Tulip In the Mafia's Grip

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"I__I'm sorry." She whimpered, when she saw him moving towards a 11 years old boy. "You are not actually." He answered in his deadly calm voice. It is a dark romance novel. Archer is the leader of the most dangerous mafia of US and Ireland. He is cold, ruthless, brutal and inhuman. Olivia is the student of medicine. She is kind, loving and beautiful. Morals and ethics matter the most to her. They were two childhood sweethearts, who were separated from each other. They meet each other after 9 long years. But due to separation, Archer's love has changed into a deadly obsession. When she meets him after 9 long years, she discovers that he is a border line psychopath and a sociopath. Not only this he also thinks that she betrayed him and he is hell bent on teaching her a lesson. Peek into the dark and twisted world of Archer Zander Mitchell who will use any means to break the love of his life and mold her into a person whom he sees fit to be his wife and his queen. What will happen when she will be made to go through the unbearable pain by the only person whom she loved the most? Will she survive? Will he change before it is too late?

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1 (The Surprise)


“P_please don’t do this.” She pleaded, choking on her tears.

All he saw was red, his nostrils flared, and before she knew it, he had grabbed her hair and pulled them harshly. “What did I tell you about obeying me? Huh?” He hissed, his eyes blazing with barely restrained fury.

She was shaking like a leaf with fear and she could not form any words but another slap from him had her opening her mouth. “Th__that I’ll obey y__you unconditionally.” She sobbed her chin wobbling. Her eyes were shut tightly; panic jabbing hard at her stomach.

“Then why the fuck you disobeyed me?” He yelled at her face.

Her tears were streaming down her eyes and her right cheek had red marks of fingers. “I__I’m sorry.” She whimpered, when she saw him moving towards a bruised 11 years old boy.

When he turned towards her, his face was blank. His eyes were two soulless pits of darkness. There and then she knew it was bad. She had fucked up. And fucked up bad.

“You are not actually.” He said, in his dangerously calm voice. “But you will be after this night.” His lips curled with sadistic pleasure, causing a shiver spiral down her spine.


· 3rd person’s P.O.V:

The young 22 years old girl woke up when her alarm went off. She groggily rubbed her eyes and rolled off the bed.

After a quick shower, she dressed up, untangled her hair and applied some moisturizer and lip balm and made her way to her bed side table. Opening the first drawer she saw the brooch given by her childhood sweetheart, the one who was there for her whenever she needed him, who chased her nightmares away. It had been her daily routine for the past seven years. She would kiss the brooch every day before leaving her room in the morning.

I wish we were together Archer. I still love you so much. She said; her voice barely above a quiet whisper. She found her eyes brimming with unshed tears.


My little Tulip. His deep voice rang in her ears.

“Livie! Hurry up. You are already late honey.” Her mother’s loud voice reached to her ears, bringing her back from her trip down the memory lane.

She quickly kissed it and put it back in its place and skipped towards the dining room, after collecting her things.

In dining room she found her mother called Serena Miller serving breakfast to her father. Things have changed much since they moved to North Carolina. Her parent’s relation has improved. Much to her hearts contentment they were a happy couple now. Her mother started caring for her more.

It was not that you ever complained when she was neglectful towards you Livie! Her subconscious mocked.

Shut up.

“Livie?” Olivia’s eyes snapped towards her mother.

“I have been calling you for last 5 minutes.” Her mother’s blue eyes narrowed.

“Sorry mom.” She smiled sheepishly. She had been zoning out a lot lately.

“That’s alright honey. Good morning.” She smiled and hugged her daughter.

“Good morning mom.”

“Good morning dad.” She chirped.

“Good morning Olivia.” her father replied.

After quickly gulping the glass of an orange juice she left for her college.

After fifteen minutes or so she was in her college premises.

She was only one year away from her dream job. She was a medical student; a youngest one in her class as she graduated from her high school at the age of 17 and at the age of 19 she was done with her BSC. It had been always her dream to help others. She had already decided what she was going to do after the completion of her MBBS course.

Her lips curled into a breathtaking smile on thinking about her passion. Seeing her smile her stalker found himself smiling, a normal smile after years.

She felt as if someone was watching her. She glanced sideways but found no one. She frowned making her devilishly handsome stalker smirk.

Jesus! I’m tripping. She thought to herself.

I’m such an idiot. Last night, I should have slept after studying my pathology notes instead of thinking about him. She mentally chastised herself.

She met her best friend Samantha in the hallway, who rushed to her on seeing her and hugged her. “Thanks God! You are here. I’ve been so worried for you.” She gushed out.

“Worried for me or for these notes?” Olivia replied sassily, flashing the blue folder in her hands. Just then the alarm of Samantha’s phone went off, indicating that it was time to rush to her class.

“For both babes. Come on. We are getting late.” Olivia could not help but smile on her best friend’s attitude. Where Olivia was a calm and collected person Samantha was loud and party girl, who could care less what others had to say about her. In the middle of the class, professor Manhor had to leave the class due to an assistant of dean, but he did not take that long.

“Miss Miller?” He called on coming back.

“Yes sir?” Olivia answered.

“Dean wants to see you now. Go to his office.” Her eyes widened at his words.

Darn it! What did I do to get a call from dean? She thought to herself.

Her best friend gave her a reassuring smile but it did not ease her stress and worry. Nonetheless, she collected her things and after giving a tight lipped smile to her best friend, made her way to the dean’s office.

She knocked on the door and stepped inside the office. To her shock there was no dean inside the office. Only some stranger in Armani black fitted suit was standing there with his back to her.

She knew that he was not the dean because the dean was a small, fat man while the man standing there was tall, lean and well built.

“Urmm...excuse me sir?” She spoke politely, to get his attention.

Her voice sounded like a sweet melody to his ears. He turned towards her and her eyes widened with surprise.

Am I dreaming? She thought. He looks like my Archer!

Instead of casual clothes he was wearing an Armani suit. He looked a bit different from his old self; his eyes did not hold the similar warmth and adoration for her to which she was used to as a child and teenager. They were cold and his sharp jaw was covered with light subtle, giving him a rugged look.

But before she knew his name rolled off her tongue.

“Ar...Archer?” She queried, Archer Zander Mitchell; the man of her dreams, her lover. He felt like purring like a fucking wolf when he heard her say his name. Her voice was soft and melodious.

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