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Angels Burning

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It's nothing new to pray for an angel's help, but what will crippled Rosalind do when the angel sent to her turns out to be the Angel of Death? Angels. Some are bright and beautiful with soft feathery wings. But there's one whose wings are made out of knives, whose limbs the Creator sculpted to kill. The Angel of Death. He couldn't fall from grace because he wasn't in it in the first place. Out to avenge his angel comrades who were hunted for their wings, Azriel haunts the forgotten Northern Library of Featherhuagh College, hoping to find the identity of their murderer. His only clue is a breast pin with the Featherhaugh crest fashioned on it found on the slaughter site. After fifteen years of aimless searching, the vengeful Grim Reaper is starving for blood. --- Enrolled into the boarding school owned by her family, the crippled Rosalind Featherhaugh is chucked into the poorly maintained Disability Building. Weaving through the Victorian society's stigma against disabilities, Rosalind yearns for a love she never knew she wanted. Independent though frail and weak, gentle Rosalind isn't all her soft demeanour paints her to be. When Rosalind visits the supposedly unused Northern Library, books aren't the only thing she finds. But will he let her in...or will he burn her down with him?

Thriller / Romance
Liz Koh
Age Rating:


L e a d C h a r a c t e r s

. Rosalind Featherhaugh .

The crippled daughter of Louis Featherhaugh, a wealthy aristocrat. She is fragile, naïve, and soft spoken. Gentle yet strong in character. Her body however is extremely frail and she is shunned mainly because of that reason.

Age: 19

Appearance: platinum hair, extremely pale complexion, delicate.

Height: 4′11 ft, 151 cm

Colour of soul: White with a crimson scar

. Azriel .

The Angel of Death who seeks to avenge his comrades whom were hunted by a group of humans for their wings and body parts. He is known for being one of the most powerful angels and is renowned for his calm demeanour, spine-chilling methods, and upright character. However, his twisted side starts to manifest in the face of revenge.

Age: only heaven knows~

(he looks 23/24 years old)

Appearance: raven hair, chiseled face, lean build

Height: 5′10 ft, 179 cm

Colour of soul: black

Angel Hierarchy

1st Tier

Seraphim: Highest ranking angels. They’re like the personal secretaries of God. Super powerful, super hyped about God. Fluffy angels they are

Cherubim (no they ain’t chubby babies): 2nd highest ranking angels. They protecc, they attacc, but most importantly, they got the Grim Reaper oh hecc

Throne: They’re the vice presidents, the directors making the dough.

2nd Tier

Dominions: They’re the nice, caring managers that everyone dreams of having. Then there’s the Grim Reaper’s secretary receptionist and who can even make Miranda Priestly piss her pants.

Virtues: Super duper nice colleagues, the ones who will cover for you...do overtime with you...all that good stuff. They are also in charge of responding to prayers and ensuring earth works

Powers: These bad boys fight demons. They’re the ones who encourage you not to skip leg day or to resist eating that slice of chocolate cake. Then when you don’t, they eat it.

3rd Tier

Principalities: They are the artists. They inspire ideas and promote prayer. Also the ones that got Jesus sporting a beard and sexy long locks years before Jason Momoa was born.

Archangels: They are the messengers. Heaven’s Twitter with wings.

Angels: If not a guardian angel, they are the new trainee.

S o n g s

• Angels •
Vicetone ft. Kat Nestel

• Six Feet Under •
Billie Eilish

• Never Be Like You •
Flume ft. Kai

• Beautiful •

• Lie •

• Way Back Home •

• in my head •

Ariana Grande

A u t h o r ’s M e s s a g e

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this book! I hope that you will enjoy the story and come to love the characters as the chapters pass.

BEWARE OF DOG: I’ve got the Angel of Death with me here so let’s keep it civil in the comments section - it’ll be kind of sad if your name appeared on the reaping list so yeah :P

Let’s keep the comments sections a fun place for all! I’m a real person behind the screen and words do cut.

I love love love reading any comments you might have so pile it on! If there are any suggestions you would like to make regarding the story, please talk to me privately and I’d be more than happy to see how I can improve! Constructive criticism is appreciated.

Again, thank you for picking up my book! See you in the next few chapters!

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