The Making Of A Monster

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My name is Number 7, and this is how I became the other me... When Sapphire Sharks Master brings a new slave into the house, changes are made. Sapphire finds a new beast writhing around inside of her and struggles with the daily needs her mind and body begin to desire. Sapphire was always devoted to her master. She wasn't going to let some pretty wide eyed whore steal her life. My name is Number 7, and this is how I became the other me...

Thriller / Erotica
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I was devoted to my master. He's my everything. My Teacher, my lover... My god. I would honestly do anything he asks of me. And he knows what a good girl I am to him too.

My name is Number 7, and this is how I became the other me...

It was a Saturday morning and it was cold outside. The snow could be seen from the window of the kitchen as I prepared my masters breakfast. I woke up and attached the chains to my body myself, leaving my master to rest. I liked the way, the chains pulled against my nipple and clit piercings. My collar was tight, just how I liked it. I wore no clothes. There was no need for clothes for a slut like me.

I finished his pancakes just as the coffee machine bleeped. I placed them all on the blue anchor patterned tray and turned to walk from the kitchen. I ignored the new girl in her cage. She arrived last night, and I already hated her. I wanted to drag the cage outside and leave her naked in the snow. Maybe she'd die and I could keep Master to myself.

I carried the tray up the stairs and quietly knocked on Masters door before pushing the door open and padding through to his bedside. My toes scrunched into the black deep shag pile rug. I loved this room. It was my haven. I was barely allowed to orgasm in this room. Always kept in denial, always horny but only a toy to my masters needs.

I knew I wasn't in love with my master. But I was addicted to him. The difference being, love can give hope and happiness. Love can conquer all. Addiction on the other hand will eventually destroy you.

I placed the tray on his bedside table and waited stood with my eyes to the floor. My pussy drooled at only being in this room. This is where my addiction sleeps. I'm not allowed to touch him without his permission, but my body craves his contact as it does everytime I'm near him.

I wait fifteen seconds before his alarm starts and he rolls onto his back with a grunt, pulling the black satin sheets as he moves revealing his hard cock.

"Good morning sunshine." He says to me. Moving his pitch black hair from his iced blue eyes. "Get into position."

"Yes master." I reply before clambering onto the bed on my hands and knees. My hands on the left side of his body, my knees on his right. I'm sure to keep my back straight as he places his breakfast tray upon me. I love being his table and slowly, my juices begin to pool in my cunt. I'm hungry for his touch as always, and I stay silent as he eats his food.

"How is the new girl doing Seven? Is she playing up?"

Jealousy grinds against my heart as he mentions her. I hate her. I want to watch her writhe in pain. "She's fine master. She should be happy to be your slave."

"Are you happy being my slave Seven? Do you enjoy being my toy?" His hand comes to gently stroke against my backside as he asks me the question and I hold in my moan.

"Of course master. I love being whatever you want me to be. Whenever you want me to be it."

"Tell me how much you need my cock slut!"

He says the words in his dark voice and I know he's horny. He removes the tray from my back and slides from beneath me. I keep my position as his table. I haven't been told to move yet.

"I crave your big thick cock master. It's the biggest, best most come worthy cock in the world and I'll never get enough of it. I worship your massive dick master and I love when you're cock touches me."

"Keep going slut. I know how wet you are... Don't come on my sheets or you'll be licking it off."

I moan. I can't help it. "Oh master, I feel alive when I feel your cock on my body. I love it on my face. It makes me feel like a dirty Slut when you choke me with your dick. When it's in any of my holes, I feel like a filthy, cum thirsty toy of yours. I'll never want another."

He's playing a game he often plays. He's turning me on with my own words.

"Face up!" He grips my hair and yanks my head back. "You fucking love this don't you?" He asks as he begins to swipe his cock over my face. He slides his solidity across my lips and orders me to stick out my tongue.

"You're disgusting aren't you? Enjoying being treated like a whore."

"Yes master." I mumble whilst keeping my tongue out. He slaps his hot thick cock against my tongue and I feel it echo against my pussy.

"Do you want to come right now, Seven?"

He removes his cock from me and stands before me, stroking his beast inches from my face.

"Yes master. If that's your wish master."

"Stand against the wall! Leg up to your shoulder."

I scramble from the bed and rush to the wall before pulling my leg up and holding my calf against my shoulder. My pussy is on show and exposed for whatever he wants.

"You're such a dirty fucking slut aren't you. Look at how turned on you are, before I've even begun to touch your pathetic cunt. You're so wet it's dripping down your leg."

"Yes master. I'm a pathetic horny slut. I get wet too easily, because I'm a dirty perverted slave."

"Hmm..." He closes the distance to me and wraps one hand around my throat, squeezing tightly against my collar, then pushes the head of his big dick into my hole. "I'm going to fuck you now slave. You will not make a sound unless it's to tell me what a slut you are. Understand?"

"Yes Master. Your filthy slut understands."

"Good whore! Don't cum."

Then he slams forward.

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