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My hell my torture

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Chapter 1

Most people see me as sweet, kind, loving, helpful little church-going Celeste Sanders. Not that I’m not agreeing with them. I mean I’m not a bitch or anything. I try to be kind and helpful, but I only attend church because my aunt Laura makes me. Well, she did until I turned eighteen. Now I go just to please her. She claims it will save my soul or whatever. My aunt Laura has raised me since I was eight after I lost my parents in a plane crash. She is my mother's older sister. Most people in this town call her crazy and sometimes I agree with them. She has been good to me for the last fourteen years, but she has always been on the weird side. She has always filled my head with her story’s of demons and angels and all kinds of fairy tales.

Her story’s of demons have always been the ones she tells the most, and more so here lately. If I truly believed in demons, I would be the perfect person to help banish one. I’ve always entertained her story’s while she told them. She has always kept these symbols up all around her home. For as long as I can remember. She told me an angel taught her how to keep them from entering her home. I think maybe she did too many drugs in the sixties. Regardless of her story’s and her beliefs. She is a very sweet woman and has been there for me.

When I turned nineteen I moved into my own place. I had been working for our local library for the last five years. They pay me well and I was happy with them. It allowed me to live a decent life for myself. Plus stay close to my aunt. I’ve never really had big dreams. I only wanted to live a good and happy life and give back to those that have helped me.

Sunday night dinners at my aunt's home were a number one priority for me. Even if it was only her and I. I came here every Sunday and we would make dinner for ourselves. “Celeste, tell me. How are you and Christopher doing?” I smiled at her as I placed the bread down on the table.

“We broke up,” I said. My aunt shook her head.

“You mean you broke up with him?” I nodded at her. “So what was wrong with this one?” She asked.

“I don’t know, I just think there should be some sort of spark between two people. You know like the feeling of always wanting them near you and missing them every time they are gone, types of feelings. I didn’t feel any of that and we have been dating for almost six months now.” My aunt smiled at me.

“I guess your right sweetheart, but I really would like to see you in love with someone before I die.” She laughed.

“You're only in your early sixties, I still think there is time,” I said kissing her on her head.

“How about just a playboy then.” I knew what she meant.

“Aunt Laura, you dirty little devil. See I knew there was a real reason why you're in church all the time.” We both laughed.

“Celeste, I go to church to keep protection on you and me, but we all need a good romp in the sack every now and then.” I laughed.

“Your terrible, you know that?” I said. She winked at me.

“So I’ve been told.” She said. I sat down in front of her and loaded both our plates with spaghetti and meatballs.

“Besides auntie, I’m still waiting for the right man, to have a rump with,” I said smiling. Later on that evening we were in the kitchen cleaning up together. “Hey, auntie have you been watching the news lately about all the murders of these girls? There’s been like three in the last couple of months pretty close to here. Their bodies were found in pieces in their bedrooms.” My aunt dropped a plate on the ground, and I jumped from the loud sound it made. “Don’t worry I’ll get it, are you okay?” I said as I rushed to her side.

“Yes, yes I’m okay child.” She said patting my head as I kneeled down to pick up the broken pieces. “We’re all the girls in pieces?” She asked me.

“Yes, I believe so, they're saying we have a serial killer on our hands,” I watched my aunt walked over and have a seat. She looked around her house.

“You should come and stay for the week with me.” I smiled at her.

“I’m fine auntie, Really I’ve got great locks on my home.” She pressed her lips together at me.

“Did you put those protection symbols up as I asked you to?” I knew where this conversation was headed.

“Auntie, it’s just some crazy person out there hurting these girls. Not something supernatural.” I walked over to her and kneeled down in front of her.

“They're real you know.” I looked up at her.

“What’s real?” I asked.

“Demons.” I laughed.

“Why do you always have to be so weird?” She scrunched her eyes at me.

“Why do you always have to be so naive?” She took my hand.

“Auntie, I’m not naive. I just don’t believe in all your fairy tales. Maybe a demon will come and take me away from here and fall in love with me.” I laughed, as it was a joke of course.

“Oh, you wouldn’t want that. Demons are vile creatures with only one thing on their minds, souls, and torture. Completely incapable of love.” I just shook my head at her.

“Well if you see a sexy one, send him my way.” I winked at her. I got up and headed back to the kitchen. I heard my aunt say, foolish girl. Before I left the room. I took a deep breath. “I love you auntie,” I said in response to her comment. After I finish cleaning up the kitchen. I took some tea and joined my aunt in the living room. She had the news on. I sat next to her and handed her a cup of tea. “What you watching?” I asked her as I sip my tea.

“There's been another murder. In the town next to us.” I looked up at the TV and grabbed the remote to turn it up.

Dolores county is all shook up tonight. The body of Michelle Stuart was found in her home this evening. Her roommate came home tonight around eight pm and found Michelle in pieces around her bedroom. This is the fourth murder that has occurred around these parts in the last three months. Police suspect it’s the same person. There are no leads and no suspects at this point. The police have asked all females to make sure they keep their homes locked up tightly.

“Wow, this is horrible. We’re only thirty minutes away from Dolores county. It’s a little frightening that it’s so close to home.” I said. My aunt's eyes were glued to the television.

“You really should come and stay with me for a while.” She said touching my hand.

“Auntie, I promise you that I’ll be fine. Besides I’ve got Henry to protect me.” She just looked over at me.

“Hunny, I don’t think your cat is going to do you much good.” She looked back at the TV.

“I’ll have you know that he can be very feisty when he wants to be.” She smiled at me. I could tell that she was worried. I took a deep breath. “If it will really make you feel better. I’ll come for a couple of nights.” She patted my hand.

“That’s a good girl.” I decided to run home and grab a couple of items to stay over at my aunt's. When I pulled up the lights in the hallway to my apartment door were out. I swear this place. I walked looking in my purse for my cell phone when I bumped right into someone. I fell back on my ass, but my head was caught by very large hands. Just then the lights came back on. I was looking right into the most beautiful dark purple eyes I had ever seen.

“I’m so sorry, please excuse me,” I said. He helped me up. I turned to face him. This man was huge, he stood at least 6 feet tall if not more. He was extremely muscular and I looked like a tiny little toy compared to his size. He was also the most attractive, sexy man I have ever seen. Especially in this town. I blushed immediately. His stare was intense and he looked as though he was studying me. I smiled at him, but he didn’t even blink. He was dressed in what only looked like a very expensive Armani black and red suit. His chocolate brown and blond hair were in perfect style. He was close to what you would call perfection. I had to take a deep breath. “I’m sorry,” I said again as I left his stare and headed to my apartment. There was something about him that just didn’t seem right. I didn’t know what it was, but I got a little cold chill when he was staring at me.

Just then there was a knock at my door. Fuck me for not having a peephole. I said to myself. I walked over and opened my door slowly. There he stood holding onto my purse. Shit, I said to myself.

“I’m sorry miss, but you dropped this.” He handed me my purse and I took it from him. Our fingers brushed against each other. They were like fire. “Please excuse my rudeness, my name is Abigor, what’s yours?” I sat my purse down and turned back to him. I stepped outside my door and reached my hand out to him.

“Hello Abigor, I’m Celeste. Your name is very unique, I like it.” He smiled at me and his eyes sparkled. I could have sworn they were purple a minute ago. Now they were dark chocolate.

“Thank you, Celeste, I must be going now. It was nice to meet you. Oh and watch where your going next time.” He said and then winked at me as he left. I closed my door. Okay, maybe I had the wrong impression of him. He doesn’t seem so bad I guess. Henry came running up to me purring while rubbing himself around my legs. Then he went straight to the door and all his fur stood up and he hissed.

“What’s wrong Henry?” I said reaching out to pick him up. He started to purr as soon as I had him in my arms. I sat him down by his food dish and filled it up. “There you go boy, I’ve got to stay at aunt Laura’s for a couple of nights. I’ll be home after work to feed you before I head over there. You be a good boy.”
I went to my room and got some things together. I made sure everything was turned off and I headed out the door. As I made my way to my car. I was getting the feeling of someone watching me. I stopped and took a look around, but I didn’t see anyone. I just shrugged it off and got in my car and headed to my aunts.

Abigor's POV.

I felt someone run into me and as I turned around I watched her start to fall. I swooped down and caught her head before it slammed into the ground. I looked into the most mesmerizing blue eyes I had ever seen. I stood her up quickly and took a step back. I watch her trying to figure out why I caught her in the first place. Human pain is what I live for, but why did I help her? I kept my eyes on her while she apologized and then headed off to her home. I finally blinked and noticed that she left her purse. I picked it up and smelled it. It didn’t stink to me. I walked over and knocked on her door. Her fragrance drifted out of her home. Her innocence made my dick twitch. Mmmmm, I said to myself.

I just might have to keep my eyes on you, tiny one. I said as I left her apartment. “Who’s the little human?” Collin said walking up to me.

“No one,” I said back to him.

“She didn’t look like no one to me. I saw you Abigor, I saw you help her out. You also gave her your real name. What’s going on?” I shot a heated look at him.

“She was nothing Collin, move on from it. We have work to do.”

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