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*some of the chapters will be on here because the full book will be on Wattpad* There was a girl named Hannah, who got kidnapped by a mysterious stranger. Will she be able to escape him or will she be trapped forever?

Thriller / Erotica
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After a long day at work, Hannah was walking down the street alone at about 7:30pm and she was on her phone texting when a car pulled up in front of her. She looked up and turned her head before tilting it sideways in confusion. She was wondering why this asshole was following her and she was starting to get a little anxious. Then, she stopped walking and the car stopped before the door opened and the boy got out of the car. The boy came up behind her and covered her mouth with a rag that had chloroform on it. She tried to hold her breath in but couldn't after five minutes and she breathed in the rag. The chloroform went up her nose and then she started to slowly feel sleepy.

"Shhhh." The boy whispered in her ear. "Just sleep."

Darkness took over her body and the boy dragged her to his car before opening the door and throwing her into the back seat. He closed the door and got into the car before driving off as fast as he could.

Hours later, Hannah woke up in a little room and she looked around. She started to get scared and tried to get up but she was tied up tightly. She groaned and tried to break free from her restraints but couldn't.

"Hello?!" Hannah screamed. "Is anyone here?!"

"Sh babygirl." The boy said, walking out of the darkness. "You are safe with me."

"Why am I here?!" Hannah yelled. "And who are you?!"

"My name is Daniel." The boy replied. "And the reason why you are here is because you are mine."

"What?" Hannah asked. "No I'm not!"

"Yes you are." Daniel snarled. "You are mine!"

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