The Doll Collector

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Chapter 39

Joshua was pleased to have found a dodgy, cash-in-hand repair garage not far from the town centre. In addition to repairs, they had a couple of cars ‘out back’ that were available for purchase. He looked at the cars, test drove two, and decided on the first. It was a European made multi-purpose hatchback, white in colour, and it worked. That was all he cared about.

With enough cash (far more than the old car was worth) shoved under the nose of the mechanic, Josh was able to take the car without filing any paperwork, proving he had a license, insurance or anything else necessary before a responsible seller would let someone loose on the road in their new purchase.

The next stop was a DIY superstore on the edge of the town, and a brief stop in an unguarded multi-storey car park.

First up was the DIY store. Every time he walked through the doors of a shop of such gargantuan size, one of a couple of things would happen. He would either suppress the feeling of being overwhelmed by the sheer size of a place that sold mostly wood, metal and fixings, or he would instantly forget the items he had arrived at the shop to buy.

On this occasion, any sudden memory loss was fleeting. Immediately in front of him as he walked through the doors was a stand displaying one of the items on his list. He needed paint. Quite a lot of it. He bought two large brushes, the kind usually used for wallpaper paste. He also picked up a smaller brush for the finer detail, not that he was planning on doing a perfect job. A change of colour would simply buy him time when the police were looking for a car in his colour, should the need ever arise.

He picked up a substantial amount of paint for metallic surfaces and proceeded to pay for his items. He knew that cheap emulsion would be a waste of time on something like a car. He honestly had no idea if this new paint would work, but his theory didn’t require a rushed custom paint job to be perfect or even permanent.

After loading a lot of fairly small but heavy paint cans into the boot of his car, Joshua climbed into the car and drove back towards the guest house and the girl he had secured to the radiator. With any luck, he would soon be wired the required twenty five grand and could rid himself of the troublesome girl.

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