Dinner Time Killer

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Chapter 20


After speaking with my Mother, and getting the plan in place, I handed the officer his phone back, and when inside. I found Eli sitting at an empty desk across from mine.

He looked up as I approached, “I had an idea while you were out. Tell me what you think of this,” He said, sliding a map of the city for me to look.

On the map, a warehouse was circled in red pen.

Eli pointed to it and said, “When I moved here, I put a lot of my shit into storage, to unpack later. I found a storage unit here, at Portland Self-Store. The reason why I’m bringing it up, is because we can have a cop in every unit, waiting. You set up the meeting with Toni, and as soon as we get confirmation that he’s there, we take him out. Lead him into the centre here,” He said pointing to the middle of the circle, and he won’t have a way out.”

I thought about that for a moment.

That’s actually a pretty good idea. Better than mine.

“Lets go run this past Tom. See if he will agree to that much man power.”

Eli got up and I grabbed the map off the table and followed him to Tom’s office.

Tom raised his eyes to us, shutting his laptop as we sat down.

I placed the map on his desk, and explained Eli’s plan to him.

“That’s a lot of manpower,” He said leaning back in his chair, “but I like it. Toni has killed too many people, including cops and now that he has Gail, I want him in cuffs or in a body bag. I will call it in, and make sure you have the men to pull this off. Any news from your parents?”

“I called my Mother,” I said, “It’s all a go. She knows what to do.”

Tom nodded and shifted his gaze to Eli, “With Gail not here, I have Sam working on the DF angle. Go see him in Gail’s lab and make sure we have eyes on that storage lot before anyone sets foot in there. I’m not taking any chances.”

Eli nodded and left Tom’s office. When the door shut, Tom turned back to me, “Paul, what if this doesn’t work? What if he gets his hands on Lilly and we can’t stop him from taking her? Are you absolutely sure that is a risk you are willing to take?”

I lowered my eyes to the ground, biting my lip at the doubts that now flooded my mind.

After a moment I said, “Tom, if we don’t stop him, he will keep killing. Gail, you, Eli and God knows who else. If I could I would send Lilly to another planet, just to make sure she was as far away from this asshole as possible. I don’t want her, or my parents in the country, let alone the same city as him, but you and I both know this is the only way he will come out of hiding. The only way for me to get my eyes on him, and for the snipers to get a shot. We won’t get this close to him again, and there is only one thing he wants more than anything. Lilly.”

Tom pulled in a deep, thoughtful breath, rubbing his face with his hands before he met my eyes again.

“Alright. Set it all up. When will Lilly be back in town?”

“In a few hours. Toni said he will know when she’s back, so I want to set this up for tonight. Use the dark to our advantage.”

“Okay. Keep me informed. And Paul,” he said and waited till I met his eyes, “I’m coming with you tonight.”

I smiled and nodded before leaving his office.

I made my way down to the tech lab, to find Eli and Sam working on the camera feeds of the storage units.

Eli looked up as I entered, “We have visual, but its limited. All we have is the street, the entrance, and three of the nine passages on the lot.”

I sighed, “That’s not good. Are all the exits covered?”

The young man at the computer turned to face me, “The layout shows three ways in and out, but the camera’s only cover two of them. The third one is accessible from a small industrial road, and I found a camera about two blocks away, but its only from one side.”

I nodded to the man, then turned to Eli, “We can place a few guys on the street and in this warehouse here,” I pointed to a run down building across the street.

“What did Tom say about the men?” Eli asked.

“We’re good to go. Its happening tonight,” I checked my watch, “I better go. Meet me at mine in about two hours.”

Eli nodded and turned back to the computer screen.

I darted out the lab, and ran up the stairs to the parking lot.

As I drove back to my house, my mind thinking about Lilly, and her sweet little face, and the smile that lifted my mood every time, I thought about a conversation Addison and I had about a year after we got married.

She wanted to have kids more than anything. A whole football team of little Masons running around the house. I remembered how happy I made her with just three simple words.

Let’s do it.

For the next four years we tried. I watched her grow more and more depressed at every negative test.

If only she knew. If only. . .

I pushed those thoughts out of my mind as a lump in my throat caused me to swallow and blink away tears.

I pulled up outside my house, and when I saw the forensic vans, police cars and T.V crews still parked outside, I decided there was no way Lilly was coming back to this.

I pulled out my phone, dialed my Mother, and waited for her to pick up.

“Paul, we are about thirty minutes away,” my Mother said and I heard the car humming over the line.

“Mom, change of plans. Don’t go to my house. Take Lilly to that place Dad used to take Sarah and I when we were kids. Where I broke my arm falling out of the tree.”

“Alright, honey. See you soon.” She said and hung up.

I turned my car around, and headed for my Dad’s old boat at Rose City Yacht club.

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