Falling Beneath the Magnolia

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Coming on Strong

Chapter Five

The Conquered Victor sours the spoils of nothing.

5A, Bruce Point of View.

The sound of nearby gunfire causes him to wake with a jolt!

As soon as he sits up the pain hits him from every angle!! Bruce’s head is throbbing; his stomach aches and his arm feels as if it’s on fire.

A pair of soft and gentle hands steady him. The warmth of the hands on his shirtless body calms the fear of the gunshot, his vision begins to clear, and he sees her face.

A concerned pair of large blue eyes stare at him, the piercing eyes bore down intently looking at his pupils. Seeing him awake the girl shouts.

“Doctor Thomas!” The twang of the girls voce is familiar.

Bruce tries to get up, but the pair of soft hands gently keep him in place.

“Easy Bruce, go easy you took some nasty shots.” Purrs the familiar voice.

Mrs. Catherine’s brother walks into the room, after Alice’s attack Dr. Thomas stayed in his sisters apartment, he wanted to monitor Alice’s concussion. The Doctor’s grey hair is thinning, and his hands are cold like any Doctor’s hands.

“Mr. McKean is it?”

Callie Bee eases Bruce into a lying position back into bed, he turns his head towards the bedside table, he sees bloody cotton swabs and a bowl of hot water, the steam of the water vapor evaporates into the air. Callie Bee presses a cold washcloth on his head, the coolness feels good on his body.

The Doctor continues speaking.

“You acquired some nasty injuries. I stitched up your head, the laceration required six stitches.”

Bruce feels the stitches on his scalp, at his touch he winces in pain, it feels like teeth pinching his skin.

“I also changed your bandages on your right arm. That is some cut, I am surprised the blade didn’t hit an artery. Your stomach while it bled quite a bit-”

Bruce looked down at his stomach and he sees a bandage covering it.

“The cut wasn’t deep; thus, the wound didn’t require stitches but move carefully or you may open it and it will be very painful and messy.”

The doctor leaves Bruce with a painkiller for his head, which he instantly pops, Callie Bee brings a glass of water to his lips, she cups her hand under his chin to stop the water split from spilling on his torso. She feels his head with the back of her hand. Groggily he asks her.

“Where am I?”

His voice is hoarse from the tear gas he inhaled during the fight between the Lyceum and the Library.

“One of the empty staff studios”

Bruce rubs his head where the stitches are, he felt groggy almost like he hadn’t slept in a day.

“I can’t remember anything.”

“Bruce it was horrible, after you left the house everything got worse. The gunshots became closer. On the TV we heard the High Patrol was called back. They took some deputies from the perimeter and put one officer in each house.”

She stops to wipe dried blood next to his ear and continues.

“Twice before your arrival men tried to sneak over the garden fence from the woods. The third time it was when those men kicked the door in, one of the men went around back and the deputy went to scare him off!”

“Once he left we saw men running towards the house, they banged on the windows. Lindsey and a few of the other girls went to move furniture in front of the door. Then they battered the door open, and just when we thought it was over, just when I wished you were here, there you were.”

With tears in her eyes Callie Bee throws her arms around Bruce’s neck, she pushes her forehead to his, and then kisses him on the head.

“We watched the battle on the lawn, you… you were so fierce and brave… I saw you take on two men, then the man from the back garden, scared off from the police, he came up behind you, hitting you with a club on the back of the head. Within seconds of you hitting the ground your friends knocked him and the remaining man down. Some officers from the other houses and the one from our house, came on the scene after the fight, Mrs. Catherine, Dr. Thomas and I vouched for you. The boys on the lawn were taken to the hospital. They have been placed under guard while they receive medical attention and then they will be transferred to the jail.”

Bruce stares at the ceiling he feels a sense of unease, he attempts to sit up, his wound on his stomach screams in pain. Using his resolve, he forces himself to sit. Bruce swings his legs to the side of the bed.

“Bee, please tell me my shirt wasn’t cut up by the Doctor?” She smiles at him.

“Well yeah he had to, I mean you were bleeding from your stomach the shirt was ruined anyhow?”

“I need something to wear, Bee can you find me something?”

“You should stay in here, the Doctor said you should rest. You should listen to him, Bruce you have lost a lot of blood tonight.”

“Bullshit… Seriously I feel fine...”

Bruce stands up and Callie Bee stands near wondering if he would collapse.

Bruce is good at rebounding and he keeps his balance as he crosses the room, he makes it all the way to the door without being assisted, using his left arm he leans against the wall for support.

“I need a shirt.” states Bruce again.

Callie Bee laments to Bruce’s request.

“Sit in the chair I think I have something that will work.”

Bruce slumps into the chair behind him, he would never admit this to Callie Bee, Bruce felt like he had been hit by a truck.

His entire body hurts with each step. His arm felt like it was on fire and numb if that’s possible, mounting on his troubles, carved like a pumpkin Bruce’s gut felt like any typical queasy laceration, only rivaled in measures of pain by the stitches in his arm. Callie Bee only keeps Bruce waiting a few minutes before she returned with a gift bag.

“You are startin to dip into your Christmas presents.”

Out of a clothing box, she takes out a cotton Ole Miss shirt, it is blue, and the lettering red, in the school colors. Bruce feels like a child as she dresses him.

“Lift up your arms.” Callie Bee whispers in his ear.

Her touch is gentle as Callie Bee slips the shirt over his head. Bruce’s face feels warm.

“What are you embarrassed about?” Asks Callie Bee seeing the red spread across his cheeks.

Suddenly her lips are on his, she sinks into his lap as he cradles her, when Callie Bee finally breaks from the kiss he looks at her dumbfounded.

“You have nothin to be ashamed about, do you like the shirt?”

Bruce looks at his girlfriend, she never had kissed him just out of the blue like that. Then his bewildered expression turns to admiration. Why did he feel vulnerable over something as simple as her dressing him. He always had been crazy about this girl, ever since they met. He knew she cared about him and now it is just further clarification of her feelings, that said he felt strange as she kept looking at him with hungry eyes.

“I do but why are you looking at me like that?” Inquires Bruce in a voice just a bit louder than a whisper.

“I don’t know there is just somethin about you tonight… The bandages, the dried blood and even though you are covered in a layer of sweat and dirt-”

She then smells the top of his head.

“Everything about you is driving me crazy.”

Nearby gunfire extinguishes the sexual tension that has built in the room.

Callie Bee helps Bruce to his feet, she hovers nearby in case he fell, the gunshots outside had reawakened a new resolve.

Unfortunately, the pain lingers all over his body a fact that is painfully drilled home with every step. Hearing the gunshots still ringing out into the night seemed to have awoken some reserve tank inside of him.

With his determination and gull, Bruce feels some strength returns to his legs. Bruce makes it all the way down the hall unassisted it was a slow process but with each step he feels a little stronger. Even the coughing from the inhalation of the tear gas on the battlefield no longer seemed to hurt his tender and battered ribs.

Coming out of the corridor leading to the staff quarters, Bruce sees furniture blocking the front door. Next to the foyer is the drawing room. Inside the drawing room he finds his two friends, Chuck sits at the polished wooden table. An ashtray is in front of him, he takes a drag of the smoke. He nods at Bruce as he and his girlfriend enter the room.

Carter stands by the window; he looks towards the police barrier. He holds back the curtains looking out the window at a group of soldiers walking by in orderly ranks.

“When did they get here?” Asks Bruce as he slides Chucks pack of cigarettes across the table.

Carter turns away from the window he looks please to see Bruce on his feet.

“Good I was wondering if you would be sleeping until dawn. The National Guard arrived an hour ago, they have been passing through Sorority Row, the police in the houses have been relieved by the soldiers, they have begun to restore order to campus. Chuck has your 1911, he slipped it into his pants while you were still on the lawn, we couldn’t risk someone finding it on you”

Bruce offers a grateful look in his friends direction.

Chuck stands up and hands Bruce his holstered pistol, Bruce clips the holster back into place on his lower back.

“How come you didn’t get searched?”

“Mrs. Catherine and the Doctor vouched for us, they let us into the house without even a once over. Those scumbags we fought on the lawn were not so lucky, they will be on their way to Parchman soon enough.” Says Chuck with an assured tone.

Suddenly, a loud explosion nearby occurs, the house shakes for a moment there is silence, Carter looks out the window for the source of the commotion. One of Callie Bee’s sorority sisters comes running into the drawing room.

“Callie Bee, where is Mrs. Catherine?”

“What’s going on?” Asks Carter he is alert and seems ready for any danger.

The girl is frantic and full of fear. Bruce can see the panic in her eyes, the fear increases Bruce’s anxiety sending an adrenaline rush to his body.

“The woodshed in the garden is on fire!”

His pain from earlier is now forgotten, Bruce and his friends rush through the house. Running out the white French doors in the back garden they are met with a massive inferno!

The woodshed connected to the house is ablaze. A burning piece of wreckage landed on the roof; it had the entire shed sparked up like a rotten Christmas tree.

“We need to get this under control or the whole house will go up!” Shouts Bruce to his friends.

Chuck runs over to the hose and turns the faucet; he sprints up the iron catwalk on the left. From the high vantage point he aims the stream of water onto the roof of the shed.

He turns around and runs into the house and makes a quick left in the hallway, eventually he makes it into the kitchen. Most sorority houses on campus, in order to meet the demand of a 100 or more girls feature commercial kitchens.

Bruce rips a fire extinguisher from the wall, he scours under the countertops, finally near the sink he find half a dozen fire extinguishers... Bruce takes two from the cabinet, being only able to carry three he would need to make multiple trips.

To his utter horror the fire had become larger, he had to act now! Bruce places an extinguisher on the ground, he tosses the spare in his right hand to Carter.

Bruce sprays the extinguisher on the flames erupting from the side of the shed. Even at this distance the heat is too much on his skin, any closer and Bruce felt as if he would have melted.

He continues to hold down on the handle of the extinguisher, with Carter hitting the same spot and Chuck drenching the roof of the woodshed from the Catwalk. Bruce and Carter are able to inch closer.

“I’m out!” Shouts Carter.

Bruce picks up the remaining extinguisher and shouts to Carter.

“There are more in the Kitchen near the sink!”

Charging forward Bruce moves to the door of the woodshed. Ignoring the blaze on his skin, Bruce lifts his foot and drives his boot as hard as he can into the weakened wood...

The wood of the door has been weakened from blaze inside the shed. The door splits from the impact of the boot. The holes in the door allow more oxygen to fill the breach, turning up the fire momentarily! Bruce has to push off his back foot to escape the flare up.

Holding down on the handle of the extinguisher, his concentrated efforts quell the escaping flames. Bruce then repeats the process with another kick.

On his third time kicking the door, the frame and door fall to pieces from the force of his kick and fire. But as he bashes apart the wood, Bruce’s foot sinks through the surface of the door, he can feel the blinding heat on his ankle.

Falling backwards, Bruce narrowly avoids becoming engulfed! His woes are not through yet, a flame has caught the bottom his jeans on fire!

Frantically patting at his left leg Bruce puts out the flames with the palms of his hands. Bracing himself on his hands and knees and using all he can Bruce rises to his feet.

The flames inside the shed have been dancing wildly since Bruce had broken down the door. He resumes his firefighting duties. Bruce again sprays the extinguisher at the inside of the shed, just as he runs out Carter returns with the remaining extinguishers, Callie Bee holds two of the extinguishers that Carter couldn’t carry.

After some long moments, they had the flames down to the embers, by that time they had been left with only Chucks hose. Three quarters of the shed is gone, they had gotten to the flames just in time to stop it spreading up the shared wall with the house.

As Chuck sprays down the last of the coals he spots something from his vantage point.

“Y’all get up here!” Says Chuck.

There is a hint of panic in his voice.

‘Now what?’ thought Bruce as he and Carter climb up the iron Catwalk.

The Catwalk is an exit for the upper floors of the house. It overlooks the garden wall and they can see into the woods.

Bruce follows Chucks finger, his eyes open with surprise and intrigue. Along the tree line, Bruce spots several men, one of them even holds a lever action rifle! Bruce observes where they are heading.

Chuck also sees this and says while starting down the catwalk steps. “Shite, these fuckers are headed to the Army Barricade!”

There is a road that encircles most of the Ole Miss campus, it is called Jackson Avenue, the Army had posted a small group of soldiers to lock down the Jackson Avenue barrier at the other end of Sorority Row.

Chuck picks up Bruce’s crowbar leaning against the wall by the hose’s faucet, he brought it outside and dropped it once he had to fight the fire. They walk over to the iron gate by the garden wall fence, Chuck pops off the padlock.

They stalk through woods and find the man with the rifle overlooking sorority row, the struggle is short, Chuck bashes the unaware man in the back of the head, once hit a solitary time he slumps to the ground.

“Where are the rest of them?” snipes Bruce, looking down from the small hill atop the vantage point.

“Look in the bushes a foot from the road” Pipes Carter.

To Bruce’s utter shock and dismay, a score of men lay in wait, he then looks across the street at the other hill and sees two men with rifles.

“Guys look at the ridge”

“Fuck, they are gonna ambush someone.”

Bruce recognizes the gunmen as two of the men from the woods last night. Further inspection leads to the discovery that each gunman has a spotter with him.

“We need to do something?” Utters Bruce desperately.

Before he can say anything further Bruce sees a lone sedan near the Jackson avenue entrance to Sorority Row.

“Bruce you need to stay here, Chuck and I will go down to the road!”

“I am fine I don’t-”

Bruce is cut off abruptly as the Green Car is waved through, when the road is past the barricade, three men pop out of the woods, the men open fire on the barricade soldiers!

“Bruce you can hardly stand, cover us from up here with that rifle!” Shouts Carter.

Without waiting for a response, he and Chuck leave the vantage point and move closer towards the road.

Picking up the rifle Bruce stares down the iron sights, then he winces as shots ring out, he sees that the Green Sedan with gold star on the door has taken two shots to its engine block. The sedan stops dead in its tracks, then the men hidden in the bushes run from cover like madmen.

The score of men slam into the side of the vehicle, the rock and shake the car, they rock it… Then in one motion they succeed in toppling the car! Panicked Bruce scans the road, the police had long pulled away from the barrier, there is only one soldier at the other barrier. The soldiers at the gate are on the ground rolling in pain from the gunshots they have endured.

Moving the barrel of the lever action of the rifle. Bruce spies his friends moving forward. Carter has his weapon drawn. He fires a shot in the air, several of the men kicking at the vehicle’s windows jump back at the sound of the gunfire.

Carter fires a shot at an opening between the men, his round strikes the door of the vehicle with spark, the entire score of the men abandon the car once seeing a second gunman in Chuck.

The mob runs away from them spreading out along the row. Carter fires two more rounds towards their retreating feet to keep them from becoming bold.

Bruce’s friends make it to the body of the sedan, the pair are standing near the upturned car, before Chuck can use the crowbar to break the window, a slug strikes the vehicle, and he and Carter slump below the body of the overturned vehicle!

He wheels the barrel of the weapon towards the ridge where the gunmen are perched, he spies one of the men aiming, while another acting as a spotter, keeps a look out behind to see if anyone would sneak up on them. The man now begins firing at the underbelly of the vehicle.

‘Are these morons trying to blow up the car?’ wonders Bruce.

Forgetting his thoughts, Bruce holds his breath and keeps both eyes open, his finger is steady as he offers the hair light trigger a downhill squeeze, the round bursts from the rifle’s muzzle! Darting across the street the round finds its new home inside the hip of the man!

The downed man’s spotter looks around for the source of the shot, panicked he must think that it is the Army firing on him. He grabs the shooter by the front of his jacket, pulling him down the ridge, and out of sight.

Chuck moves to the passenger door, he sees an officer with white hair and two other man, they kick at the door and windows. Seeing Chuck with a gun and crowbar in his hand one of the officers raise a pistol.

“I am here to help” Shouts Chuck.

Cater comes over and he has a white handkerchief, Carter waves the rag to get the inhabitants attention.

The officer sees this and deciding to trust them lowers the pistol. He and the other passengers back up from the window as Chuck swings the Crowbar, smashing the class, Chuck rakes the crowbar across the frame to cut down on the jagged edges.

Once Carter and Chuck pull the men out one of the officers tries to run for the hill below the ridge towards safety...

A bullet strikes the officer in the top of the shoulder, Carter sprints from cover towards the man, being strong as an ox it doesn’t look like the man weighs more than a sack of potatoes to Carter.

Bruce keeps him covered as he sprints back, making it back behind the safety of the vehicle, the group of men hunker down as more bullets continue to keep them pinned down.

Again, staring down the barrel Bruce gets his crosshairs on a larger man with a tan jacket. He holds his breath and he steadily squeezes his trigger; the shot leaves the weapon clean...

As the man in the tan jacket crouches down the round clips him in his rotator cuff. The impact and force of the round drive to man to his back, his spotter has the same instinct to retreat as the other spotter, once difference he carries no loyalty to his injured teammate. Turning tail, he abandons his shooter and runs from the battlefield.

A third shooter Bruce didn’t see is shooting at Chucks group from behind parked vehicle. He must have been one of the men from the ambush on the soldiers at the gate. Chuck, Carter and two of the officers have their sidearms ready. All of them lean out from cover and fire at the man’s position, who ducks behind the vehicle, as the rounds strike the fender where his face had been a moment ago.

The officers run from cover; they sprint towards a ditch on the shooters side of the street. Bruce works the lever of the rifle, he keeps the man pinned behind the fender of the car, then to his astonishment he saw green fabric everywhere along with the first rays of the morning sun.

The green fabric belongs to the uniforms of 80, some soldiers, drawn to Sorority Row from the gunfire, they force the shooter to stand. With the gunfight over, Bruce drops the rifle and slinks down the path, he peaks once more at the road. He sees Carter and Chuck surrounded by soldiers with rifles, they place their firearms on the ground and step back with their hands up.

The second shooter he shot in the shoulder, is being pulled up and dragged down the hill towards a group of men being fit for walking irons.

Without another look, Bruce sprints down the path towards the woods and eventually makes it to the Tri Delta back garden fence, Bruce walks into the house from back doors. As he makes it to the foyer he hears Chuck and Carters voices.

“How did you two get away I saw you surrounded?” Demands Bruce.

“The three men we saved from the car, one of the men is the Brigadier General that is in charge of retaking the campus. He told his men that we helped him, he even handed us back our guns, although he took the rounds out of them, he said since the Army is here, and we wouldn’t need bullets anyhow.” Answers Chuck.

The overweight man must have traveled 12 miles over the night, his eyes are red from exhaustion, Chuck opens his pack to find no cigarettes, seeing this Bruce tosses him his full pack of Parliaments.

“You have been bumming off me all night and you have a full pack!”

“Yeah it seems the tables have turned”

Chuck laughs as he lights up one of Bruce’s cigarettes. They turn their heads in the direction of the foyer as they hear footsteps coming down the hallway. Callie Bee pokes her head into the drawing room, she tiredly addresses the trio. Her eyes like theirs are bloodshot, but her voice is still soothing and calm.

“Boys, Mrs. Catherine would like to offer you the spare guest staff rooms where you can clean up and take a nap.”

They follow Callie Bee down the hallway, Mrs. Catherine is standing at the corridor entrance. Her look is one of contempt and apprehension.

“Gentleman please listen, I have never allowed male students in this house at this time, you three have been invaluable to this house and I am indebted to you. You may say here until the curfew is lifted which may not be until noon. Each of the staff rooms has a private bathroom with a tub, please take a nap or bath. I must ask you to remain inside of your rooms until 9.00. If you will excuse me I have a house full of girls that need to get some sleep.”

Callie Bee shows Bruce to the room he woke up in several hours before. She leads him by the hand, Bruce’s eyelids feel so heavy, the excitement of the night and the loss of blood have made him drowsy.

Bruce feels like he is in an out of body experience, he is sitting on the bed the next moment he is led into the small bathroom, Callie Bee had drawn the bath, he didn’t even notice that suddenly he wore no clothes.

Callie Bee blushes as Bruce sinks into the tub. There is nothing sexual about this moment in her eyes, not to say there was nothing on him that she found attractive.

She had never loved this man more. Seeing how devoted and determined Bruce had been, had fortified her already strong feelings for him. Staring at his injured body should make her feel pity, instead she never had found herself so hot for him.

Seeing his condition, she knew that anything physical would be out of the question. A point proven as even when she carefully works the sponge around his shoulders, she hit a tender spot, he shows a slight wince of pain, but like the rugged man she knew he was, Bruce refused to do much more than twitch.

The water of the tub had become a darkish color, mixed of red and black from blood and dirt. He kept his bandaged arm outside the tub, Callie Bee had fresh dressings in the other room, she had seen the doctor patch him up and was confident that she could mimic the care he needed.

Once he was clean, Callie Bee helps Bruce out of the tub, and once he is dried she helps into bed, he hardly spoke during the entire ordeal, he was near dead weight when she laid him down in the single bed.

After Callie Bee dresses Bruce’s wounds, she pulls the covers over his head. For a moment she lingers, his eyes are still open, his eyelids are fighting to stay awake.

He grabs for her and she walks closer. “What is it sweetheart?”

“Bee can you stay?” Callie Bee’s heart breaks she wished that she could, but Mrs. Catherine would have her guts for garters.

Callie Bee leans down. She kisses his chapped lips.

“Awe, Sweetie one day I’ll be able to stay… Get some sleep my love, I’ll wake you when the curfew lifts.”

Bruce is asleep before Callie Bee can turn off the light. He falls into a deep and dreamless sleep. It was not until 10 in the morning that their situation changed. Bruce is gently shaken awake, he wakes to the room full of light, the blinds had been opened letting the sunlight bathe the room.

Draped over Callie Bee’s arm she has his old pair of jeans and a red t-shirt that has the school mascot, Colonel Reb.

“I am gonna have to go Christmas shopping for you again.” Remarks Callie Bee.

Thankfully this time Bruce slips his shirt over his head unassisted, after Bruce is dressed he and his girlfriend walk towards the dining room, inside he finds his friends standing near the empty buffet station. Most of the houses residents had gathered in the dining room, many more girls enter from the foyer. Bruce and Callie Bee joins his friends near the buffet station.

A pair of steel helmeted U.S Marshals, along with the General that they saved stand at the front of the room along with Mrs. Catherine, Dr. Thomas lingers near the door, leading to Mrs. Catherine’s apartment.

The Marshals look beaten to shit, one of the Marshals leans his weight on his left leg, leading Bruce to speculate that he might have injured his right leg. Both of their faces are battered, one of the Marshals sports a shiner so black that the wound appears red. Both men must have taken some big hits during the battle last night.

The General speaks his voices carries through the room; everyone’s attention is hangs on his every word.

“Ladies, we have restored order to the campus and town. Those of you who live off campus may go outside; you will need to exit campus from the Northgate on University Avenue. Curfew will be suspended in town until 4 pm. After which time everyone is to remain in their homes, until the curfew is lifted again at 7 am. No cars are to leave campus until the investigations have been completed, the Chancellor has cancelled classes for today and tomorrow. That is all.”

The three men exit the room, Walking by Bruce he sees the Marshal limping on his left leg, proving Bruce’s earlier observations.

The girls remain in the room as food is brought out to the buffet station, while Bruce and his friends move towards the front door. In the foyer Bruce says goodbye to Callie Bee.

“Bee, thank you for everything” She pulls Bruce by his shirt. Her passionate kiss takes his breath away.

“Last night could have gone very badly if you were not here, I have never seen men act like such savage animals, knowing there are men like you out there is the only silver lining of this experience. I love you!”

Bruce holds back the tears in his eyes, as his friends are near. Regrettably one tear slides down his face, she is quick to wipe it away before his friends see. After Bruce leans down for one more breathless kiss, he leaves the house with his friends walking side by side.

Walking down Sorority Row, Bruce sees the dark sky around the campus, smoke stacks from the last burning remnants on campus raise into the morning sky. Bruce cuts across the street wading into the Grove.

As they snake through the Grove walking on the sidewalk Bruce spies two dozens, captives of the mob, many of the men sport bloody noses or similar injuries. All of them are shackled to each other at the foot of a tall Magnolia tree near Ventress Hall. Marshals and soldiers guard the prisoners, while journalist mock and take pictures of the captives.

“Jailbirds smile for the New York Times.” Says one photographer.

The men from the mob hide their faces in their hands, many of them weep like children who are in the principal’s office instead of being sent prepared for arraignment for charges of sedition.

A patty wagon comes down the road towards the Circle and stops on the curb fifteen yards from, Ventress Hall. Bruce observes a dozen men being marched towards the wagon.

They led away from the makeshift stockade by armed soldiers, marched onto the patty wagon, once the soldiers lock the patty wagon door. A Marshal with a shotgun slaps the side of the van. The patty wagon drives away with the prisoners.

Bruce makes it to the front of the Grove, he turns around to look back at campus, he sees the burnt hull of a vehicle near the confederate statue, if the statue could speak Bruce wondered what the he would say about the violence he witnessed last night.

In the coming weeks they would learn the full extent of the damages that the University suffered that night at the end of September. Half of the U.S. Marshals suffered injuries, many with broken bones.

The only four major injuries for the Army occurred on Sorority Row, the officer shot in the shoulder running for cover, three additional soldiers suffered gunshot wounds at the Jackson Avenue, Sorority Row barricade.

The other crimes were too numerous to name, assaults, rapes and luckily despite the volume of gunfire, there had only been 2 murders. Experts speculated that if that situation were run again, there is no way that the night wouldn’t result in a minimum of 40 deaths.

As Bruce takes one last look at the campus, seeing the soldiers crawling everywhere, Bruce cannot help feeling like a conquered enemy force. He hadn’t fought with the mob, but the symbolic meaning of using an Army to quell a civilian mob that got out of hand hurt his sensibilities. Turning heel Bruce wondered how long the events of that September night would haunt his beloved school…

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