The Mafia leader and the cop

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Ashlyn is a cop who is after Lewis Andrew the most feared mafia who she thinks. involved in boom blast. What happens when the cross each others path? Lewis Andrews the son of Luke Andrews the most famous mafia in New York who takes over after his parent's murder and wants to take revenge from his uncle and big brother Ethan Andrew for his parent's death. Ashlyn Grey is the Daughter of Arles Grey the police officer who had been handling the most famous mafia Luke Andrew before getting murdered. She was a simple sweet, kind, loving, caring and wonderful girl who has a dream to become a heart specialist but all her dream shattered into pieces when her father died in the same way Lewis parents died in the bomb blast and her mother suicide due to going into the depression of his husband died. Now she is a cop and seeking revenge from Lewis because she thinks that he is the cause of her parent's death. What will happen when they cross the path of each other? Will they able to take their revenge and live in peace or kill each other in their misunderstanding?

Thriller / Mystery
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The Chase - 1

(Ashlyn P.O.V)

Have you ever been so close to achieving the dream that you chase as long as you can remember? I’m not a normal woman and what I have is not a dream because I will make it come true, It’s not my dream but it is the goal of my life that I have to achieve at any cost. For the last five years all my focus, forces and thoughts were channeled in one direction to KILL a certain person and take my revenge for my parent’s death.

Let me tell you something about myself my name is Ashlyn Grey. I’m a daughter of Arles Grey who was the police officer before he died in the bomb blast when I was in my first semester in my college. My mother Anabel Grey suicide because of going into a depression.

I get out of the shower after having a shower and wrap a towel around me and another towel in my hair. I dry myself and wear my uniform. Then I brush my hair and arrange it in a high ponytail. I put up my eyeliner and a lip gloss when my mobile started to ring. I pick it up and answer the phone.


“Detective the target is on the move!” said the person another side of the phone.

“Sent me his location I am on my way,” I said and end the call. I walk toward the door and stop at the billboard to see the photos of the person I want to kill at any cost. I take the photo from the billboard.

*This time I will catch you* I thought while crushing the photo in my hand and throwing it in the trash bin. I take my purse and my car keys from my table and walk out of my house.

I walk to my police cruiser and drive away to the given location. I reach there in 15 minutes to see him getting out of the bar and driving away. I follow behind them from a far distance so that they didn’t find out that I and my colleagues were following them.

We were following them when his all cars following him take a right turn and goes away.

“Mam his gang member get separated from him and goes in another direction what should we do, over” a come from the radio.

“Half of you guys follow them but don’t take any action without my orders and another half of you follow him with me understood?, over,” I ask through the radio.

“Yes mam,” they said and I see them followed my orders. I was following him when he suddenly increases the speed. I did the same and followed him. Then he drives the car faster.

*Not so fast* I thought and drive faster when I hear Amit voice in the radio car.

“Ash, do you hear me? Do not follow him alone” he said but I ignored him and increase the speed to its fullest and drive beside his car.

then I look back to see others not following me but I ignored it and concentrate on maintaining the speed.

*Almost there! I am almost there* I thought then I see a bullet come after me. I pull the wheel and dodge the bullet.

I take my gun out of my pocket and shoot the wheel of his car to stop him from running away.

I stop my car and come out of it. I turn to see the Amit and others arrived at the accident spot.

“Ash are you alright?” Amit asks while running towards me. I nodded while still watching a crash car with a scowl at my face.

He comes out of the car coughing hard due to the smoke coming out of the car falling to his knee.

*Of course, you couldn’t die just from a car crash you have to pay for all the life you have take bastard* I thought.

Other cops come out of there cars and corner him from all the direction.

“Don’t make a move?” one of the officers said to him and of course he didn’t listen and take a step towards me and guess what it’s making me angry.

“He said...DON’T MOVE" I shout at him and shoot the ground near his feet. He glare’s at me making me smirk.

“Take him to the custody” I order them and they followed it. They walk towards him, make him sit on his knees, hold his hands behind his back and cuffed his hand. Then they check him for any weapon or anything. They make him walk to the car.

“You have no idea, that you just signed your ticket to death,” he said when he walked past me while glaring at me.

“Is that so!” I ask him with a smirk.

“Then book two tickets because I’m taking you with me,” I said getting serious.

“Take him to the car” I order them and they make him sit in the car and driven away.

"Let's go Amit," I said to Amit and get in the driver seat, then drive away to the station.

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