Dinner Time Killer

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Chapter 24

Toni crumpled to the ground as the shouts from my earpiece silenced out her sobs.

I heard Tom shout, “Who fired that shot!”


I grabbed Lilly into my arms and ran for the far end of the passage. I placed her on her feet and when my mother came out from around the corner, I let Lilly go to her and ran back to Toni.

Fuck! Gail will die! Who the hell fired that shot?

I went over to Toni, a small drop of blood running down his forehead and his dead eyes staring at nothing.

“Tom! Who’s did this?” I shouted.

“I did, son,” My father’s voice said in my ear and I frowned.

“Dad? Why? Why did you shoot him, he was going to tell me where Gail is.”

“I told you before, Paul. He will die before he gets his hands on Lilly.”

“He would have told me!” I shouted at nothing.

“That’s not a risk I could take. I’m sorry son, but Lilly comes first. Always.”

I spun around and punched the metal door of the unit next to me, as Eli came towards me, in full breech gear.

When he got close, he stopped and took off the helmet, “Its over Paul.” He said.

“No its not! Gail is going to die. How the fuck are we going to find her now?”

Eli dropped his gaze away from my furious one and shook his head.

As the officers swarmed around me, checking Toni, clearing the area and mumbling to themselves, I looked past them all at Lilly. She was in my mother’s arms, looking at me with big sad eyes.

It’s over. She is safe.

But Gail will die. If we don’t find her, soon, she will die. I let her down the most.

Tom came around the corner and approached me, “Paul, take Lilly home. I have already called in a search team to start looking for Gail. They won’t stop until they find her.”

I gave him a glare and stomped off towards Lilly and my mother.

When I got close, I took a deep breath to calm myself down and smiled at her. She reached her arms out to me and I took her from my mother’s arms.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and held on tightly. I reached up to her aid, and turned it back on, “Are you Ok?” I asked.

She nodded with a sniff, “Is the bad man dead?”

I nodded, “Yes he is, baby girl. He can’t hurt anyone anymore.”

Except for one more person. Even after his death, he could still take one more life.

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