My hell my torture

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A world of demons and angels? Are they real? What if a demon fell in love with a human? "Their real you know?" I looked at my aunt. "Whats real?" I asked. "Demons." I laughed. "Why do you always have to be so weird?" She scrunched her eyes at me. "Why do you always have to be so naive?" I followed her into the kitchen. "Auntie, I'm not naive. I just don't believe in all your fairy tales." She took a sip of her tea. "Maybe a demon will come and take me away from here and fall in love with me." I laughed to myself. "Oh you wouldn't want that, Demons are vile creatures with only one thing on their minds, torture." I just shook my head at her. "Well if you see a sexy one, send him my way." Cover design by F0rbiddendesires

Thriller / Erotica
M.K. Rissen
4.7 161 reviews
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“I can smell your fear. It smells delicious. You can’t hide from me.” I watched the helpless girl move slowly in the darkness. Blinded by her foolish mortal eyes.

“Stop playing around Abigor, your father is waiting for her soul.”

“Fuck off Collin, get out of my head. How dare you disturb me. I’ll have your fucking head, and the rest of your parts.” I hissed out.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard it all before. Look, you do this every time. Hurry up before he gets mad.”

“As for you sweet girl. I’m going to tear your soul out and rip you to pieces.

“Why are you doing this?” She cries out. I licked my lips as she screamed out and tried to run. I love it when they scream. My dark eyes watch as she tries to find a way out. “I thought you cared about me?” I smiled.

“They all do sweetheart.” I hissed.

“But, I’m in love with you.” She said. I rolled my eyes. What else is new? I said to myself. I locked my arms around her and felt her bones crush as I tore her in two. Blood splattered on my body. I let out a hiss and smiled. Poor, poor little human. You have paid for your sins now. On to the next job. I licked my bottom lip and disappeared.

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