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Tulip In the Mafia's Grip

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Chapter 2 (The Meeting)


· 3rd person’s POV:

He felt like purring like a fucking wolf when he heard her say his name. Her voice was soft and melodious.

His irises darkened when he drank in her features. She had pale skin, dark blue almond shaped eyes, small nose and cherry colored luscious lips. Her once golden hairs were honey blonde now. Her golden hairs were touching her hips making her look even more beautiful. She had a perfect figure, a slim waist and weight on all the right places.

Perfect! Fucking perfect! Only these words came in his mind.

He felt his member twitching in his pants. Who knew one day he will be getting a hard on just by looking at her. Unlike the women who kept his bed warm in her absence, her body was fully covered.

My Tulip has grown so much. Unable to control himself from touching her he marched towards her and cupped her rosy cheeks. To his shock they were wet.

When the fuck she started crying? He frowned.

When you were eye fucking her. The devil whispered in his ears.

“Did you miss me my little Tulip?” He spoke for the first time, caressing her cheek.

She leaned in to his touch like a kitten.

She missed me. Words were not needed to know this. Her eyes were telling this. Two wet dark topaz colored orbs were the proof.

She did not forget him in all these years. After all it’s not possible for a queen to forget her king.

Her dark blue eyes were glassy. If there was anything which he used to hate the most in past, it was to see her beautiful dark blue eyes glossy.

She needs to save these tears for later; when I will discipline her. The dark thought crossed his mind.

Oh my God! He remembers....he remembers my nick name.

In no time tears made their way down her eyes, drenching her eyelashes. She closed her eyes and opened them again. It looked as if she was having a hard time in believing that he was really here.

“Tulip,” He said softly but she did not answer him.

This was another thing which he hated. He hated to wait for an answer. He felt the rage building up inside him. But he knew he had to keep calm for his pretty angel. He cleared his throat to gain her attention but it was useless. She did not even spare him a glance. Before he could say something else to her she enveloped him in a hug, taking him by a surprise. His arms naturally wrapped around her.

The sobs raked her body. Hearing her sobs made him feel a slight pang in his heart. Fuck!

He slowly broke the hug and cupped her wet rosy cheeks.

“Shhh! Why are you crying? Huh? “He cooed.

She only sniffled. He could feel his patience slipping away from him.

“Tulip?” He growled.

“I missed you.” She murmured finally. His lips tilted upwards into a breathtaking smile and his eyes softened. This was what which she used to tell whenever he went away for a day or two for work and now he was hearing this after nine long years. He could swear on his life that he had always loved to hear this.

“Then why ya left?” He asked, hugging her tightly. He nuzzled his nose in her hair, her amazing flowery scent instantly calming him. She smelt of lavenders.

She would love the gardens of her new home. They have almost all types of flowers.

It is the story of another time. I will tell him later. She thought to herself and kept quiet.

He rubbed her back trying to calm her.

“I fucking missed ya so much! I’m not letting ya go now! Not now. Not ever.” His voice deepened to a husky growl.

He pulled away but did not remove his hands from her waist. His gaze moved towards her cherry colored lips.

He could not stop himself from touching them with his own lips.
The moment he pressed his lips against hers he felt the blood rushing towards his groin.

Her lips were so soft against his. The mere kiss had his groin tightening painfully.

Fuck! He swore against her lips

He felt like his world stopped on its axis. The world around him dissolved into nothing.

When he pulled away after few seconds their breaths were raged. Her cheeks turned even redder.

Eh! The beautiful blush which I grew to like. No scratch that. Love so much in the past years when we were together and happy.

Her milky white soft hands were placed against his chest. They looked so little against his broad chest.

He moved his thumb across her right cheek and said;

“My Tulip still has the ability to change colors like a chameleon? Aye?” His voice was hoarse.

She only gave a small smile in response and looked away.

Not again! He groaned in his mind. I seriously need to tell her that it was must for her to give me a reply; no matter what. I love to hear her voice.

This time he was planning to own her mind, soul and body. He would make her his in every way possible. Her day would start thinking about him and would end with his face and actions in her mind. He was going to make sure of that.

His chain of thoughts broke when a sweet voice reached his ears.

“How did you find me?” She asked with a cute frown on her face.

“Through my men sweetheart” He answered. He deliberately did not elaborate much.

“Men? You hired people in order to find me? Like detectives?” She was asking too many questions for his liking. She needed to stop that.

“Sort of.” He grumbled. Before she could ask any more questions he placed his one arm under her knees and one at her lower back and picked her up.

A shriek escaped her lips making him laugh. The glare which she sent his way amused him. He plopped on the sofa with Tulip in his lap. His arms wrapped around her.

Fuck! She moved her hips to settle comfortably in his lap due to which the blood rushed to his organ.

“Archer! It’s not comfortable here please let me sit there.” She pointed to the seat beside him.

What the fuck! His eyes hardened and jaws ticked.

"Ya never had any problem with this before! Now what the fuck happened to make you feel uncomfortable” I snapped.

Her eyes widened and a shock marred her features. “Archer! I was a kid at that time!” She exclaimed.

“So what? Now that you have grown up we start acting like fucking strangers! Huh?” He sneered.

This woman surely knows how to piss me off.

She only glared at him in response.

“Tulip. Answer. Me!” He said through gritted teeth.

“What the hell is wrong with you? I did not say any such thing. I just told you that I’m not comfortable. Why are you making such a big deal out of it?” She seethed and narrowed her eyes at me.

The fucking nerve of this woman!

“Tulip ya don’t get ta use this tone with me.” Though he spoke calmly but only he knew he was seconds away from punishing his defiant angel.

She only rolled her eyes at him and looked away.

If it was somebody else he would have put the bullet between his eyes for this action but he could not do that with his angel. She was the reason he woke up every day.

He gripped her chin in his thumb and forefinger and turned her face towards him. He did not apply much force on her chin but his grip was firm. Firm enough for her to know who had the power here.

Her small yet full lips were almost touching his and her breath which smelt of strawberries was falling on his face.

“I will let it slide this time but if ya dare to disrespect me again I would not think twice before breaking your jaw! Ceart go leor?” His voice was deadly calm. (Ok)

Her eyes widened and her breath hitched. The fear was evident in those blue orbs. She was looking at him as if she had seen an alien.

“Are.We.Clear.Tulip?” He seethed through gritted teeth.

“Y__yes.” she stuttered out.


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