Officially Insane

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"Paradise doesn't exist for people like you and me Val, remember that" All the more reason to bring hell on earth. “Valentina Sorran", she said in almost disbelief I raise an eyebrow at her reaction, "Yes it is I," I responded then looked down at the wrench in my hand, "And how have you been Rita?", I looked back up and smiled, "Well, I hope" Rita swallowed and tried to straighten her torso as much as she could in her dishevelled position, "Very" I chuckled lowly nodding, "Thats nice," I advanced slowly towards her, resisting the urge to laugh out at how tense she had become, "That's really nice Rita, good for you" I looked straight into her eyes, a murderous glint in mine. I brought my arm back, barely noticing how her narrowed eyes widen, as the rough sound of the heavy metal connecting with a jaw filled my ears with delight. Her head twisted painfully to the side and I grin as the blood drips from her lips. "I've been good too you know," I said, striking her chest with my foot and she coughed up blood, "Prison was amazing. The cold meals, steel bed and blank walls did wonders for me" I crouched besides her and brought the wrench up yet again, satisfied when she had flinched back. I cocked my head to the side, trailing it across the side of her face. "Scared Rita?”, I questioned

Thriller / Horror
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Officially Insane

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"Why are you being such a dick?"

Alex chuckles at my response, not even putting in the effort to look at me, "I wasn't aware that helping you was considered being a dick"

I glare at him from my spot on the park bench, a wind passing through that sent goosebumps up my arm and I rub my hands on my jeans, "How is doing nothing except go on about how careless I was helpful in any way?"

Alex looked over at me with cold blue eyes, face nonchalant, "That's not exactly my problem, i'm not the one who killed someone, am I?"

"Don't be satirical with me", I ridicule with a roll of my eyes, "You're the psychotic murderer with one hell of a sob story if I do say so myself"

I could tell my mocking tone got to him, but at the moment I couldn't have cared less. He kissed his teeth and cocked his head at me.

"Is that so?"

I shrug carelessly, "Yes"

His stare threatened to break through my cool exterior and I stood up, not backing down from the gaze.

"You're the one that runs away from your problems," I started, not entirely sure where this was heading but I found satisfaction in his pain, if you could call it that, "Maybe if you saw yourself from someone else's point of view you'd realise why so many people want you dead"

He grins at me humourlessly and it makes me slightly uneasy, "No love, they hate me because they don't want to see the truth. I kill, because those people don't deserve to live. I keep my people safe just like anyone else would, just like Dapto did when they kicked you out"

He walks towards me like a hawk stalking its prey and my breath is stuck as his eyes bore into mine, "Say what you want Val. Throw a tantrum, beg the world for the attention, but if you don't start realising that no God is going to be looking out for people like us, that you need to fend for yourself," He smirked shaking his head, "I'm sorry sweetheart but you wont get very far"

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