The Real Psycho

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The adrenaline was coursing through Elijah's veins as his mind was flooded with the false illusion of saving himself. He just had no idea what he did. The third book to the Super Psycho Series. Elijah had no intentions of staying away from Morgan, even while knowing that Morgan is locked away for life. Morgan spends his time in a psychiatric prison and Elijah sees him everyday like he promised, but for Morgan that wasn't nearly enough. Jaymin's death sentence is coming up and Morgan wants to see him again before Jaymin finally gets what's coming to him. Despite his better judgement, Elijah gives in to Morgan's request, but he has no idea that he just set everything in motion. If there's one thing to be known about Jaymin Rose, it's that he won't lose.

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⚠Prologue One⚠

Elijah was signing papers as he sat in his hospital bed. Contrary to what people walking by might think, it wasn’t discharge forms. He held the mask in his left hand, holding it to his face, his right hand scribbling signatures and initials where he was told to without reading the official documents.

When he was done, the woman took the booklet of papers from the small table.

“Congratulations, Mr. Milen.” She smiled at him. “You’re officially divorced.” She said as she got up, the papers in her hands. Elijah thanked his lawyer for helping him and she left the room.

He had been going on about it for months and finally it happened. He was no long separated from his wife...she was his ex-wife now.

There was some relief in his expression.

“She took your house, she’s taking your money, she has full custody of your daughter, and you look that happy?” Another gentleman was in his room, and he thought Elijah loved his family enough to want to stay together.

Elijah and his ex-wife have been thinking about this for months. Of course he looked that happy. He had to admit the worst part of his marriage was the divorce.

He moved the mask from his face so he could talk.

“I move around too much, I don’t mind paying her bills, and I would rather my daughter be in a stable environment instead of having to switch between us.” Elijah knew all his family needed was stability.

He was gone so much that it was barely working out. The divorce wasn’t a hostile agreement, it was a calm decision reached, and they thought of what was best for them and their daughter. Elijah didn’t “lose” anything.

He wasn’t one of those people who had sleepless nights because their spouse was about to take everything. He has his own place, and when he travels, his job gives him a place to stay. He doesn’t need anything else. His wife wasn’t going to buy another house on her own, plus she has custody of their daughter. She needed a stable place to be. So the house is hers, as long as she doesn’t restrict Elijah from their daughter.

And it's not like she does that anyway. She knows that Elijah loves their daughter.

It was a good decision.

Elijah was more than fine.

“It’s not like Lydia is keeping her from me. I’ll just see Grace when I can.” he said and moved the mask back over his face.

“The timing is shitty.”

“Honestly couldn’t have been better.” Elijah didn’t care that he was going through a divorce while he was in the hospital. In fact it made it easier. His lawyers were more concerned for his well being and was sympathetic. “Like I said. We agreed on this.”

It was with all good intentions.

“Right.” The man looked away, bitter about his own divorce.

Elijah loved his family, he loved his daughter, he loved his ex-wife. But things weren’t the same anymore. He was never home and they couldn’t compromise. If they split, they both got what they want. And Elijah really didn’t mind paying the bills; things weren’t joint between them as much as everyone thinks it is. He was the one putting food on the table, keeping the lights on, and he was okay with that. He was putting his daughter through private school and everything. Together they made enough money to be stable and give their daughter everything.

And with Elijah’s new job promotion, he could definitely handle writing a few checks every month.

So he meant it when he said this was good timing.

“I bet Lydia is having a party.” he smiled to himself as he got up slowly, doing his best to change out of his hospital gown.

“Yeah, in your house.”

“You need to relax.” He sighed.

Everything was fine for him.

He was getting out of the hospital, he was divorced, he had a new job that made him travel more than necessary but that was fine. Elijah was doing okay. He finally wasn’t going to be bedridden like he has been for the past couple months.

He had a large chest wound and a punctured lung. When he was injured, one of his lungs collapsed and he lost a lot of blood. Yet he was still alive by some gracious miracle. He’s been confined to a hospital room, having to keep an oxygen mask on his face since he’s been here. Now they were sending him home with an inhaler with steroids to help with the healing of his wound. They told him he would have difficulty breathing if he exerted himself, which meant he couldn’t do field work, but he might embellish the instructions his doctors gave him to the new boss so he could do what he wanted.

The offer came to him much earlier than expected because of his capture and arrest of two heinous criminals. Without him, they wouldn’t have been able to find Jaymin Rose or Morgan Caverly.

He watched their trials, both in separate states, and was happy with the outcome.

Morgan was sent to a psychiatric prison until deemed competent to withstand trial, which they think won’t be for years considering the fact that his psych test said he didn’t understand why this was happening. It’s not like Morgan didn’t know. He knew how to play the system and he fooled the judge on his case. But he planned to take therapy seriously since there was something wrong with him.

He didn’t like how he liked how he felt. Now that he was separated from Jaymin, he knew he had to change. But Morgan will never be the same again. The things he’s done, the things he’s seen, and the things he’s went through, it ruined him. All of it. Morgan will never find the kind of peace he’s had before. But that didn’t stop him from wanting to try. Maybe talking to someone might make it better.

Jaymin was sent to federal prison where in two years, he will be sentenced to death. He was lucky to get a long time frame but he didn’t think so. Elijah only got the chance to see the trial at one point, and he chose to go for Jaymin’s last day, where Elijah swore he might’ve gotten away on a lesser offense and an insanity plea. However, it was Elijah’s idea to have the last two remaining Bullock family members at his trial and Jaymin lost it at his final moments which lead to him being sentenced to death. He might be a psychopath but he was definitely competent to stand trial. He knew what he did, and he would do it over and over again until he gets what he wants.

Elijah remembered the look on Jaymin's face when he saw them. The way he just about lunged for them to kill them with his bare hands. And if so many people didn't try to stop him, Jaymin would've had two more murders on his hands.

What upset him was that he didn't have the chance, not that he was caught.

Elijah wanted to be there for the injection.

Finally he won, which was what he worked hard for.

His first day out of the hospital and he had somewhere to go. He wanted to be alone for the day to walk around and finally gain his strength back.

That was his excuse.

But he wanted to go to the psychiatric prison to see Morgan. He promised that he would see Morgan everyday if he was sentenced there. Now he had a chance to keep with that.

It was easy to get in. All Elijah had to do was show his credentials and he was in. No one asked what he was doing or why he was doing. After all, he was just visiting someone.

He sat at the table quietly, looking around the white room. It reminded him of people being in solitary confinement. To think that people in psychiatric prison do this everyday. He wanted to change that, but only for Morgan’s sake. He wouldn’t care it was anyone else.

He waited for them to bring Morgan to him. He remained quiet in the room. For some reason, he felt this need to fix his hair that was getting brighter from always being in the sun. He fidgeted a bit, ruffling his hair so he wouldn’t look so stuck up. But then he was compelled to fix his clothes. He hadn’t seen Morgan in years so he was a little nervous, which was odd for him, considering he always took things normally. Though, now he couldn’t help it. He felt his face, wondering if he should’ve shaved more. Then he wondered if he should shave less. Elijah is never like this.

His mind kept going.

He wondered how Morgan was doing, if he was handling everything and adjusting well. Then he had to remind himself that Morgan was a serial killer, a terrorist, someone who was a threat to the country.

But Elijah still worried about him.

Morgan walked into the room, two security officers at his side, holding on to his arms. His wrists and ankles were cuffed but Elijah was sure that Morgan was someone who wasn’t wild or violent. The restraints were excessive in his opinion. Elijah got a good look at him and saw everything that was taken from him.

Morgan was tired.

It was seen in his bloodshot eyes. He’s been kept awake, he’s been having his nightmares and terrifying day dreams. The medications don’t help because he was sure there was nothing wrong. His withdrawal made everything worse. It’s been going on for months and hasn’t been calmed. Not drinking for almost a year had made him crack.

He gets chills, night sweats, night terrors, has lost weight from decreased appetite. He’s paranoid, he’s high strung, he’s just as twitchy as ever. But all the misery and pain could be seen in his eyes.

They broke him.

But Elijah was sure they would put him back together again.

He’ll get better.

He’ll be better.

Morgan stared right back at Elijah, not surprised he was here. Morgan wondered if Elijah was mad about what happened, after all, he is the reason why Elijah was hospitalized. Was there guilt or regret? Probably not. He didn’t feel it. But he felt something as he looked at Elijah sitting at the table.

Could he talk?

What should he say?

Morgan sat down without saying a word. He looked away from Elijah when he realized he was staring. Morgan had enough to deal with, he didn’t think Elijah would actually show up to talk to him.

“How are you?” Elijah asked as a genuine question.

Morgan didn’t look too good, did he feel like that, too?

He almost didn’t answer the question. He opened his mouth to talk, but he thought against it, closing his mouth and keeping his eyes down at the table. He hasn’t talked to a lot of people. On a good day, he would only talk to his therapist. Other times, he kept to himself, not wanting to get involved with anyone.

“I’ve become a special agent for the FBI.” Elijah continued.

Morgan knew what that was like. The difference between the two of them was that Morgan didn’t want the position. He was harassed to take it, and this was where he ended up. Elijah had more control than he did. He did better. He knew better. He wasn’t tempted so easily.

When Morgan didn’t respond, Elijah tried to find something else to talk about.

“I’m divorced. Finally.” Elijah wanted to put some enthusiasm into his voice, hoping Morgan would respond.

As much as he wanted to keep to himself, Morgan did give a little smile. It wasn’t the fact that Elijah got a divorce, but the fact that he kept trying to talk to him despite the hostility. Elijah just wanted to make sure Morgan was okay. That’s all.

The smile was on Morgan’s face, but his dark eyes were still dull. He wasn’t depressed was he? Elijah’s heart felt weak. His hand moved into his pocket to feel for his inhaler but he didn’t pull it out. He just watched as Morgan tried to get himself together.

“How are you?” Elijah asked again, this time more genuine than before.

“I’m...fine.” Morgan said slowly.

He looked awful, but Elijah wanted to take his word for it. He probably didn’t want to make it seem like there was a lot going on. Though, he was experiencing withdrawals, he’s not sleeping, he’s in pain and not eating. There was a lot going on.

“” Morgan fidgeted in his seat, trying to think. “My therapist says that I can’t get better unless I talk about everything that bothers me.”

“What bothers you?” Elijah asked.

Morgan bit the inside of his lip as he looked around. He didn’t want to say it, but he knew he had to. “You owe me a year.” he said, looking at Elijah again.

Elijah couldn’t hide a smile, especially when he saw that Morgan was trying so hard to fight it. He felt so much better that Elijah was here. As much as he wanted to say that nothing Elijah did would make this any better, him just being here made Morgan smile.

“I’ll definitely give it to you.” Elijah nodded.

Day one, and Elijah made Morgan smile.

Maybe his life sentence in psychiatric prison won’t be that bad if Elijah plans on being around.

He did promise to see Morgan everyday.

Elijah wanted to check on someone else. Well not check, more so rub it in that they were in prison and he was now an FBI agent committed to keeping them in prison. Elijah never got excited to taunt others, especially the people he puts away in prison, but there was something oddly satisfying about the game he was about to play.

Elijah always had a habit of playing with fire. He didn’t care where it got him.

He had to see for himself that Jaymin was suffering.

“He’s a rather violent person.” The warden said as Elijah walked with him.

He was an old army man with a broad build. He looked like he could be violent himself, but he was just strict. There was security everywhere. There was no place that couldn’t be entered without credentials.

What Elijah noticed was that it was quiet, which was unusual.

Elijah was used to hearing shouting and yelling from prisoners. He was used to seeing cops running around to break up fights and stop another killing. But it seemed more ordered here.

He wanted to know how that happened.

The warden must really have everyone on a tight leash.

“We mostly keep Jaymin in solitary confinement." They walked into a different area after the warden pressed his badge on a scanner. "Every time he interacts with the other prisoners, someone has a broken limb.” The warden complained, though all he cared about was the work that came with injured prisoners.

It was surprising that Jaymin hasn’t killed anyone yet.

That was the part that got Elijah.

“I’m not surprised he can’t be restrained.” Elijah said, however. “Its not like he’s a pleasant person. You might as well just let him stay in solitary confinement for the rest of his sentence.” He gave the suggestion hoping the warden would go for it.

“It just seems like he wants to be in solitary confinement.”

“Considering that he can’t finish what he started, he would want to wallow in self pity.”

Elijah knew that wasn’t true, however. Jaymin was too prideful to ever think he needed to feel sorry for himself. Jaymin was not humble, he was not understanding, and he didn’t have a good conscience. If Jaymin wanted to be in solitary confinement, it’s because he needed peace and quiet so he could come up with his own plan.

Elijah wanted to know what scheme Jaymin had planned this time.

The warden stopped in front of the cell blocked by a white door. There was a small opening that they could look through but Elijah wasn’t going to waste his time. He waited for the cell to be opened.

Jaymin was laying on his bed, and whenever those doors opened, he knew he was being pulled out of solitary confinement. He didn’t even glance to see who was standing there. The visitors he gets aren’t particularly nice, but he could handle it. He liked being handled roughly.

Elijah could see that Jaymin was worn down, but that’s what happens in prison. That wasn’t a surprise. He looked paler, but other than that, it didn’t seem like anything has changed. Finally, Jaymin looked like himself, his natural black hair waving around his face, no dyes or colors, no trims or an undercut. He looked like he needed some time to sleep. Jaymin was always tired, but he doesn’t sleep because he’s thinking about what to do next. He had just two years to figure it out, then time’s up. Until then, he was going to keep it together.

“Uncuff him.” Elijah said when he saw all the restraints on Jaymin’s wrists and ankles.

The sound of Elijah’s voice was what made Jaymin pay attention. He couldn’t ignore it. Every bone in Jaymin’s body was suddenly filled with rage that he couldn’t contain. He sat up quickly to look and see if Elijah was really in his cell.

Jaymin was completely aware that Elijah was alive, but for him to come here set everything in motion.

“I won’t do that.” The warden denied the request for Elijah’s protection.

Jaymin had to be cuffed for a reason. He wouldn’t be able to go far, but he could get up, and he was definitely going to face Elijah. His upper lip curled as he looked Elijah in the eyes, not saying anything. His brown and green eyes were wild.

Elijah thought Jaymin would fight him, but he would lose again.

“How does it feel to still lose?” Elijah asked.

That sparked a fire in Jaymin. He just about lunged forward, wanting to grab Elijah and kill him with his bare hands but he couldn’t get far. His wrists were restrained by the cuffs linked to the walls. And the cuffs at his ankles wouldn’t let him take another step. Elijah didn’t flinch. He was just barely out of reach, if he was any closer, Jaymin might’ve gotten to him.

Elijah looked Jaymin in the eyes but he wasn’t scared.

He never really was. Jaymin always pretended to be tough. Elijah was sure that he could break Jaymin down at one point. And if not, he’ll just get killed. Elijah had years to mess around with him.

“I win.” Elijah smiled at Jaymin.

He didn’t want to taunt the wild prisoner but he couldn’t help it. Now Jaymin was in chains. He couldn’t threaten anyone, he couldn’t kill anyone. It’s not like he could do anything at all. He was just a weak person with a complicated mentality.

Jaymin’s lip curled upward in disgust, and he fought the chains once more, still not able to scare Elijah. But then he stopped showing resistance, and he smiled without hesitation. The sudden change in affect was chilling.

Jaymin has been known to do that, the sudden wave of anger just going away because he knows better.

Was Elijah not worth the time? That's the only reason why Jaymin could control himself. Now, if it was a Bullock family member, a switch would flip and Jaymin would lose his mind. But right now, it wasn't like that.

There was a hollow look in his eyes, but he had a smile on his face. It was not a genuine expression. Elijah didn't think anything of it, but the warden wasn't too thrilled about the expression on Jaymin's face.

What was Jaymin thinking now?

He was taking Elijah’s comment as a challenge.

Jaymin always had the devil’s smile on his face. It was like he could never be put down. And that was the frustrating part about him. “We’ll see.” Jaymin said, more so to himself as he turned away.

The words were unsettling, and even Elijah didn't like the sound of that.

Jaymin was still murderous. He still had his tendencies. They were brought out the second he saw Elijah.

And if Elijah wanted to play games, Jaymin was happy to entertain.

It wasn’t over yet.

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