Silent Tears, Loud Injustice.

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Chapter Three.

Get to your locker, grab the stuff you need and head to your first class.

Get to your locker, grab the stuff you need and head your first class...

I chanted in my head, head bent towards the ground with my hands latched tightly onto my bag strap as I made my way across the long, rowdy hallways of Greenville highschool.

I could feel the stares burning holes into every part of me and I kept my head trained downwards still, eyes glancing around in search of my locker with a heart about to explode from the anxiety coursing through my veins.

Soon enough, I found the number 035 on a dull grey locker close to the end of the hallway and I released a breath long held as I punched in the combo I'd crammed weeks before resumption so I wouldn't have to worry about something as trivial as a locker combo--worry about anything actually. But then, I'd missed the orientation for new students and now, I had to find my way around myself or suck up some courage and flex my nonexistent social skills.

"Hey, you're new?" A nasal and very feminine voice spoke to my left, almost startling my heart out of my chest and I poked my head out of the locker to look at the intruder. "I'm Maisie," she was smiling, a wide braced-smile that made her scrutinizing blue eyes shine as they fixed me under a spotlight I didn't want.

"Y-yeah. Hi, I'm Kheeana," I offered my best friendly smile and slammed my locker shut, balancing the new textbooks I'd brought out on my arm.

"Nice to meet you! I love your hair! What class do you have now?" She bombarded me with her bubbling enthusiasm and I smiled weakly, not knowing what to make of all the attention from my pretty locker partner. Her blue eyes gleamed, a smile still fixed on her face as she flipped her straight blond hair behind her shoulder, waiting for my reply.

"Thanks, uh...I have English first," I answered, remembering the schedule that had been sent to my mail the same week my locker combo and uniforms were delivered. Maisie's eyes lit up at my answer, her slender pale hands reaching out to grab mine.

"Me too! Let's go before the second bell goes off!" And I was being dragged off in a direction I had no idea of, wondering when the hell the first bell went off.

The part I hated the most about being new wasn't over yet, and with every new class, I was either introduced by the teacher or put under the spotlight and asked to introduce myself.

As uncomfortable as that was, it wasn't as uncomfortable as having some of the kids smile or wave at me. I had been expecting hostility and unfriendliness from the posh white kids, but the total opposite had been served generously. I wondered if the kids back at Westbrom were just natural savages and made up the stories about the white kids but I still stayed in my own space and minded my business. Well, I guess not really, considering how I was seating at a table with Maisie and her friends, chattering away mindlessly at the moment.

"Girl, your hair is so curly and bulky! How do you manage it?" A girl Maisie had introduced as Alma asked, big round brown eyes staring at me imploringly as her chubby hands played with strands of my hair. I liked her the best so far and her Hispanic accent made her round framed glasses even cuter to her overall appeal.

"To be honest, I never really succeed but tons of leave-in conditioner do the trick sometimes." I smiled, looking over her own curly but way less bulky-hair. She'd dyed the ends light brown and it sat in a cute bun atop her head.

"Does," a girl called Lin spoke up and I looked at her questioningly, wondering if she was speaking to me. "Its not do the trick, its does." She explained further at my questioning look and my mouth formed a ooh in realization.

"Noted, thanks." I answered sheepishly and she gave me a tight-lipped smile, her Asian eyes focusing back on her plate of salad. Guess that one doesn't like me much.

"Its okay, you'll get used to Lin's snappy corrections in no time. She's the English guru of the group," Alma offered an apologetic smile and I gave her my best one, nodding my head to show that it was fine.

The conversation drifted from me and my hair soon and I was glad to be out of the spotlight. I let my eyes wander, away from the trio I currently sat with and over the rest of the cafeteria. Some boys kicked plastic cups back and forth in a circle of four and I couldn't help but frown at them. Keep the planet alive!

I continued staring, watching them banter and play in their own little world, when suddenly, one of them turned and intense green eyes latched onto mine, holding me in a breathless trance. I snapped my gaze back to the girls, heart racing with the fear that I'd been caught staring.

The bell rang then, bringing an end to lunch and a start to homeroom. I got up after the girls and Alma linked her arm through mine, smiling up at me from her cute height of 5'2.

"I hope you last until graduation," Lin's instantly recognizable cold voice brought my attention to her thin lips and dull brown eyes and I frowned, wondering what the hell she was talking about. "The others didn't." And she cat-walked away, leaving me, Alma and Maisie behind.

"Lin's just a naturally...uh, weird person and she doesn't like newcomers. Don't think too much about her words," Maisie smiled at me, but her blue eyes weren't shining like they had been when we'd met earlier that morning.

And that was enough proof that Lin's word's shouldn't be discarded like she assured.

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