The Mafia leader and the cop

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The Chase - 2

(Lewis P.O.V)

I get down from the car and walk to the famous bar 'Begun' where I generally do all my illegal deals and meeting. The other member of my gang follows behind me. I walk to the person I have come here to make a deal with and sit next to him in a barstool.

"What can I do for you, sir?" the bartender asks.

"A glass of whiskey," I said lighting a cigarette.

"Comes right now!" he said pouring my drink.

"Well, well, well.... isn't it Lewis Andrew himself... How do I have the honor to meet you? " Eros ask.

"Cut the crap, Eros! Where are other merchandise that you were supposed to bring me?" I ask.

"I don't know what you are talking about, I give you all the merchandise." He said in a calm manner.

"Do you think I am stupid or what?" I shot at him getting annoyed.

"Don't talk to me like that! That is all I had, accept it or else-" I said but I interrupt with a humorless laugh.

"Or else?" I ask.

"Did I hear right? Did you just threatened me?" I ask with a sarcastic smile.

"W-What, no boss...I didn't mean to..." He said trailing off.

"SHUT UP EROS" I shouted at him getting up from my seat and crushing my cigarette with my shoes. They all become speechless.

"Its look like you forget your place Eros and I have to make you remember your place again"

"That not true boss... I am sorry I will give you the others back and it will not happen again" he said and his bodyguard's starts to come near him.

"Huh, you are really think that I will give you the next chance," I ask moving my neck up - down and making a cracking noise.

"Nobody steals anything from me."

"Finish them all!" I order my people.

"W-WHAT?" he asks getting scared.

"Yes boss," Lewis gang member said and get ready to attack them. I take my seat again and watch them fighting with each other sighing heavily.

After the fight over I get up from my seat and walk out of the bar finishing my drink. I get in my car and drive away to my next destination. I see my bodyguard's following me then I make a call to them and said them to leave me alone because that I am going for a ride. then I hung up on them.

I was driving when I heard the siren of the cops car, I look in the mirror to see them following me.

"Damn it! I'm being followed" I said to myself and increase the speed of my car.

*I have to lose them* I thought and drive faster.

When I see one of them driving side by side with me I take my gun out from my pocket and fire at him through the window. But missed it.

*Fuck* I thought when a bullet hit my car wheel and it crashes with the bridge and turns and fall backward. I manage to get out of my car and start coughing hard from the smoke coming out of the car.

Other cops come out of their car and surrounded me from all the direction.

"Don't make any move?" one of them said and I take a towards them when a lady cop shout at me.

"They said Don't move" she shouted at me and shoot the bullet at the ground near my feet. I give her a death glare and she smirks at me.

"Take him under custody" she orders them and they followed. They come towards me, make me sit at my knees, hold my hand behind my back and cuffed my hand. Then they check me for any weapon or anything. They make me walk to the car.

"You have no idea, that you just signed your ticket to death," I said to her when I walk past her while glaring at her

"Is that so!" she asks with the smirk. Oh how! Oh, how I want to wipe that smirk off her from her face.

"Then book two tickets because I'm taking you with me," she said getting serious.

"Take him to the car" she orders them and They make me sit in the car and drives away to the station.

We reach at the station in 30 minutes. We come out of the car and start walking to the station. I roam my eyes everywhere to see any weapon I can reach to free my self. I see an officer next to me has a gun in his pocket.

I carefully take it out of his pocket and shoot the officers who are holding me as soon as he falls to the ground, I found this an opportunity and run away from them. They run after me to capture me and I hide behind a car.

"Find him, he should not get out of our hands at any cost or otherwise we all will lose our job," their leader said.

One of them come closer to the car from which I am hiding behind, his back towards the car and I shoot him. This attracts the others and they came after me. I come out from my hiding spot and start shooting them.

*Five are out four to go* I thought.

I feel someone presents behind me but before I can turn to see the person I feel a finger press on my neck and I black out.

"Take him to 'A grade' cell and look him and do not forget to put the blindfold on his eye." was the last thing I heard before I black out. He opens his eyes slowly and bink his eyes two or three times to adjust his eyes then look at me up and down carefully.

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