The Doll Collector

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Chapter 23

It would have been heart-breaking for Sergei to watch, if he felt he had a heart.

The two tall, blonde girls, known as Dina and Elena, were identical twins who were reasonably attractive. Sadly, he did not achieve success with reasonably attractive girls.

They had not matured well enough to allow them to continue into his adult websites, and whilst Dina was willing to do anything to stay, Elena seemed to be more reluctant. If he could have capitalised on the twin thing, then he could have found a place for them somewhere.

He sighed as he looked on at the two girls, sitting on a Chesterfield sofa opposite his own.

“I’m afraid the two of you are too old to continue,” Sergei said in his mellowed Russian accent. “It is time that we faced up to the reality. My clients are not interested in older girls.”

Elena sneered, not doing her slightly large nose any favours with her expression. “Too old? We’re nineteen!”

Sergei nodded. “I understand that you may not think it, but I have been working in this game for many numbers of years.” He looked at Dina to the left, and then at Elena to the right. “As twins, if you both accept everything then I could possibly find some future for you, but one of you feels to me like she wants to go.”

Dina started to cry, burying her head in her hands. Elena put a hand on her back, rubbing it in a gentle, maternal gesture. Sergei looked on and shrugged, as if glancing at a work of art that held no merit whatsoever. It’s not the first time I’ve made her cry, but it might well be the last.

For the first time in their interview, Dina spoke. Her voice had a deep, textured smoothness to it, far sexier than her sister’s. “We have nowhere to go. You’re just going to kick us out onto the streets?”

Sergei stood up and walked to his drinks cabinet. He removed a small glass and a bottle of cheap vodka, pouring himself enough to scorch his throat. “This is where I found you. This is where I’ll send you back to.” He downed the vodka, winced, and returned to his seat. This was far from the most eloquent of goodbyes, but it was sufficient.

The girls continued to sit there, staring. Seconds went by. They had out-stayed their welcome and Sergei wanted them gone.

“You can have until tomorrow to gather your things from your room. You have one last night. You will not convince me to want to take you back. In the morning you must go.”

He stood up again, this time looking at them, hoping that they would take the hint. Getting to one’s feet in that manner was a universal indicator of a meeting having finished. The girls still did not move.

Elena stared daggers at Sergei, who cleared his throat, ready with a suggestion. “If you would like some money as severance pay, I can figure out one final shoot for the two of you.”

Elena stood up quickly and moved to within an inch of Sergei’s stern face. “What would you have us do for money?” she asked. “Haven’t we done enough? You’ve degraded us so much, taken so much from us that we don’t have any self-respect anymore.”

“Self-respect, my dear, cannot be taken away unless you offer it.”

Elena swung a flat palm back slightly. Sergei could see what was coming next. He wasn’t prepared to stop her. The next few seconds would serve as something of a parting blow. In a second, a feeble slap connected with Sergei’s left cheek. He stood there, staring at her, expressionless.

She stared back at him with a very real hatred in her eyes as her twin sister jumped to her feet and grabbed the offending arm.

Sergei’s eyes narrowed. “I’ve provided you with shelter, food and clothing for all of these years, and you hit me?” He tried to sound surprised.

“I’m sorry, Sergei,” Dina said. “You know she has a short fuse.”

He nodded. “I know, and it just makes this easier.”

Dina’s eyes widened. Elena had accepted it all, ready to walk out with her head held high for once in her life. The anger she was feeling would stay there for some time, burning away at her insides. She might take her own life, she might attack a stranger and end up in prison. They had been typical actions of the girls he had employed and released.

He looked at the girls, one trying to appease and the other trying to offend. “I have decided that I need your room tonight,” he said, turning around and walking back towards his office. “You have an hour to gather your things before security remove you.”

Dina screamed her objection. “But where will we go? How can we eat?”

Still walking away, he said, “You’re pretty, intelligent girls. I have no doubt you’ll find a way to earn your money.”

He entered his office and closed the door. He could hear both girls crying in the other room. Eventually they will leave on their own. I don’t need to involve my staff yet.

He looked at his watch. The time read 19:19. He smiled.

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