Falling Beneath the Magnolia

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Breeze Street Crew outgunned!

Chapter 19:

Wanted Dead or Alive

19A, Danny McFarlan Point of View…

His face felt raw, the skin around his eye socket started to become irritated from the rubber circle of the scope. It had been hours since there had been any movement inside.

When he saw some movement, he surprised by who he sees, Danny nearly shit himself when at 4 am, he saw the Pale Death stop by. In between keeping tabs on the house, Danny had looked at the paper this morning and had seen what the monster had done. Danny had grown up on stories about Lucifer and what he could do, his activities of last night were just what his reputation alleged to and more.

Lucifer’s stop had only taken a few minutes, since then nothing. Danny couldn’t tell if his jinx worked on Lucifer, if he had been wearing a ward or a talisman that might have knocked the power out of the curse, even so he would have weakened that creature.

It is only when the sun had fully risen that Danny sees someone emerge from the Bed and Breakfast. It is a busty woman with blonde hair.

The B&B stood three stories tall, with a screened mosquito porch covering the second story. Around the building is beautiful black iron gate. At the center of the house is a bright red door, it has a polished brass handle noticeable even from here.

Finding this hideout was not easy, He had to use all the blood from the first child to locate the McKean boy, Danny wouldn’t have the resources or the ability to locate him again this would be his shot.

Walking from that red door is the busty woman, she walks with the air of a whore, by swaying her hips provocatively, she did this even though no one is watching her. He admits while a creature of the night, she is far easier on the eyes than the hookers by the overpass.

Danny hungerly watches as the woman bends down to pick up the paper. She wore a blouse that could hardly contain her goods. He then gets a good view of her ass as she sways side to side on her way back into the house. She soon disappears behind that red door.

Danny waits... After some time, he checks his watch and discovers that only eight minutes had passed since the hussy went inside the B&B. He continues to wait patiently, all the while his anxiety is building, not needing the distraction he bottles it up in to the pit of his stomach and replaces it with focus.

Within twenty minutes, he spots a sedan make its way down Breeze Street. From his rooftop vantage point Danny sees the sedan hop the curb, it parks right in front of the gate, tightly wedged against the iron bars of the fence…

Four men exit the driver’s side of the sedan. Danny see’s the four men run across the street to the sidewalk.

Sweat trickles down Danny’s face as he sees four more men walking down the street from the east. Five more men would hit the property from the back. Just in case of failure he also had seven men spread around Breeze Street keeping watch.

Danny had even borrowed a dozen of Marcello’s men just in case, but they were spread around the Quarter. With Danny’s expert planning he is sure Bruce would not live through the day. Seeing the attack inch closer, Danny resists the urge to look at his watch he needed to focus.


The blast from the car is deafening, Danny didn’t close his eyes and rewarded he witnesses the car turning into a bright light! Right before the doors eject into the fence blowing out the thick black iron rods holding back the hordes! In the same motion, the vehicle is flipped over, soaring a height of eleven feet before crushing the eight-foot fence, the result is a massive breech and cover for Danny’s advancing men!

The shell of the vehicle fills the yard with smoke, as his men run for the red door, the first man to step within five feet of the front stoop is torn apart!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The second man becomes equally as riddled with bullets; Danny sees a third man fall to the ground after being clipped in the shoulder. With his rifle already shouldered, Danny looks for the source of the counterattack.

Danny sees a muzzle flash coming from the window near the door, further clarification of a defenders position came with the movement of the curtains inside the glassless window frame.

Just like when he was in the war, Danny holds his breath as he offers his trigger a downhill squeeze...

Before the shot leaves his barrel, one more man is clipped in the head by the defender.

Bang! Danny’s trigger rests against the trigger guard…

The white curtains are no longer white, a massive red stain is in place and there is no longer gunfire to stop his men’s advance.

Three of his men kick down the door, they enter the room handguns drawn with the injured man from the lawn following behind…

The next seven minutes Danny is left blind, all he can hear is gunfire. During the seven-minute exchange there must have been several hundred rounds fired inside the house. Then there is just silence for a moment, soon all the neighborhood dogs begin to howl, but no police or ambulance sirens…

The Danny looks down Breeze Street as a box truck creeks towards the B&B. Half a dozen armed men jump out of the truck’s flap, and out of the driver’s seat Danny sees the large body of the gangs underboss Sammy Led-Foot.

Danny’s men are unceremoniously tossed into the back of the truck. After some time, he sees nine rolled up carpets, each one is heavy enough that two men are required to toss it into the truck. Danny knew then his 13-man assault team failed! Those were hard men handpicked from the bayou…

Picking up his rifle Danny would have to suffer this momentary setback, if he drew Bruce out of the house then he could take a crack at him… Bruce McKean would not live through the day, it was time to switch to plan B.

19 B, Bruce Point of View:

For once he didn’t have to kill anyone. The house is a mess of blood, glass and bullet holes. Bruce’s men only suffered one fatality. Craig had just finished his coffee when the explosion happened. Gary had said Craig took down three men.

Craig bought the house enough time, when the men burst through the red door, Vinny was waiting on the stairs and soaked them up with a magazine from his Uzi!

“Hold Still” Says Wayne to Mickey.

Mickey’s left collar bone had been hit; the wound is strikingly similar to Bruce’s injury. Luckily for Mickey, his left side is not his dominant side of his body. He would still be able to hold and fire a gun. Bruce could not say the same…

He had covered Bee’s body with his own, he had been sure to protect her, but once he heard the gunfire he acted. He ran to the room and took his 1911. Only it felt foreign and cumbersome in his right hand.

Using his right hand proved how useless he was, when one of the enemy had slipped up the kitchen stairs and entered the third floor, Bruce fired three shots at him all missed.

Luckily Carl had been on the second level and only had to climb one flight.

Mickey as usual fought with a savage fury and killed everyone in his path including their captive, he was their last source of information. They also had been tipped off by Sammy that locals had spotted strange men around the Quarter and Breeze Street.

Gary had talked about them moving to the stronghold on Cyrus Avenue. Bruce looked around the room and knew that they could not stay here this place is shot to shit and vulnerable.

Wayne uses a scalpel to cut an incision an inch above Mickey’s gunshot wound, Mickey works his forceps into the wound and grips casing of the jacket. Mickey screams as the Dentist turns his forceps counter clockwise inside his wound...

Bee hugs Bruce and places her face into his shoulder. He couldn’t blame her, seeing this much blood had made him sick too. He eventually persuades her to go downstairs.

Eventually Wayne pulled the spent round from Mickey’s shoulder, and picks out any bone fragments from the injury, He then quickly cleaned the wound and stitched Mickey closed.

It only took thirty minutes for Wayne to complete the surgery, by the time he had finished, the Morphine had done its part to drive the pain away from Mickey’s face. Mickey remained conscious the entire time.

During the ordeal Carl walks into the room, trailing him is Gary and a women Bruce unfortunately recognized.

“Marie what are you doing here?”

“She came by the Cat House, I told her what happened, and she insisted on seeing you.” Answered Gary.

“Gary tell me you have more men with you?” Asks Carl Desperately.

“Just Curtis” Answers Gary.

Carl pulls Gary away, out of earshot of Marie.

“Bruce I had felt bad about you getting sick the other night. I think I might have overreacted to the situation.”

Bruce felt uncomfortable Bee went downstairs to the kitchen, she had been unable to stomach seeing Mickey being operated on.

“Marie I have to tell you something, I got sick on purpose”

Marie walks across the room. The bedroom had not been burdened with gunfire or explosions; she didn’t realize the seriousness of the situation in the house. Bruce leans on his cane and he moves away from Marie.

“Look you can’t be here it is not safe”

Then Bruce heard a women clear her throat at the door. Callie Bee walks into the room, the two women stand ten feet apart from each other.

“Bruce is everything alright?”

“Yes, I am alright”

Marie had a frown on her face.

“You’re the actress from the play”

Before Bruce could explain anymore Carl burst into the room.

“We need to move you now!” Bruce didn’t get to ask questions as he and Mickey and the girls were hurried downstairs.

“Why did you bring her here?” Bruce angrily mutters to Gary.

“Dellara actually saw her and mistook her for the other one, he doesn’t see too well, when she found out you were hiding out in a brothel she stormed off.” Whispers Gary as the two of them along with the girls gather in the foyer.

Carl walks down with two black full-length… well let’s call them garbs.

“Bruce, Mickey put these gimp masks and leotards on. Mickey you will have to limp like Bruce, no sniper would take two shots at you gimps for fear of being exposed. Girls you will go out first with the drivers, stay down below the windows. Then Bruce you will go to the rear car and Mickey to the Front. Brett and Curtis you will be driving.”

The girls went out after Brett and Curtis, Bee took the backseat in the rear car with Brett as her driver…

Marie took the front car with Bruce’s bodyguard Curtis as her driver…

Next Carl walked out of the house; in his hands he holds Craig’s BAR. The weapon had a fresh magazine, and a round racked into the chamber. Carl had the weapon trained on the rooftops behind the houses. He is looking for a possible sniper.

Then came the guests of honor, Bruce felt like he was walking across coals rather than a grassy New Orleans lawn. He took the march slow, but did his best to look uninjured, Mickey would be limping more to make a sniper think he was the more like Bruce, then again they had no idea the extent of Mickey’s injuries.

Despite their injuries both Mickey and Bruce carried weapons under their grab, the gun for Bruce might as well be a slingshot, the recoil from the three shots he fired during the earlier gunfight had hurt like the dickens. The shots he fired were also wildly inaccurate…

Vinny helped Bruce to the car, Bruce looks through the eyeholes of the mask, he can see that Mickey and Gary are exactly the same. Bruce hoped that the front car having more guards would confuse anyone watching. Bruce slides into the back seat of the car next to Bee.

“How far do we have to go?” Ask Bee, with fear in her voice.

“It will take us three minutes with no traffic.” Bruce tells a nervous looking Callie Bee.

Vinny turns around in the passenger seat as the cars pull away from the curb. In his lap, Vinny has a weapon called an Uzi, it is a machine pistol made by the Israelis. Vinny speaks to both Bruce and Bee.

“You both need to stay below the glass, we have men scattered around the street but that won’t stop them from trying to take a shot now that we are on the move.”

Bruce painfully lowers himself in the seat, he could feel Bee trembling with fear.

19C, Danny Point of View.

He stood on a rooftop with an Italian in a suit, the man is a captain of Marcello’s. Danny used a whistle to signal to the men that their ambush was to begin. Danny could see most of Breeze Street from here.

Danny didn’t know the location safehouse for the Breeze Street crew. He wouldn’t need too, he had men on the adjacent streets to Breeze Street, he heard their whistle picking up his call, they would be waiting in their vehicles.

They had three cars and two vans full of men, they would wait for them to turn down an alleyway and come from both sides. His men would have eyes on them between the blocks, there is no escape…

His eyes follow the two vehicles and sees them approach the overturned milk truck…

The milk truck covered the length of the street, the drivers hop the curb, they pass in front of the store fronts, pedestrians dive out of the way. Through the binoculars Dany watches as the lead sedan, pulls hard to the right once free of the chokepoint. Danny watches as his men fire down onto the hoods of the cars, his men fail to hit the engine block.

The small two vehicle convoy pulls onto the road when clear of the milk trunk, suddenly an old man steps into the path of the second car which speeds up crushing the man on the hood!

The cars barrel down Breeze Street approaching their position. The old man falls off the hood of the second car, he flops unceremoniously into a puddle with a big and bloody splash. Danny notices that his men have set up a roadblock four blocks ahead, but then he sees that the targets have turned left down an alleyway towards Cyrus Avenue.

Not missing a beat, Marcello’s man cut across the adjacent streets as planned. His men from the road block also converge, Danny also knew his additional men would being coming up the other side of the alley and they would have them trapped. Gathering up his rifle he and Simon the well-dressed Italian start down a ladder towards his motorcycle, Danny was personally determined to see to the death of Bruce McKean…

19D, Callie Bee Point of View.

“Pull off into Glades Alley” Shouts Vinny to Brett.

Callie Bee closes her eyes and prays as she holds onto Bruce, her stomach leaps when the car takes a sharp turn. Their car had become the lead car, they sped up in an attempt to toss off an innocent bystander, which to Callie Bee’s horror they had crushed on the hood of their car avoiding an ambush!

Callie Bee only had to see the holes in the ceiling of the sedan to know that it was them or him, and the thought of that is almost more sickening than the casual demeanor of the men in the car.

True they looked alert and anxious, but their emotion held no fear in their eyes, only determination. Bee stares at Vinny he had his gun raised. Waiting, but for what? She prayed to not find out. Bee looks to Bruce, her uncomfortable interaction with that other woman in the house seemed meaningless in comparison

Bruce held his pistol with such a fierce look, no she had seen him fierce in college on occasion, and she would never forget that night in September, but this was different. It seemed like to these men it was a game they chose; they killed and stole because they could… This self-gratification that Bruce had manifested isn’t sexy to her it was just sad and meaningless.

Their car comes to a screeching halt, Brett had cut the wheel hard to the left, the car is angled slanted in the alleyway. Bruce had already opened Bee’s door and pushed her firm but gently outside the door. Outside the car Bee sees the driver named Brett run for the steel door on the wall.

The rear car had also taken a slanted angle in the alleyway, The trunk of the rear car is opened, and Gary pulls two rifles and a saddle bag from the trunk before hunkering down.

As a shot hits the outside of the car as he drops behind the vehicle for cover.

“Brett what the fuck is going on!” Shouts Gary.

Gary lifts up a rifle and jams a magazine inside the breech and racks back the action.

“It’s jammed!”

Carl and Gary take a spot on either side of the car defensive position. And then they return fire. Callie Bee stays behind Bruce but can see the alleyway towards Breeze Street. At least a dozen men on foot run towards them, they are using the dumpsters as cover.

“Keep your head down” Warns Bruce.

19E, Carl’s point of view

Carl stands next to Bee and Bruce, holding the Craig’s large caliber BAR. He used the car as cover, the enemies car advances down the street from Cyrus Avenue. Carl heard shots being fired behind him, but he trusts Mickey and Gary to deal with it.

“Get that door open now Brett.” Screams Carl.

He crotches behind the car and aims at the windshield of the advancing battering ram! Carl shoots at the steering wheel, he squeezes off half his ammo down range, his grouping is inches apart and he shreds the steering wheel and by venture of physics, not probability; he strikes the driver in the knuckles and causes the man to expose his head to gunfire!

While at the same time the expired driver turns the wheel, so the sedan becomes upended! The vehicle bounces off the wall and stops moving forward but is still spinning down the around in a circle…

The enemy that are behind the car, run forward to use it as cover. Carl looks over the car and sees five men are fifteen feet from them in the open ground. Carl reaches over and aims the BAR, again he squeezes the trigger, this time for three long seconds.

Carl doesn’t know how many rounds he gets off, but the bullets riddle at least three of the men, the white dress shirts under their suit jackets, become a thick red jelly, of bone and organ tissue. Two of the remaining vanguard bounce back behind the car for cover.

A man with a mushroom haircut advances amid the chaos of Carl’s onslaught. Carl ducks down to reload his weapon, he racks back the charging handle putting a round into the chamber. Carl exposes himself from cover and fires again, this time he didn’t anticipate how close the man with the mushroom haircut is, Carl shoots but is half step short, he felt the pressure in his ribs!

Carl’s on his back, he hears the sound of Bruce’s gun firing nearby….Wanting to help his charge, Carl rolls to his front and scoops up his rifle. Blood pours from his wound. Carl looks aimlessly at Bruce; then to Bee who covers in a fetal position at the fender of the car.

To save them from being overrun, Bruce had moved to the hood and took up a firing position. The mushroom cut fires his pistol at Bruce, who ducks and rests his right hand on the hood of the car to steady his shot. Carl blinks at the sound of Bruce’s gunshots. His bullets do what Carl’s could not and put the mushroom cut on to his back.

Feeling some breath return to himself, Carl stands up using all he can and shoulders his weapon. The fight is still on as two more men advanced.

“The doors open! Carl get the girl!” Shouts Vinny.

Carl looks at the door, he then looks to Vinny and Brett. They are trying to drag a struggling Bruce into the open doorway. Carl lowers his weapon and runs two steps to his right...

“Girl lets go” Carl lifts under her arm and the girl begins to rise, but then he lifts his head and--.

19F Callie Bee: Point of View.

Her mouth is full of brain and blood. Bee turned and ran… The weight of the corpse causes her to trip, additionally her knee is torn apart by the concrete. She tries to stand but her ankle buckles under her weight, she struggles to limp forward. She turns around as bullets strike at the ground around her! A tall man with red hair aims his weapon at her…

A man had slipped between the cars, he was the one who shot Carl. Bee could smell the anchovy pizza he had for lunch and the three coffees. He reached for her with his gun, his thumb cocks the hammer of his pistol…

Bee hears shots and for a moment thinks that his gun fired and waits for the pain…

But nothing comes... Bee opens her eyes and sees that Curtis stands in the enemies place! Not missing a beat Curtis helps her over the corpse of the departed he is pushing her forward toward the door…

The tall one with the red hair, is still coordinating his men and then he shouts something and five men all in unison discharge their weapons…

Bee falls to the ground pushed by Curtis, she sees him become swiss cheese, she crawls to the door.. Brett is waiting there, to cover them Bruce had slipped out the door and he shoots suppressing fire!

Bee looks out the door at the man with red hair holding his bloody arm cruising! Carl and Curtis bodies lay open eyed at his feet. The sunlight closes inside the room as a injured Brett closes the iron door… Vinny slams down an iron latch locking them into the outer section of the safehouse.

19G, Bruce Point of View.

“Bee are you okay?”

He looked over every inch of her once they had moved through the network of buildings to the true safehouse. She is in a room in her underwear, he checked her for wounds he sees nothing physically wrong with her, Bee’s mental state is another matter, She had been shaking uncontrollably ever since they got her into the safehouse...

Bee had pissed herself, Marie had too but he could give a shit less about her. Bee hadn’t changed her facial expression. Outside the room he could hear the cries of pain from Brett as Gary and Vinny pull the round from his wound Bruce can even smell the burning of a hot iron on skin.

Every time a howl of pain escapes his lips she shudders. Bruce places her in a bathrobe after cleaning her face. He holds her arm; she follows with no protest. Walks her to a door near the room and they are led to a windowless courtyard. Bruce walks Bee down a set of steps, outside the can no longer hear the screams.

Bee sits on a bench still staring aimlessly. Bruce is still standing his shoulder hurt so fucking much, He was manhandled at the entrance trying to save Bee, and it felt like bamboo shoots. If it wasn’t for curt-, Bruce couldn’t bear to think his name.

He couldn’t afford weakness he needed to be strong for Bee. if it weren’t for his bodyguard than she would be dead or worse.

But then he looked at Callie Bee, she still looked pretty, but he had never seen a more shaken girl, then he really thought about the situation. She had seen four people he knew shot. Also Bee had just survived two attacks minutes apart.

Suddenly he felt the air leave his lungs and he couldn’t catch his breath no matter how hard he tried. His panic attack causes Bruce to grip his chest and fall to his knees. Bee; snaps out of her daze and rushes to Bruce’s side.

Curtis! He died to save her, so did Carl, and Chuck... His best friend had stepped into the path of a bullet and saved him. All the death caused as a result of his actions nearly brings tears to his eyes.

“Bruce” Says Bee softly to comfort him.

He knew he had to get her out of New Orleans. The realization allows air to return to his lungs and his labored breathing subsides.

“Bee” he says aloud.

He looks into her eyes, she looked more frightened than she had a moment ago. Bruce stands up.

“Wait outside here I’ll come back, once I have made a call.”

The surgery is still in progress when Bruce entered the main room. Brett had been injured grabbing Bee from the alley, he had taken a round to his leg. Yet again another bit of proof of Bruce’s failure as a man.

“Gary you need to do a better job holding him”

Brett is on top of a wooden table. Vinny has his leg held open by clamps, Bruce can see into the wound, he falls like his undercarriage is on fire from the sight of the gore, Bruce’s usually weak stomach can absolutely not take the sight of the gore.

Bruce walks out of the main room, laying on a couch is a sedated Mickey, after the excitement of the gunfight Mickey had taken a nap.

Marie is also in the same room as Mickey sitting in an armchair out of the way. Bruce pretends to take no notice of her, he needed to take care of something. He left the concrete sitting room and entered a long hallway, the end of the hall, there is a office. Inside the office Bruce takes a seat and pulls the phone receiver towards himself.

Bruce dials the operator…


“Hello, Please connect me to the Marshals Service, Glynco Georgia.”

“One moment”

The line soon connects.

“Marshal Service how many I direct your call?”

“Hello, my name is Thomas Spaulding, I am calling to speak with a trainee there by the name of Carter Crowder.”

“He may be in the middle of training what’s it regarding.”

“It is regarding a matter if estate, you see we found a sizable amount in his aunts accounts that was left to him at the time of her death. I am a solicitor for the estate, it took us some time to sort everything out.”

“I understand, please wait a moment.”

Bruce waited on the line for some time, after about twenty minutes on hold he heard a familiar voice.



“Yes, is this Mr. Spaulding?”

“No dipshit it is Bruce McKean”

There is silence on the line for a moment.

“You shouldn’t have called here Thomas.” Says Carter keeping up the ruse.

“I need you to do whatever you can to meet me in Mandeville Louisiana, I am in trouble, worse I have dragged Callie Bee into this, Carter, Chuck got killed and possibly she could be next.”

“I heard about him Bruce I am 8 to 9 hours away; I take it I am your next point of contact?”

“Carter I take it you know what I have become, after Chuck, you are now my only point of contact. I swear you will never hear from me again! Please I need you to get her away from here. She will never leave me willingly I am gonna have to trick her.”

“I will say that my sister is I’ll and I have to get her from college. I am only giving safe passage to her, I will not give you the same, not only that, I refuse to help you in any other way, you may not have been arrested but to me you are a felon.”

Hearing his old friend refer to him as a felon, Bruce would be lying if the words hadn’t stung.

“Whatever you need to say to justify this do it it for her, you think you could meet tomorrow at say 9 am,?”

“That will work, see you then.” The line hung up and Bruce put the phone down.

When Bruce entered the main room, he found there were several new arrivals. Dellara is with Lucifer and nearly a dozen other soldiers.

“McKean come on over here...”

Once Bruce stood near, all the men conscious listen closely.

“The war is officially on as of today, tonight Lucifer is gonna hit an entire outfit of Marcello’s soldiers I want everyone inside this safehouse to remain here.”

“Boss can I have a word with you and Lucifer alone?” Asks Bruce.

When the three of them stepped aside Bruce tells Dellara the plan he has made.

“I need to leave the safehouse tomorrow, I need to get my girl out of town I have a guy meeting me across the causeway in Mandeville tomorrow morning.”

“And I suppose you are telling me now because otherwise you will just sneak out? Fine but you are gonna return that other girl hiding in here too. Lucifer you go with him and see this goes off without a hitch. Bruce no heroics once she is gone return to the safehouse immediately, Lucifer if he tries to join the war in anyway shape or form break his other arm.”

With that threat Bruce’s plans were set and made.

It was 8:00 when they left the safehouse, he had dropped off Marie first at her townhouse, he and Lucifer then drove from New Orleans to Mandeville. Bee hadn’t questioned Bruce at all about their departure from the safehouse.

While Lucifer drove, Bruce sat in the backseat with Bee, he didn’t know what to say to her, apart when she comforted him during his mini panic attack. Bee had been reclusive.

When they crossed the long bridge and pulled off at the gas station that Bruce had arranged with Carter, Lucifer beforehand does some evasive maneuvers to shake a tail if they were followed from the Quarter.

Bee looks out the window and sees Carter and his long muscular frame leaning against a muscle car. Carter has his arms crossed. His head is shaved from the Marshal Academy, Carter wears his service weapon holster on his hip.

“What is going on, Bruce why is Carter Crowder here?”

“Bee he is a Marshal they are like federal police, he is gonna take you to Nashville, or wherever you want.”

“You are coming too right?”

“Not this time” Bruce opens the passenger door and steps out.

He holds the door for Callie Bee. Bee gets out but refuses to move forward.

“Bee, he is waiting he drove a long way to be here.”

“Why are you trying to get rid of me, don’t you want me to take care of you?”

“You know I love you with all my heart, but this life I have is not for you. I am a dead man walking, Marcello and his goons are not going to stop until I am in a body bag. Bee you need to forget me, you need to move on. I was selfish, I should have left you alone on that stage, there is nothing more with either of us.”

“Bruce I am staying; I am sorry Carter came all this way, but you can tell him it is a wasted trip. Please I will get over it, I am not afraid of death only not being with you! I will learn to live with all off this…”

She starts to cry, and she balls up her fist and smashes it into his uninjured right shoulder. Callie Bee wasn’t planning to go quietly.

“Bee I am sorry for this”

“Bruce what are you sorry for-“

He didn’t mean to hit her as hard as he did! Bruce wanted to knock her out, his right hook connects into her abdomen, spit exits her mouth as her eyes roll into the back of her head. Bruce uses his right hand to brace her limp body as Carter comes over to him.

Carter lifts the girl in his arms and carries her to the passenger seat of his car.

“She wouldn’t come quietly” Explains Bruce.

“Like the opinion of how you treat women is really coming to make me think less of you...” Says Carter Bitterly.

“Okay I guess I deserve that.”

Carter turns around.

“Don’t feel pity for yourself, you have always had this air about you, this need to do what you think is right. Like the night of the riot, you wanted to fight as much as you wanted to save her. You know in the academy we have heard about this turf war you have been going through. The odds that you live through the week are slim.”

Bruce didn’t have it in him to sit there and eat shit.

“Carter you play by your shitty rules, you train for your shitty job and while judging me for going out and taking what you are too scared too. My life may end sooner than yours, but which of us has really lived more? I don’t care about your opinion, I am going back into that city to see this through, just keep Bee safe, take her far away and make sure she can’t return. Here take this for expenses.”

Bruce pulled out a stack of cash.

“Keep your blood money, I have a few hundred dollars don’t mind parting with, but I was serious on the phone don’t call again.”

Bruce pockets the money, he holds out his hand.

“Well Deputy, see you around” Mutters Bruce.

Carter believe it or not smiled and shook Bruce’s hand.

“See you around cowboy.” Carter got into his car and drove away.

When Bruce drives back across the river in the sedan he felt his brain beginning to work better with the burden of Callie Bee lifted.

“Lucifer what do you know about Marcello’s operation at the docks?”

Lucifer then began the long explanation of the intel he gathered on their enemy. Bruce listened as he formulates a plan of attack.

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