Falling Beneath the Magnolia

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In the deep south, we find Anti Hero Bruce McKean. He cares about one person, his love. Callie Bee captures his heart. Bruce will do anything for her. If you like mob violence or criminal activity this is for you.. Warning story features limited magic and racial elements reader discretion is advised... Bruce isn't the hero you want, he's just what you get...

Thriller / Romance
Preston Tucker
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Nashville, April 1962.

Farrah’s Point of View.

“How do we know it’s there?” Asks Danny.

“I can faintly sense the orb; but I also sense a monster is near it.” Answers Farrah.

Human fanatics seemed to be the bulk of her headaches, but monsters were the source of her fears, it figures that the both would be in the same place.

The last twenty blocks they hadn’t even sensed as much as a cat. Although a few blocks back Farrah had seen a rat that could have carried off a small child. She was starting to think she had imagined sensing a Soul Hound. The orb was their goal but if they could avoid a fight with a monster than all the better.

Still Farrah couldn’t shake the feeling that she is leading them in the wrong direction. It felt eerily similar to the time they went to Natchez. They should have felt the feeling of nausea; it is an unfortunate side effect of sensing a monsters energy.

“I don’t like this at all...” Said the panicked stricken voice of Farrah.

Farrah wears an expression of weariness. Then up ahead she notices a sign for Vanderbilt, they were right by the Universities social science department.

She walks around the building sensing something.

Farrah’s body is slender, and her hair is bright silver, so shiny it seems to admit a glow. She always liked her sleeves rolled up on her windbreaker. She accidently grazes Danny’s arm when they round a corner. He winced slightly, touching her always felt like sticking your hand on a stove.

That’s how it is, only her palms could touch a human, any other contact on her skin seemed to cause discomfort and burns. Danny knows all of this and he as usual doesn’t acknowledge the discomfort out loud.

They continue to walk around the building; the April night is brisk and quiet. Danny found a window that slides open. It led them into an office.

Farrah and Danny exit the office and turn left down the hallway…

She focused her senses but could not feel the presence of anything anymore, she didn’t know why? Then they felt something as they neared a lecture hall. The hall had nearly one hundred seats, there is a large area at the bottom of the hall, a stage complete with a desk and a door leading to an office is at the bottom of the hall. The brass name plate for the office reads. Doctor Froilano De Moniz, Head of Anthropology.

She looks to Danny after she had picked the lock.

His face is sure and determined. Danny is 37 and has been the picture-perfect charge. Farrah never had to worry about whether Danny would discharge his responsibilities. He always carried his burden well; they had been together since he had been a boy of 16. She had watched him fight with such conviction over the years.

Danny scans the different corners of the lecture hall ; his hand remains on his pistol poised to strike. Farrah turns the handle as Danny stays outside. Then she could feel it, the purity of the orb is heavy in the room atmosphere. Nearing the desk, Farrah hears the audible sound of the orb. She inches behind the desk and looks around. The orb felt like it was hidden in the wall. Only someone of Farrah’s species could sense the orb. Humans wouldn’t have that ability. It was this sense that had drawn them to this place after many months of searching.

She still couldn’t find it.

There is a picture of an elderly professor outside of an Egyptian pyramid. He is a man with messy white hair and half-moon glasses. He has a whimsical look to his face. She moves the picture to find that the frame has hinges attached to the wall. There is a small safe in place. Farrah felt the barrier curse but knew how to get around it. She places her palm onto the safe and allows her energy to flow into the cracks of the safe. The knob spins and the lever gives allowing Farrah access to the safe.

The Orb of Life stares back at her. It looks like glass, inside the clear glass is a gassy blue cloud. If the right words are uttered to the orb it releases a single drop of liquid. This liquid is the essence of life, rumored to heal a person even of the most ghastly of wounds… It has also been known as the fountain of youth.

Danny had poked his head into the room. “Farrah let’s go.” His voice had urgency. Farrah places the orb in her windbreaker.

Farrah felt the energy on her face, it felt as if it were a hot summer wind caught in a narrow corridor. Danny must then felt the nausea too. He looks briefly at Farrah and the sight of her marble skin taking on an unhealthy pale.

“You feel it too right?” He asks, there is no fear in his voice just firm understanding. "It is getting closer, get ready!"

The Angel nods her head. They needed to get out of here now!

Farrah unconsciously gulps. They walk over to the exit of the lecture hall to hear someone shout to them.

“Hold it right there!” Dr. Moniz, the old man from the picture stands in the hall.

He has a bracelet around his hand and holds his wrist up like it held some sort of secret weapon. Not pausing they sprint out of the exit door. But she knew they were in a world of shit when her nausea turns to a blinding headache.

As soon as they stepped out of the door Danny is blindsided. He is hit with such force that he leaves his feet, his backstop is a statue 15 feet across the quad. The chatter of two students in the quad catches the attention of Danny’s attacker. Being a lustful creature, the Soul Hound doesn’t stay on task. He trots away from Danny at the sight of a woman and a man walking on the sidewalk towards them. The students look on in horror at the terrifying mass coming towards them.

Farrah is alarmed Danny is slow to get up, the monster had closed the distance in no time. It uses its six-inch claws to gut the man his woman sprints away in fear, while it feeds at his exposed mid-section!

Danny had gotten to his feet. He shouts at Farrah.

“Farrah I will do what I can, but I will need you to get that girl away!”

The recollection of Danny’s last struggle with a Soul Hound comes to mind. There previous encounter with a creature of the same breed took place three weeks ago. Danny had only failed once in his duty. It is just coincidence this happened to be the same type of creature. She knew Danny is powerful, but Soul Hounds are sly and ruthless creatures…

Danny sprints towards a long grassy stretch, and eventually runs through the grass, He uses the height of a small hill to drop down on his target.…

On the ground is the corpse of a man, he had been torn to bits, but forgotten as the Soul Hound had caught up to his woman...

The smell of formaldehyde, a nasty side effect of a soul consumption fills the air. Poor guy to die so painfully and never to experience the afterlife. The thought made Farrah furious, she knew Danny would feel the same. She catches full view of the battlefield as she follows Danny. Under the light of a streetlamp she sees the monster fully for the first time tonight.

Standing seven feet, hairy from head to toe, this soul eating creature had two muscular arms and hind legs like an animal. For claws it features massive razor sharp nails!

Tearing her eyes away from the carnage, Farrah witnesses the creature compress the woman in its massive claws, attempting to bite the woman’s neck, thankfully Danny bares down on the monster, he is within arm’s reach, catching the creature off guard... Danny screams at the top of his lungs! The monster looks up just as Danny hits it in its face…

Danny’s hand crunches on the monsters rock hard bones, even with his energy coursing through his body, Farrah speculated at the very least his knuckles must be broken. Not giving in to the pain he had put his back into the punch and succeeded in knocking the monster off its feet! The Soul Hound began spinning over and over from the impact of what must have felt like getting hit by a freight train!

The woman free from her consumer goes flying! Not missing a beat Farrah had been waiting to catch her. When she catches the woman, she could hear a heartbeat. Farrah carries the woman to the sidelines; the woman is out cold and doesn’t move as she sets her on the ground. turning around she can see the monster is still down from the energy packed punch… Farrah looks at the woman’s husband twenty feet away, the creature had torn the man to pieces to steal its soul.

“You!” Snarls the creature to Danny.

It snaps it’s jaws at the recollection of their previous struggle. It clearly thought tackling him would take him out of the fight. Charging at him it viciously swipes at Danny attempting to tear him to ribbons.

Danny is quicker than the beast, but he used a quarter of his strength with his first attack. To Farrah’s horror, voices are heard from behind. Two men had staggered down the sidewalk, they push shopping carts loaded with cans. The beast catches sight of the homeless men, seeing the newcomers causes it to send out a roar. Danny panics, he reaches for his pistol, but the creature kicks him in the chest using its powerful legs and charges for the homeless men.

Getting up and breathless lungs; Danny chases after… Farrah gets in the creatures path; the homeless men abandon their carts and begin up the hill.

“Farrah move!” Shouts Danny, but he knew she wouldn’t.

Danny builds up the energy in the pit of his stomach and channels the feeling into his palm, feeling it coursing through the gun. Firing the weapon three times creates three muffled bangs, the life force he poured into the weapons, causes the sound created from the round ejection to be muffled almost as if shot through a suppressor. The rounds are aimed at the creatures thick head, one hits it in the neck and one in the back of the head.

The creature falls forward, but instead of dying or lying down it rolls in pain! This time on to its front and then onto all fours, it looks for the source of the attack. He stares at Danny then at Farrah who is nearer…

Farrah dodges the claws to be hit with its forearm. The attack catapults her ten feet, she painfully land her back. She feels he pockets for the orb, but the orb had rolled to the waiting feet of Dr. Moniz who bent down to pick it up… She dives for the orb only to be kicked in the face by the man hard! She rolls over from the impact of the hit, when she stands after her vision clears the man and the orb had vanished.

The Soul Hound fully focused its attention towards Danny…

Danny shoots twice more as the mass of terror charges towards him! One round strikes the creature in the chest making it stager for a moment, it’s tough hide, cause the bullets not to have little effect. Once the monster is bearing down on top of him, the second round Danny fires rips through its clawed hand, the bullet breaks three of his claws loose! The monster cries out in pain.

Danny slips under his legs, but loses his gun, his hand grips one of the monsters claws. The creature catches him by the front and lifts. Danny channels his energy, with no choice he would try a full powered attack!

With its fangs baring down inches from his face, Danny jams the claw in his hand into the creatures mouth, not wasting any momentum, Danny holds his index and middle fingers straight and he cocks his thumb, Danny doesn’t hold back, a green light erupts from his finger like from his gun only with a thicker and more powerful stream…

The claws from the creature dig into Danny’s abdomen as the monster is pushed back by the power of his attack, the claws open Danny’s guts… At the same time, Danny’s fingers eject bone fragments and blood it is a nasty after effect from using an uncontrolled attack of such power...

His pointer and index fingers painfully pour blood and smoke trails out of the tips.

Thick green smoke covers the area… once the smoke from his blast clears, Farrah’s hopes begin to diminish, Danny’s attack succeeded in only taking the monsters lower jaw off. Danny however had gotten the worse of the attack. Danny uses his forearm to hold his guts in, the attempt is painfully in vain. The wound is massive, and his intestines slip out the gaping hole!

He has minutes of blood left…

Charging his throbbing fingers with energy again Danny fires, but this monster isn’t going to go quietly, having no jaw it launches a long-range attack from its stomach, it takes on the form of a blue light, the light crosses the fifteen-foot distance. It meets the light of Danny’s attack…

Danny’s small green bullet punches through the creatures blue wall and hits it in the skull! The monster during the fight had been pushed to a wall The force of Danny’s attack catapults the monster into the wall, the Soul Hound became a scorch mark on the concrete…

The monsters blue flame wall keeps coming… Danny looks up and puts his forearms up, he desperately tries to charge his body with energy, but nothing happens… Danny bursts into a chalky outline of blue flames!

Farrah is speechless she no longer sensed Danny’s life force. She had picked up his gun attempting to help him if she would have helped more. Her moment of shock is interrupted as she hears the homeless men approaching behind her.

“Miss are you okay, maybe we should call the fire department?”

Farrah holds back her emotions she still has a job to do. The creature had also been killed by Danny’s attack. But Danny’s body and the fire encasing his body needed to be taken care of. Then there was the matter of the men behind her.

First thing is first, the witnesses. A white light glows in Farrah’s palm. When she turns around the notices the men are six feet away, taking air into her lungs Farrah lifts her palm to her mouth and exhales a breath. Her breath scatters the dust like substance in her hand and blankets the men’s faces, they inhale the dust into their lungs. Their eyes glaze over as Farrah orders them about. She holds up a small stack of cash totaling less than 70 dollars.

“Take this and walk away and have something to eat forget the last hour of your life.”

She snaps her finger and the one of the men takes the money from Farrah and walks away without another glance. She turns around to address Danny’s corpse. Her heart could break they had been together for many years, almost too soon he was gone. From her windbreaker she pulls a small cylinder the size of a pill bottle.

Inside two gold coins with purple peacocks painted on the surface are shaken from the cylinder into Farrah’s hand. Concentrating she levitates the coins towards Danny’s body by holding her breath. She doesn’t have the best control of them but with limited air in her lungs. The coins are lowered onto Danny’s eyes, the coins spark upon contact the blue flame!

Once the coins are firmly in place with the sparks continuing to erupt, Farrah raises her hand, in the distance, approaching her location she hears the sounds of police sirens getting closer. She channels her energy through her body and snaps her fingers. She and Danny’s flaming corpse disappear in an instant, she had slipped into the vacuum.

When Farrah opens her eyes, the tightness caused by the transport dissipates. She is inside of a chamber, the chamber has grey walls, the room feels sterile. She looks down and sees the coins from Danny’s eyes on the ground she bends down to pick them up.

“Another one is dead? That make three in half a century! Tell me you at least got the orb?”

Farrah turns around and sees her superior. The Guardian of the Earth Temitope, he wears a tattered cloth duster that flows to his knees. A gold dagger is tucked into a leather scabbard. He is tall and tone, his dark skin is ashy as it is weathered. His eyes hold disdain and annoyance.

“My Lord I am very sorry, please accept my deepest apologies.” Pleads Farrah

“What will your apologies give me? That orb is gone, I have been after that orb since it was taken by Ponce De Leon. Who has it now?”

“My Lord it was taken by a man named Froilano De Moniz, I understand the orb is important, but with Danny dead I won’t be able to recover it. My Lord to see you even after such a failure is rare, may I press you on the reason for your promptness to my return?”

Temitope is the Guardian of the Earth, he kept the living world and the supernatural worlds separate but, that often proves to be a difficult task despite the power he had. Temitope couldn’t be everywhere at once which is why he trained humans to pick up this burden. He had dozens of humans paired with his most capable angels.

“Something happened while you were gone, a prophecy became foretold, it is different than the usual vagueness , there are much darker things coming. I have brought a Witch from the mortal world to the ‘in between.’”

Farrah looks around the bare chamber, from the door her master entered a withered old woman walks towards them, this woman’s eyes are rolled into the back of her head. She walks with her magical senses. Standing near Farrah, she pulls on Farrah’s arm to come closer, she bends down. Then the old woman then whispers into her ear.

“Under the breeze of the magnolia an evil power we need to trust, within his genes lays the hope of humanity. A thief and a murder is needed. The one with the ability will have to be drawn in like a moth to a flame for he is stubborn, the darkest evils will be used for when the magnolia tumbles we fight fire with fire!!”

“My Lord I apologize, but how is this different than the other prophecies! We would have filed Danny's vacancy.” The women’s predictions had made the hairs on her neck stand up. Farrah is still confused why the Guardian is concerned with one person, witches told fortunes all the time, nearly all of them never came true.”

“This has gone global every witch has a similar message, and it isn’t just the fortune tellers, gypsum even the Witch doctors in the Africa and Sherpas in the Himalayas. Thanks, you your and Danny’s work we have learned humans have rediscovered alchemy, in addition they have somehow been able to control beasts. I know your last charge meant a lot to you. But we still have a job to do, I need someone to investigate and get eyes on this savior. You are the only free angel I have. You are to watch and approach who ever this is! Get going while the trail is still fresh, take her with you she will show you the way.”

Farrah placed her palm on the woman and snaps her fingers, again they are sucked into the vacuum between mortal world and the “in between.” Farrah didn’t know who this person was she was going to meet, but she wondered if he would be as diligent and respectful as Danny had been? Only time would tell.

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