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Reagan Lindell thought all husbands came with secrets; John Lindell had plenty of them. But what happens when his darkest, most sinister one slowly unravels before her? Can she keep it together all while harboring a few secrets of her own? Or will she fall? *Rated MA*Sexual content*Violence* "So this is what kind of husband you want to be?" I asked him finally, pushing my hair away from my wet cheeks. When I looked up at him, his chest was rising and falling deeply and he looked so angry. Like a monster in the skin of a handsome man. It was a nightmare...though scary, sad as hell. "You're an animal, John-"

Thriller / Erotica
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-Chapter 1


“Can I get you another wine, Mrs Lindell?” Asked the tiny, blonde waitress. She was beautiful, with a pixie face, athletic body and tight little ass. I’d seen her the last time John had brought me here two months ago for our fifth anniversary but she hadn’t been our waitress then. I almost took the offer. It’s not like I would be paying for this. The expensive, popular restaurant would just put it onto my husbands credit. With two wines already coursing through my body, I felt my throat swell and forced a fake smile.

“No, thank you. I think I’ll be going now.” I replied. There was no denying the obvious pity in her eyes as she nodded and returned the smile. It only made it sting worse. I’d been stood up...again...for the second time this week. In John’s defense he was extra busy with his new book but really? Twice in a week...

I sighed heavily and grabbed my clutch. Pixie ushered me from the restaurant like all of their staff did after their tables were done. It really was a lovely place, very romantic and leaving alone made my stomach heavy. Incessantly, my heels tapped on the concrete as I made it across the parking lot and to my white Mercedes. After the lights flashed, indicating it was unlocked, I slid into the drivers seat and fought back tears. Don’t you dare fucking cry. Don’t be that wife. I told myself and managed to fend them off successfully. The drive home was lengthy and I tried to phone John again on Bluetooth. No luck. Fuck it, I just wanted to go home, rip this gorgeous, black dress off and go to sleep. I tried not to think too much into it.

The home we owned was picture perfect; white picket fence, two stories, four bedrooms and I even had a summer garden going in the back yard. The only thing that was missing were children-and of course a husband who made it to dinner on time. The children issue had nothing to do with neither one of us not wanting them. Unfortunately we hadn’t been lucky conceiving and the couple times I had managed to get pregnant it hadn’t ended well. John had suggested putting the whole baby situation on the back burner and that’s what I needed to do now...put it on the back burner and not think about it.

I couldn’t ignore the depressed feeling as I pulled my car into the garage and shut the engine off. Once I was inside, I walked through the dark house until I reached the kitchen and flipped the light on. The entire time I made tea, our Bombay cat, Taz, wound his body thought my legs. Before I left the kitchen with my steaming tea, I fed the cat a treat and went upstairs. The master bedroom was in the back of the second floor. One room was used for a home office and the others misc storage. At one point I had been obsessed with decorating a nursery; during the second pregnancy that had only lasted nine weeks. Thankfully, for my own sanity, I hadn’t gotten started on the project before losing the baby.

“Stop thinking about it, Reagan.” I said to myself, tossed my clutch onto the vanity and kicked out of a killer pair of heels. It took me several attempts to get the zipper of the dress down, but once I did the skin hugging, satin material fell at me feet in a pool. I was left in sexy and very new lingerie and a pair of black nylons.

John had been gone for three days on a book signing and I’d just wanted to dress up, be sexy for him, have dinner and then give him rode head on the way home where we could strip each other down and make Love. Obviously my husband had better things to do. Tears threatened again as I peeled the nylons from my legs but I refused to cry. Crying wasn’t my thing, especially over men but then again I’d never been in love enough with anyone to marry them, like John. It kinda sucked. “Ugh. Fucking asshole.” I murmured quietly and unsnapped my bra. Once that too was in the worthless pile, I unpinned my thick, honey-colored curls from the nape of my neck and they fell down my back. I slung the comforter back and crawled into bed.

Slowly, I sipped my tea and flipped through the channels on the TV that was mounted to the wall. Of course it was my luck that nothing worth watching was on. I was an inch and a second away from deciding it a lost cause and going to sleep but my phone started to ring. I groaned and got up, hurrying to the vanity where I had left it in my clutch.

It was John...I hurried back to the bed and burrowed back under the covers before answering. The air coming from the vents had caused my skin to prickle with bumps. “Hey.” I answered with very little enthuse. Really? Two days in one week? I had my reasons to be upset.

“Hey baby, I’m about to leave the airport. My flight was delayed, plus the signing took longer than expected. Are you waiting up for me?” The question had me rolling my eyes. Yea, for half the evening, I waited.

“Um, no. I was actually almost asleep,” I lied. I pondered the thought of even telling him I had waited for him at a date that he had planned and missed. Before I could even decide, I was spilling the words. “You forgot about dinner, you know.” I glanced at the clock and gave it forty minutes before he would be home. Good, just enough time to actually fall asleep. For one, I really was tired and for two, I didn’t want to hear his excuses.

“Fuck...” His curse was sharp...genuine. He really had forgotten but I was still in a sour mood. I sighed softly and waited for it. “Fuck, honey. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, John. The wine was really good though.” I only added in that last comment to bust his balls. It worked. In the background of our call, I could hear a horn honking and distance sirens from an ambulance. At least he was actually on his way home. “I’m gonna be in bed. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Before anything else could be said on the matter, I hung up, tossed my phone away and snuggled deeper into the sheets. As I dozed off, I thought about what I would do with my day tomorrow. Besides the one open house I had from ten to noon, I was free. Maybe I would pick my nephew, Easton, up from elementary for ice cream. The little boy always seemed to fill the childless void in my heart. Before I could clearly think about it, I fell asleep.

Some time later, I woke up to John climbing into bed beside me. I was pretty much over the missed dinner and let him pull me close to his body. Aside from his usual masculine scent there was something that lingered...woman? Before my brain could process it, I was sleeping again.


The next morning I woke up, shaking off the remnants of a dream that I couldn’t remember. Soft morning light was casting rays over the entire room and when I rolled over in the bed, I was alone. That wasn’t a surprise...what was, was the lingering smell of breakfast foods in the air and it made my stomach growl. I sat up and stretched in the bed before getting up and slipping into my robe. Rubbing my eyes, I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth before attempting to run a brush through my dark blonde hair.

Sounds of pots and pans came from bellow as I left the room and went downstairs. I knew, this was step one in John’s way of apologizing. Fortunately for him, I was starved. No doubt from missing dinner last night. When I made it to the kitchen, the smell of food was deliciously overwhelming. My handsome husband was standing at the stove, transferring a massive omelet to a plate. At my sudden presence, he looked over and smiled boyishly; the same smile that had managed to win my heart. His brown hair was slightly disheveled and I was surprised to see that he was still in his night clothes as well.

“Good morning. I hope your hungry.” He said and held the plate of food out. Taz jumped from the counter then to circle his feet and purr. It was his way of nicely asking for food. I took the offering without a complaint and rose on the tips of my toes to kiss him.

“I am. Starved.” I crossed the space to the small dining table and took a seat. “How was your book signing?” I asked, after pouring a glass of orange juice from the container that was waiting for me on the table. I didn’t wait a second longer than needed before I started in on the omelet that was stuffed with meats and veggies and OMG...cheese.

John just shrugged as he brought himself and his own food over to sit. “It was fine. Longer than expected but it was fine. What did you do while I was gone?” He asked. My husband had a knack for keeping tabs on me and I wished I could keep them on him just as well but it was nearly impossible. I didn’t like to admit it but I had no clue sixty percent of the things he did with his time. I supposed it stemmed from him being slightly old fashioned.

While we ate, I explained my three whole days without him; having lunch with Tara, showing a few houses to the Millers-which was a nightmare because they couldn’t decide on a property and I’d been at it for months with them-, and then of course, my hours spent perfecting my vegetable garden in the backyard.

As we finished up and stacked our plates, John pulled a piece of jewelry from his pocket. “I got you something,” He announced and grabbed my hand. The bracelet was made of chocolate diamonds. I watched him snap it on my wrist and for awhile he just watched as I turned my hand, letting it shimmer in the lights.

“It’s beautiful but I don’t want you apologizing like this every time you fuck up, John.” When I looked up I gave him my most hard and insisting look. My husband just chuckled and leaned across the table to kiss me. It was deep and hot and promising.

“Don’t be silly, Mrs. Lindell. I bought that before I fucked up.” I blushed at the confession. Of course, why would he go to a jewelry store at eight in the morning? John pulled me into his lap then for an entire make-out session. “Let’s go upstairs,” was whispered against my ear before he toyed the lobe. It made me shiver and I pulled away to look down at him. I could feel his obvious arousal against my leg as I untied my robe.

“Why don’t you just do me right here, husband?” His golden eyes with their silvery specs fell to my breasts for a moment before he looked back up at me. His look became devious and in a second I was bent right over the dining table. The mating was quick and hard, empty plates and an orange juice container were our audience. Within minutes we both had reached a glorious climax before John pulled me upstairs and we went into the bathroom.

While we washed up, he explained that he was going to spend a little time at his office in the space he was renting and he had to call his editor. His new book would be complete soon and other actions had to be taken before it was officially published.

While we dried, I almost considered taking him to our bed but I didn’t. Couldn’t, when we stood in the closet as I watched him pick through his clothes. Were those fresh marks on his back? Scratch marks? Certainly. I nearly barfed on the carpet but held it together.

There was no fucking way I could go through this with him...again.

-John- The night before-

“Let’s do it again, John.” I could hear the edginess in Theodora’s words. Had for weeks now. There was also a slight whine in her tone that made my cock hard. Unfortunately for me, Theo wasn’t asking for sex. That would make my life a whole lot fucking easier to deal with.

I looked over at the snow bunny from my spot in a deep, steaming tub. Our meetings like this, at luxurious hotels was a ritual. Theo was sitting on the sink, one milky leg crossed and puffing on a cigarette. The smoke rose and was sucked through a humming vent. Her nakedness always seemed to make me forget how to breathe; She had long legs, a cute little ass, small perky breasts with perfect pink nipples and I would spare the details of other, more tasteful parts of her.

“Soon. Please be patient.” Her icy blue eyes narrowed on me at the denial and she hopped down from the sink, jabbing out the cigarette. I couldn’t quite yet go there again. Two months was still too short of a time. I watched her come to the bath and step in.

“But don’t you remember how fun it was?” Theo asked as she greedily mounted me. I didn’t answer her as she started to kiss along my chest and upward. “...And how hot?” Yes, I did and she had no problem reminding me every time we were together. I hissed and pulled away from her when she bit down into my neck.

“What did I tell you about that?” I asked, scowling up at her and feeling the marks on my back sting against the hot water. Because that was what I wanted, proof of our affair on my body. Theo actually stuck her lip out and pushed away from me, to the other side of the tub.

"Right, I forgot about your little wife...again. Such a poor little thing she worthless.” Theo sighed softly and examined her blood red nails. “So useless...such a waste of space, she is.”

“Theo, stop it.” I was becoming agitated with my lover...and her obvious jealously towards Reagan. I thought about the dinner then, that I was missing now to be here and it made me hate myself. But I needed this...I needed Theodora and so much more.

Theo glared at me and then rose from the tub. On her way out I watched her ass in action and she shot me a glare over her shoulder. “You’re being a jerk.” With that she lifted her chin and left me alone in the tub. For a few minutes I relaxed in the bath until the water began to cool. When I was done, I didn’t bother with a towel. Theo was sprawled across the big bed when I walked into the suite and I made the short distance to the couch that held my suit I’d worn from the plane.

“I have to go.” I said shortly and started to dress.

“Of course, little miss Reagan waits. God, am I going to be your whore forever?” With the question she sat up and crossed her arms under naked breasts. To take these slacks off and go back to the bed with her would be a pleasure but she was wife was waiting.

I shook my head at her, “We had a good night and now you want to be a brat?” I asked, daring her to argue more on the subject. She didn’t. Theo just sat there and watched me dress in silence. Finally, when I was finished, I went back to the bed and leaned down for a kiss. Her effort in it was far and in between, a way of her telling me she was upset. “I’ll see you soon,” I promised before I turned and left her. Right there in a room like I always did.


Later that day, I found myself in front of Easton’s school, waiting for him to come running from the doors any second. The open house had gone better than imagined and before lunch was even over, someone had put in an offer. I was pleased with myself and I could hardly wait to tell John.

Even if I suspected my husband of adultery...“Why do you do this to yourself, Reagan?” My best friend Tara Cooper asked from the speakers of my car. She was referring to what I’d told her about John and the shower this morning.

“Do what to myself?” I asked, even though I had a pretty good idea of what she was talking about. I watched as a few children ran across the road on the crosswalk to climb into a bus. Tara was Easton’s mother and I’d known her for the longest time.

"Torture. Hasn’t he already done this before?” I wished she was here so I could glare at her and thank her very fucking much for the reminder that John had cheated...with his editor two years ago. Of course, now he had a different editor. But that was besides the fact.

Before I could answer her, I caught site of the red headed boy. “Aunt Reagan!” As soon as Easton Cooper spotted my car he was waving and running over.

“We can talk about this later. I’ll have East home by six.” I hung up before she could reply. Seconds later my nephew was opening up the backseat door and climbing in. “Buckle up, buddy.” While he did so, he rambled on and on about me picking him up and then there was talk about pizza and ice cream.

This was exactly what I needed to take my mind off of John and every other adult issue in my life; Ice cream Sunday’s with a five year old.

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