Broken Hoof Beats

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I feel useless. The whinny of your dying horse really breaks your heart, and causes a sadness like no other. Another part is losing apart of yourself Elsie Keddington wakes up to the buzzing of her phone. The stable calls to let her know that Rosalie, her prized show-jumper, had been poisoned by fox glove, and that she only had minutes left till she succumbed. That same week, she'd been raped. The guy is sent to prison with a life sentence for rape and sexual abuse. Two years later, she signs up for the Extreme Mustang Makeover and is assigned a chestnut mare from a random choosing of the cowboys.

Thriller / Scifi
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I feel useless.

The whinny of your dying horse really breaks your heart, and causes a sadness like no other. Another part is losing a part of yourself you never wanted to give away until the right person came along, but life isn't fair.

Xavier had raped me and he would soon pay the price. He'd taken my soul and used my body as his personal toy. He'd played with my feelings. He was the dirty one, not me.

That same week, on Tuesday, I had been called to the barn where I board my horse, Rosalie, to find out she'd been poisoned by Fox Glove.

Once she'd taken her last shallow breath, I ran away to the back pasture where Big Red was eating. He stood watch over me, and I, him. He was my security blanket.

It's crazy how life changed after that.

Xavier went to prison and was sued with a $30,000 fine for sexual abuse and rape.

Big Red started training in May, and was gelded a few days after.

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