Hoody and His Gyal 25

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Hoody meets Calla in the park with Jaxon, Callas 3-year-old son. But a little boy goes missing. Hoody organises a little collection and delivery job for Harry and Johnson before he goes off and meets Calla in the park with Jaxon, Callas 3-year-old son. Hoody buys Jaxon a present as it's the first time they have met each other. While they are playing in the park Hoody bumps into an old friend just before a little boy goes missing and Hoody has an idea who kidnapped him. Hoody and Johnson go looking for the missing boy after Calla and Jaxon leave Hoody's apartment and go home. Hoody finds the missing boy after a note is placed under his door and gets the police involved and a woman is arrested.

Thriller / Mystery
Vaughan Williams
Age Rating:

Hoody And Calla In The Park


Hoody was standing on the balcony with a towel wrapped around his waste smoking a spliff when he got a message from Calla;

“Hi, we are coming over today, going to see mom and dad first, be in the park about 2, we hope to see you there? CL” X

Hoody stood leaning on the rails thinking about Calla and Jaxon and his relationship that hadn’t really started. When he flicked his spliff over the balcony and watched it drop to the ground, he saw a little boy sitting in a light green battery powered Lamborghini toy car; it was rolling along by the side of a man reading his newspaper. With a big grin on his face Hoody replies to Calla;

“Looking forward to it and I can’t wait to meet the little man enit!”

Hoody spun around and went back into his apartment and opens his laptop, switched it on and made himself a coffee. When the screen lit up, Hoody typed into Google, “Kids Electric cars.” A whole range of different types came up, so he scrolled through them and found a black Range Rover like his. Hoody found a local store paid for it with his bank card and phoned Johnson and asked him to go and pick it up for him.

Hoody had a shower, got dressed, grabs another spliff and called Johnson as he walked outside. “Can you get me a lightweight football while you is there enit?”

As he was leaning on the rails he remembered a little job he had to do and called Harriett, “Can you collect something for me from Lime Street Station and deliver it to someone in Preston please Baby Gyal…?” “You must be at Lime Street for midday…!” “No, I’m sending Johnson to help you…!” “I’ll give him the info and he will call you and arrange a meeting place enit…!” “Ok Baby Gyal!” Hoody turned the phone off and looked down to the car-park for Johnson.

While he waited he had a call from the body shop. “Yo Mr Steven, how’s it goin…?” “That’s some good news enit…!” “When can we pick it up…?” “Ok bro, I will send Johnson over for it and give him the bill ye…!” “Nice one!”

Hoody stood looking over the balcony in a great mood, then he saw Johnson pulled up in the car-park and walk to the back of the car. Johnson looked like he was struggling to get a big box out from the back. Then he carries it up to the stairs. Hoody waited and finally Johnson appeared breathing heavily, he looked worn out as he placed the large box on the floor and lent on the rails trying to catch his breath. Hoody walked over to him, “What’s wrong bro, you Ok?” Johnson nodded, “That is fucking heavy man!” he said panting. Between them, they carried over to the apartment and took it in. They placed it on the floor and open the box and when they looked in the box they realised the car had to be assembled. Johnson put the battery on charge and built it looking at the instructions carefully. When it was all built they tried it out along the landing with the remote control that comes with it. When Hoody was ready they carried down the stairs and they placed it carefully in the boot. “I’ll drive this, the vans ready!” Hoody said. “I’ll drop you there, then you can get it and go pick up Harry and work with her today she has a collection and delivery, keep your eye on her enit!”

Hoody explained the little job to Johnson on the way, dropped him to the body shop and carried on to the park.

When Hoody got there he could see them both running along the path chasing each other and playing. Hoody was excited as he jumped out the car pulled the toy car out of the boot. Hoody walked towards them driving the electric car with the remote controller. As the Range Rover rolled along towards them, Jaxon stood looking at it with a huge smile on his face and his hands over his mouth. Calla stood shaking her head, “You shouldn’t have bought that!” She said, shaking her head with a smile.

“Hello Jackson, I like your red hoody top!” Hoody said as he knelt down, Jaxon was more interested in getting into the car.

After Hoody showed Jaxon what to do and how to drive it on his own Hoody and Calla held hands as they walked along chatting beside Jaxon in his new toy. “Oh before I forget!” Hoody said, “Don’t put your initials on a phone message, these phones can be monitored!” Calla looked at him inquisitively and asked, “What’s wrong with that?”

“I don’t like peeps knowin what I do or who I talk to enit!”

They walked a bit further towards some benches and in the distance was a large pond with Duck and Swans. It was a beautiful day.

“Why does CL stand for?” Hoody asked.

“Calla Lilly it’s the name I use after the flower, it’s my favourite flower.

I wondered why you spelt it different, so is Cala with one L your real name?”

“Yes, Cala Savinelli. My father is Italian, from Naples.”

Hoody looked down and noticed that Jaxon’s car was getting slower so quickly they turned around and walked slowly back to the car park. When Hoody put it back in the boot Jaxon cried. Calla explained about the battery going flat and it had to be charged up again but he didn’t understand and he wasn’t happy. Hoody got the football out and they tried to console him. Eventually, he came around and they played and kicked the ball about on the grass.

As they were playing and running around, Calla looked over and recognised the woman who claimed to be Hoody’s mom a few days ago, sitting on a bench hiding behind the Liverpool Echo.

“There’s that woman!” she whispered. Hoody looked over and said, “Sit on the bench over there; I will only be a few minutes!”

As they walked away, Hoody slowly walked over and sat by her side. “So what’s all this about, apparently you are going to get me back?” The woman sat quietly for a while and then dropped the paper onto her lap.

“One day I’m going to cause you some pain like I endured when I lost my daughter through your stupidity and leaving her at that party alone with drugs.”

“You is havin a laugh ent ya? Firstly, they were your daughters’ friends, not mine and secondly do you remember why I wasn’t at the party?”

“Yes I do, it should not have happened.”

“Well it did, you is as much to blame as I am enit!”

“No, it was your fault and I will get you back one day! She said with an evil look in her face.

Hoody lent towards her looking around and whispered, “If you don’t keep away from me, I will find you and I will kill you!”

Hoody stood up and walked over to Calla sitting just by the ice cream van. “What did she say?” Calla asked.

“She will leave it now I’m sure!” Hoody looked back and noticed she had disappeared from the bench.

“Shall we get the little man an ice-cream?” Hoody asked.

Hoody held a five-pound note in the air. “Could you get it for him?”

Calla smiled and ordered it so that Hoody didn’t have to touch anything.

Calla gave the cornet to Jaxon and they continued to walk along the path still holding hands and they seem to be getting on well laughing and chatting!

Calla wiped Jaxon’s face as it was covered in Ice cream and Hoody through the ball on the grass and they chased it again. After a while, tired and worn out and they sat on the grass and watched the other people playing games.

Time passed and they were having a good time. Eventually, they walked back towards the car-park still chatting and swinging Jaxon in-between them.

As they were walking along the path Calla turned to see a man running up behind her and shouting aloud “Has anyone seen a little boy?” Another man appeared from the bushes crying out “My little boy has gone missing, has anyone seen a little boy with a red top and blue jeans? Help me, please help me find him!”

Everyone started to join in and look for the little boy. People were running around aimlessly checking trees and bushes.

Calla sat on a bench with Jaxon holding on to his hand, while Hoody ran across the path and started looking for the missing boy. People were looking into the pond to see if he had fallen in by accident.

A few minutes passed and Hoody ran up to Calla, “take the keys to the car, take Jaxon to the apartment and I’ll be with you in a bit enit!” With that Calla picked Jaxon up, ran to the car and jumped in locking the doors and drove off. While Hoody was looking around he called Johnson. “Come pick me up quick time!”

Hoody carefully worked his way over to the car-park and waited.

Johnson pulled up and Hoody jumped in the front seat and they pull away at speed.

Police cars were pulling up in the car-park and a helicopter passed overhead.

Hoody directed Johnson to a house and when they arrived he jumped out the van and ran up the path banging on the front door and looking into the house through the front room window. Hoody noticed a football in the front garden as he banged again. Hoody tried the gate on the side of the house but it was locked so he went back and sat in the van for a while. They watched and waited. Johnson didn’t know what was happening and asked Hoody who lived in the house. Hoody explained that the woman who claimed to be his mom a few days ago lived there and he had a feeling she might have kidnapped a little boy thinking it was Jaxon so she could get some sort of a kick out of it for losing her daughter.

After a while, they left and Johnson took Hoody back to the apartment. As Hoody climbed out of the van he told Johnson to go back and keep a watch on the house and to keep looking for a woman and a small boy with a red top and blue jeans.

Hoody ran up the stairs and opened his door Calla and Jaxon was sitting watching the television. “Did they find him?” Calla asked.

“No they is still looking and the police are there now enit!” he said picking up a letter that was on the work surface. “What’s this?” Hoody asked.

“It was pushed under the door five minutes ago!” Calla explained. Hoody held it up to the light so he could see through it and when he realised it was just a note; he opened it and read it;


Underneath the bold letters was a mobile phone number.

Who was it from? Calla asked.

“The man upstairs wants me to look at his Boiler!” Hoody said folding the note and placing it in his pocket.

Hoody was undecided and not sure what to do, he didn’t’ want Calla to be left alone in the apartment again, but he had to get the kidnapped boy back to his family. Hoody kept it all from Calla as he wasn’t sure how she would react.

While Hoody and Calla chatted and picked at the food Hoody made earlier, Johnson phoned. “Yo…?” “I know I saw it under the window…!” “OK, keep watching, I’ll call you soon enit!”

Calla looked at her watch. “Is that the time I will have to go and get Jaxon to bed!”

Hoody collect their things together, Calla tided up the room and Hoody and Calla kissed passionately for the first time. Hoody walked down to her car with them and told Jaxon he would charge the battery on the car and he can play with it again next time he said as he looked at Calla. She smiled and nodded her head as she kissed Hoody once more and got in her car.

They drove off waving and Hoody pulled his phone out of his pocket and called Johnson. “Come get me and hurry, enit!”

Hoody ran up the stairs to the apartment had a quick shower and cleaned his teeth, then he got changed and when his phone beeped he grabbed his gloves, mask and gun. He dropped the magazine, checked there were bullets in there and pushed it back in the gun and tucked it in the back of his trousers, he ran back down to the car-park and jumped in the van.

They drove back to her house and on the way Hoody phoned the number that had been written on the letter.

“It’s me, I’m coming to get the kid, where is he…?” “Where in the park…?” “Stand out in the open by the swings where I can see you…!” With that Hoody closed the phone and as they drove along Hoody looked out the window. “Go around the back of the park!” Hoody gave Johnson some directions and then he said, “Pull over here, turn everything off and wait here till I come back!”

Hoody jumped out the van and walked up behind some bushes and worked his way into the park. It was just getting dim and dusky. In the distance, he could see a small kid on the swings so he called the woman again and watched her put the phone to her ear. Hoody turned the phone off and opened it again and phoned the police. “Listen, mate, you haven’t got much time, but the little boy that was taken from the park is in the park on the swings with a woman standing by him, you need to be here now and no noise!”

Hoody closed the phone and waited behind a large oak tree. It was extremely quiet as he waited and watched the woman pacing backwards and forwards on the path. Hoody decided to go a bit closer so he could see more so he gingerly crept from bush to bush and tree to tree. He could see the little boys’ hands were tied to the chains on the swing and just sitting there. Now and again the woman kicked the seat so he moved. A few minutes passed but it seemed like hours as Hoody waited. Two people appeared from the car-park and walked towards them slowly and stopped to kiss. They carried on walking, looking at each other and talking, they stopped and kissed again. Arm in arm they got closer to the swings and all of a sudden one of them jumped on the woman and throw her to the floor as the other person ran over to the swing. While she was being held down some other people emerged from the car-park. It was the police.

Hoody made his way back the van. “Take me home, the police can deal with her now!” Hoody said.

Johnson dropped Hoody off at his apartment and Hoody ran up the stairs and had another shower before his last spliff of the night, then he sent Calla a message;

They found the little boy and thanks for a great afternoon. X

Hoody waited and then he smiled as he read;

And me, Jaxon enjoyed it too; he talked about his new car all the way home. X

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