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Chapter 14

The next day, we all gathered at the yard and I told the others about what the kid had told me. I told them all about the case and the home. All that he had said. The kid had been called away by the cops. None of us knew why. We were discussing him when Steve first spotted him. He was walking along, slowly kicking the stones. We shouted out to him. He waved back and walked towards us. He seemed a little lost in his thoughts. Parks was telling us about this little incident that he had witnessed earlier. Supposedly, two of the cops had had an argument. These were the things that excited us. These were the things that interested us. In a place like death row there really were not too many things to grab our attention. So we took whatever we got. I looked at the kid and he seemed a little lost in thought. I asked him what was wrong and he just shook his head. Steve and Parks too noticed that something was wrong. Then Steve asked, “So kid, where did you disappear to?” The kid looked up and stared at the wall and said, “Lisa came to visit.” We all sat up. We couldn’t believe it. Lisa had come to see the kid. We had never ever thought of asking the kid about Lisa. Now that he had brought her up, I wondered what had become of her. She had gone through the same trauma as the kid had but it must have been worse for her for it was her own father doing it to her. How did she live with it? How badly was she affected by it? Where was she now? What did she do? So many questions sprang up but none were voiced. Then the kid said, “The poor girl. She’s been through so much more than I have. First the cops wanted to link her with me in the murder. I couldn’t let that happen because that really wasn’t the case. She had nothing to do with it. One of the doctor’s friends had taken her in. The media got wind of this and offered a lot of money to that person in return for an exclusive interview with Lisa. They agreed and the network interviewed Lisa. The poor thing didn’t know what to say. They asked her questions like, “Did you love your father even after what he did?” It made me sick. Throughout the interview Lisa maintained that she saw nothing and heard nothing. They asked Lisa if she was in love with me! That’s an eleven year old girl. What does she know about love? Some people loved the show and showered praises on the network for the lovely ‘journalistic acumen’ they showed. Others were outraged. So the media put them on television too. On TV they mouthed their views and told the world that they thought what was done was down right sadistic and cheap. They promised Lisa and me help. It never came to us.

After the trial, she was put in a foster home and she joined a school nearby. This school was supposedly a place where her past wouldn’t be brought up. Evidently they were mistaken. Here the people in charge, the teachers, would mock her. They told other children not to play with Lisa and not to make friends with Lisa. They would make fun of her in class in front of the kids. Then one fine day, one of the janitors tried to assault her. She managed to escape and she ran for her life. In the foster home she was asked not to mingle with the other children. They said she was the one who had asked for punishment from her father and that was why she had been abused. When she couldn’t take it any more she ran away from the home.

She hitch hiked and lived off the streets until a kind lady offered to take her in. Lisa was so thankful to her. For the first two days she just slept continuously. Then as she started regaining her strength she started helping the lady out at home.

At the age of 15, though she carried the scars of a terrible childhood, she had grown into quite a beautiful girl. The lady’s husband seemed to have noticed this. On a day when the lady had gone to church, her husband raped Lisa in the house. Lisa had cried out for help but no one came. When the lady came back, Lisa told her what had happened. She beat up Lisa for tempting her husband and threw her out. In a matter of weeks Lisa had taken to selling her body on the streets for money. She had no one she could turn to for any kind of help. She was young and she was nubile, something the perverts of the streets would pay good money for. Slowly from prostitution she progressed to dealing in drugs. Then her life raged from one high to another, each time needing a larger dosage, each time paying larger amounts for lesser quantities. She would have died like any other druggie on the streets from an overdose if it wasn’t for those nuns. They found her lying on the streets and they took her to a hospital. There she received the care she needed both from the hospital staff and the nuns. Once she had recovered, the nuns took her in and let her help out in the church. It was here that she finally found her peace. The one place where she finally felt safe. She didn’t have to keep looking over her shoulder, didn’t need to feel scared all the time. She was finally in a place that cared for her. She had finally found her home. She took her vows and became a nun.” I wiped a tear away from my eyes as he finished. Poor Lisa, I thought to myself. What a terrible life to have lead.

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