The Mafia leader and the cop

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The Talk

(Ashlyn P.O.V)

I reach the station to see all the officer running everywhere. Then I see him shooting one of my men. I park my car a little far from the station and go behind him.

He comes out from his hiding spot and shoots four of my men. I go behind him and press one of my finger on his pressure point and knock him out.

" Take him to ‘A grade’ cell and lock him, do not forget to put a blindfold on his eye,” I tell my men while running my hands over my face frustratedly.

“Yes, ma’am,” they said and follow my order.

“Take their body to our first hospital and inform their family about their death,” I said while turning and walking towards my car.

*I can’t leave him alone after the show he put, I have to stay here to keep an eye on him, damn him* I thought while walking inside the station.

As I walk to his cell I told one of the guards who was keeping their eye on him to bring me a chair to seat. I take my seat near his cell and study him intently.

(At 9: oo in the morning)

“As much as I would love to play sadomasochist game with you I can’t stay here for long I am a very busy man so why don’t do me and yourself a favor, be a good girl and let me go,” he said.

“I think it’s already morning and I don’t use to stay the night with a woman. And I will let you go easy this time,” he said smirking and getting in my nerves.

“Shut up,” I shout at him getting irritated with his attitude.

“You are a feisty one I like that. I like my girl feisty and wild,” he said widening his smirk.

“Shut up or I will shoot you I am in no mood for your stupid command,” I shout at him while standing up from my chair and getting near the cell.

“Then let me free and I will not bother you again” he shouts standing up from his iron bed.

“You killed five of my men since you arrived here, while were tied up,” I whispered the last sentence not wanting to bust his ego.

“Huh...Wait until I get free,” he said smirking probably imaging killing me in many different ways.

“It’s not my fault that you put them to beat me... I just return their hospitality,” he said widening his smirk.

“By the way is blindfold is necessary, I would like to see the first person ever who capture me...I just want to see your face I didn’t get the opportunity to see your face clearly because of the accident.”

I walk to the cell door but stop by one of the guards.

“Detective grey don’t go there it’s dangerous,” one of them said while grabbing my wrist to stop me. I remove my wrist from their hand and open the door. I walk to him and remove the blindfold from his eyes.

“I like what I see,” he comments while smirking at me.

“I didn’t ask for your opinion,” I said annoyed by him.

“You know I like that you have an attitude but you are starting to piss me off,” he said lazily.

“I think I have to put something at your mouth to shut you up,” I said smirking.

“The feelings are mutual I would like to use your mouth for a different purpose,” he said smirking probably thinking of dirty things to do with me.

I grab his hair and bring his face closer to me.

“Listen here and listen carefully I am not in the mood for your games and the only reason you are alive is that I have to follow the processor, I will give up my job if that means I can put a bullet at that stupid mind of yours,” I said while holding his hair in one hand and use another hands finger to put in his head to make my point.

He gets pissed off and struggles to get his hand free from the ropes.

"What's happening here?" Amit ask getting worried.

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