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Liberty. Welcome to the Heartbreak Club. To join, please text 'Heartbreak' to this number. ' *A WATTPAD ONC LONG LIST FINALIST* Finn Hall ruined my life. Firstly he caused an illness for which there is no cure- Heartbreak. Secondly he committed a crime against me for which he had to pay a high price for. So how do you cure heartbreak? Theres no medicine. But there is a secret, that I will share with you. Group Rules. Identities will remain secret unless you wish to tell us who you are. If you mention any names, your identity will probably be exposed. Consider that carefully. This club is invitation only, for the truly brokenhearted. Do not mention this group to anyone. You can text the group day or night, just be aware some of us do manage to sleep occasionally. Annual meetings are held for those that wish to attend, but there is no obligation. You must eat. Ideally, fatty foods. Hey- we know what true heartbreak feels like. Like not hungry. Ever. Lastly, you must seek revenge. At any cost. Your secret will be safe with us, forever. ***************************************** 'Well beautiful, anything could've happened.' He looked at my lips then pointedly. 'I'd say I arrived just in time, it was clearly getting heated.' He raised his eyebrows at me and shook his head. Trigger warnings! Abusive themes and sexual nature throughout, proceed with caution!

Thriller / Romance
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I stared up at the building in front of me, nausea sweeping through me. The last time I was here, I was ludicrously happy. One summer of heartbreak later, and here I am. I had managed to avoid pretty much everyone during the summer, but today was the day I faced everyone.

‘Lib! Libby!’ I heard a familiar voice call from behind me.

I turned to see my best friend Olivia jogging over to me, her corkscrew curls bouncing around her slender shoulders. She hugged me tightly and I breathed in her sweet scent. She held me at arms length and inspected me carefully, her eyes narrowing.

‘You’ve lost even more weight. Something tells me we need a nutella doughnut night. With fries on the side.’

I rolled my eyes and half smiled as we walked towards school, my heart in my mouth. I felt eyes upon me as people gave sympathetic smiles. Here she comes, the girl who got dumped by Finn Hall. I grimaced as Olivia gave death stares out, offering to take photographs of me as it would last longer. She was literally the dream best friend, but sometimes her temper gets a little too out of hand.

‘Hold your head high, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. He’s the jerk, not you.’

She instructed, linking arms with me as we walked towards our lockers. I nodded meekly, my stomach in knots. I really didn’t want to be here, but I don’t think my mum would have gone with the ′hey, do you mind if I skip the rest of school, I’m a little heartbroken’ idea. I contemplated eating half cooked meat just to get food poisoning, anything for time away. How much time was needed to get over a heartbreak anyway? It had been 12 long weeks. I reached my locker and quickly dialled the combination. His date of birth, of course. I thought bitterly, tossing my stuff in there. I heard a commotion at the other end of the hall and felt my body stiffen as I closed my locker, refusing to look. Olivia folded her arms and glared, telling me exactly who was causing the commotion.

Finn Hall. The pain I felt in my chest made me struggle to breathe as I heard his laugh, like he didn’t have a care in the world. I felt tears threaten to spill down my cheeks and I wiped them away angrily. Don’t cry, don’t cry. I repeated to myself like a mantra as heard a squeal from the other end of the hall.

‘Finnnnnnnn! Baby I have missed you!’ Melissa called, as she made her way over to him.

This was not news to me. I had stalked them on social media as I sobbed into my duvet night after night. I turned away, unable to bear the physical pain of seeing them together in reality.

‘Erm Lib? We have to go that way...’ Olivia muttered as she raised her eyebrows over in the direction where the cheating ass hole was. I breathed, and asked Olivia if I looked ok.

‘Girl, you are ridiculous looking. I would love to climb into your skin for like a day, just to stare at myself in the mirror. Lets go, head high, like I told you.’ We walked down the corridor, all eyes on me. I saw him, leaning against a locker, lips locked with Melissa. Pain cut through me like a knife as unable to control it, I felt tears fall down my face.

‘Shit. Come on, your mama always taught you to share your toys with those less fortunate.’

Olivia said loudly, causing Finn to come up for air and turn around frowning. His brown eyes found mine and he had the decency to blush as he ran his hand through his hair. I stood, aware the hall had fallen silent.

‘Hey Liberty.’

He muttered awkwardly as Melissa pulled out her compact mirror, reapplying her lipstick that was now none existent after her tongue fest. I smiled as brightly as I could, which was pointless considering the state of my face, tear stained and swollen. God this was so painful.


I managed as Olivia pushed me forward.

‘Fuck off Finn, go back to your little slut.’

She spat as Melissa gawped. Finn shook his head and turned back to Melissa, no doubt apologising for his ex girlfriends crazy best friend. Olivia dragged me into the toilets and started dabbing my face with tissue, her beautiful brown eyes full of concern.

‘You’ve got make up all down your face. Come on Libby, don’t let him do this to you.’ She put her hands on her hips and sighed.

I was so annoyed with myself. Day one and I had cried in front of the whole school. I had never felt so miserable. I stared at myself in the mirror and groaned.

‘I cannot do this Liv. I just want to die. You know how much I loved him.’ My voice wobbled as I remembered happier times. I opened my phone to see the wallpaper was still my favourite photo of us.

‘Oh hell no, you haven’t still got that damn photo!’ Olivia exclaimed as I tried to put it away hurriedly.

‘I will delete it. Look we need to go, we are going to be late.’ I pushed past her into the hall, which was not as busy as it had been earlier. I smoothed my skirt down and took a deep breath. Round 2. Double English.

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