Chasing Cage Clements

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Read this on Wattpad as well, this has the other ending Isadora Thresh, our protagonist with an "interesting" sense of morale, is the newly elected sheriff of Tashmore Lake that seems to have reoccurring murders no one is standing up to. Apparently, she is the first female sheriff here and nobody likes it. But what happens when our ambiguously evil antagonist is harder to defeat than she thought?

Thriller / Humor
Skyla Nova
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Cage Clements was a very shady man. He was a writer who lived beside a lake deep in the woods. As you can already deduct, he was rich. Ready for the creepy part?

His ex had been found murdered and mutilated at the edge of the lake. Why hasn't he been jailed yet? Because of his alibi, and his bribes. The people in this godless town weren't interested with what was in his basement, just his pockets. That did not come out wrong, and that does go both ways if you're wondering.

I planned to expose him for who he was. After all, it was my duty as the new sheriff and it also was the duty of the previous sheriff.

The annoying part is, people here would usually picture a female sheriff as some MILF, and I'm the youngest woman to get this job so bummer for me. I usually get inspired by my predecessors but I wouldn't really want to in this case, because all of them have either died in an "accident" or gone missing. Do you know why no one's been suspicious about all that? Because they don't want their noses to be in places where it could get chopped off.

My name is Isadora Thresh, or as my colleagues call me Thresher. Yes, a thirty eight year old woman has been named after a shark. And yes, I'm either stupid or brave for taking up such a job, but here's something that can surprise you; it ain't my first gig in this business, and I've been in deeper shit than this. Last thing I can comprehend is being told by the boss about my new post back in New York, packing my things, and driving down to here.

I planned to dig up enough dirt about Clements to land him in the slammer and get my raise, as convicting the suspect usually proved to be the easy and accurate way out of such a mess. But the killer was smarter than I thought, and of quite a complex psyche, so complex that they could be Alcatraz personified.

One more thing about me, I always win, I always am the hero, and I will be the hero of this town. Come hell or high water, or even my own judgement against my goal.

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