Silent Tears, Loud Injustice.

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Chapter Two

"...hey, hey! Khee look at me!"

I floated to the surface, lungs sucking in a gasp of air as my head broke the surface and my eyes snapped open.

"Hey, you're okay now. You're fine, I'm here." My dad's face came into view and he pulled me into a hug, strong hands assuring me of my safety as they stroked my hair lightly. But that wasn't enough to stop the tears. I could feel my body shaking, the same familiar icy chill of the water still soaking deep in my bones. A chill that no fire could take away.

"Dad, will I ever be okay?" I couldn't help but ask, sniffling with my words muffled into my dad's chest.

"Yes, Khee. You'll be fine, I promise." But I knew he was lying; they all were. Even the doctors too.

I could still remember it like it was happening all over again. I didn't know how, but I heard her scream and I thought the fingerlings at the bottom of the lake had bit her toes like she always warned me about, so I just giggled and ran away with the other kids to fly a kite one of the girls had made.

The dark waters of lake black was like a second playground to me. My mom grew up there with her parents and every time we'd visit them for Christmas, her and dad would teach me how to swim in the lake. Nothing ever went wrong, not once. So when something actually went wrong, we didn't realize it until it was too late.

"Do you want to skip school today?" Dad's voice brought me out of the dark slippery rocks of lake black and I looked up at him, wiping my nose with my hoodie sleeves--dirty, I know.

"Its first day of resumption in a new school and a new class, dad. I can't skip even if I wanted." I said, adjusting my bag strap again.

"You could. I'll call in sick on your behalf and besides, y'all don't even do much during the first week of resumption anyways, do you?" He shrugged, walking over to his abandoned suitcase to continue stuffing files inside and I laughed, glad to have my attention on something else apart from the deep hole digging itself away inside of me.

"Its twelfth grade, dad. Of course we start classes as soon as possible. Besides, I missed the winter orientation, remember? I have to get there early and get myself familiar--which you know I suck at," I rolled my eyes at my lack of social skills and stuffed my hands into my hoodie pockets.

"Okay, okay, whatever. Just be careful okay? And get a pass to come home immediately there's anything you're uncomfortable with," a concerned frown ruffled his brows as he held my gaze with all seriousness and I sighed and walked over to him.

"There'll definitely be a lot of uncomfortable things, dad. It's an all white school, isn't it?" I shrugged, the small ball of nerves in the pit of my stomach growing even bigger at dad's worry. "But I just have to be strong and do my own thing, right?" I smiled at my use of his trademark words and he smiled too, bringing his hands to cup my face.

"You're too smart for your own good. Sometimes I wonder if I would have to sell you to mars eventually." He laughed, kissing my forehead and then heading to ruffle my hair, but I knew his plans and I slipped away from him before he could hatch his plans.

"Get back here!" He came after me, strong hands holding me in place as he began a tickle assault that threatened to rob me of my breath.

"Stooop!" I couldn't stop laughing, futilely struggling to get away from him.

"You always pull that stunt every time and it never works," Dad laughed, releasing me as we both continued laughing, with me out of breath.

"You were going to mess up my hair! And you know how much work it takes to get it to this level of tameness!" I whined, patting my hair that had somehow escaped the tickle assault and was still in its tamed position, falling down to my back in massive curls. People sometimes told me my hair sucked up face and it hid me away from the world.

Well, that works fine for me now, doesn't it?

"Blah blah blah! That's all you girls ever go on and on about--your hair." Dad scoffed, face scrunched up in a weird way that made me laugh.

"Whatever, dad. I gotta go," I jogged out of his study as I read a new text from Jayden saying he would leave my ass to walk to school if I didn't come out that instant. I laughed at his empty threat as I walked into the kitchen and headed for the fridge to grab a bottle of water and then an apple on my way out.

"Bye kiddo! Love you!" Dads voice carried from his study and I shook my head, a smile lining my face.

"I'm not a kid anymore, David! Love you too!" I yelled back as I got to the door, snatching it open and hurrying out before he could chase after me and tickle me to death for calling him by his name.

"Get back here you little misfit!" He yelled after me and I laughed loudly, running down the porch steps and down the driveway to Jayden's old Toyota parked on the road side.

"Hey!" I breathed as I got in shotgun, holding my knees as I struggled to catch my breath with the residing remnants of laughter on my lips.

"You called him by his name again, didn't you?" I could hear the humor in Jayden's voice and I looked up at him, still breathing heavily...and then we burst into laughter. "You gotta stop teasing your old man, Khee or he'd be dying of laughter one of these days," he continued, full on laughing now and I shook my head, holding my laughter to speak.

"That's if you don't die of the same cause first," and we burst into laughter again as he stepped on the gas, peeling down the streets as our laughter along with 'Tyler the creator's' Earfquake filled the car.

Soon after, our laughter died down and the drive continued in comfortable silence, the rest of Tyler's album being the only words filling the car.

Winter had finally packed up and left, and there was no sign of melting snow anymore, but the air still held chilly tendrils to its breeze and I closed my eyes, letting the chilly breeze brush its fingers across my face and through my hair as we sped along.

"So, how's my favorite girl doing?" My eyes fluttered open at Jayden's voice and I pulled my face back inside the car and turned to face him, taking in his beautiful dark face with dark eyes that invoked goosebumps with every stare directed my way. His luscious pink lips were currently tilted into a smile, a set of pearly white teeth peeping through with a dimple popping in his left cheek. My eyes flitted to a shiny little thing resting on his jaw and my eyes widened in surprise.

"You got a piercing?!" I exclaimed, reaching a hand out to touch it.

"Yeah, took you long enough to notice." He rolled his eyes playfully, glancing forward and back at me at secondly intervals.

"Oh shut up!" I rolled my eyes too and ran a finger over the tiny, almost invisible stud on the left of his freshly shaved jaw, a few inches away from his lips. "Does it still hurt?" I asked as I ran a finger over it back and forth.

"Nah, not really. Do you like it?" He glanced at me and I smiled then leant forward to place a kiss on his jaw. "I guess I got my answer right there," he chuckled and I settled back in my seat, my head falling back against the head rest as I wished the drive would never end and I wouldn't have to go to that new school.

Not that I had any particular reason to miss my old one, actually I had more than enough reasons to leave there as soon as possible. Westbrom community public school was a place where anyone with actual plans to study shouldn't even think of going, but dad couldn't afford the private schools, not until Lola came along.

Even though I hated her with a burning intensity, I had her to thank for almost everything that was going right in my life at the moment. Dad's new job, our new house, my new school...yeah, everything.

"Look at you, all cute and dolled up in grey skirts now," Jayden brought my attention back to him again and I rolled my eyes as I looked down at my mid-thigh length skirt--the school uniform.

"Don't even start," I scoffed and pulled at the skirt distastefully. I hate skirts; always have and always will.

"Its okay, you know you look good in anything," he smiled, sparing me a glance before focusing on the road again. "Even in that hideous hoodie hiding those wonderful tits underneath,"

"Are you crazy?!" I exclaimed, turning to smack him upside the head as he laughed, perfect teeth on full display.

"Ow! That hurt!" He rubbed his head as the car stopped moving.

"As it was intended to," I let a smug smile reside on my lips as he stared at me.

"You evil little girlfriend!" He rolled his eyes and I laughed, pinching his cheeks at his cuteness. "Leave my cheeks alone and get your ass outta my car!" He swatted at my hands, a pout on his lips and I raised a brow at him.

"What? We're here already," his pout remained and I looked forward and sure enough, students in skirts like mine milled about, boys in same coloured trousers strolling into the wide opened doors with huge letters hung above to spell the phrase, Greenville Highschool.

"You don't want me to go, do you?" I smiled back at Jayden, shaking my head at his pout.

"Well, there's not many Kheeana's in Westbrom," he shrugged, a hand running through his 'fro as a serious look replaced his previous playful pout. "And these rich kid's are gon' get you acting all different and snobby in a couple o' days now," he continued, eyes looking anywhere but at me.

I frowned, then sighed. I didn't have any words to clear his mindless doubts and yet I understood why he would think like that.

"Jay, you know me. I'm your Kheeana and will always be," he looked at me now, eyes holding a fire that threatened to burn me alive in that moment.

"Come here," he sighed and I shuffled into his open arms, breathing in his familiar smell of home and comfort with sigh's of my own. "I'm sorry, I just can't help these stupid thoughts of some posh white kid taking you from me." He sighed into my hair and I laughed.

"Okay, I gotta go now." He released me from the hug and I latched my bag onto my back again, letting out a deep breath before climbing out of the car.

"Hey! No goodbye kiss?" Jayden yelled as I made to walk off and I turned back, shaking my head as I leaned back into the car.

"Well, come here!" I said impatiently and he pouted, remaining in the driver's seat with no intentions of moving towards me.

"I don't want a quick peck!" He whined and I couldn't help but laugh at how childish he could be when with me and yet a total badass with his friends.

"You're such a baby!" I huffed and got back inside the car.

"A baby that you love." He stuck his tongue out at me and before I could hurl another insult his way, I was being pulled forward by my hoodie and his lips were on mine, slowly and surely resolving every resistance and anxiety I had left in me.

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