Silent Tears, Loud Injustice.

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Chapter Five.

"What? You wanted to hangout like old times? That's why you're here?" I watched Kayla stalk towards me, Shay and Kenzie in tow.

"Nah, you certainly made it clear we couldn't hangout anymore last time we talked. And if I remember correctly, your exact words were, 'Get your betraying ass away from here and never show your face again!' Am I wrong?" I folded my arms across my chest, a frown turning my lips down at the sight of my so called best friends.

"Oh shut up and spare me the bullshit!" Kayla's frown was even deeper, slowly morphing into anger. "I hope you're happy now? I mean, you look good in them skirts. Little girl in little skirts, trespassing in places she don't belong." She snorted, her harsh gaze sweeping me from head to toe in one swift, contempt filled movement.

"Look, I really don't know what all the fuss is about. You know I had no say in this. Why exactly are you so mad at me?" I sighed, the frown leaving my face in a whiff of anger melted into tiredness.

"Why am I so mad? Because I know that if you did have a say in it, you would choose the same thing too. You would choose to leave us behind, you little bitch!" She screamed, something like tears glinting in her eyes as she lunged herself at me.

I was too startled to even react and I only heard Shay and Kenzie's shrieks as Kayla's body connected with mine, knocking me backwards into Lola's car in a bone-crushing hug.

Wait, hug?

With wide eyes, I looked up at Shay and Kenzie and then looked back at Kayla's sobbing frame latched onto me tightly.

"Kay? Are you...are you crying?" Even my words sounded foreign on my lips. Kayla and crying just don't fit in the same sentence.

"Shut up! You idiot! Why would I cry over a bitch like you!" She cursed, her words muffled into my hoodie and I smiled, a sigh escaping my lips as my arms went around her to tighten the hug.

I knew through all her 'hard' front and badass exterior, a mushy little girl always hid somewhere and I knew she genuinely loved me, even though she had very weird ways of showing it--calling me bitch for example.

"I'm sorry Kay, I really am. I just...I can't help it," I sighed again and she sniffed, rubbing her eyes before straightening to look at me.

"I know, I know. Its just annoying that I have to deal with those fucktards at Westbrom alone now," she gritted out with a frown, then glanced back at the other girls before turning to me again, her voice dropping to a whisper now. "I mean, those block-heads aren't really much help during exams, y'know?"

"Heard that!" Shay yelled and I couldn't help the giggle that escaped my lips. One look from Kenzie shut me up though, and I put my hands up in mock-surrender, fruitlessly fighting a grin from spreading on my face.

"For real though, I'm more worried about you," Kay brought my attention back to her and my grin vanished at the seriousness her face held. "Are you sure those white-ass idiots won't get all up in your face? I mean, I always have a punch in handy. Just call me when you need it!" She grinned, hitting one palm with another fisted one.

"Nah, they seem nice so far. None of that would be necessary, ma'am." I laughed, a certain load lifted off my mind as we laughed like old times again.

"Okay then, let's leave you to it," she smiled again, slowly backing away as the breeze flapped her leather jacket around. She really was cute, and she never failed to highlight her beauty with the right colors to match her attitude. Black leather jacket, black tank top, black fishnets underneath a tight leather short-skirt, red lipstick and a cute little chin dimple--everything about her screamed Kayla Hart, and I loved her for it.

"Bye kids!" I yelled, making sure I was set to dash into a mad sprint because as the smile dropped from her face and Kay's glare came on, I knew a mad chase was about to ensue.

"Who are you calling kids?" Kayla asked, eyes narrowed and mouth tilted into a knowing smile.

"Kayla Hart and the two little piggies!" I screamed and took off, laughing like crazy as my legs pumped even faster, adrenaline soaring through me like someone who just had a snort of cocaine.

"Hey dad, you're home early." My breath was still heavy, my legs screaming in pain as I stumbled into the living room. Dad pulled off his glasses and dropped the book he was reading to take in my presence.

"Yes, I finished the paperwork early and decided to call it a day. What's going on? Why do you look like you were chased by wild cats?" He picked up his paper again, still staring at me with glasses in hand.

"You could say that again," I breathed, still trying to catch my breath as I kicked off my shoes and closed the door behind me. A delicious aroma hit my nose as I ventured further into the living room and I sniffed at the air like a mouse trying to catch on to the smell of cheese. "What's that deliciousness I smell?" I was asking, but my feet were already making their way towards the kitchen, hurrying towards the pot still sitting atop the stove.

"Its just spaghetti! And I ate the last of it!" Dad yelled and my hand froze midway to opening the pot cover.

"You did what?!" I yelled back, my eyes widening in horror. No no no! You don't cook spaghetti and just finish it on your own! Not in this house, while I'm in it!

"Just kidding, that's for what you did earlier this morning!" Dad's laughter carried through to me and I sighed, completing what I was about to do before those atrocious words left his lips.

In a couple of seconds, a plate was out and filled with my dad's infamous spaghetti and chicken sauce--it was mom's recipe though. I picked at strands that fell out and threw them into my mouth, then grabbed a bottled water from the fridge and backed away into the living room.

"You're the best, dad!" A grin lined my face, a thumb pushed out towards my dad and he laughed, gesturing for me to carry on with his hands as he went back to his book with a smile. I dug in, without further ado and as usual, I almost ate my tongue along with the food--it was just so delicious! It pained me to eat it!

"So how was your first day at Greenville?" Dad finally closed his book shut and took off his glasses. I licked sauce off my lips, taking my time before turning my attention to him.

"Thought you'd never ask," I rolled my eyes playful and took a sip of water. "Well, it was okay. The girls' were nice, but Olivia said something about them being pretentious, blah blah. I didn't put much thought into her words though." I explained, my face wearing another frown as I recalled what she'd said about my mom earlier at Applebee's.

I was killing her in my head--slowly and tortuously. Her limbs were the first to go; piece by piece, I sliced the skin off her legs while her mouth remained gagged. Then--

"Khee? Are you still here?" Dad's voice brought me out of the psychotic part of my mind and I blinked rapidly, snapping my attention back to the present. "Don't listen to her. I'm sure the girls are really nice and besides, Olivia lies and we all know it." He said and I had a feeling he'd said a lot more before that.

His face held an angry tinge to it and I wonder why talking about Olivia would make him mad, until my mind went back to what happened earlier that morning and I took a deep breath, my mind reeling as everything came rushing back like a movie put on rewind. My mind had this weird way of storing away things that it didn't want to or couldn't deal with while it was happening. But when it would release it, none of us could deal with it.

Olivia had accused my dad of attempted rape. For a moment, my mind flipped over the jail term for that attempted crime alone and I shuddered, shaking my head clear of atrocious thoughts. Jail? Hell naw!

"Dad, uh...about what happened this morning. Uh..." I trailed, not knowing how to put the matter to the table, although I was a hundred percent sure it was all bullshit.

Dad sighed. "Look here, Khee, I sense something very sinister happening in this house. I don't know what it is and I can't exactly put a finger on it, but I know you feel it too. And I just want you to trust me. You do right?" His eyes held a distant look and I knew he wasn't entirely here. My head was nodding without me needing to tell it to because obviously, why wouldn't I trust my dad. I mean, let's put aside the fact that he's my dad, that man was literally the most honest person I'd ever met my entire seventeen years of existence.

"Of course I trust you, dad." I assured him with a small smile and he got up from the old love-seat everyone reserved for him and joined me on the long sofa.

"I need you to," His hands found mine and squeezed.

"Hey! Good evening Mr. Johnson!" A cheery voice came from the foyer and both dad's and my head snapped up, Jayden's annoyingly bright smile reserved for my dad alone greeting us.

"Arrgh! Remind me to change the door code tomorrow morning, will you?" Dad groaned and got up, fixing Jayden with a glare before stalking off to his study as I burst into laughter.

Yeah...they're not exactly fond of each other.

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