicious grin was back. Dua was not seeing seeing Asfand but that man before her. She was not hearing his seductive allure but the painful screams of her sister when that animal tore her apart.

“Beg for me more sweetheart. It makes me want to fuck you hard.”

Tears stung her eyes as she looked at the ceiling with wide eyes but Asfand was far from noticing it. He removed her trouser and kissed his way up her legs, completely unaware of the tremors that shook her body at his very touch. Just as he was about to do the same with her underwear, a whimper broke past her lips.


“N-no” Dua shook her head and started thrashing under him. She punched and clawed at his chest to push him off when Asfand tried to get hold of her. “Pl-ease, please! Don’t-” Her breathing became labored which turned the gears in his head.

“Hey!” Asfand got on top of her and pinned her hands on either side. “Calm down. You need to calm down.” But she was slipping further away. Shit. “Dua! Look at me. I said look at me.” He cupped her jaw and forced her eyes on him. “It’s me. Asfand. Your husband.”

“Asfand?” Her ambers clashed with his forests. Asfand gritted his teeth in anger when he saw the fear in them. Anser Sherzai! Asfand let go of her hands and caught them gently on his chest when Dua made another attempt to push him away. “No-” He knew where her mind was taking her and that was the path he needed to block for forever. “Ple-ase-”

Asfand pulled her up and completely caged her in his arms by pushing her flush against his naked torso. Another jolt of electricity made them shiver together when they came in contact with each other. Without any wall between them.

They could feel each other, down to the very core of their existence.

“Asfand. Only Asfand and no one else.” Dua couldn’t blink away from him. “There is no one else here but us.” She watched him take off her ear-rings, rings and watch and place them on the side-table. “Just me Dua. It’s just me.”

“Just you” Asfand smiled and kissed her forehead. “It’s you.”

“You don’t have to be afraid of me.” Dua looked at her hand that was pressed flat against his chest. She could feel his erratic heartbeat that was on par with hers. “Never.”

Asfand was dying to get inside her but he knew he had to be careful. Her mind was still in delicate condition regarding all this and he was not going to let her fear his touch forever. Asfand needed Dua to trust him and he was willing to bear this much to get that fruit for which he suffered all this time.


“Yes.” Asfand kissed her eyes. “Only me.” He kissed her cheeks lovingly before moving down her neck, all the way to her ankles. “It will always be me Dua. I promise you this.” And he ripped off whatever remained on their bodies.

Dua shivered involuntarily when he got up on his knees to look at her whole. His eyes traveled from her face down her body ever so slowly. Hair sprawled on the pillow, hazy eyes shimmering in fear and wonderment of unknown, flushed cheeks, swollen lips and her heaving chest.

Asfand was entranced by the vision before his eyes. He took his time to memorize every inch of her slowly. He was not only carving her perfections in his memory but also her imperfections. His eyes soaked every scar that marked her body. They made her more beautiful than any other woman in this world.

Asfand had always imagined but now he was actually seeing. A sight his eyes have been dreaming to feast on. But it was much more than what he expected. The fruit of his patience was much sweeter than his expectations and now that he tasted it, he knew he was an addict.

For life.

“Beautiful” Dua released a ragged breath at his words. It was not just a word. It was clear in his expressions and posture that he meant it. Dua didn’t know what to do in this moment. But it made her forget every ugly thing that ever happened. In this moment, she could only see him, hear him and feel him.

And this generated a new kind of fear in her, a fear she started to like.

Dua wanted to hide herself but the way his eyes were dotted on her whole, made it impossible for her to even blink. And when her eyes traveled down the length of his naked body, a whole different kind of heat rushed to every nook of her being.

This man...

Where Asfand was admiring his dark beauty, Dua was hooked by his presence. He was the first man she saw naked and he was going to be the only man for her. Asfand was endowed from head to toe and was the epitome of manliness. Dua never doubted it but now she saw and the sight only made her blood pound more loudly. She was burning inside and she just wanted this ache to disappear. It was too strong and unbearable for her.

And so foreign.

“My beautiful Dua" Asfand locked their bodies together once again. This time, Dua didn’t flinch away from his touches that became more intimate. “My precious Dua." His mouth and hands memorized every inch of her skin and her nails dug into every ridge of his roughness. “Meri Dua” His lips claimed hers in another passionate kiss as certain walls fell between them in the depth of this night.


Asfand woke up again and a smirk appeared on his lips when his eyes focused on the sleeping beauty in his arms. Their limbs were tangled together. Her back was pressed to his front and her head was resting on his arm that was locked around her chest. She loves to cuddle. Dua slept while holding his arm over her abdomen with both hands. And Asfand was liking it a lot.

“And now you are not even letting me sleep.” Asfand breathed in her alluring scent and buried his face in her hair with a sigh. He couldn’t sleep properly in the first place. Not when he had so much to look at.

Last night was quite eventful. It was a night he was never going to forget because this night was just the beginning of what was coming ahead. So much more. His appendage hardened again when his eyes traveled down the length of her body pressed against his. Although they were covered in blanket but he didn’t need to remove it to look what he achieved. He could tell everything with his eyes closed.

His eyes moved to the tattoo on her shoulder and he traced the outlines of it softly before giving it a soft kiss. He touched every scar on her body and it only made her look more beautiful in his eyes. Dua was a warrior who wore them proudly.

His warrior.

Asfand didn’t forget how Dua reacted and the mere reminder was enough to boil his anger back to surface. “Someone is in for a payback.” Asfand kissed her temple in an attempt to calm his rage. “And that payment is overdue.” He was going to make sure he takes it back himself.

Asfand pulled back her hair to look at her face properly. Dua was sound asleep and though he was dying to claim her again, he knew he had to stop for now. It was such a feat to control his carnal urges and he forced himself to stop after three rounds. His wife was a virgin and with a trauma. He didn’t want to hurt her by going rough in his ways. He didn’t want to make her run away from him in fear again. Not when he finally had her.

Dua turned and snuggled against his chest when he caressed her cheek. The action made Asfand chuckle. “She was quite responsive.” It made Asfand escalated. He knew she was not going to be submissive but seeing her trauma, he wasn’t expecting her to be so active. This just showed how strong she was and it filled Asfand with a sense of pride. “You never fail to amaze me janaan.” Dua sighed when he kissed her cheek.

This was the first time he saw her sleeping so peacefully and without nightmares. Since the day he married her, he has not seen a night where she didn’t wake up, drowned in sweat and pale faced. Dua thought he never knew but he did. He always did.

Her arms went around his torso and another soft sigh escaped her plush lips as she made herself comfortable in his hold. The mere action tugged at certain strings in his heart but Asfand refused to acknowledge them. His ego and arrogance were still the most dominant and he refused to believe what his heart knew.

“You are finally mine janaan." He pecked her lips softly and adjusted the blanket on her when it slipped further down her breasts. Not that he minded the scenery but he was not sure his hands would cooperate. He was already touching her nonstop. “You are finally in my cage.” His expressions twisted into something dark and sinister. Giving her lips one more kiss, he got out of the bed and headed towards the bathroom.

Asfand knew he needed to get away from Dua for now. He knew how she was going to react and it would be best if he stayed out of her sight for some time.

Last night was not something she would have allowed in her right mind. She was blinded by jealousy which even surprised Asfand. And he took advantage of it. All that happened in the heat of moment and now that the heat was gone, he knew what would occur.

He needed to plan the best course of action before his next move.

After taking a quick shower and changing into his gym sweats, Asfand came back in room and stood by the bed. His eyes were not ready to leave her but he had to. For their own good, he needed to. “Only for now janaan." Asfand kissed her forehead and left.

But that call came.

His steps retrieved towards his room once again to get ready. Asfand was not anticipating this meeting any soon but somewhere down the line, he knew it was bound to happen.

“Fucking shit” Asfand adjusted his cuffs and glared at his reflection hard. With Azfar down, he knew Saeen was going to step into this game himself. And that was not good. For now. He was not ready and he knew no-one will know what will happen now. They were at point blank but whether the bullet will be shot, no one would be able to tell.

Asfand went back to their room and stood by her side. The mere sight of her sleeping face was enough to turn everything upside inside him. “You don’t know what you have done.” For the first time, Asfand felt conflicted. He wanted to tell Dua, warn her of the storm that was heading her way. But the ego won once again.

“Get the car ready Safan.” And Asfand left. “But before that, make a call.” Asfand picked his pace down the stairs. For him, it was the best decision and he was not regretting leaving like this in the least.

If only he knew how fatal the outcome was going to be.

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