Falling Beneath the Magnolia

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The “in-between”

The children couldn’t be healed by her powers it took her master Temitope to heal them. She stood in the medical ward of the “in between”. It looked like a hospital ward, only it featured no medical equipment. Since the night of the Soul Hounds defeat in New Orleans Farrah had been unconscious.

She had used so much of her power healing Bruce and then transporting the children. She had only regained consciousness several hours ago. She finally felt that she could stand. She looked around her room. It had a single bed. The wall in the room where white, the “in between” didn’t have light’s per say but every room in Temitope’s palace is always illuminated. One of the features of their vacuumed environment.

The room had a door that she slid back, it led to a hallway. She passed by a large room on her way down the hallway. The room had a large rectangular piece of glass, the glass showed her a larger ward. All the Albino children she had rescued were in here. Several of the children read books in their beds. Others with more strength played with toys in the room.

She always admired the strength of children; they could repress their horrific experiences so easily. She watched them in the room for a while, she only looks away as she hears someone walking down the hallway.

“Hello Gabe, how are you getting along?”

“Farrah, I am doing alright getting a new charge soon. when did you wake?”

“Only a few moments ago.”

“Have you spoken with his lordship? There have been new developments. “ Says Gabe.

Farrah looked alert she needed answers she pressed Gabe for further clarification.

“Where is he?”

“He is here, somewhere inside the children’s ward.”

Farrah left Gabe, Gabe is an Angel like her, he would be getting a new young man to train into a spirit inspector. Gabe’s last charge retired after thirty years, Farrah hadn’t had a charge retire in half a century, they all met there ends too early. Thinking of Danny’s death still pained her, her new charge is awful, foul mouthed and bratty.

She couldn’t argue with the results; he finishes the job, what she didn’t like is Bruce gets his hands dirty, and he doesn’t care how soiled those hands become to finish his objective.

Farrah ventured into the ward. The children all look at her when she enters the room. Two of the female children run towards her and hug at her skirts.

“You’re okay! We are so worried you were dead when we got back!”

“I will be fine, you are looking well, we will have you back to your families soon.” Assures Farrah.

The girls smiled and let Farrah pass after a few more hugs. Farrah found her master in a separate ward, he stood over a red headed child, he like her lost conscious during the transport. Temitope stands over the child a blue light flows from his hands and blankets the child, the veins under his black skin, bulge and contract.

Sensing Farrah’s presence Temitope stops the flow of blue light into the child.

“How bad is he?”

“They were in terrible shape; he was the worse they must have been farming him for blood for a few years. How they managed to take this many forbidden children without us noticing, the notion is cringeworthy.”

Stepping away from the child Temitope continues addressing Farrah.

“It is going to take me another week of treatment before he will regain consciousness. You did well considering, but there is something grave disappointment I must inform you of. Those Soul Hounds came from Anubis, he has given the demons and humans the means to control them and other creatures.”

“How, you sealed Anubis in his tomb twenty-five hundred years ago?”

“He is still there but somehow he is consciously directing his acolytes. We rid this world of the demigods, the Egyptian were by and far the most violent. Based on the intelligence we have gathered; we feel that they were also the ones who gave humans the means of Alchemy again.”

“You still believe that toxin that we found in Africa is connected?”

“I do, I also believe that the finished product will be far messier, millions of lives hang in the balance. I have every Inspector and Angel in our outfit warned to notify us the second another abnormality surfaces. In addition, I have spoken to the Pope and he will have the Swiss Guard at the ready, between both organizations we will be able to contain it.”

“For a time…”

“Yes it is a grave situation, you are too young to know of the damage of the Demigods, from Greece and Egypt all the way to the secluded island of Japan. They nearly brought the world to ruin if it wasn’t for the almighty, the souls of man would be used as food to their build further power. We used everything we had to seal Anubis away. I shudder to think of his power on Earth, then I know it pales in comparison to his father.”

Farrah had never known something or someone to rattle the Guardian of the Earth.

“It looks like all the omens are circling around that criminal, he and that demon of his have a part to play. I want you to standby and follow his energy trail, when the time is right you may lift his mark of sin and you will make him into an inspector. But still he is unpredictable and is as loose a cannon as I have every sensed I don’t know if fate will be enough, the revelation could be upon us and the world doomed, the only thing to do now is watch and bide our time.”

End of Book One.

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