Shackled Exemption

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It has been ten days since he came to New York. His flight landed at four in the morning, just like he wished. He was a person of darkness and what he came to do here before media got whiff of his arrival, was needed to be done in complete silence. He came here as a successful multi-billionaire, not as the ruthless underworld king, whose existence no one knew of but those, who were now buried six feet under the ground.

He threw the file away in agitation and rubbed his face before getting up to pour himself another drink. Things became more complicated with the death of Nawab Murtaza before his arrival. His death has rattled every one of them and he was to face every consequence whether he wanted to or not. He had to sort the mess those old fools created despite his abhorrence towards them. But it was mandatory, for the power he was aiming for. He had to abide by their rules for now. He wanted to chop them rather than agreeing to even the thought of agreeing with them.

“Just a little more.” He was aiming to finish Murtaza off himself but before he could, the fucker was gone. He had no idea who he was dealing with. The information he got from his resources gave him a different report of what media published.

His death was not accidental. Murtaza was murdered in cold blood. His body was beyond repair. His bones and teeth were broken multiple times and his body had severe third degree burns. He was the weakest link of the chain and the one who got to him knew very well where to strike.

That bastard knew his game so well.

It messed things more because they or more like he was against an enemy who was a phantom. He tried tracing him down but there was nothing.

“Fuck!” he threw the glass against the far end wall where it shattered to million pieces. He tilted his head a little when Safan entered his room. He loosened his tie with a tired sigh and went straight to the bar to pour himself a scotch.

“Another dead end” Safan spat harshly after downing the contents of his glass. “And we cannot get hold of his companies and shares because they are already taken over.”

“By who?” He snarled at his friend who just gave him a placid look before pouring himself another glass. “Safan!”


“FourClove?” Safan just nodded grimly after chugging his drink and got up. “Damn it, all”

“You have no idea” he turned to Safan with an irritated tick. His hand was itching to draw his gun and pull the trigger at this ass who was laughing at his expense but he was the only sane person with him. He would rather bear with his entendre than lose his brain. “You have a meeting scheduled tomorrow with the CEO. Try not to mess if you can manage because you won’t want to piss them if you want what you are here for.”

“Who is the bastard?” Safan stopped and chuckled again, turning to face his friend who was ready to arrange his funeral with murder.

“You didn’t bother with the details of the company except for the ones that were of your interest, did you?” He just stood like a statue while Safan tutted. “Not a bastard my friend but a bitch and you might want to see her before you meet her. In case, you are thinking it as a waste of time.” Safan saw how anger consumed his boss/friend completely because that was one thing this man hated the most.

Women, trying to stand on same ground as men.


“I will call you once I arrived. Yes, Okay fine.” Dee placed her i-phone on the table before picking her cup and sipped her coffee. She had a meeting scheduled with the CEO of Asphalt Inc. and she was not in the bit thrilled to be merging another drowning ship to her sails. She had more pressing matters at hand and much more worthy things to deal with. The sole reason she was doing it, to get the intel she was looking for.

She checked her watch and placed the cup down when her eyes caught something interesting a few feet away. She casually leaned back in her chair and angled her glasses to look behind her.

“Interesting” she picked her phone and tapped at the screen a few times before picking her bag and began walking towards her building that was three blocks down. She came alone to enjoy some quality time without Xian or any protection which wasn’t that big of a deal for her but rest was not the case.

She kept walking at a steady place, looking at shops aligned on her left before taking a sharp turn at the next intersection once she was one block down and half distance from her building. Her face was composed and her expressions neutral as she took the back alleys. She knew they were watching her every move like a hawk and she could sense the confusion her actions were bringing them but, that is the thing.

Never let your opponent know where the strike will come from.

“Now look what you did-” They were startled when they heard the soft click of the heels behind them. Their weapons were out and aimed at Dee who just tilted her head to the side with arms crossed across her chest.

“Looking for something?” All she received in return were the sneers as they closed in on her small frame. They were thrice her size and five times bulky but it did nothing to intimidate her.

“Are you stupid? Coming to your death on your own” one of them clicked the safety and pressed the muzzle to her forehead. Dee just smiled while they exchanged looks among themselves.

“This bitch is crazy. Just end her already.” She kept looking at the man with her cold hazel eyes who was holding a gun to her forehead with his finger on the trigger. The death was close yet there was no fear in her eyes. She could clearly see the shaking of his hand and beads of sweat on his forehead.

And the trigger was pulled.


Never in his life would he have ever imagined that he will be dealing with a woman. If he knew, he would have never agreed to meet. He would have let Asphalt go down. After all, what are a few thousand millions to him? Nothing. And now he was pissed as he made his way to the meeting against his will.

He had no time to deal with the tantrums of the female. That gender knew nothing but whining and sobbing. All they ever do is leech off you, hopping from one ground to the other where the grass is lush and green.

The most despicable and untrustworthy creature in the world.

For him, they mean nothing but just a toy he used for his pleasures. A mean to release his frustration and to warm his bed. That is what their worth is and that is what their worth will always be. There was no difference between a woman and a breeding horse in his eyes.

Use them and then throw them.

“Can you remove that scowl? How do you expect to nail this deal with that attitude of yours? That woman is no ordinary woman. She has a sick reputation.” He just scoffed at Safan who shook his head.

“We will see what kind of woman she is after we see her.” He got his phone out, dialing a number and waited for the person to pick up. “Status”

“Pathetic and beyond reprehending” Dee threw the gun away while watching Xian and his most trusted men taking the beaten and battered bodies of her assaulter away. She was expecting something like this. But what she didn’t expect was the move that this new player made. Dee had no idea who the owner of Asphalt Inc. was but judging from the course of action he took, he definitely is one of the many hidden faces that needs to be discovered. “You thought it was a wise move? Bad choice.”

On the other end of the line, he bolted straight in his seat when her soft, melodic voice hit his hears. He won’t admit it but his heart spiked a notch when he felt the underlying haunting danger the angelic voice held.

“You wasted your time as well as mine. D. Sahi doesn’t deal with the likes of you.” Dee didn’t wait even a second for his response because she knew he was not going to make any. But his voice was enough to tell that the man was powerful and dangerous. All this gave her enough warning that she needs to tread carefully with whatever step she was going to take next. She cannot make an enemy out of anyone at this point.

“Find out who this man is. And Haider does not need to know. Am I clear?” Xian nodded silently and followed her back to the car that was waiting by the entrance of the alley. Dee stopped beside him when he opened the door for her. “Deal with it quietly and quickly.” She got in and looked at Xian when he was about to close the door. “There is no room for players anymore.”

Because the pieces were already in move.

Where she was preparing to deal with this new intruder, he was on the verge of exploding at this small defeat he received at the hand of an anonymous woman whom he have never seen or heard of before. Because he never considered them worthy of his attention. But this one little blow proved itself cataclysmic to his ego.

“What’s wrong?” Safan inquired his boss who was staring at the device in his hand with anger oozing from every fiber of his body. One glimpse at his eyes and Safan didn’t dare to approach let alone pass a remark anymore. One could clearly tell what was going through his head right now. The cogs had finally turned and the floodgates opened. Now there will be no turning back to what this man will do.

“Turn the car around.” He leaned back in his seat and looked out through the black tinted windows with imperturbable expressions. The anger that was dancing in his green orbs moments ago was completely replaced by a hollowness. Safan didn’t quire further and the cars were turned. “This will be interesting.” He mused darkly while gazing at the tall skyscrapers emptily. “Very interesting.”

Let the game begin Ms. Sahi. Now I would really like to meet you in person.


A brief knock and Xian entered the office with a black file in his hand. He placed it in front of Dee who gave him a skeptic look while picking it up to read the contents. Her calm face now bore the wrath as she stood up abruptly. “Call Haider.” She threw the file and took the phone from him. “Where are you?”

“I am in a meeting.” Haider knew the news was not going to be kept from Dee but he needed to do it, whether she liked it or not. “I cannot talk right now Dee. We will talk later-”

“I am coming right now.” She threw the phone on the table and walked out with Xian on her tail. Talk later? He can wish upon it. “Cancel my meetings for today.” She ordered Sharlene on her way out of her office.

“But Ma’am!” Sharlene was running and huffing behind her boss. “You have-”

“Cancel them Sharlene.” Sharlene didn’t argue further and Dee didn’t stop when her phone buzzed. Giving it a scorching look, she continued her path and stepped inside the elevator. Xian pressed the button to the parking and they began descending down.

“Make sure Dar-jee does not get to know of anything.” Her fists were clenching uncontrollably and she was twisting her ring continuously. “I will deal with it myself.” Her face was calm but Xian knew better.

A hell was about to let loose for what has been done.


“Ma’am, please” Dee stormed past Juliet who was trying to stop her from going into Haider’s office. “Sir is in a meeting right now. You cannot-” Her composed look scared Juliet to her wits and she stepped out of her way. Juliet knew the consequences of coming in D. Sahi’s line and she was not ready to lose her job yet.

“You don’t need to come as well” Xian stopped outside when Dee pushed open the doors and walked in like a tornado, ready to tear everything in its way.

“I said-” Haider gave her a calm look when she threw the file on his table and slapped her palms on the hard surface roughly. “Dee-”

“Explain.” Haider crossed his palms and watched her closely with his cold blue eyes. Warning her silently.

“We will talk later-”

“We will talk now.”

“Dee!” he stood up abruptly but she was unfazed by his silent anger. Her eyes were pits of fire, melting the frozen color to beautiful amber with the resentment that was fueling and igniting the wrath she was trying to suppress.


“Is this the way you hold a business meeting Mr. Shah?” Her head snapped to left where a figure was sitting on the couch. ” It is quite disappointing.” Dee looked at Haider inquisitively who has his mouth pressed in a hard line. His gaze was hard and she knew he was balling his fists inside his pockets to keep his temper in check. His taut and stiff posture was enough indicator that he was aiming to keep her away from this meeting and from meeting this person at any cost.

Her eyes went back to Haider’s guest who had his eyes fixed on her in a predatory way. The man was beyond the word dangerous. She could tell it by the very way he was sitting and watching her with his ruthless green eyes. She turned to Haider when the man rose to his feet and approached them.

“Never bring a woman in business Mr. Shah.” He stopped a foot away from Dee and shoved his hands in the pockets of his dark pants. “She will ruin it.”

He was powerful, rich and handsome with sharp features and strong physique. His jawline was dusted with light beard and his light brown hair were styled back. But the most prominent feature were his eyes. So rich and green but cold and deadly.

“So, you are Ms. D. Almas Sahi.” There was a certain kind of mock in his tone and the way his eyes were watching her from head to toe, calculating each and everything. But, that was not her main concern. She was sure she met him for the first time but she couldn’t ignore her intuition.

“I apologize for this momentary disturbance Mr. Sherzai. Let me introduce you to my business confederate.” Something was clicking at the back of her head when Haider addressed to him. “This is my sister/best-friend, D. Almas Sahi, the owner of FourClove Corporation and one of the most successful businesswoman in the world.”

“Of course” Mr. Sherzai nodded while looking at Dee with his impenetrable eyes. Haider forced a small smile and turned to Dee, giving her clear warnings through his eyes but she was not looking at him. Her eyes were locked on the man before her and Haider was dreading the reaction that could elicit out of her any moment if he introduced this man. But he was left with no other choice. He just hoped Dee does not react.

At any cost.

“And meet the CEO and owner of Shaheen Enterprises, one of the biggest business platform in the world. Asphalt Inc. is one of the branch they were establishing in New York. His Chief Director, Atish messed it up by laundering money and dealing illegally with Russian Mafia.” Her nails dug deeper in her tender flesh, drawing the blood. Dee held her neutral face while gazing in the eyes of a nightmare.

A nightmare who was going to prove himself to be one fatal and fateful encounter. One that neither of them could avoid.

“Meet Mr. Asfandyar Sherzai.”

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