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Liberty. Welcome to the Heartbreak Club. To join, please text 'Heartbreak' to this number. ' *A WATTPAD ONC LONG LIST FINALIST* Finn Hall ruined my life. Firstly he caused an illness for which there is no cure- Heartbreak. Secondly he committed a crime against me for which he had to pay a high price for. So how do you cure heartbreak? Theres no medicine. But there is a secret, that I will share with you. Group Rules. Identities will remain secret unless you wish to tell us who you are. If you mention any names, your identity will probably be exposed. Consider that carefully. This club is invitation only, for the truly brokenhearted. Do not mention this group to anyone. You can text the group day or night, just be aware some of us do manage to sleep occasionally. Annual meetings are held for those that wish to attend, but there is no obligation. You must eat. Ideally, fatty foods. Hey- we know what true heartbreak feels like. Like not hungry. Ever. Lastly, you must seek revenge. At any cost. Your secret will be safe with us, forever. ***************************************** 'Well beautiful, anything could've happened.' He looked at my lips then pointedly. 'I'd say I arrived just in time, it was clearly getting heated.' He raised his eyebrows at me and shook his head. Trigger warnings! Abusive themes and sexual nature throughout, proceed with caution!

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Authors note


I’ve taken this book down so many times with the intention to completely rewrite it and edit it because I’ll be honest, it’s got plot holes and grammar errors galore. It’s never been edited, and I wrote it when I didn’t know my arse from my elbow.

But so many people keep asking where it is...so... here you go. 🙈

So PLEASE be kind if you choose to read it.

Forgive me for the errors and see the story as a raw piece. Please. Haha!

Let me know what you think to the story itself.

Love Linz xx
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