The Doll Collector

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Chapter 95

Abigail enjoyed taking her chance to inflict some level of physical punishment on her kidnapper, even whilst preparing for the inevitable backlash.

Before Joshua could react, however, she jabbed her other elbow into the man’s ribs.

Without waiting for an invitation, she jumped as far as she was able, lifting both feet off the ground, before slamming them down in a stamp on Joshua’s feet.

The grip loosened further. One more hit and he’ll have to let go.

Just then, the grip around her tightened. It was one last defiant move by the man who had snatched her from the life she had known. Leaning forward for a moment, she flung her head back as hard as she could until it collided with Joshua’s face.

A dull crack suggested she had broken her second nose of the day with her skull. In an instant she was free. She turned around to see Joshua holding his good hand to the centre of his face, his eyes watering.

She grabbed his broken hand, swinging by his side, and squeezed it, feeling small bones moving out of place and causing him to yell out in pain. She ducked from his swinging good arm and stood upright, ready to attack again.

She raised a hand to shield her face against the hail, starting to beat hard against her. As the pain from her face subsided, the pain and anguish of several days surged through her. She gritted her teeth. It’s time to make this monster pay.

She launched several kicks at his knees, sending him staggering towards the edge of the deck. Only a small railing separated him from a one-way trip into the cold water below.

“Abigail, please!” he cried out. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

She stared into his eyes. “I’m done being hurt by you.”

Joshua looked behind him, over the railing and into the blackness of the sea. Abigail took the moment to land one good punch to the face, enough to cause her right hand feel as if it had been used to stoke a fire.

Joshua’s head rocked backwards, sending him tipping over the low railing. He reached out in a desperate effort to stop another fall, and grabbed Abigail’s left arm.

“Let go!” she screamed.

Her feet were sliding along the wet deck. She lacked the strength and the energy to shake him off. He was going over, and he was about to drag her over with him.

As she slid towards the railing, she grabbed it with her right hand and put a foot against a vertical pole, feeling the burn in her calf muscles as she did so. Even her very best efforts were achieving nothing. Her arm hurt. Everything hurt. She could do nothing more. I couldn’t get away from Joshua in life, and I can’t seem to separate myself from him in death.

Abigail’s feet were about to give way. Joshua had sustained injuries that would prevent him from swimming or climbing out of the near freezing water. Staring into the wide eyes of the man who was almost certainly staring death in the face, she failed to notice someone darting from her left and ripping her arm from his.

Joshua fell into the sea with a scream. Abigail was hauled back over the railing by her father. He looked like he was barely able to stand, but somehow he had come to her rescue again.

After a few seconds to catch her breath, she peered over the edge and could see nothing but the foam of the sea floating above an eerie blackness. Joshua was gone. This time he wouldn’t be coming back.

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