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Who knew that happiness could come in the strangest of ways and in my case as a mafia. She was as mysterious to herself as she was to others. And he could not wait to solve such a mystery. She became his obsession and his most valuable possession. But everything comes with a price and price so shall be paid. Beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and devil are fighting there, and the battlefield is the heart of man. ---Fyodor Dostoevsky

Thriller / Romance
Sinking Swimmer
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Chapter - 1

“Ava!” A boy no older than perhaps six shouted from the veranda of his house. His oceanic blue eyes searching for his other half. His twin sister. At such a young age he knew for he could feel a connection between him and his sister. And no matter what he always knew what Ava was feeling before his mother or elder brother Lucas and he knew it was the same when it came to Ava.

‘Its a twin thing.’ He would say to anyone when asked.

His eyes were searching for his twin in the huge lush garden of there house. There neighbourhood was quite silent something that they both hated. Few houses as big as there’s here and there but that’s all.

As he continued his search he found a brunette haired head, sitting on a bench situated in there garden bobbing up and down. He instantly knew it was her not only because of lack of children there age in there neighbourhood but also because of the ‘twin thing’. The small boy rushed up to her taking a seat beside her.

“You are here! Mom and Lucas were searching for you everywhere but I knew you would be here.”

“How?” The small girl with two obsidian orbs dark and shining, questioned. Though she knew the answer she always loved hearing it from her twin brother. It gave her relief that no matter what he would always be there for her to understand her. Little did she know that things never work the way we want it to be or hope for it to be.

“Its a twin thing! I always know, remember.” He exclaimed in a tone as if she was asking something very stupid and non-sensical.

After a long comfortable silence, Ava spoke “I am waiting for dad. He would always be here when it was time for the sun to set. I know he will come today. I am sure Mike.” She was trying to convince herself but the hope was slowly fading.

“Mom says dad won’t be coming back. She says he is with God and that one day when it will be time we would meet him.” He paused thinking something hard and then resumed “I think we should visit god.” He finished with a tone of finality.

“But I do. Everyday I visit church but he isn’t there. I call for him but no one replies Mike.” Her voice broke down in the end.

“You go there without me? You can’t do that! Twins are supposed to do everything together. Maybe that is why no one replies” He said feigning hurt.

“Really! Well.... well then how about we go there tomorrow. Together. Just like how twins are supposed to.” Mike nodded a yes and then silence fell between them again like a blanket. Both enjoying each others presence.

“Can you promise me something Mike?”

“Anything!” Mike said in a heartbeat.

“Can you promise to never leave me like Dad. To stick by my side always. I feel lonely Mike. Dad is with god and no more talks with me, mom cries the whole day and keeps on saying that this is all a bad dream and Lucas... Lucas is rarely ever home. I want dad to come back but until then do you promise to stay by my side forever.” Ava whispered all in one breath, river of tears now flowing down her face. She was still facing the gate, hoping to hear the horn of her father’s favourite car indicating his arrival or catching a glimpse of him somehow even though if it lasted for a second.

“I promise.” His brother whispered by her hear. It sounded strange, not like his bubbly one but rather cold and distant. As though it was being carried away by the wind not wanting her to hear, as if it knew that the promise could never be fulfilled because of the events that will be taking place soon.

She turned to look at her bother for something felt off and she was greeted by no one. She was greeted by the cold empty air as though no one had sat there a second ago. But she could have bet with her life that her brother was there, that she wasn’t dreaming or that she hadn’t gone crazy. She turned left and right calling out her twin brother’s name only to be met by eerie silence, no sign of her brother being ever there.
And then all of a sudden she was engulfed in darkness. She could see nothing, feel nothing. But she knew she was standing somewhere breathing heavily. Ava could hear her own ragged breath afraid of what might be there out in the dark.“Mike! Mike!” She shouted but nothing. It was all falling on deaf ears. She could feel someone watching her from the dark place as if it was mocking at her misery, at her helpless state. She was panicking for she didn’t know how to get out of this miserable and cold dark place.“DAD!”“MOM!”“LUCAS!”“Someone help. PLEASE HELP!” And all of a sudden she was no more the same six year old girl but a grown up eighteen year old woman. She was moving around trying to feel something, searching for a source of light no matter how small. She was craving it.She could hear distant whispers now and she was trying to navigate her way to them, trying to comprehend them but to no avail. They were incoherent whispers and were doing a great job at making the already eerie place more haunting. She stopped all of a sudden trying to focus only on the buzzing like sound. Ava was beginning to decipher them. It seemed to be her mother’s voice though it was all so high pitched that she felt her ears beginning to burst.“Dream!”“Its all a dream.”

“He is alive. I know.”


“Its time to wake up Ava.” A calm voice echoed subsiding every other voice in the room.

And just like that the voices, the darkness all subsided along with the feeling of cold and dread. She jolted awake on her bed panting heavily, running her hand through her hair to calm herself down. Her heart was beating so fast that she almost thought it might wake the others in the room. She remembered her dream just like the others, tormenting her to sleepless nights. She had unfortunately forgotten to take her sleeping pills thus leading her to her nightmare. The sleeping pills allowed her to have dreamless sleep. Her dreams were never rainbows and unicorns, no, they were all about her worst memories and fears haunting her, trying to drag her with them into nothingness or the dark place but she refused to let it happen again, ever, and this time she had help. She knew who had saved her. He, even after his death made sure to keep his promise. To protect and be with her. Always.

For the calm voice who had helped her out of her dream belonged to none other than her brother, her other half, her twin, Mike.

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