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Jealousy can damage people but it could never damage someone as much as it did to Juliet Lovegood. Warning: strong lanuage, mature content Alexander felt on his shoulder which caused him turn around, he immediately regretted it once he saw who it was. "what do you want, Beast?" "just wanted to see how my favorite nerd was doing?" Beast shoved Alexander's shoulder gently and smiled innocently as he shrugged his shoulders. Alexander rolled his eyes and closed his notebook, "tais-toi, je ne suis pas un nerd." Beast stared at Alexander blankly and gulped thickly, "Ms. Potter, Alexander just spoke another language. i think he's an alien."

Thriller / Mystery
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It was a sunny day in the summer of 1925 in California, it was a Wednesday. Juliet Lovegood sat at the beach with her boyfriend of two years, Alexander Black. they met back in Middle School and have been inseparable ever since. Alexander just went into his second year of college, where he is studying to be a doctor. As for Juliet, she went into college for about a year before she was kicked out for not turning in homework on time and always showing up late.

Juliet and Alexander sat in the sand while the rest of their friends were already in the water. Juliet glanced over at her boyfriend and nudged him gently with her shoulder, “i don’t want you to go.” she pouted her lips out playfully. Alexander pulled his eyes away from his friends to look at Juliet, he furrowed his eyebrows and cleared his throat, “what do you mean? i have to go. you know this, we talked about this.”

Juliet let out a soft sigh and nods slowly with a sad look on her face as she starts to play with the sand, “yeah.. i know but maybe you could just stay with me a bit longer.. tell them you had a family emergency or something. i mean with going on with my family, i just need you right now. more than anything.” alexander shook his head slowly and sighs softly, “yes, baby. i know but this is my dream. my future. i have to go, jul. spring break is in a few weeks and once i go on break, i will spend every second with you. i promise.” he smiled small and gently pinches her somewhat chubby cheeks.

juliet simply rolled her eyes as she let out a big huff, she didn’t get why alexander wanted to go back to that damn school. she just found college stupid. if Alexander truly loved her, why couldn’t he spare a few days or a couple hours for her. she stood up going over to the table and she reached into her bag as she grabbed a tampon before walking over to the bathroom and locked herself in the biggest stall there was.

Lola jogged out of the water with her black curls bouncing up and down slightly, she grabbed a towel as she glanced over at Alexander. she walked over to him and laid the towel on the floor next to him before sitting down. “are you okay, al?” she asked him softly. alexander shrugs his shoulders a bit before frowning a bit, “juliet wants me to stay longer..”

Lola furrowed her eyebrows and turned her entire attention to the boy, “are you serious?does she know that this is your dream? why would she ask you to do something like this?” Alexander simply shrugged his shoulders as he even didn’t have an answer to why his girlfriend would want him to stay behind.

Lola moved a bit closer to Alexander and lets out a deep breath, “i say go. this is your dream, don’t stay just because of what she wants. you need to focus on yourself for once. it’s always about her but not anymore, al. college should be about you.” Lola slowly placed her hand on his thigh as her eyes scans over his face for some sort of emotion.

Alexander stayed still for a bit before he began to realize what Lola was doing, he quickly stood up as she did the same. “Lola. we can’t, you know this.” he frowns softly at the girl and took a deep breath. Lola frowned deeply, she pouted her lips out slightly as she looked up at the boy, “are you serious? why not?”

Alexander furrowed his eyebrows and looked down at her, “is that really a question? i’m with juliet, you’re friend.” he knew that was a lie, juliet couldn’t stand Lola and Lola didn’t like Juliet. Lola only partially hung out with Juliet simply because of Alexander and they had common friends.

Lola rolled her eyes and she exhaled deeply as she stepped closer to Alexander as she wrapped her arms around his neck loosely and looked up at the boy with soft brown eyes, “she wasn’t a problem when you came home with me after that party so why do you care now?”

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