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Blackmail and deceit never tasted so hot. Their sexual urges and darkest desires are not always so easy to get.  Sometimes you have to work hard for what you want. Let the games begin... Join Ashlee and Declan on their board. This is their world and theirs to control.  Life is nothing but a game and you've got to play it right to win. Blackmail and deceit never tasted so hot. Their sexual urges and darkest desires are not always so easy to get.  Sometimes you have to work hard for what you want. Let the games begin... This is a forbidden tale. Please take that into consideration before continuing. This story has a mixture of themes including but not limited to femdom, incest, male submission, female submission, male dom, bdsm, age gap, violence, fetish play, crime, sadism etc etc.

Thriller / Erotica
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Ashlee Ellis and Declan Ellis walked hand in hand. Childish giggles of a fresh love wafted from their mouths as she leant in and kissed his lips yet again. Everybody watched them. They both beckoned attention.

Her curvy body encased in the tight red dress revealed what was concealed. Her chestnut waves, drifted down to her waist in a silky waterfall and her eyes, an almost purple hue lured strangers to her.
His height and width gave the show of a fighter. A boxer, a protector. His muscled body covered by the well made suit. His hair short and wavy in the colour darker than black. His grey eyes and square chin made for a face of a angel, his sensuality that of a devil.
He pulled her closer to him as they entered the building. His hand protective on her waist, almost possessive. Bystanders stopped and stared at the magnificent couple as jealousy invaded their lonely souls. They wish they could have that type of marriage. One of happiness, joy and obviously damn good sex. How lucky for them to have met one another.
They entered the elevator only occupied by one single older man. He smiled at the couple as the doors shut. Declan pulled his lady against his chest, his tongue dipping into her mouth and devouring her. Her moans of excitement making the stranger uncomfortable... And hard.

Judge Matthew Barlow watched as the man's hands stroked over his hot wives curves. He drooled inside his mouth as she slightly spread her legs with need. The man obviously knew what he was doing.
They slowly traveled to the corner of the elevator before the lady's eyes met his own. He was startled. Her eyes shone purple, and her desire sparkled inside of them like tiny shards of diamonds. She leant into her husband and whispered, a shy look spread across her face before the man chuckled.
"He doesn't mind. Fuck, he's probably turned on." Her husband glanced at the Judge as he said the words. Awaiting some kind of indication that they could continue there semi public foreplay.
"Hmm, sorry. Of course you must continue. I must say, it's not something you see everyday. I'm rather enjoying it myself." Mr Barlow ended his reply with a wink. Looking the gorgeous woman up and down, a Leer marring his kind face.
"Well that's good to hear Sir." Declan murmured. "Why don't you touch her? We're trying to spice things up."
The judges face reddened as he raised a brow in question. "Are you happy with this ma'am?" He asked the wife, unsure if this was both of their decisions.
"Hmm mm." She nods, innocently looking down at her stiletto covered toes. "I'm a bit nervous though." She giggles. "I've never done this before."
Declan releases his hold on Ashlee and she slowly takes the few steps to the judge. Hunger streaks across his face as he pushes his mouth against the arch of her neck, reaches a hand out and slams it down against the large grey button. The elevator stops and he runs his hand over the silkiness of her dress. Clutching at her large firm tits and pinching against her rounded arse.
His breathing comes fast as he drags her wrist to his covered cock. Fear scatters her cheeks as she looks away into the corner of their enclosure. He whispers into her hair that he's never been so turned on and she responds by timidly stroking his prick. His not as big as Declans, but the excitement evident in her big eyes when she stares up at him.
She strokes him faster as he grips her hair and tells her she's a little slut. He jerks his hips against the movement of her hand before wrapping his own hand around her throat and pushing her against the wall.
"Now," He nods towards Declan and instructs him. "Lift your slutty wife's dress and so that I can finger fuck her."
Declan is slow to comply but does so without an argument. His wife's eyes downcast as he lifts the red satin, pulls her black lacy thong to one side and the judge slams two fingers into her knuckle deep.
"You like that, you filthy bitch?" Judge Barlow asks. Ashlee nods her head, not opening her mouth, trying hard to keep her tormented moans at bay.
Barlow moves his hand faster and faster, while he unzips his trousers and jerks himself to the dream in front of him.
Ashlee quivers as her orgasm slams inside her. Lifting one leg, she exposes her swollen clit and wet pink folds as the judge continues to finger fuck her through her orgasm. Her white juice flowing over his fingers and fist.
"Arrrgh!!!" the judge comes. His liquid falling onto the floor by his feet. His limp body falling against the elevator doors. Declan drops to his knees and covers her back up and pressing the large button for the lift to continue.
Judge Barlow zips himself quickly. And awkwardly thanks the couple for the experience he'll more than likely never gave again.
"Maybe we can do it again sometime sir." Ashlee says with a smile. As the doors slide open with a loud ding, the judge hands his card to Declan. Smiles and leaves.

The couple walk down the marble hallway together. The silence doesn't last long.
"Check mate." Ashlee whispers with a confident smirk.

Declan looks at the woman, the public have looked at with envy. The disguise of a newly married couple now dropped. "Indeed sister. Let the games begin."
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