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Each breath I take is more painful than the last. Pitifully I open my mouth and force out words hoping and praying that someone will help me. Before I could turn around I felt someone slam my head against the mirror hard. Losing my balance I fell and slammed my head on the corner of the sink and screamed in agony. Rolling on the ground in pain I forced my eyes open. Spots littered my vision as I grasped my head. I turned just in time to see a woman jump on top of me. She forcefully littered my body with hard shots all over my face, my ribs and my stomach. It was all happening so fast. Again and again she pounded my face and body. I prayed for someone to help me but nothing. I could feel myself starting to lose consciousness when suddenly she grabs my head, fingers digging into my scalp and lifts me until I'm dangling on the tips of my toes. I weakly look to the side and see the reflection of something shiny in her hand. To weak to fight back she slams the object into my ribs repeatedly. Screaming with everything in me she retracts the object and drops me onto the ground in a heap of my own blood, sweat and tears. A burning pain ripples across my chest as my breathing grows shallow. Blood starts to flow out of my mouth as I watch her shadow dash out of the bathroom. Each breath I take is more painful than the last.

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1. CrAzY Begginings

Liaโ€™s POV

Name: Lianna Brielle Garcia-Wallace.

Born at: 1:45 am.

Born on: Thursday; July 7th ,1997

Hospital: West Hope Hospital; Astoria, Oregon

Country: United States of America.

Parents: {Mother}LiAnne Garcia {deceased}

{Father} : N/A

It's amazing how a small thin piece of paper can define who you are. Who your gonna be. What troubles you'll face. Your character, ethics and morals, I mean it's as if the world thinks they know you before you've taken your first breath. But I guess you don't even know how your life's gonna turn out when your born so that's why the world decides for you. But let me start over.

My mother shortly after giving birth and bringing me into this "wonderful" world had complications after childbirth. Postpartum Hemmorage to be exact which basically means she bled out after pushing me out. How fantastic. From there, since there was no father to care for me; I the helpless newborn was placed in foster care until around three and from there I went to an orphanage with hundreds of other kids just like me...abandoned and alone. It wasn't so bad the majority treated me like family and it was comforting. I felt as if I had finally found something stable I could hold on to you know? From there (Age 9)...well I'll save that for later on but be prepared cause its one heck of a ride.

For now I'll pick up where I am currently: Friday 11:30 at Work:) Annnnnnnnnnnnd cue my misery๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜.

***Picture her however you want***

For this story because I started writing it on Wattpad first I suggest you refer there for the pictures of characters and places. There is also music assigned to each chapter. The reason I decided to begin writing on Inkitt is because my story will get pretty graphic and is mature as a result. So Iโ€™ve seen Wattpad actually take down the authors story all together because it didnโ€™t โ€œFit their guidelinesโ€. Iโ€™ve worked to hard to not be able to share my story with others regardless of how mature it may get.

I want everyone to be able to read and enjoy this story without missing or skipping chapters halfway through. I also will never ask for donations for my story like Wattpad does. I understand more than most that not everyone can afford to donate money to read a story so enjoy my story free of charge.

Wattpad Username: Janay_xoxox
Instagram: janay_xoxo
Snapchat: janayb_18

With lots of love

โ€œTill then my sweet think of me now and then

God speed my love 'til you are mine againโ€-Somewhere my love.โค๏ธ

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